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Love is such a forceful thing...

It felt as if the clock was ticking in her ear. Why couldn't school be shorter? All she could do was try to ignore it and concentrate on the rabbit that was calling to her just outside the window.

Most of the class was ignoring the teacher's lecture which just so happened to be on Romeo and Juliet. She could never quite grasp the concept of it. Of course she understood the fact that everything was piled against them but would that really happen now, in the modern era where even humans and mythical creatures co-existed? That was a stupid question, things were never what they seemed.

The bell suddenly rang and everyone started filing out of the room. She grabbed her things and went out still thinking. Almost everyone backed away from her, giving her far too much room but she ignored it, already used their treatment.

She looked around and saw that it didn't really matter. Depending on which type of creature you were, you would have your own clique with the rare human that didn't care what you were.

Hinata herself was a meta-morph... or a werewolf as the humans called her kind. But she was known as some sort of royalty. She was the next in line to rule the pack but she was sure she still had several hundred years before she was close to being the leader, for which she was glad to wait.

"Oops." A pink haired girl suddenly said as she put her foot right in front of Hinata. She was amazed by the kind of tactics vampires would go to. Even though she saw it coming, she let herself be tripped. Her cousin, Neji didn't quite understand why she let herself be bullied but she felt that if she did something about it, it would just cause trouble with the already tense relationship that Vampires and Werewolves had.

She looked back, and saw that Sakura had walked away with a smug look on her face.

Hinata heard a couple gasps and a few giggles. Vampires were the only creatures that did not respect her kind. They felt themselves superior such as the pink haired bimbo known as Sakura Haruno. A few other vampires and werewolves had a strange rivalry going, feeling the need to continue past resentment.

In the past, werewolves and vampires were enemies. Much blood was spilled by both sides until her father, Hiashi Hyuuga -the current leader- and the leader of the vampires, Fugaku Uchiha, came to a treaty and decided that things needed to come to a change.

Humans had hunted both their kind for centuries and they felt it was time to undo the misunderstandings that had been bound but before any of that could be possible they themselves had to unite and teach the humans what to truly fear.

Then, the new era of creatures and humans alike came to understanding and then blended into society. Vampires and Werewolves no longer had to hide away during the day. It was nice to see the sun without having to watch your back in case of a sneak attack. Nearly twenty years of peace and the blood shed had dwindled down to few.

She continued walking until she saw her cousin Neji but thats not what made her stop walking. It was the girl he was talking to. She walked close enough to smell her scent. It seemed like she was human, which baffled her even more. Most humans steered clear of her kind because of fear. There was a stupid rumor going around that werewolves had recently killed a human -false of course- and that they had devoured them whole. That and they rolled in packs, they intimidated people.

Neji finally noticed her and the girl turned to her. The girl's hair was in two buns and she had light brown eyes, even in the uniform she seemed very pretty. But the tiny breeze that went with her turn gave a distinct smell and alarms went off in her head, it was far too alluring.

"Hey Neji." Hinata said giving the a girl a questioning gaze.

"Hinata, this is Ten-ten, Ten-ten this is Hinata, my cousin." Neji said. Hinata took out her hand to shake it, Ten-ten looked at it, confused, before finally shaking it. The texture of her hand felt normal but Hinata could sense that something was wrong with the feel.

"So are you new here?" Hinata said smiling, ignoring her confusion. She forgot that teenagers no longer shook hands.

"Not really, I've been here since the beginning of the year but it's nice to finally get to know you." Ten-ten said.

"Oh excuse me, I didn't know -she hoped Neji took the hidden message under that- but we have to go, our ride is here." Hinata said nodding toward the entrance of the school. Ten-ten looked but there was just a bunch of people there.

"There's nothin-" but her sentence got stuck in her throat as soon as a stretch limo rolled up and stopped.

"Actually, I invited Ten-ten to the dinner." Neji said smirking.

"Isn't that tomorrow and... we always go together?" Hinata asked, confused. The dinner was merely for the family to get together with leader of the vampires and his family to discuss the annual party that they threw. The problem was that they were to bring dates. Usually Neji and Hinata just went together so that people would stay off their backs but apparently Neji had other plans.

"I felt that it was time for change."

"Traitor!" Hinata hissed. She couldn't help but let her teeth lengthen and growl. Who was she supposed to get in such short notice?!?

"Yes and Ten-ten doesn't have any formal clothing so I decided to take her with you since your going to get your dress anyway." Neji said smirking. She so much wanted to scratch that smirk off his face. She had to calm down, her nails had become claws and she felt the familiar itch on her head when her ears started growing. So Hinata closed her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose.

"Okay Neji, Ten-ten lets go." Hinata said, exasperated. She walked to the limo, the driver haven already opened the door, and walked in.

"I'm sorry, maybe I shouldn't go." Ten-ten finally said.

"No, it's my fault for getting so worked up, I hope you aren't frightened of me." Hinata said putting on her best apologetic smile.

"Your so cute!!! There's no way I could be scared of you!!!" Ten-ten said gushing. Hinata reeled back, she was sure that she scared her off, maybe this Ten-ten had far more guts than she gave her credit for.

Hinata set her things down and laid down on the seat since it was long enough. But before she could get real comfortable her phone vibrated.


"Where the hell are you guys?" It was Hanabi, her little sister, patient as ever.

"We're about to get there, don't worry." Hinata reassured her.

"You better, the scent of bloodsuckers is in the air." Hanabi said hanging up. Hinata sighed and laid back down. Hanabi held a strong hatred of Vampires even though the war was before her time.

"The child knows nothing." Hinata hissed. It was the ancient tongue of her people, she couldn't help speaking it being so accustomed to it.

"Give her time." Neji muttered. Ten-ten was bewildered. It kind of sounded like growls and barks but it had a somewhat elegance to it, showing that there was meaning behind it. She didn't want to ruin their melodic voices by speaking up. She was usually a very bold person and she already knew Neji well enough to not care if she did something stupid but Hinata and Neji together was something that demanded respect, she wasn't sure why.

"Why did you bring her?" Hinata asked, very curious.

"I'm not sure myself." Neji answered. He took a peek at her and looked back at Hinata. "But she wants to understand... our way, I find her courage to be admirable but her curiosity bothers me, I want to scare her a little." He said.

"Scare her?" Why on earth would he ever want to do that?

"Perhaps then, she will regret wanting to know more about me. I've told her nothing yet she insists on being told of our kind. She is very... persistent." Neji said, saying the last sentence with slight annoyance.

"I know that tone mister, I'm not listening." Ten-ten said, childishly. Hinata giggled, she was really starting to like her. But once again, an alarm went off. She also wanted to know about them and her presence was a tone different from humans, either she was being paranoid or something was up, she once again let her train of thought be forgotten and pretended nothing was wrong.

"I like her, shes good for you." Hinata said, affectionately. Neji looked at her in surprise, and switched back.

"What do you-"

"Why is a human here?" Hanabi growled. They didn't even notice the limo stop or the door open.

"She is a friend of mine." Neji said protectively. Hanabi looked at him in surprise and went in. She sat on the other end of limo and sniffed the air. So Hanabi couldn't sense anything, that probably meant Neji couldn't either, perhaps she was being paranoid.

"Umm... what is she doing?" Ten-ten said, suddenly feeling self-conscience.

"Sniffing for Vampires." Hanabi answered.

"Hanabi!" Hinata warned.

"Fine." Hanabi huffed, looking away. Ten-ten whispered in Neji's ear and he whispered back. Hinata felt that they needed privacy and looked away, trying to keep her keen hearing on the roar of the engine, as quiet as that was.

The only thing she needed to worry about was who she was going to take to dinner. The whole ride was quiet and they soon arrived to the store. They walked out and were met with extravagant decorations and furniture.

"Ah, my favorite customers!" A lady screamed. Neji flinched at her high pitched voice, and stood behind Hinata who tried to act to polite. Ten-ten found her overly bubbly personality -as she seemed to be- to be forced and wondered why.

"Hello, Claresta, nice to see you again." Hinata said.

"Let's just get this over with already." Hanabi said, impatiently. The lady flinched and her jaw tensed but her crinkled smile stayed in place.

"Right this way, Mr. Hyuuga, my assisant will take your measurements." The saleslady said nervously. Neji nodded and followed the shaking girl as they made their way to the men's section.

"I see we have a newcomer." Claresta said, forcing herself to make small talk.

"Yeah, I'm a friend of theirs deciding to crash the party." Ten-ten answered, rebelliously.

"What courage." she murmured. Hanabi snorted while Hinata gave her a look. Ten-ten was completely confused by the lady's behavior. Claresta led them to a room full of mirrors with a stump in the center.

"Oh my, how silly of me, I forgot to bring the measuring tape." Claresta said, nervously giggling and running out of the room.

"What the hell was up with her?" Ten-ten asked, staring at the place where she stood.

"Well, she's human... most humans, unlike yourself are cautious around us." Hinata said, smiling. This girl was truly oblivious.

"In other words, she fears us so much that she can barely stay in the same room with us without breaking down." Hanabi said smirking. "Don't you fear us at all?" she asked. While Hinata did not like what Hanabi revealed, it was true whether she wanted it to be or not. But it only brought more curiosity, why did Ten-ten not fear them?

"I don't think your bad people, a brat maybe but not bad." Ten-ten answered. Hanabi growled while Hinata giggled.

"I really am starting to like you more and more." Hinata said. The moment was ruined when Claresta, ran back in.

"Now, let's begin."

- -- -

The next morning she felt tired. She didn't want to go to breakfast, simply because she didn't want to face her father when Hinata told him that she had no date for dinner. So she got ready early and decided to take her own car to school.

"Hinata?" Neji said, seemingly popping out of nowhere.

"Umm... yes?" Hinata said, wincing. She was hoping she could make it out without seeing anyone.

"Why are you leaving so early?" Neji asked. He already knew answer, he just wanted her to admit it.

"I don't have to explain myself to you Neji." Hinata replied, miffed. He knew why she was leaving why degrade herself and say it out loud. Neji frowned and decided not to push her.

"I know I should have told you but it was sudden to me as well and I apologize but this is for your own good, I don't want my uncle to force you into it, I rather have you choose your own escort instead of him going into drastic measures and putting you into an arrange marriage." Neji said, leaving.

She knew he was right but she didn't want to admit it. She went into the large garage and went into the plainest car they had and drove out.

But as she rolled into the parking lot, she almost wish she didn't take her car. Most of the student body stared at her. Perhaps a Mustang was much too attention grabbing?

She heaved a huge sigh and parked. They constantly stared at her anyway, that was nothing new.

Hinata knew she was starting to freak out but she was a hundred and sixteen years old and still single, something that Neji did not let her forget. She was even considering in taking up Itachi's offer.

About twenty years ago -when the treaty was first formed- Itachi Uchiha offered to be her date but she refused, still hesitant about Vampires. He kindly understood and said the offer would always be available. Would it still be available, so many years later?

With new found courage, Hinata got out of the car, the crowd making way for her as soon as they saw it was her and made her way to where she smelled Sasuke.

Sasuke was Itachi's younger brother and he probably knew how to contact Itachi.

Hinata followed the scent to an empty classroom but then she also noticed the scent of Sakura. She felt that it was a good idea to wait outside because she also smelled something... else. Hinata couldn't help but blush it was so damn quiet in the hall and there was nothing to focus her hearing on so she heard everyone of Sakura's moans and the very few groans that emitted from Sasuke.

After five minutes, she heard them talk.

"That was amazing, Sasuke." Sakura breathed. Sasuke didn't answer but it didn't seem to bother Sakura.

"Do you want to do it again tonight?" Sakura asked.


"Why not?" She could almost hear the pout.

"Don't act stupid Sakura." Sasuke growled out.

"I just don't want you to be near those awful smelling Werewolves, especially there little 'princess'." Sakura snorted. "Just thinking about her pisses me off."

"I could care less." Sasuke answered after a few moments.

"I just want to grab her by the neck and break it into pieces, what would you do then?" Sakura said, playfully.

"Kill you." Sasuke answered quickly.

"Why?!?!" Sakura screamed. She obviously wasn't ready for that answer.

"For being an idiot." He said. She stayed quiet for a few seconds -fuming most likely- before she heard a loud thunder.

"You can forget about me going because I'm not getting near those things!!!" Sakura screamed and ran out right after and didn't even notice her presence as she passed by.

Hinata quickly shook her head to compose herself and walked into the classroom.

There he was sitting on one of the desks, leaning back slightly on his elbows with his shirt half open and a permanent scowl on his lovely face. While she did not personally know him, she could not deny his beauty.

As she stopped a few feet away from him, an arrant thought crossed her mind. This was the first time she had ever been alone him, not once in the war did she ever come across him and not once did she have a willing conversation with him. It bothered her a little but she ignored it and focused on the task at hand.

"What do you want?" Sasuke asked. It was obvious that he knew she was there the whole time. It was rude to speak over a distance -whether he could hear anyway or not- so she stepped closer.

"I would like you to tell me where Itachi is, if that is not too much." Hinata requested.

"Why?" Sasuke wasn't expecting that. He also wasn't expecting the sudden electricity that he felt as she stepped closer. It made him extremely uncomfortable which in turn annoyed him, what the hell was going on?

"I need to ask him something." Hinata answered meekly, it was as if every single particle that was within the space of Sasuke and Hinata was charged, making her tingly and for some reason, hyper aware of Sasuke's presence. Sasuke, on the other hand, didn't like her answer.

"It just so happens that Itachi can only be contacted by family at this moment, if you tell me perhaps I will tell Itachi later on." Sasuke answered, lazily. Hinata had to think about that without letting anything show on her face. If he knew how embarrassing it was to even have to ask him at all, she would never live it down.

"I see. Well then, I wish to ask him if his offer is still available." Hinata asked. It was essentially telling the truth without all the embarassment. Sasuke was quiet for a moment, seemingly contemplating on telling his older brother. With the silence was a sudden impulse to touch him, it freaked her out. She put her hands behind her back and put them into fists, there was no way she was going to get anywhere near him.

"Don't you think it's a bit late to go up on his offer?" Sasuke asked, smirking. It seemed like he knew, while that in itself should have been embarrassing, all it did was peek her curiosity.

"You of all people should know that time does not really matter to me." Hinata said, trying to be diplomatic. Her and Sasuke were something of a rarity. They were born on the same year and while to humans that was something next to nothing -because they had an uncanny ability to multiply- to Werewolves and Vampires that was something that did not happen often because at the time of their births their 'species' were becoming extinct.

"True." He answered. They stared at each other for over a minute before Sasuke broke out in a sigh. Sasuke himself was having a hard time ignoring what he felt.

"It seems like we have a similar dilemma." Sasuke said. Hinata rose her eyebrow at his statement.

"I no longer have a date." Sasuke said. Hinata stared at him some more before understanding what he was trying to get at. He must of seen the apprehension on her face because he continued.

"I don't see what the problem is, it is just a date it's not like we will have to socialize afterwords." He said, annoyed.

"I don't care about that, what about Sakura?" She didn't feel comfortable with that part. Nor did she feel comfortable with the fact that he would have to touch her and sit right next to her.

"Does it matter, I still don't understand why you never killed her." Sasuke retorted.

"She was just a newborn, she didn't know what was really going on at the time." Hinata mumured. She didn't like being reminded of the war. There was so much blood shed, some that she helped create and she felt guilty whenever she was reminded.

"You should have killed her." he said, his eyes smoldering.

"But then you wouldn't have somebody to fuck." Hinata said, immediately covering her mouth and blushing furiously. The words came out faster than she had time to think them, but he had struck a nerve. There was a part of her, one she tried to supress, that was a potty mouth, something she gained during the war.

Sasuke seemed momentarily stunned and she felt even more ashamed. But then he did something that Hinata, never in a million years would have fathomed.

He laughed, laughed hard.

Hinata stared at him and marveled at how childlike he looked when he laughed. The urge to touch him became stronger and she held herself in place.

"Cute." Hinata breathed. It was loud enough for Sasuke to hear and he coughed to control his laughter. Hinata blushed harder and tried to pretend that she didn't say that.

"I mean, I-I'll go... with you." Hinata said, rubbing her arm. Sasuke stared at her... and stared at her. The fact that he wanted to touch her face when she blushed had nothing to do with his stare.

"I'll pick you up at 7:30." Sasuke finally said, with a strange voice and walked away. Hinata stayed rooted to her spot for a moment before going against the wall and sliding down to sit against it. She looked at the clock and was surprised.

It had only been fifteen minutes.

"What have I gotten myself into?"

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