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The strong had to go first. He'd knocked out some weak bricks, but now Matt had to go for the foundation. He had to knock out the main power source in order to take down the company.

It was time to take out the General Manager.

"Matt, how are you holding up?" Vickie touched his arm. "If you need to take time off, just say the word."

She was actually talking to him. And touching him! Oh, it was splendid. He was getting goose bumps just feeling her skin on his.

"I'm fine, Vickie, really." He smiled warmly and touched her face. "Don't worry your pretty little head."

Suddenly she was awkward, and jerky, moving away slightly. She smiled weakly. "Well, good. Your match is up next. Kennedy's making his return tonight."


Kennedy was weak. He was of no importance to him.

"Yes. He's excited to get back into the ring." Vickie glanced over his shoulder, and Matt turned to watch the Big Show pass him. He turned back to Vickie's dreamy smile, that quickly diminished when she caught him staring at her. "Oh. Uh... yes. Good luck."

"Thank you, Vickie." He waited a beat, watched her squirm, then grabbed her arm. She jumped from his touch. "I'm sorry. I forgot to ask you something."

"What's that?" She kept glancing at his hand.

"I'd like you to escort me to the ring tonight, if that's possible."


"I miss having a beautiful woman by my side."

She blinked up at him, but shook her head. "I'm sorry, Matt. I can't."

"Edge is on a different brand, it doesn't—"

"No, no. I'm already going to be in the ring to announce Mr. Kennedy's return."

He blinked. "Oh. Well, that's a pity."

"Yes." She cleared her throat. "Matt?"

"Yes, Vickie Guerrero?"

"Can you let go of me?"

"Oh." He smiled, releasing her gently. "Of course, my dear."

The arena was quiet. No one could really get into anything anymore with all of the horrible events that had been taking place as of late.

Matt couldn't blame them. If he had, he'd have to kill them.

Vickie came around the corner, receiving huge heat from the crowd. Finally. Matt was worried they were all dead and he just didn't know it.

"It is my honor," she started, coming down the ramp, "to announce the return of one of our most prestigious competitors tonight."

The crowd tittered, waiting anxiously.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome!" She threw her hand toward the top of the ramp. "Mr. Kennedy!"

The crowd roared as a resounding Kennedy! exploded throughout the arena. Matt was probably the only one who rolled his eyes.

They had to be kidding. Prestigious?

Mr. Kennedy made his way to the ring, slapping fans hands, pointing at signs that welcomed him back. He went to the center with Vickie and gave Matt a nod of acknowledgment.

Matt just shrugged and hopped up onto the top rope of the turnbuckle.

Kennedy raised his hand for the mic, but it didn't come down. He waited a second, the crowd awkward, then looked at Vickie for assistance.

The microphone zipped down, bopping him on the head slightly.

He laughed sheepishly. "Gotta learn to be a bit more patient."

Patience. What an ironic word.

Kennedy put the mic to his mouth. "Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to be back. After a long, hard recovery, it is time to make my return. So, please. Stand up and welcome back, Miiiiiiiiiistaaaaaaaaaaa!" He paused, smiling at the crowd.

Matt mimicked him, moving his lips along with "KEN-AH-DAY!"

It was all about patience.

Kennedy went over to the turnbuckle opposite to Matt, climbing up.

Matt nodded.


"Ken-ah—" And suddenly he was gone.

The crowd gasped as an entire speaker came crashing down right onto the General Manager, sparks flying in the dark, screeching over the system. The speaker was attached to the mic Kennedy had.

The mic he was holding onto for dear life, swinging high above the ring.

Matt gasped, covering his mouth. "Someone get a medic!"

One of the refs hurried backstage, but he crashed into the stretcher that was already coming toward the ring. Big Show came barreling out, pushing everyone out of his way.

"What happened?" he growled. He pushed Matt, bending over the mess of equipment. "Where is she?"

Matt raised a brow. "Who?"

Big Show tried grabbing his jacket. "I oughta snap your neck, you punk—"

Matt danced away. "Now, now. It's not the time for name-calling."

Show's eyes were desperate as he bent down to grab the edges of the speaker, pulling as hard as he could to get it off the ground. Blood spilled over his shoe.

"Ew!" Matt turned to the crowd. "What a mess."

"Someone help me!" Big Show hollered, holding his face back from the sparks. He almost had it completely off, Vickie's bent and broken body now visible.

But it didn't help when Kennedy came crashing down onto it.

The crowd screamed, and Big Show fell back, eyes watery.

Matt smiled to himself. So he only wanted to take out the strong one.

It wasn't his fault Kennedy couldn't hold on.

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