Cranial Invasions

Disclaimer: If I owned it, Ronon would be shirtless a heck of a lot more.

Spoilers for Identity. I can't be the only one who picked up on the anti-McKeller theme.

Back in her own body again it is not until the pain of the bullet wound recedes that she notices another presence in her mind. The only thing she can consider it to be is a part of Neeva's consciousness that had been left behind when their psyches were realigned. She doesn't tell anyone.

"You could do so much better" Neeva's words still haunt her. That little piece of consciousness keeps echoing the thought. She dismisses it. McKay is a wonderful man, how could she do better? Sure he gets so lost in his work that he sometimes misses their dates, and sure he talks a lot, and he might have been a little self-centered but honestly who else is she going to 'do better' with?

"He came to see you" Well of course, he was concerned over a teammates well-being. "You didn't see the look on his face" What look? Ronon doesn't have 'looks'. He has smirks and eyebrow raises and grunts. Not to mention the complete inability to express emotion or do anything constructive.

So really, McKay is the best option. "Forget that he really doesn't know how to be in a relationship, you're only hurting yourself". That voice is getting rather annoying, really.

"Come on, even the sex isn't that good" Of course the small part of herself that had doubts about her relationships would team up with a cranial invasion. Plus, that small part of herself has doubts about everything from hair to clothes to medicine to "McKay". Telling herself to shut up isn't considered insanity, right?

"Looks damn good in leather pants. Wonder what he'd look like in no pants." "He smells like spices and warm and leather and man." "What would it feel like to have all that strength wrapped around me?" "He fights really well, do you think he fu…" Enough! She is with McKay and perfectly happy with McKay. He is sweet and intelligent and awkward in the most adorable way. How could she possibly do better?

And if that little piece of another woman's mind answers back, she doesn't hear.