"Good day, sir, what may I do for you?" Sweeney walked over to him nonchalauntly and took his coat.

"You know what I want, Todd...now spread them," said he, unbuttoning his trousers.

Anthony was greatly befuddled, "Sweeney, love, who's this brute?"

"Turpin..." said the taller gentleman, "and who's this welp, Todd?"

"Anthony." said the young lad, buttoning his jacket. Sweeney sighed and bent over in his chair and spread himself open, "get it over with, Turpin."

Turpin licked his lips and strode toward him, "want me to prepare you first?"

"No, I'm used to the pain..."

Turpin nodded and poked at Sweeney's pale pink hole. Anthony couldn't let this happen so he jumped at his love's 'attacker'. The two fell to the floor with a loud thud. Anthony now sat above Turpin's groin, and he realized this when something prodded at his backside. Turpin blushed, "g...get off me, you welp!"

Anthony shook his head and pinned him down by grabbing his arms. All the friction was making Turpin harder and more excited by the minute. Anthony, too, was feeling the same. His coat no longer hid his erection as it poked through a ripped seam. Sweeney watched, extremely aroused at the growing tension betwixt the two. He began to play with himself slightly.

"T...take me in Sweeney's place..." Anthony begged, letting go of his grip on Turpin's arms as he ripped off his jacket. Anthony moaned as he complied to his offer. He felt two thick nimble fingers stretch him out, "t...take me now!"

Anthony demanded, completely red in the face.

"Fine, but relax, you dirty little bugger."

Anthony nodded and slid down on his hard member, but clenched half way down causing Turpin to climax at that instant. "Damn it, boy don't do that..." sighed the older gentleman as he slid Anthony off, "sorry, it was my second time..."

Sweeney laughed and licked his fingers clean of his own seed. Anthony blushed and flopped down on the wooden floor in an awkward position. Turpin retrieved his coat from the rack, and dusted of his clothes briefly before taking his leave, "it was fun, Todd, see you next week."

Sweeney waved a brief goodbye and went over to Anthony to pick him up.

"T....that was so much fun!"

Sweeney nodded, "if and when you come back next week...he's mine, got it?"

Anthony nodded and fell asleep as Sweeney carried him to their quarters.

The End!