Title: The Case of the High School Party

Author: Joint fic between GreenLeoFiend and Bunny1

Fandom: Ghost Writer

Spoilers: Four Days of the Cockatoo

Disclaimer: Bunny nor I own Ghost Writer, or the Ghost Writer Team, just our creative ideas.

Warnings: Contains references of Drugs

Chapter 1

Rob rubbed his eyes. He was staying at the Fernandez's until his dad got back with all of their stuff from California, and currently was sitting on Gaby's floor with Alex, while Calvin was showing her stuff about her new pet bird. Six am this guy shows up. Balls, Rob thought to himself. That takes balls.

"And... I could take her, since you're really inexperienced---"

"No! I asked you yesterday what to feed her, that's IT! Just... get out of my room?"


"You heard her, out." Alex said, a bit too eager to kick him out.

"Alex this my room now?" she said only slightly annoyed. She stretched over to look at the clock. "You're up early."

"How the hell did he get in your room?" he asked instead ignoring her comment.

"The door?"

"At this hour?" Alex added, as he looked around Gaby's room as if he was double checking.

"Alex he was just talking to me about the bird," she mentioned. "It is kinda cute in a way."

"Cute?!" Alex shouted. "You're not--"

"Of course not silly!" Gaby answered, hitting him with a pillow. "It's cute how much he is obsessed with this bird."

"That is not the only thing he is obsessed on," Alex mumbled.

Rob laughed.

"Now what are you laughing about?" Alex asked annoyed.

"Oh just on how much I missed the sight of you two and your discussions. But I have to agree with Alex here Gaby. Weird how he just showed up like that at six am."

Gaby shrugged. "I guess he just wanted to catch me before school."

"Before breakfast even," Alex added.

Gaby made a face. "Look, I'm gonna go take a shower, so, could you two excuse me?" she sighed, walking out of the room...

Later that afternoon, Hector and Gaby were lounging in her room on the floor, when Rob walked in.

"Hey, Rob." Gaby smiled.

"Hey, what're you guys doing?"

"Homework." Hector said a bit shortly.

Rob raised a brow, then an idea came into his brain.

"Really? Need any help?" he said, sliding down next to Gaby, putting an arm around her waist.

"We're fine, no thanks, Rob." Gaby said, not noticing. "It's fairly simple stuff."

"Okay, well, if you change your mind I'll be in the den, yeah?" he said, getting up.

"Sure, sure." she said.

And, Rob left the room, shutting the door behind him with a soft click.

"Okay, so, I think the question on this is--- what? Why are you looking at me like I have three heads?"

Rob and Alex went outside to take the stairs up to Lenni's apartment.

"Come on, seriously. I noticed."

"Yeah, so did Hector, dummy." Rob smirked.

"Wait a minute... you're trying to..."

"Houston, we have cognition!" Rob laughed.

Meanwhile, Gaby and Hector were still studying in her room.

"So, he's staying here a while, huh?"

"Yes... why?" Gaby asked suspiciously. Hector was acting very strange.

"Just wondering..." he muttered.

"Oooh, Rally at Lenni's, let's go." Gaby said suddenly, grabbing him by the hand...

Not much ahead, Alex knocked on Lenni's door.

"Who is it?" Lenni called.

Rob flashes Alex the shh gesture.

"It's me Alex," Alex replied.

"Just come in silly," Lenni replied. "The door's open."

Alex opens the door where Rob notices that Jamal is already there sitting at Lenni's table.

"Hey what's what Brown Dude?!"

"Hey! It's the Pink Guy! How have you been man?" Jamal responds.

"Rob!" Lenni exclaimed. "Have you been in town long?"

"Nah, just a couple of days. My dad is still in California loading up the rest of the stuff."

"You're mom still in Australia?" Lenni asked next.

Rob nodded. "Yeah... Been staying with Alex and Gaby."

"Where is Gaby by the way?" Jamal asked looking around.

"Finishing homework, with Hector. I am sure they will be around in a few minutes. Where is Tina?" Alex replied.

"Oh she called. She had to help her mother pick up some groceries but said she would be right over afterwards," Lenni replied.

Alex sat down in the large blue chair just as Gaby and Hector came rushing in.

"Hey, sorry if we're late." she said, flopping down onto the floor.

Rob sat next to her immediately and Alex rolled his eyes.

"So, ah, we got a case goin' already, I guess?"

"Well, yeah, nothing big..." Lenni said, raising her eyebrows. "Um, right... It's a drug thing. People getting slipped stuff at parties lately at the high school..."

"That is big" Jamal disagreed. "That can mess up kids well. While doing registration for high school classes I heard a student recently got kicked out of the High School of Science because it was discovered that he was using drugs to get ahead."

"Sounds like it did the opposite effect!" Hector shouted. "Why do people disrespect their bodies like that?"

Alex shook his head. "Sometimes they do it to be cool. And then sometimes they think they need it. It took Kevin a long time to realize he did not."

"Well--" Lenni continued until there was another knock at the door. "Hey Tina. You did not miss much. We were just talking about the recent outbreak of people being drugged at parties."

"Oh?" She took a moment to glance at the sitting arrangement, raising an eye brow at Alex.

Alex just shook his head at her.

"Yeah, mostly girls, from what I understand. Usually for... well, you can guess what for." Lenni stammered, embarrassed.

"Well, yeah, that happens." Tina said quietly. "But, how can we catch anyone doing THAT? I mean, there's always just going as decoys, but... no offense, I don't want to."

"Well, I don't particularly, either, Tina, but, what other choice to we have? Someone has to stop these horrible people..."

"Dont' make Tina do it." Gaby said softly. "If she's not comfy, she won't be a good decoy." she reasoned.

"Thank you..." Tina said, biting her lower lip, embarrassed.

"Gaby's absolutely right." Rob agreed, placing a hand on the small of her back, but looking at Lenni and Jamal. "And, if we're going to do this, we're going to need a definite plan, with people placed in strategic places for safety." Rob said.

"Well, that's smart, yeah..." Jamal said slowly. "And, I agree, it's NOT something that can just be ignored. But, even with the rest of us in strategic positions, is it safe?"

"Well, definitely we are going to keep our eyes on our drinks at all times. And stick to soda," Gaby reasoned.

"Of course," Lenni agreed. She paused and flashed Gaby a quick smile. "And I just located this information on the internet about test strips."

"Well, I think it is too dangerous period!" Hector replied, getting up so fast that he the floor shake a bit.

"Whoa Hector!" Gaby responded, as she had to catch her balance. "Calm down Hector." She noticed Tina flashing her a big grin as if she was holding in a laugh. "Can you tell me what is going on Tina?"

"Oh nothing. It definitely is a scary situation to be in. It is something we will have to think about," Tina added.

Rob nodded playing innocent. "I think those test strips are a good idea. And it might be fun to go to a party. It is a nice cover."

"Okay, so, guess we're done with the meeting." Lenni said a bit awkwardly.

Rob reached down to help Gaby up, which did not escape Hector's notice, even though he said nothing at the moment.

"And, I should go pick something out. When are we gonna go?" Gaby asked.

"Well, there's one tonight---"

"Might as well get it over with." Gaby said a bit nervously. "Hector? Come help me pick out an outfit, okay?"

"Wait a minute, why Hector?" Alex demanded. "Why not Lenni or Tina?"

"Because they aren't boys." Gaby said, taking Hector by the wrist and leading him downstairs.

Rob couldn't help it, he started laughing.

"Hey, shut up. You think I didn't notice you?"

Oh come on Alex. She did not even notice. She totally sees me as big brother number 2," Rob replied.

"So...that was just a joke?" Lenni asked. "You are such a dork."

"That wasn't really nice Rob," Tina added. "Don't you know that Hector has a super crush on her?"

"Yes," Rob replied. "That's the exact point. Maybe now he will take the initiative."

Or it might make him more insecure. Thinking that she might have a thing for you. I am sure he also noticed that she did not bop you one like I would have," Tina continued.

Lenni laughed. "Men."

"Hey not all of our like that!" shouted Jamal. "But I still say it was pretty funny."

Tina rolled her eyes. "So Alex you are being kinda quiet."

Alex shook his head. "Whatever."

Lenni placed a hand on Alex's shoulder. "Well, Alex she is growing up. And it was Hector she asked to model outfits for."

"See? Not in the LEAST interested in getting naked for me--- ow!" Rob shouted rubbing his arm.

To Be Continued

Author's Note: Fans of the show might remember "Brown Dude" and "Pink Guy" was first used by Rob and Jamal respectfully about each other in the arch "Building Bridges" then again in "Lost in Brooklyn".