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It was always his brother. Never him. Never in his life did Matt get a ten minute introduction when he won a championship, complete with fireworks and confetti. Never in his life did Matt get signs that said, "The Future Mrs. Matt Hardy" or "We believed in you, Matt!"

Never in his life did Matt get the feeling that he was just as good as Jeff.

They were going to pay. They were all going to fucking pay.

It was going to be slow, and it was going to be painful. It was going to be one, then another, then another, until finally, all he had left was himself.

He would even kill his brother.

Oh, would he kill his brother.

But he wouldn't kill him last. Oh, no. Jeff Hardy would not be the last victim.

He would be the first.

It was Jeff's last night on Smackdown. No one knew it was. Everyone thought he was going to come back next Tuesday and show the world what he was made of.

Not this time.

Not ever.

Jeff was going to be dead before the show was over.

"Hey, Matt?"

He was talking to him. Talking to him. Like they were friends. Like they were buddies. Like they were brothers.

"Yeah, man?"

"Think you could help me with this?"

"With what?"

Jeff raised the scissors in his hand. "I don't have time to cut the other arm band."

Matt smiled.

This was just too fucking easy.

"Sure. Anythin' to help."

"Thanks." Jeff handed him another pair and kept cutting, pushing his hair back away from his face.

"I'm not too sure how to cut these, though."

Jeff looked up mid-cut, his mouth hanging slightly. "Oh. Well, you just – "

Music. Lights. Music. Fireworks.

The crowd roared as the giant, purple Hardy necklace swung across the Titantron's screen. They'd been waiting all night for Jeff to make his appearance, to use his rematch clause against Edge.

They'd be waiting a long time.

"From Cameron, North Carolina, weighing in at two-hundred and twenty-five pounds, he is the former WWE Champion – Jeff Hardy!"

The fans stood on their tip toes, waiting in anticipation for the superstar that made Smackdown worth watching.

They were getting restless.


Justin Roberts paused. "Jeff Hardy!"

The crowd settled down, just slightly, and the quiet murmur of talking filled the arena.

They were talking.

They were curious.

They were wondering.


Jeff tumbled out of gorilla position, landing on his stomach.

The crowd gasped.

Was he hurt?

Was he sick?

Was this a storyline?




The ref ran up the ramp, signaling for someone else to help him, and crouched beside Jeff to turn him over.

He was dead.

Backstage was quiet. People were crying, people were in shock, people didn't know what to do with themselves.

Matt walked along whistling.

"Matt." Maria stepped up to him, her tiny hands wrapping around his thick forearm. "I'm so sorry."

Matt nodded, frowning slightly. "I am, too."

"Oh, Matt!" Brie Bella raced up to him. "How are you handling this?"

"It's hard. But I'm gettin' through."

"Matt!" Nikki joined her. "Are you okay?"

"Yes, Nikki. I am. I'm fine." He patted her shoulder. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

"God, Matt, you're so strong." Brie covered her mouth. "I hope you're okay."

"I'm fine." He smiled, his eyes sparkling. "I'll get through this."

"You sure?"

"Yes. Matt Hardy will not die."

But Jeff Hardy will.

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