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Forgotten Dance; Chapter One: Dance Class

It was a warm, sunny day at school, except...

"What the hell!", came the loud yell of an angry Kyo.

"How the heck could I be in dance class?! I didn't even sign up for the stupid class!", growled a shocked Kyo. `

"Well I am sorry Mr. Somha...", began the front desk secretary, "But it's too late to change the schedule." She apologized rather fearfully seeing the look of the orange haired teen. Kyo hung his head low at the disbelief at the schedule he had received. Part of him wanted to go and find the asshole that jacked with his schedule and beat them to a bloody pulp, the other part still wanted to beat the dick into a bloody pile of mush.

There on the sheet and bold black letters it read that he, Kyo, had to take dance class. Immediately he thought of having to wear tights and do those embarrassing dances in front of others. He mentally screamed and cursed various threats and profanities in his head that would make a sailor blush. Whoever did this to him was a dead man.

That was a promise

In dance class students filled the nicely sized ballroom; friends talked and chatted about how fun dance would be and how they had been practicing for such an amount of time. But not everyone was in high spirits, in the back of the class, towards the windows an upsets, no a furious Kyo sat angrily sat growling at anyone that came near him. Most, if not 90% of the entire class was female which did not bode well for Kyo if he had to touch another female.

'I can't believe I have to take stupid, fucking dance class!',Kyo thought angrily, lost in thoughts of rage he failed to notice the person next to him.

"Kyo what are doing here?", an all too annoyingly familiar voice asked, bringing the already furious cat even more upset, the voice belonged to no one other than, Matoka, the schools loud mouthed, annoying president of the prince Yuki fan club.

"I have no clue" he all but chewed out, "But I'm guessing it's some kind of sick, twisted joke!" he said folding his arms and looking off to the side.

"Well I'm here to learn to dance for my beloved Yuki!" she said happily to the irate cat, whose eye began to twitch at the mention of the stuck-up, all but perfect rat he had grown to loathe.

'Of course if anything she was here for the damn rat'

"Yes my keen investigating skills have showed me that Yuki loves a woman that can dance" she stated, "Now I will become a graceful dancer and sweep my beloved prince Yuki off his feet!" she stated a burning fury of confidence in her eyes.

"And will dance all the way to happily ever after!" he felt like he was going to cough up a hairball

Just then the door opened and who they believed to be their dance instructor entered the class room. The classes, which were again mostly girls and a few boys, almost fainted when they saw their teacher. He was a tall, with smooth alabaster skin man and long blue hair, which was tied in the back in a long ponytail that swayed with each step he took. He was wearing a black wife beater shirt and a pair black leotards and ballet shoes that showed off his impressive body;

He faced his students with a heart stopping smile and said, "Okay, class I am your dance teacher, you can call me Tenge Otaro" his voice was smooth like honey and soft like a summers breeze as he smiled to his students.

Matoka started blushing along with the rest of the girls in the class, plus a few boys couldn't help but blush at the teacher's voice. The teacher started looking around the class, noting the many students he would be teaching, but his eyes quickly stopped when he caught sight of orange and amber, he could not help but stare at his warm amber eyes and fiery orange hair they had reminded him of her. He snapped out of his own world and began to teaching the class. Most of the lesson was introducing everyone since it was the first day.

"Now then class let us begin with a few basic techniques"

As the days went on the teacher found himself becoming more and more engrossed in the fiery spirited orange haired boy, which he later found out was named, Kyo. As the lessons went on he noted how Kyo would never dance with other girls in the class, he would also never touch any of them after class, desperately trying to avoid even the slightest contact. After about a month, everyone was doing well except for…Kyo still refused to dance with a partner.

One dayAfter class Tenge decided to use this as an ecuse to talk to the orange hair student and asked if Kyo could stay for awhile.

"You wanted to speak to me?" Kyo said in an unintereasted tone, one hand was tucked into his pocket the other held his backet that draped ver his shoulder. "Yes. Kyo I would like an explanation as to why you won't dance or a least try to with females in the group" he said folding his arms and waiting for an excuse from the student.

Kyo's face became abit frantic, as he tried to think of an excuse, "I...I don't like dancing with others" he said trying to sound truthful as the teacher raised his eyebrow in confusion. "Well if you want to pass this class without being sent to summer school I suggest you learn to. You need to dance with a partner its part of your final" he said earning a look of disbelief from the Kyo.

"Wait, I can go to summer school for failing a stupid dance class!" he almost yelled, as the teacher nodded his head, "Yes, and if you can't make up the credit you will have to take the class again next year" he said watching as the boy stomped his foot and smack a palm over his eyes.


Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulders and looked up at a smiling teacher,

"Dance isn't so bad, it involves both emotion and determination"

"Well determination isn't a factor, it's the emotion part that's a pain"

"I see" he chuckled, "You know we can take that anger and cannel it into your dancing" he explained, "For instance, you have remarkable leg definition"

"What's that supposed to mean?" he questioned rather agitated at the others closeness

"It means you have dancer's legs" the male side stepped as a kick came towards him, "See not many students can kick this high" he noted holding up the others leg much to his embarrassed

"L-Let go!" he snatched his leg away creating a distance between the two, "No offense to you or your 'class', but I don't like dancing and I don't show emotion" he emphasized

"Listen if it helps I can be your tutor", he said to Kyo earning a blush from the surprised teen.

"You, why?" he said raising an eyebrow at the smiling blue haired instructor. "What better way than to learn from the teacher" he said matter-o-factly.

"Well that is true, but still..." he said trying to avert his eyes from the man he didn't know why, but something about this guy made him feel weird.

"Well Kyo what's your answer?", he asked waiting for the teen to answer

"Okay, but this doesn't leave this room", he said with a stern voice, "It's embarrassing enough I'm in this stupid class, I don't need any more ammunition for those assholes out there"

"Okay you have my word" he said waving his hands comically much to boys anger, "You have my word!" he raised his hand in a boy scout's honor

'What a weird guy'

"We will meet every day after school, excluding Fridays", he said handing Kyo a piece of paper after writing down some times at which he was free

"Fine", Kyo mumbled before turning toward the door to leave

"Great, See you tomorrow Kyo!" he said happily waving the boy off

After Kyo left the room to go to his next class and the door closed with a click, Tenge sat on a chair next to the window, staring down at the view of the main entrance to the school.

'Until tomorrow, Kyoku'

He said with a smile on his face and after a moment he rose, grabbing his things before leaving the classroom.

Deep in the forest, the other end of the city sits an old manor untouched by time its self. Hidden behind grooves and grooves of trees and sakura leaves the manor sits and waits the return of its master.

A dark colored car pulled into the long driveway that lead toward the manor. When the car stops, the door opened revealing its owner, Tenge. Unknown to anyone, the teacher Tenge was quite wealthy, but still decided to take a job as a dance teacher. As he entered the large home, he was greeted by his usual servants especially one particular servant. She was Tenge's most faithful servants, with long shoulder length black hair and a pair of large circular glasses, she bowed to her master before she accompanied him to his room. Shutting the doors, Tenge sat his briefcase on the bed before they began to talk.

"Did you have a good day, young master" she said humbly and softly watching as the master began to remove his coat. Tenge made his way to his favorite, silk lined chair which was sat right in front of a window, how he enjoyed looking out at nature and the beautiful scenery it created.

"Yes, and I had a most productive day" he said resting his hand under his chin, enjoying the view of the city, "The students are working really hard, their improving well"

"Sir, if you don't mind me asking, you seem abit...preoccupied today. Is something on your mind?" she asked not wanting to upset the master, but concerned none the less. Tenge slowly rose from his seat, before walking toward a door on the other side of the room, as he touched the door, a smile plastered itself onto his face, before whispering,

"I found her"

"Now If you'll excuse me", he pardoned himself before opening the door and disappearing down the array of steps without another word.

She knew what he meant, after the accident that took his 'fiance' away from him instead of burying her, he put her in the basement. She looked out the window as her master made his way to the backyard. The special grave for his beloved was hidden in the backyard in an old mausoleum that used to be there.

Winding down more stone steps, down into the dark corridor, until he reached a double-doorway. As he opened the large, double doors, light slowly began to fill and illuminate the large area.

The inside was a beautiful, decorated Victorian art and sculptures and surrounded by endless amounts of flowers in endless variety of colors and shapes. With fountains and roses of different color everywhere, in the very center of the room sat large, white coffin. He approached the elegant box and stood next to the coffin touching and caressing the polished marble with his fingers. He brought his head to rest at the very head of the sculpture, placing kisses on the smooth surface.

"Soon my dear, soon" he whispered, "soon I will give you life again"

The next day, was a living hell for Kyo, who was getting teased because someone 'Motoko', had opened her big mouth and blabbed to her friends in her fan club that he so happened to be taking dance class, but the worst part came from his cousins who had caught the news and wasted no time in mocking him in their own way's about him taking dance.

"So you stupid cat is in dance class", the purple headed teen teased the already irate cat, he had already had to kick the crap out 10 different kids today, but he was sure he could ass one more to the list.

"Yeah, Kyo-Kyo I never took you for the graceful type" the cow snickered earning a glare from the cat, God he hated his cousins who felt they needed to pick at every part of his life,

"Oh, shut the hell up ya bastards! It's not like I asked for this someone put my name on the list" he said slamming his locker shut.

"Whatever makes you sleep at night, twinkle toes" Hatsuharu said not believing the orange haired male

"Are you calling me a liar!", Kyo screamed noting the sarcasm in the boys voice, "No he's calling you a bad liar" Yuki added earning another glare from Kyo, "Who asked you ya damn rat!" he hissed at the other teen.

Just then the bell rung signaling next hour, Kyo stomped his foot and made his way up the stairs to his next hour class, but taking his time to blow off some steam.

"Those stupid bastards, one of these days I'm going beat the hell out of both of them!" he ranted not noticing the other person, "Something wrong Kyo?" a concerned voice asked. Kyo turned around to see his dance instructor behind him.

'Mr. Otawaro'

"Nothing, I'm just a little mad that's all", he huffed looking away for awhile, but when he looked back found that he was much closer to Tenge then before. Kyo was surprised by the closeness and a little nervous. Kyo blushed and his eyes finding the floor

"Kyo", he said in a calm yet eerie voice, Kyo looked up into Tenge's eyes the once dark blue eyes had been replaced with light green ones. As Kyo looked deeper into those eyes he felt himself become dizzy until his eyes went dull.

"Kyo, I want you to do me a favor", he whispered into Kyo's ear.

"Yes…Mr. Otawaro" he said in a trance like voice, making the other mail smile. "Tonight, I want you to meet me at the park, I have something I want to give you. When you here the bells ring you will come to the park and you will let nothing stop you" he said in a soft yet commanding tone,

"I will meet you at the park...and I will let nothing stop me" he repeated

"Good-boy", he said placing a chaste kiss on kiss cheek, then he pulled their faces together and placed a chaste kiss on Kyo's lips. Tenge stepped back a little, putting equal distance between, "Now wake" he said and with a snap of his fingers Kyo snapped out of his trance.

"Wait…what happened?" he said shaking his head, looking down at his watch he noted the time, "Oh, shit! I'm late" he gasped and ran passed his teacher to his next hour.

"See you in class, Kyo-san!" he called after the boy

"Bye Kyo I'll see you tonight" he thought with a smirk, before making his way to his next class.



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