Alright, because i was not writing for a while, I had three exams to do but I never studied, never had to! Now that I have a whole week off of school till friday...I'll be writing this new story! And sorry for not contiuing the series of Naruto and Sasuke but there were no good songs to put them together with. So without further ado, I give you...Naruto and Sasuke in, Monster house!

Pairings: SasukeXNaruto, ItachiXDeidara, SasoriXSakura, InoXShika!

Summary: Naruto loses a bet with a few of his friends and along with Sakura, is forced to sleep in the big, old, haunted mansion that is said to be teeming with vampires and witches and a whole bunch of monsters that live together in harmony. Instead of chickening out, Naruto and his childhood friend, Sakura, continue with the agreement of sleeping in the old mansion for a whole week! Will they survive the five nights? Or will they become food for the monsters who live there?

Warning: slight violence, might be a few words that are not child hearable and does not contain any shounen-ai...not yet at least ^_^

Disclaimer: Like I could own anything from this baby, all I own is Naruto and Sakura's friends and the plot ^_^'

Sakura Haruno and Naruto Uzumaki, the best of friends ever since childhood and so on. When ever they were together, something good happened. But on this particular night, luck is just not on their side this time. Sakura's face had turned from being happy and cheerful to a gloomy face. Her hands gripped the shoulders of her childhood friend as her eyes watched the last roll that her friend was about to make. Naruto's face was starting to pour with sweat as he concentrated on his last roll and wished for the best of luck. He raised his hand in the air and shook it with a lot of force, bringing it down at the same time and released the small dice that he had held in his hand.

" sorry Naruto, maybe next time" Naruto's eyes darted upward and glared at him for a good five minutes before sighing and admitting defeat.

"One more game Raul?" Sakura asked with pleading eyes, but the boy just looked at them and shook his head.

"We would love to but Hajime's father promised us ice cream cones if we won the bet, so I guess we'll see you after the week in the haunted mansion is over, see you guys later!" As fast as they were at winning, the two boys were gone in the blink of an eye.

"This has...never happened before...Naruto, what if we're cursed?"

"Like hell we are, there's no way we're backing out of this bet, to the mansion!" Naruto began to march off toward the big house, leaving Sakura alone in the middle of the sidewalk.

Sakura stood her ground for a bit, but after she heard foot steps coming up behind her, she panicked and ran after the boy. Her screaming caused Naruto to stop and turn around.

"Sakura-chan, did you know that if you scream really, really loud that the great Guska comes down from its nest and swoops you off to your death?" As he told her this, he had a big smile on his face.

"You big....IDIOT!!!" With one swipe of her arm, Naruto went flying toward the haunted mansion.

Naruto sat up quickly and examined his mouth with his tongue, feeling for any broken teeth or bleeding gums. He heaved a sigh of relief when he felt nothing but a bump on his face. He got up and dusted himself off from all the dirt that was on the cobble stoned walkway.

"You OK Naruto?"

"Just peachy..." He suddenly felt tired and glanced at his wristwatch and saw that it was midnight.

The two of them stopped at the doorway, and rang the doorbell even though it was deserted. But it was only common manners to ring or knock first. They stood there for two minutes or more and were surprised that someone actually opened the very decorated door. A man that looked to be a gentleman from the twentieth century, stared at the two teens before asking what they were there for.

"May I be of service to you?" Sakura could only stare in awe at the sight before her.

The man's face and hands were pale but his looks were more than that of a male model. His hair was short yet a bit spiky at the back. The best part that got Sakura's heart beating faster was that his hair was more shiny than any shampoo commercial she's seen on television and it was as black as the night itself. Naruto noticed that Sakura was not able to answer the question, so he answered for her.

"You see mister...we lost this bet and-"

"You have to spend a few nights here, is that correct?" Naruto was totally caught off guard.

" if it's not any trouble, we were wondering...if...we could spend the night?" The man simply nodded and held the large door open for them.

"I am Sasuke Uchiha, almost the owner of the house but currently, my brother owns it, come, I will lead you to our spare rooms" The man stood a few inches taller than Naruto and Sakura and had eyes that were as dark as his hair.

Sakura's heart had stopped beating faster than its normal rate and she kept clinging to Naruto. Although the man leading them to the spare rooms was amazingly gorgeous, the reality that they were in was crawling with spiders and roaches. Naruto sighed every time he heard her voice in his ear.

"Are you planning to sleep in seperate rooms or together?"

"Seperate rooms please, I don't want Naruto to see my girl parts" Sakura spoke out with a blush across her face. Naruto looked over at her as if she were a potato.

"Very well, your room is here, please come with me, I will now show you to your room" Sasuke smiled pleasantly and led the boy a few doors down.

The halls seemed spooky without lights on and it really lived up to its name of being the haunted mansion. The place was a mansion but Naruto did not see any kind of ghost or ghoul that would scare the crap out of him. The man stopped in front of a door that had dust covering it from ceilling to floor.

"If you or your friend needs anything, my brother and I are happy to serve you in any way...good night" The last two words made Naruto gulp as he picked up the courage to open the dust covered door.

Naruto slowly stepped into the unknown room and shut the door behind him, looking around before sitting down on the bed. The room, like the hallway, was dark when it had no candles or light of any kind. The walls were painted a dark shade of red, almost blood coloured. The ceilling was black with blood red flowers in each corner. The bed seemed decent enough to sleep in. It had dark blue, see through sheets hanging from the top that looked as though it were fit for a queen from the twentieth century.

Naruto was hearing a scream every now and then but tended not to run to save her from a bug or a rat. Instead, he pulled off his purple and black sweater and layed it on a chair that sat in front of a very strange looking vanity table that had a few pieces missing from the mirror. He kept his under shirt on just in case something did happen, he wouldn't be a crazy person running around with no shirt on. He made himself comfortable by pulling the curtains closed and dropping onto his side, onto the comfy bed that awaited him.

The smell of strawberries were stronger than the smell of the dust on the door. He smelled the soft pillows that were beneath him and found out where the beautiful smell was coming from and drifted into a dreamless sleep.

Sakura was having a hard time getting to sleep with all the spiders hiding in each of the corners of the room but smiled at the thought of wondering what Sasuke's brother was like. She went into a deep sleep while thinking of the man in her heart.

"So who's this boy that has caught your attention Sasuke-kun?" A woman with long, lightly blond hair, put both gloved hands on the young man's pale face.

"Someone with the most beautiful eyes" The woman let Sasuke go and stared out the window with a martini glass filled with a red liquid in her hand.

"But...aren't you going to get in trouble with Itachi-san, you know we're not allowed to have humans here unless we're eating them" A boy with a wild look, hopped down from the wall and landed with ease.

"I will tell him that by the end of the week...I will turn him"

"And what of the girl, Sasuke-kun?" Sasuke tilted his head a bit and smiled viciously.

"Give her to the mummies, I'm sure her mouth could use a few bandages" The man simply laughed along with his friends as the three of them stared out the window.

A/n: Oh dear, I wonder...will Sasuke change his mind or will he do it as planned? And what will become of Sakura? Just wait and read!!