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A Number of Years Later

Spencer's POV

I sit calmly at a table by the window in a small café. My coffee is still extremely hot and simmering, so I try and cool it down by taking the lid off. I look out of the window, searching as far as my eyes can see for some curly haired brunette that should have been here oh- ten minutes ago. The fancy latte across from me is steaming. It took me at least a year to get down the exact complicated order that my girlfriend always, always insists on ordering.

I look out of the window again and see a gorgeous girl carrying a briefcase come walking towards the café. Maybe briefcase is a bad word, that makes it sound like she's a fifty year old man coming home from his law firm. Her bag is fancier and more girly. And I know all of the contents it holds.

A laptop, a folder with some random papers in it, a not-so-innocent picture of me that I had sent her when I was bored waiting for her to come back to her apartment one night, a coupon to some doughnut place, a cell phone that is slightly broken because I accidentally dropped it in the toilet, a little electronic Tetris game because sometimes she gets bored, and a day planner that I forced her to buy.

She doesn't see me in the window, so when she comes in, the little bell above the door dinging, she looks around nervously for a second before coming to the table I had secured.

Her chocolate eyes twinkle brightly at me and she doesn't say anything, just puts her bag down and kisses me sweetly on the lips. My hands automatically go to the sides of her face and I stop myself when I remember we're in a public place.

"I missed you today." Ashley mumbles against my lips.

Eventually she goes to the chair across from me, but still close, sipping her scalding latte.

I smile wide, just looking at her. She looks so stunning, as always, that sometimes there are just no words that come out of my mouth at her presence.

"I missed you too." I tell her finally.

She grins at me, her nose crinkling, dimples showing, nose scrunching. "Thanks for the coffee sexy pants."

I chuckle at her, and still, after all of this time, I feel a blush come through from her name for me. Lately, she's been trying out nicknames for me all consisting of the word sexy. Sexy shirt. Sexy button. Sexy dork. Sexy poptart.

"Of course." I say, taking a sip of my plain coffee. "But could you pick a more complicated drink?"

"Could you pick a more lame drink?" She retorts.

I smirk at her, watching her lick some foam off of the top. And just like that, I feel my eyes go a little darker. I would like to be that foam. By Ashley's eyes on me, she notices. She scoots her chair around the table and closer to me. Her face coming to kiss my cheek, breath lingering there, hand on my thigh.

"How was your day?" She asks me, leaning her elbow on the table and angling her head into it so her face is in front of mine.

"It was okay." I say, my eyes on her lips. I see her smile. "I love you." I blurt out.

Ashley kisses me for longer than she should. "And I love you."

I bring my hand to tuck a stray curl behind her ear, tugging on it slightly. "Can we get out of here?" I quietly plead.

Ashley nods. "Kyla's out shopping." She tells me with a smirk.

I smile wide, knowing that if Kyla is out shopping, she'll be gone for hours.

Our hands intertwine as we walk out of the café and into the L.A. sun.


It didn't matter that Ashley was ten minutes late in meeting me for coffee. It didn't matter that just the other day we engaged in a huge fight about her leaving poptart crumbs all over the counter of my kitchen in my apartment. They were all over the floor, all over the small living room, all over everything. And the kitten I had just bought was choking on some and Ashley just laughed. It didn't matter. It didn't matter that she hated when I left all my camera equipment on the floor of her and Kyla's loft, resulting in bruising on her back when we were having sex on that floor. It didn't matter that Kyla constantly interrupted our intimate moments in her bedroom every chance she got. It didn't matter that the handle to my refrigerator was broken because Ashley had pushed me up hard against it as she kissed me passionately. And it didn't matter that she had purple hickeys all over her neck when she went for that interview a couple of weeks ago.

It made no difference at all that Ashley and my mother were involved in this strange friendship that consisted of ritual morning coffee's every Tuesday. It made no difference at all that Ashley and I had sex in the basement of my old house when my parents were watching American Idol after we had dinner with them. And it made no difference whatsoever that Ashley still never let me pay for anything. It made no difference when Kyla made us go on a double date with her and this guy she had met at a sports conference, where she commonly went to find guys.

It made no difference as to how much time has passed.

I didn't care that Ashley sneakily changed my alarm clock for ten minutes later every single morning. And it didn't matter that she wouldn't let me sleep over when we got into a fight about my driving skills, which were fine. And it didn't matter that I came over anyway; opening her loft door with the key she had given me a few months prior. Because when I pinned her to the couch and ran my hand over her toned stomach that fight was long forgotten. I didn't care that I could no longer wear my black halter dress because Ashley had literally ripped it off of me the second she saw me in it. I didn't care that I had missed my morning classes multiple times because I was too busy touching Ashley as a result of her simply smiling at me in the morning.

Sure, in the past we had once almost ended because my mother caught us together. Intimately together. Yes, she had once gotten jealous over a girl who is now one our good friends. Sure, we were once best friends who secretly wanted the other so badly it physically hurt. Yes, Ashley had a reckless past and I a naïve one. But that didn't matter so much. That was part of us now, made us who we were. The erratic heartbeats and index cards that were woven into our relationship.

The only thing that did, and would ever matter, was that we are, and I know we always will be, us.