S.S.S.S.: Barber Shop

(I don't own the characters, and shant use them to profit off of anything. Bewarry, that there is homosexual pairings in this story. The pairings consist of Sweeney Todd x Anthony; Anthony x Turpin; and almost Turpin x Sweeney Todd, but those are later in the story. Don't complain to me, I just got the idea.)

"Mr. Todd," Anthony called as he ran up the flight of stairs to Sweeney's barber shop. He swung open the door to find quite an enticing sight. He was bent over his chair with his pants around his feet, moaning sensually and thrusting back into his fingers. He licked the blade he held in his hand. Nearly hitting climax, he cried out, "Anthony,..it feels so bloody good!"

"M....Mr. Todd?!" Anthony gasped, flushed in the face. The sight of Mr. Todd's lucious body bent over and exposed for his taking was almost too much for him.

"Anthony," he began, standing up, "I've been waiting for you..." he licked his lips.

"Have a seat, Anthony."

He obeyed, splaying his legs open revealing his growing erection, "I'm sorry to barge in like thi-"

"Hush, hush, now Anthony," Sweeney's hard cock bobbed by Anthony as he rubbed his shoulders, "lets take our time with this, love."

Sweeney gave him a few brief kisses to his cheeks and neck before sitting on his lap. Anthony was bright red in the face, "I'm getting so hot, Mr. T."

Sweeney smiled and tore Anthony's clothes, as well as the remainder of his, off with his blade then sat it down on the counter. Anthony smiled nervously and began playing with Sweeney's hard nipples while teasing his cock by rubbing his together with the other gentlemans'. Sweeney leaned into him and gave him a long, deep, lingering kiss. Their tongues rubbed against each other, "ahn....Mr. Todd..." he moaned; his cock was soaked with precum, as was Sweeneys'.

Sweeney pulled himself away from Anthony's sweet mouth, slid off of his lap, and began to suck him off. He squirmed and moaned at Sweeney's talented tongue. Sweeney stopped, hoisted him up by his lower thighs and began licking his hole out. He nipped at the small reddened pucker, "ah!" Anthony cried out as Sweeney penetrated him with his teasing tongue.

God, I love innocence. Thought Sweeney as he slid his tongue out.

"Relax, Anthony, I don't want to hurt you much." advised he while poking the outside of the little pucker with his large member.

Anthony, before relaxing, looked what he was in for and smiled widely, "go for it, show me what you can do with that thing!" He nodded at gave a smirk when he pushed the thick head in. Anthony gasped, and his body shivered. He threw his head back and let out a loud moan when Sweeney started pounding into him.

Minutes into it, Anthony felt his climax hit hard when hot semen shot out onto Sweeney's lower torso. He slid out of Anthony, still hard as a rock, and reached for his blade. "What are you planning on doing with that?" Anthony snapped back into consiousness when he saw the blade glisten.

"I'm just gonna rub it against me-" he was interrupted when he heard loud footsteps on the staircase. Anthony jumped out of the chair and draped his coat over his shoulders, but Sweeney stayed nude.

"Good day, Mr. Todd." said a shadowy figure with a deep voice at the doorway.