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Hinata breathed and and counted to ten – slowly – in her head and smoothed the wrinkles out of her shirt that weren't there.

...nine... ten.

That doesn't seem to be working.

Hinata faltered and the numbers she tried so hard to focus on, evaporated, and her pounding heart and stupid blush returned with full force.

Sasuke smirked, not an inch away from her, his face doing things to her that she thought should be illegal.

We're going to get caught.

His scent was all over her, making a strange concoction as it mingled with hers. Anybody would know who she was with and have an idea of how close they really were.

However, the scent that they created was something she could find herself getting addicted to.

You have no idea

Sasuke tried to distract her away from the possibility of being caught. They would be... eventually but he just wanted more time of secrecy to... take it all in.

He was fine beside her, now that she was calmer and guilt-free... it made him feel better at least.

Thats something to get used to.

Being affected so much by someone was not something he was used to. Not but the day before, he would have laughed and killed the very person who would dare insinuate that he would find someone to care about.

And now he had a soul mate.

Oh, the irony.

So what do we do?

Hinata was not easily distracted. The worry of what this really was, was nagging her insistently. He was a Vampire for moon's sake!


Sorry, I don't mean it like that.

I know.

That annoys you doesn't it?

Hinata could feel the irritation yet at the same time felt all the other things that went along with it.

Curiosity, suspense, joy-

I do not feel joy.

Right, sorry.

And denial.

Sasuke's growl made her giggle. They were all things she was feeling as well... or they were things he were feeling strongly and it jumbled her own feelings.

Soul mates were confusing.

Sasuke's irritation grew more and he did something that he knew would shut her up.

He kissed her.

Stop. Talking.

If it was any other person she would have taken a bite out of their jugular... but Sasuke's kisses did things to her.

Mainly render her useless.

"S-sasuke. The b-bell... is going to r-...ring at a-...any m-moment." Hinata's protests were ignored as Sasuke kissed her relentlessly.

His hands snaked around her waist and kept her still. Her hands, - of their own accord, of course - wrapped around his neck and held him there. Sasuke's hands moved higher as his lips moved lower. His hands slipped under her shirt and his lips rested on her neck, frighteningly so.

And then he bit her.

For a moment she panicked, waiting for the excruciating pain Hinata so often heard that came from the bite of a Vampire.

Instead, she gasped, her nails grew a tad bit, and she waited for him to do it again.

It was a simple bite, one that excluded fangs, and – for some bizarre reason – excited her. Hinata held onto him tighter, biting her lip to hold in the whimper she knew would escape.

Her nails dug into Sasuke's neck, nearly breaking his skin.

Hinata's mind went blank, but her feelings swirled uncontrollably, most of which were foreign to her.


Sasuke, sighed against her neck, failing to calm his stupid hormones... nearly impossible with Hinata completely out of commission and so uncontrolled.

Which made it even harder when he was just so damn close.

And despite Hinata's more than enthusiastic reaction, he knew she wasn't ready.

Really something to get used to.

Hinata, realizing Sasuke's thoughts, blushed a thousand shades and would have been out of the room if not for his hold on her.

"Calm down." Sasuke muttered almost tiredly as she struggled against his hold.

Calm down?!?

How could Hinata calm down when, not but a moment before, she was ready to-to...

Nefarious things!

Sasuke snorted and – if he wasn't such a strong being – would have outright laughed by her wording but somehow kept it to a minimum. The chuckles that were coming out were hard to control and his body couldn't seem to stop shaking.

He-he's laughing!

Hinata had long known that Sasuke was an emotionless being. The rumors of his cold exterior, only bested by Itachi and her own father, were legendary but somehow in the span of a day, she had made Sasuke laugh twice.

Whether she should feel insulted or relish in the oddity she didn't know.

I'll just store and treasure it for the rest of my life.

That seemed like a fairly good plan to her.

In the meantime, she would stay in his arms – just for a few more minutes of course – to get used to him. The sad thing was that it seemed like she would never get accustomed to him.

And not even that was starting to sound too bad to her.

You utter sap. Sasuke thought. He was silent through her thoughts and he felt strangely- weird. No one ever treasured what he did like she seemed to be doing and it humbled him and – slightly – embarrassed him.

He picked her up and she squealed in surprise and wrapped her legs around his waist out of instinct. Sasuke ignored her own embarrassment in favor of kissing her.

He didn't know why but it was quickly becoming one of the most addicting things to do.

Her lips were tantalizing in an entirely different way. They were feral, raw, and new. Untouched and untainted. They gave him a certain feel- thats what it was. He felt the warmth and felt the blood beneath, all he needed was a little nip and he could taste them... and yet he did not wish to, or rather he felt no need to. His thirst was detained and there was no danger of his control slipping because she was so feral. His thirst would not be quenched with a wolf and thus his instincts did not activate and scream for blood that pumped too fast to be mistaken for a human in the first place.


The ring of the bell cut her pleading and they both froze, their bodies tensing as feet shuffled into the halls.

"P-pick me up at s-six!" Hinata whispered as she pushed Sasuke away from her.

"Where are you going?" Sasuke unconsciously whispered back. Hinata headed into the opposite side of the door. Over to the window to be exact.

"I'm leaving." That was obvious. Sasuke followed her to the window and watched, entranced as she let her nails grow so she could pull open the window forcefully (School windows aren't supposed to be opened) and throw her leg over the edge.

"I always leave early for the party to get ready. However, I'll leave earlier to rid me of your scent." Hinata answered, meticulously. Sasuke paid no mind to her lack of stuttering in favor of pushing her out.

"Hn. Seven." Sasuke mentioned as Hinata fell. She landed on her feet silently, giving Sasuke an irritated glance before running out of sight.

He left the classroom tiredly, the drain of having a Soul mate around annoying and the elation and (cringe) happiness, leaving him as the distance grew stronger. With its depart, suspicion took its place.

Why did he feel so drained when Hinata left his presence?

He already understood that there was some other worldly power at work but what exactly was going on, he did not know. He had a burning curiosity for the truth and to know what the Soul mate factor really meant to their world.

The question was: To what extent was he willing to go to find out?

Somehow the prospect gave him an ominous feeling.

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