Summery: Harry fought Quarrell and you-know-who in his first year, then it was back to the Duresley's he went. But this year even stranger things will happen to the boy who lived, things that would make even the greates witches and wizards flinch in terror and discust. For not only will Harry have to worry about that which torments the wizarding world, but that which pluegs the ninja world as well. New friends and enemies come and old rivals return, will the madness of Voldemort and his followers end? Or will dark alliances be mad and evil win?

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Also this story isn't going to follow the Harry potter plot line exactly, first off because my memory sucks, second is because I have to make the two siries fit some how. XP It takes place in Harry's Second year and Just before the time skip in Naruto before Naruto leave to train with Jiraiya. Also also, this may seem like it has a lot of 'points of veiw.' But Dumbledore's point of view is just to get you to Naruto's point of view. This will mainly be Naruto and Harry's point of views anyone else's actions won't bee seen unless they are in the same room as one of these two charaters.


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"And where will you be boy?" Uncle Vernon questioned as if Harry were going to perposly embarass them in front of their guest.

"In my room, pretending not to exist." Harry repeated for the third time in this conversation.

"Exactly." Uncle Vernon said as the door bell rang, he looked at Harry about to tell him to go to his room.

"I know I know, in my room pretending not to exist." Harry repeated and tromped up the stairs. But when he got there a strange creature was bouncing on his matress. The creature stopped saying an apology as is crawled off the bed and bowed low to Harry.

"Greetings sir." The creature said in a high pitched shaky vioce.

"Hello... um, what are you and what are you doing in my room?" Harry asked looking down at the creature.

"I am called Dobby sir, and I am but a lowly house elf, I've come to warn you Harry Potter sir, you must not return to hogwarts."


Back in Hogwarts Dubmbledore sat at his desk looking at a box with a crystal ball in it and a neatly written letter in Japanese. He picked up the letter gingerly and opened it.

"My old friend, I am sorry to say if you are reading this I have since died and am no longer among the living. I wish to return this gift to you seeing as I no longer have a use for it. The boy I have apointed my replacement isn't old nor strong enough to take over as leader of the village yet, and seeing as how the last wishes of a dieing man seem not to be fofiled by the council, I thought this gift safer with you seeing as I do not know who the next Hokage will be. Hopefully Jiraiya has gotten my letter and will take over or find Tsunade so she can. I pray that Orochimaru or some one else as currupt doesn't take over the position, I fear for our world if it does.

Albus, as you know I am not the worlds greates seer, and thanks to ninja tricks I was able to use the crystal ball to see things happening in the village, but just as I saw my death aproaching, I see yours. With the letters I've recived from you in past years and the one of this 'boy who lived', I feel maybe it's about time you took up my offer, not only this, but maybe exposing a few select ninja to your world may save the life of a man who risked his life to save this village.

Below is a list of what seem to be children, but they should be able to protect your school. Also, please teach them a little of your magic if it is possible, it may save their lives and not only that but aid in them protecting your school.

The one able to sneak into the girls dorms, Sarutobi. "

Dumbledore set the letter down and looked into the crystal ball wiraly. "Maybe it is time I took you up on your offer..." Dumbledore said aloud, he then noticed something odd about the letter then picked it back up.

"Odd." He said looking at the date.

"I wonder why it took nearly three years to get here... maybe it would be wise to visit the new leader my self... and to invite this young man will be diffacult to find." Dumbledore mused again out loud before walking over to his pensive to place the memory of the letter and it's contents into it. He then made his way out of Hogwarts to the nearest apperation point.


Back at the Dursleys Harry lay on his matress looking through the bars on his window, every once in a while Hedwig would screach indignantly at her master and her own captivity. A few minutes later a low rumbling and flashes of light came streaming in through the barded window. Harry jumped to his feet and made his way to the window to see a powder blue car flaying just out side of the window. "Hi ya Harry." Ron said and opened the back door and started tieing rope to the bars on the window.

"Oh and Happy Birthday Harry." He said then the twins said a Happy Birthday in unison.

With one hard jerk from the car the bars sprang loose. The twin driving the car swung it around so Harry could put his things in the trunk and in a rush Uncle Vernon was screaming from just beyond Harry's door. By the time they car was swung back around and Harry was almost safe with in the car Uncle Vernin broke through the door and grabbed onto Harry's leg. "Get back in here boy"

Harry struggled feverently against his Uncles grasp before breaking free sending his Uncle flying into the hedge below. With Hedwigs cage safe on the seat next to him Harry and the three boys were off to the burrow.

"Good she still sleeping." Fred whispered as they all set Harry's things down.

"And who might you be refuring to? You boys have a lot of nerve taking off in the middle of the night! You had me worried sick!" Mrs. Weasley said as Ron tried explaining that the Dursleys had put bars on Harry's window and were treating him badly.

"Oh Harry dear, it's good to see you again, how have you been?" She said fawning over him with a fine eye not really giving Harry a chance to say anything.

"You're much too thin. Are you hungry? I'll have breafast finished up in just a moment. As for you three you're going to do the dishes! With out magic!" Ron, Fred and Goerge groaned and set to work washing as Mrs. Weasley finished breakfast up. Harry offered to help with the dishes but Mrs. Weasley refused the offer and sat him in a chair.


Naruto heaved another rock out of the garden for their latest client. "Why are we doing D ranked missions?" Suprisingly it was Sakura who whined.

"Be cause dickless wonder screwed up the last mission." Sai said.

"You know it wasn't my fault Sai, he was innocent and we were hired by a twisted psyco. Now shut up about it and get to work." Naruto said almost seeming like Sasuke talking to, well, him self, Naruto. Sai picked up a pile of weeds and placed them onto the burn pile just at the edge of the forest. Sakura plucked another round of weeds and threw them into a pile for Sai to collect just as a poof of smoke apeared and the person in it got hit with the bundle of weeds.

"Ah! Sorry Kakashi Sensei!" Sakura screached apologetickly.

"Don't bother Sakura he did it on purpose, though I don't see the fasination in getting covered in weeds and listening to you shreak like a banshi is so amusing." A vein on Sakura's forehead throbbed violently just before she appeared behind him. With a good wap she hit him over the head hard enough to knock him over... or so she thought but instead the Naruto before her poofed into a clone.

"What the... where's Naruto?" Sakura asked in confusion. "And why has he seemed so off today?"

Sia grined one of his normal fake grins. "What are you talking about Sakura-san? Naruto hasn't been here all day." He said gathering up the weeds by Kakashi's feet.

"I wonder where he's been off to?" Kakashi asked mostly to himself considering Saukura was currently strangling Sai demanding why he didn't say anything, but before Sai could even signal that he couldn't breath to speak Naruto walked up with his hands in his pockets and started heaving boulders as if nothing ever happened.

"Naruto.." Kakashi begain but was quickly interupted but Sakura.

"Where have you been you lazy bum!" She shouted and was about to hit Naruto over the head again when he just sighed, lifed the boulder and moved it as if she hadn't said a word. He paused after setting the boulder into place not looking at them.

"Does it matter? I was still working even if it was my clone it takes chakra to maintian doesn't it?" Sakura was about to retaliate when Kakashi beat her to it.

"Naruto why are you acting so strangely? Where have you been?" He said and looked at the back of his student as if it would some how give him his answer.

"The forest not too far from here. I was just wanting to get a little more training in is all. I'm really low on chakra and tired so I'm a little cranky I guess." Naruto turned around smiling.

"But you know what would get some energy back is?! Some RAMEN! I say Kakashi Sensei treats us!" Sakura pumped her fist in the air in agreement.

"Yeah I could really use a break too!" Sai nodded in agreement still grinning from ear to ear. Kakashi sighed and scratched the back of his head.

"I suppose but you're limited to three bowls of ramen Naruto." Naruto nodded vigerously and took off with more steam then he really had. When they did arrive at the ramen shop they were shocked to see Naruto had not even finished one bowl of ramen.

"Naruto, are you feeling okay? Are you some one posing as Naruto? Cause if you are you're doing a lousy job of it." Sakura said eye's him wearily.

"No it's me Sakura-chan..." Naruto said standing and turning to walk away, but Kakashi's hand on his shoulder prevented him from doing so. A thick on set of clouds loomed threateningly in the sky as if saying any second it was going to soak them with it's warm summer rain.

"Dickless wonder seems more depressed then usual, at least he's better at masking his emotions then this. I envy his mastery of wearing a mask." Sai said no longer grinning.

"Sai you baka, Kakashi Sensie wears a mask, Naruto doesn't." Said Sakura pointing to each Kakashi and Naruto as she said their names.

"There is more then one type of mask a ninja can wear Sakura, but if what Sai says is true... it's usaully associated with post traumtic stress." Kakashi turned Naruto around to face him looking into his eyes with his one visable eye. Naruto looked back and smiled as if they were completely blowing this out of proprtion and were crazy to boot.

"What are you talking about? Can't a person just be sick?" Naruto then pretended to have a stomach cramp and waved to them as he ran. "Bathroom, catch up later!" He shouted and was long gone before they could react to his sudden mood change.

Naruto collasped on his bed with a sigh. 'That was too close for comfort.' He thought and then rolled off the bed and walked into his kitchen. He searched through the cabnets several times but not matter how many times he opened them they were empty. He grabbed a cup and turned on the water to get a glass of water but remembered the land lord shut off the water earlier that morning because his rent was due, and even though Naruto had paid him that morning the land lord hadn't gotten around to turning it back on.

9 There was a knock at the door and Naruto half heartedly walked over and pulled it open. "Hai?" Naruto said to the Jonin standing in front of him.

"Gondiame Hokage-sama wishes to see you." He said glaring down at Naruto. Naruto stepped out of the room watching him wearily and he circled him to walk down the hall shutting and locking his door as he went. But just when Naruto thought he passed the guy unscathed he felt a sharp blow in his back sending him flying down the hall to smack into the wall at the end.

It took him a second to regain his awareness as he staggered to his feet. He vaugely heard the man spewing something about demon filth as he scurried out of the apartment building.


Harry took a handful of the powder and nervously stepped into the fire place. "Diagin Alley!" He shouted and threw the powder down.

"Did he say Diagin Alley?" Asked Mr. Weasley to his wife.

"I don't know." She said and one by one they entered the fire place as well shouting Diagon Alley.

Harry landed with a thud and rolled out into what appeared to be a shop full of strange looking trinkets and objects. He stood and dusted himself off and slowly made his way twards the door desiding this isn't some where he wanted to be when a hand setting on a shelf caught his eye. He read the little inscription and when he went to grip the hand and it gripped his instead pinning it to the shelf. He heard a noise from the back of the shop and he quickly pried his hand free from it's grasp and hid among a selection of armors. Harry heard the front door open and a tall man with longest blond hair he'd ever seen walked in.

"Good afternoon." The shop keeper greeted in a gruff voice, not sounding friendly at all but enough to be polite. The man shifted his cane and hooked it on his arm looking at the shop keeper.

"I would like to get that package I ordered the other day." The man with the blond hair said.

"It will take me a moment, but I'll see if it's in yet sir." As the shop keeper turned his back Harry decided now would be a good time to sneak out while they weren't looking. He stepped out from behind the armor and just about hand his hand on the door handle when some one spoke behind him jumping him slightly.

"What are you doing in here and why are you sneaking out? Aren't trying to steal anything are you?" The man asked.

"N-no." Harry said turning around to face the man blushing slightly.

"I-it was my first time using... floo... powder I think it's called. I said the name wrong I think and ended up here." Harry said starting to feel intimadated by the man for some reason.

"Ah I see, are you going to be a first year at hogwarts then?" Harry shook his head no.

"I'm a second year, sir, last time I came to Diagon alley I went through the wall entrance." The man smiled.

"I much prefer apperation to floo powder, lot less messy, but you're a bit too young for that still, haven't you got a parent that you can side apperate with? Surely they could pop in and leave you then pop out." Harry shook his head gloomily.

"My parents died when I was a baby, I live with my Aunt and Uncle and they refuse to help me with anything." Harry said wanting to curl up in a ball and died at the thought of having to go back at the end of the year. He'd rather die then be beat by His Uncle Vernon one more time.

"That's aweful, not self respecting wizard should neglect a child's care like that. One would think the ministry..." He was cut off by Harry mid sintance.

"Oh they're not wizards, they're muggles, the worst kind there is too, they hate wizards." Harry sighed.

"But you can't choose who your family is I supose..." He said hanging his head.

"I have a strong dislike for muggles myself, so foolish to think they own the world. What is your name anyway boy?" Harry cringed slightly when called boy.

"Harry, sir, just Harry." Malfoy extended his hand and Harry took it.

"Lucius Malfoy, and Just Harry wouldn't happen to have a name would he? My son's just out side you probably know him." Harry blushed and letting go then the name sunk in.

"Y-your Draco Malfoy's d-dad." Harry said paleing and dashed out the door.

"Hey wait! Come back!" But Harry was down the street before Draco even looked up. Harry bounced off of something big and hard hitting the ground hard.

"Watch'r Harry, what'ter ya doing in a place like this?" Hagrid asked helping Harry up.

"I was going to Diagon Alley with the Weasleys by floo powder but said the name wrong or something and ended up here." Hagrid helped dust him off shaking him violently with each pat.

"Well ya should'n be in a place like this, this place is known fe'r have'n dark wizards." Hagrid said and looked Harry over.

"Then what are you doing here?" Harry asked looking up at him.

"I... well... it's none of ye'r buissness, come on we'll get ya to where ye'r go'in." They finally caught up to the Weasley and they entered the Book shop to see a large crowed gathered lined up in front of a table. A man up stairs came out of a room and there was sreeking and squeeling from all the women in the shop.

"Now now, I know your all excited to see me, Gildory Lockheart, and well, with good reason." He said posing for the cameras. He went on about him self and then he spotted Harry.

"Well, I bet young Harry Potter here wasn't expecting to come here and leave with my full collection at no charge! Here take a picture with me." He said turning Harry toward the cameras as they snapped and flashed at them. Harry managed to squirm away as the swarm of reporters surronded Gildory asking an endless amount of questions. They were just about to walk out of the shop when he spotted two people between them and the door.

"Well, what do we have here." Lucius Malfoy drawled and Harry paled again but with a slight blush to his cheeks.

"You neglected to tell me you were THE Harry Potter, just Harry." Lucuis Malfoy said oddly enough with out the malice Harry expected to hear in his tone like Draco's would have had. Harry frowned and looked away.

"Well unlike some people I prefer not to flaunt my name." He said obviosly indicating Gildory.

"But yes, my last name is Potter." Harry said looking back and seeing Draco looking less than pleased to be there.

"I see that..." Lucius said lifting Harry's hair up with the end of his cane, staring at the scare for a second before his gaze shifted to Harry's eyes. Lucuis's face suddenly became hard as Mr. Weasley cleared his throat.

"Good after noon Lucius." Mr. Weasly greeted stiffly.

"Like wise Weasley." Lucius said looking at the other Weasleys.

"Red hair, dirty faces and..." He lifted Ginny's books out of her cauldren and inspected them.

"Second hand books you must be the rest of the Weasleys. Didn't get that raise I see Weasley. And you must be Hermione Granger? Draco here tells me you have muggle parents." He said placeing Ginny's books back in her cauldren.

"Well not every one can afford the nicer things in life, Lucius, but we make do and are happy." Mr. Weasley said puffing out his chest proudly and Hermione just sowled at Draco completely ignoring Lucius.

"Right you are." Said Lucius, obviously not meaning it. Mr. Weasley moved past Lucius motioning his family, Hermione and Harry to follow. Lucius held out his cane to stop Harry as the Weasley exited. Harry looked at him as if he was going to make a dig about him being the boy who lived.

"Have you told the Weasleys about your Aunt and Uncle?" This threw Harry off guard, Lucius seemed to have an almost worried tone to his voice.

"Well I complain about them, but not really... not that anyone would believe me anyway Well except Hermione and Ron, but even they don't really know what it's like." Harry said looking Lucius in the eyes.

"What are you talking about father? He's just seeking attention, can't stand not being in the spot light huh Potter?" Draco sneered.

"What ever you say Malfoy... I mean Draco." Harry said with an expression of 'see what I mean', turned and walking out the door.


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