Forgotten Dance; Chapter 3 The Cat Came Home

Footsteps moved quietly down the stairs, passing the living room they made their way into the kitchen. Pausing they noticed the light was on and the sound of clattering from inside, carefully movie through to the door they peaked inside. Inside a figure was standing near the counter, their back turned them,

'Who could be up at this hour?' as they sat and watched they noticed the figure sat something off to the side, wrapped in a dark green scarf.

"Alright good job everyone" Mr. Otaro said to his class, "Remember to work on your stretches and practice your marks for midterms"

"I'll see you all tomorrow" as the class began filing out to next period, Tenge was preparing for his break, having no classes this period.

'Hn, I think I might have to do some re organizing for the dancers, let's see' reaching into his bag he brought out a list of names and began scanning through the pages of his class list,

'Maybe if I move this group and switch this dancer…', the door opened as a student stepped in.

"Excuse me are you Mr. Otaro?" the teacher looked up from his seat turning to see a familiar head of orange.

"Oh Kyo" Tenge created seeing the other, "How are you this evening?" he smiled looking at the student

"So what brings you by, did you have a question or…" he stopped feeling something thrust in his hands and chest.

"Um what's this?" he asked seeing the green wrapped item

"It's nothing, just take it" he said rather rudely not looking at the teacher

"Oh, thank you"

"I…bye!" with that he ran out of the room as quick as he came

"Oh my…I wonder what this is" pulling on the tie, the fabric came open revealing a lunch box

"A bento box, oh he brought me lunch" he beamed seeing lunch, "Such a interesting young man" he chuckled

"Mr. Otaro?"

"Yes, how can I help you?" Tenge smiled at the two individuals

"You're the dance instructor, Mr. Otaro…"

"Please call me Tenge"

"Right, I'm Yuki Sohma" the purple haired student said

"This is my cousin"

"Yo, names Hatsuharu"

"Sohma? Oh are you related to Kyo?" he asked

"Vaguely" he mumbled clearing his throat

"So how can I help you?" he repeated as the two stared at the dance teacher

"Please don't take this the wrong way but,"

"What's your relationship with Kyo?" Hatsuharu cut off, his voice not as polite as his cousin's

"Relationship?" he seemed to thin for a second, "Well he is one of my student's, if that's what you mean" he smiled, "Though he has been having trouble with contact with others"

"Mr. Otaro…"


"Listen, while I don't care for his personal business" Yuki stated, "I do find it rather, unusual about his relationship with you"

Blue eyes blinked with confusion, "I'm sorry I'm finding it hard to follow you. Is something wrong with Kyo?"

"What he's saying is ever since Kyo has been in this class he's been acting off" Hatsuharu stated folding his arms, "And I think you do know what's going, teach" Hatsuharu tensed

"I really don't!" he repeated looking rather terrified of black and white dual haired teen,

"Oh don't play dumb with us!" Hatsuharu yelled further seeming to frighten the male teacher, "We saw you at the park!"

"Huh, park?" again he paused, before a realization came over him, "Oh…so you saw that"

"Why are you looking so nonchalant about that!" the male yelled shocking the other, "You think is damn funny, you're a teacher dammit! Furthermore you're messing with my cousin!"

"Enough!" a voice called out, all eyes turned to the door just to see a familiar orange haired individual.

"Kyo?" the teen walked into the room,

"Who else" he fumed walking toward Hatsuharu, "Just what the hell do you think you're doing?" he demanded

Hatsuharu looked like he was going to say something, Yuki cut him off

"Nothing, we were just leaving" he replied violet meeting auburn red, "Come on" he motioned

"Yeah, right" he scoffed following the other out leaving the two in the room.

"What the hell?"

"Did I miss something?" Tenge wondered

"Sorry about that, those two are idiots" Kyo seemed to apologize

"No problem" Tenge seemed to brush it off, "Anyway I'm glad you came back, I wanted to thank you for the lunch you made me" a dark blush formed on the boy's face, which quickly formed into a scowl.

"Yeah well…"

Out in the hall the two cousins stared at the dance studio, Kyo had just walked out, his teacher right behind him as they began walking in the other direction.

"I don't like that guy" Hatsuharu growled, his eyes narrowed

"Calm down" Yuki said calmly, "First off we need to get more information on this Tenge Otaro, he knows more then he's claiming"

"Right!" he said cracking his knuckles, "We follow em and catch em in the act!"

"Basically" he began, he was going to get to the bottom of this, one way or the other

After school, the two had gotten Momiji to take Tohru home explaining they had after school duties to attend to. After most of the students had left they had begun their plan to spy on their cousin Kyo. Yuki had noticed that on various day, the teen would be absent or remain after school a lot longer than usual and return at different hours looking tired.

As he predicted after leaving the school, Kyo taken a route that did not go home. They followed him, keeping a good distance back so they wouldn't be spotted.

'Where's he going?' they would get their answer, after dismounting the bus, the teen went down a couple more blocks before stopping at a building. Peeking from across the street, they watched as male went into the building.

With a look of suspicion the two soon followed after him. After entering the building, the two began looking around.

"It looks like a loft" as they went further in the heard something coming from above,

"Upstairs?" walking up the stairs, the two looked around, the second floor was filled with doors, it reminded them of one of those buildings business leased.

"This way" motioning the younger teen to follow, the two stopped in front of door that was ajar, there was a light emanating from the crack. The two sat outside wondering what to do next, deciding to listening,

"What do you think he's doing in a place like this?" Hatsuharu whispered

"How's this Kyo?" a voice asked, they instantly recognized it

'He's in there'

"It feels weird" came the voice of Kyo, though it sounded strange, almost hesitant or strained

"How about now?" their was a short silence followed by some sounds

"That kinda hurts" Kyo's voice tensed, "Owe!"

"I don't think I can do this"

"Sorry did I hurt you?"

"It's just uncomfortable, I've never…been in this position before"


"It's okay, it's feels weird at first, but you'll get used to it after more practices" came a light chuckle, "Is this your first time"

"Huh? What kind of question is that of course it is" he rebutted sounding strained but agitated"

"Okay I'll try to be gentler" he chuckled, "Now, try lifting your leg"

"Like this?"

"A little higher, here I'll show you"

After a moment of listening, the two seemed to form less then suitable scenarios of what was happening in the room.

'He can't be'

'He wouldn't'

"I…I can't hold it, in this position" Kyo groaned, "Hurt's"

'He's in trouble!'

Without a second thought or much thought in general thinking the most rather 'obscene' scenarios, the two stood.

With a kick Hatsuharu busted down,

"Get your hands off him!", Hatsuharu yelled, the two looked shocked at the scene before them. Two figures stood, one was the teacher Mr. Tenge, the other was Kyo who for the most part was being held rather close to the older male, with his leg being held out as his arm was placed rather firmly behind the teachers next with said teacher's hands on his other hip.

The room was silent as the individuals stared at each other, the air was tense as each person seemed surprised and shocked seeing the other.

"What the hell is going on in here!", Hatsuharu demanded seeing his cousin and his teacher in such an awkward position

"What are you doing here!?" Kyo yelled trying to compose his utter embarrassment as he composed his position.

"We should be asking that" Yuki replied, "What are thinking, running off to meet with this man" he pointed at the teacher

"What the hells it too you!?" he replied angrily, "How the about the fact that you've been following me!"

"That is beside the point" Yuki seemed to ignore his question

"He's right" Hatsuharu eyes narrowed as he moved past his cousin to glare directly at the teacher, "The point is we caught this guy with his hands all over you!" he growled

"What!?" Kyo questioned,

"What are you insinuating?" the older male questioned trying to remain calm

"Oh don't play dumb with me!" he growled grabbing the others shirt pulling him close, "You sick bastard! Think you can get away with taking advantage of your students, well you made the mistake of missing with my cousin!"

"Cut it out you damn cow!" Kyo's fist collided with the top of the older's head

"What the hell Kitty!?" he hissed after being suddenly hit, even Yuki was taken aback by the others sudden action.

"Let him go now!" he narrowed his eyes leering at his cousin,

"Kyo…fine" he huffed letting the other male go

"Now what the hell is with the both of you!?"

"Seriously, we just saved you from being attacked by this sicko" Hatsuharu argued leering at the older male


"I had no intention of hurting Kyo in anyway" Tenge defended

"Then what were you doing with your hands all over you?" he questioned

"Oh for the love of" he groaned, "You wanna know so badly"

"An explanation would be acceptable for this moment"

"Fine, Tenge had been giving me private dance lessons, alright" the two cousins looked at him, then each other,


"Dance lessons"

"Yes, you idiots" he groaned, "I've been having trouble in the class, so 'I' told him not to tell anyone" he admitted arms folded

"Why would you sneak off in secret?" Yuki questioned

"Why? Why they hell do you need to know" he huffed, "What I do in my personal life is none of your damn business"

"That might be, but what you do might become detrimental to everyone else back home" Yuki replied, "Do you even think before you make decisions like this?"

"Oh here we go, Mr. Perfect Prince Yuki has to give his wise words from on high!"

"Kyo calm down" Hatsuharu said, "Yuki does have a point"

"Oh it figures that you would agree with 'darling' Yuki" he accused

"This isn't about him, it's about your choices you stupid cat!"

"Don't call me stupid, damn rat!" he hissed

"Now that is enough!" it was Tenge who had spoken stepping between the two


"Listen Kyo, maybe we should end today's lesson early" he suggested sensing the tension building and the possibility of a physical altercation.

"Yeah maybe" he mumbled, "Do you think you can drive me home?" he asked much to the shock of the other two

"Now hold up Kyo"

"Not another word, from the both of you!" he hissed, "I'm going to go change" with that he walked off

"Hey wait a…" the door slammed before he could finish his sentence leaving the three males alone.

Yuki and Hatsuharu looked at each other, looks of frustration on their faces after what had just happened.

"This did not turn out the way I had hoped"

"Listen" Tenge began catching the other male's attention, "I apologize for any miss understandings, but I promised to keep our sessions a secret, for Kyo"

"He's actually quite good in the class" he smiled a bit, though he was rather nervous feeling the grim aura dripping from the male cousins.

After ten long awkward moments Kyo had returned from the changing room and after much persuading from Tenge, the teacher gave all three boys a ride home. The entire car ride was quite, save from the tense awkwardness the whole way. Eventually the car stopped at a designated spot pointed out by Yuki.

Once all three boys exited the vehicles he wished all three boys a goodnight before driving off,

Back at Shigures House,

"I wonder what's taking Yuki and the others so long?", Tohru said in worried tone as she waited in the living room with Shigure.

"Oh you know boys, growing up and experiences life's great lessons

Suddenly the door slide or rather slammed open revealing a not so happy Kyo

"Kyo-san your back" Tohru greeted, though she slinked back feeling the intense aura dripping from the other male.

"Oh welcome back, Kyo?"

"Stick a sock in it dog!" he growled as he ran up the stairs

"Oh my?"

"Yuki-san what's wrong with Kyo?" Tohru asked the violet eyed teen as he and Hatsuharu had just entered the room.

"Sorry about that Ms. Honda" Yuki apologized before moving to the stairs

"Kyo get back down here and apologize to Ms. Honda" he ordered, "We're not done with this conversation!"

"Go to hell you bastard rat!" he yelled back before slamming his door

"Kyo!" he growled

"Oh my, what happened?" Shigure questioned, "Don't tell me you're having another fight, seriously my poor house can't take anymore damage from your bickering"

"Yuki-san, what's wrong with Kyo-san?" Tohru asked worried for the other

"It's nothing" he sighed, "Just a misunderstanding"


"Yeah, Kitty just needs some space" he lied knowing Kyo was beyond mad, in all his years knowing the hot tempered male he had never seen such fire in his eyes.

'Kitten, what did that guy do to you?'

Upstairs Kyo sat against the door, his head resting against his leg

'Damn idiots'

"Damn that rat and cow" he cursed, "Why do they have to mess with everything I do" with a huff he stood, walking to his bed before falling to his bed.

It always seemed like everything he ever wanted, he ever had, someone always had to take it away. Unlike most of anyone born into his cursed family, Kyo had always had to work and suffer for everything he had ever had. Every day was a fight, a little better or a lot worse than the day before. Nothing was ever handed to him, physically or emotionally, it had to struggle for it. Being born the cat of the family didn't help, making him a stigma and pariah of the Sohma family.

Even if he didn't like the stupid class, whatever he did personally should be his own business. It wasn't like he was going to quit, he had worked way too hard and come too far. But what pissed him off most was that those two assholes downstairs had the nerve to act like they were concerned about his safety. He could laugh at such nonsense, they haven't given a damn about him even when he was little and suffering under the hands of his so called family and relatives because of his birth.

The nerve, they probably only did it to mess with him. They had been giving him grief since he was put in the class and probably only followed him to find more stuff to ridicule him about, they were just that underhanded. They think he's stupid or dumb, well he would show them.

'I won't let them or anyone stop me' he declared clenching his fist, he owed it to himself and his instructor.

'Tenge' but how could he face him now after that incident, he couldn't even imagine what he was thinking now after seeing him argue with those idiots he had to call cousins.

'Tenge, teacher' he sighed feeling rather strange about how he was feeling, how he was thinking especially about his dance instructor.

'Don't hate me' it was a strange feeling and he didn't know how to handle it. Ever since they were little he was taught as the rat, he should hate Kyo who was the cat. But seeing the way he had been getting close and how he acted with his teacher, he didn't know how to feel.

'Maybe he was right' he admits he never was the most 'caring' when they were younger, he didn't exactly try at most to help him when he was bullied or ridiculed or when he was hurt he didn't lend a shoulder. And as time went by Hatsuharu regretted it, not trying to help his cousin when he needed him. As the cow he mostly wanted to shower Yuki with his feelings of love. But over the years he found he had feelings for Kyo as well.

But what could he do now? He never protected him or helped and the most between them was tension and rivalry only made worse.

'Do I…love him?' That was the million dollar question bouncing in their head, a question that could destroy them or free them was the cage of self-doubt.

'I like Yuki' that's what the cow told himself

'I like Ms. Honda' that's what the rat believed

'I like…' the cat sighed as he laid on his bed

To Be Continued….