Title: The Case of the High School Party

Author: Joint fic between GreenLeoFiend and Bunny1

Fandom: Ghost Writer

Spoilers: Four Days of the Cockatoo

Disclaimer: Bunny nor I own Ghost Writer, or the Ghost Writer Team, just our creative ideas.

Warning: This story contains drug content.

Chapter 6

Back at the party, Lenni and Jimmy walked over to where Mark was, not far from the refreshment table.

"Jimbo, ma'man..." Mark greeted jovially.

"Hey, bra." Jimmy nodded. "This is my friend, Lenni."

Mark assessed her. "Nice..."

"Yeah, she's my date." Jimmy said, throwing an arm around her shoulders.

Mark nodded. "That's cool, man. So, your lady looks thirsty... Care for a drink?"

"Ah, sure. Yes. Sounds good." Lenni stammered a bit nervously.

Mark eyed her a bit, but just shrugged it off as usual teenage girl stuff and went over to the punch bowl.

He turned and poured Lenni the drink before turning back to the couple.

"Here you go," Mark said handing Lenni the drink.

"Well thanks Mark," Jimmy said. "Lenni and I are going to get back to the dance floor."

Mark nodded. "Rock on!"

Jimmy lead Lenni back to the middle of the warehouse.

"Don't drink that," Jimmy stated.

"Wasn't planning too..." Lenni replied. "Jimmy do you know something?"

"I have had my suspicions," he whispered. "Let's get that drink tested. And see if Mark Hawke really has to do with all these parties and girls having memory lost and worse."

Hector walked out of Poulett's office. He wasn't proud of the way he'd handled himself, but, he did what he had to do to get Gaby out of there.

Poulett would wake up eventually, and let Hawke out of the cage. He didn't really care. He just wanted to get Gaby home safely--- but, he wanted her to wake up, first. If he brought her home like this, everyone would freak all out before he had a chance to get a word in edgewise...

He took Gaby to his apartment, and lay her down in his room. From there, he tried to call the Bodega...

Meanwhile, Alex, Mr. Frenandez and Lt. McQuade broke into the factory, where Hawke was yanking frantically on the chain-link wiring of the cage...

"Where is my sister?" Alex demanded.

I don't know," she shouted. She turned to Lt. McQuade, a desperate look in her eyes. "Get me out of here! I'm innocent. It is all Poulett's doing."

Tina was working the counter since she had some experience helping her mother at the tailor shop when she heard the phone ring.

"Hello?" she replied.

"Tina?" Hector replied. "Why are you answering the Bodega phone?"

"Hector!" Tina exclaimed. "Are you alright? How's Gaby?"

Jamal had walked Casey home for lunch but Rob was still near by and overheard the conversation.

"What's going?" he inquired.

"Well the good news is that Gaby and I are away from those two crazy people, but I fared a bit better than Gaby. But she's fine."

He paused and looked at Gaby who was still unconscious on his bed. Poulett said it wasn't poison. He wasn't lying was he?

"Where's Alex?" he asked.

"He went looking for you two at that warehouse!" Tina explained. "What's wrong with Gaby?"

"She's out cold." Hector said, looking down at her. "Breathing seems all right, though."

"Hector! You get her to a HOSPITAL!""No way--- she'll freak!" Hector said. "You know Gaby hates hospitals... says they smell like death..."

"That's superstitions drivvle."

"WHAT'S DRIVVLE?!" Rob yelled in her ear.

Tina pulled back, massaging her earlobe slightly. "Hang on, Hector... Gaby's unconscious, and Hector won't take her to a hospital 'cause she hates them. It's silly."

"No... it's a valid phobia... lots of people have it." Rob said. "But, why is she out cold? Did she get hit? Was she drugged? What?"

Tina faltered--- she had forgotten to ask...

Rob yanked the phone out of her hands. "Hector?"


"Lt. McQuade is with Alex and his dad, and he left his cellphone number here."

"I'll tell them where you are."


Rob immediately hung up and dialed Lt. McQuade, who was glad for the distraction from the man and teen rapidly yelling--- and, he reckoned, swearing--- in Spanish at him.

"McQuade, have you heard from Hector or Gaby?" he asked.

"Yes, the two of them are safe at Hector's apartment Rob stated. "How is everything at the warehouse?"

"I will let your friends fill you in with the details. But we have one of them in police custody. Thank you for calling."

Rob put down the phone.

"You didn't tell them about what Hector said the man did!" Tina shouted and she placed her arms up in the air."

"What is he going to be able to do it from the phone? And I could hear Alex and his dad yelling in the background–He had a headache."

Tina sighed. "Well, now that you are off the phone, I am calling back Hector."


Rob sighed, seeing the note from Ghostwriter.

"I don't know, but, we're about to go find out, okay?" he wrote back.

Gaby's eyes fluttered open groggily, and she looked up at Hector.

"Hey, you're awake..." he smiled, flopping down next to her. "You okay?"

"I... thirsty..." she managed finally, sounding as though she'd been under anesthesia.

"I'll get you some water, wait right there, okay?"

"No... don' leave..." she murmured, clawing desperately for his hand.

"I'm right here..." he whispered, clasping his fingers around hers, just as the door swung open.

"Gaby! Hector!" Alex shouted.

"Alex?" she asked as she rubbed her forehead and tried to sit up. "Oww..." she groaned a bit. "That water might be a good idea."

Alex noticed the hands touching but was more concerned with how out of it Gaby looked. "Are you alright?"

"I don't really remember. Last thing I remember was being at that warehouse, and he had Calypso and Hector and I in all those cages... We tried to escape, and then it got all hazy after that. Do you have Calypso?"

Gaby looked at Hector her eyes hopeful, but Hector was only focused on her and thought only of her when they escaped.

"Do you remember anything else, Gaby?" he whispered

Gaby frowned a bit. "No... nothing. Is Cal---"

"The darn bird is fine!" Eduardo snapped.

Gaby blinked, eyes suddenly filling.

"Oh, chiquita... lo siento..." Eduardo said almost fearfully, sitting down in front of her and taking her hands.

"I was just... I was so worried about YOU, not some pet."

"S'all right, Papi." Gaby assured.
"What happens to those two?"

"We're not sure." Eduardo addressed Hector now. "And, why follow her instead of yanking her little butt OUT of there---"

"Pop, he did what he could to make sure she was as safe as possible. Lay off."

Hector looked at Alex with appreciation in his eyes.

"Anyway, she's like Mama`; unstoppable force sometimes."

Meanwhile, Lenni and Jimmy ran into the Bodega.

"Tina, where is everyone else? Have they found Gaby?" Lenni asked.

Tina nodded. "Yes, she is over at Hector's. Alex headed over there too. Jamal had to take Casey home. Rob, I don't know where he went... I want to go see her but someone has to mind the shop with Mrs. Fernandez out of town."

Lenni nodded. "Is Lt. McQuade with them?"

"I thnk so. I am worried about Gaby though...Hector said she was drugged. But I haven't heard anything else."

Lenni frowned. "Is she okay?"

Just then a new message came in the air.


"I think we got a hit. On the other case..."

She held up the party cup in her hand. "It's positive..."

To Be Continued