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a/n: This takes place after the end of the manga, but Kagome and Inuyasha have no defined relationship. They're just friends and Kagome decided that the Feudal Era was where she belonged even without a more-than-friends relationship with Inuyasha. Several years have passed since the she last came through the well. With the basic plot lining/scene setting done, welcome to my first PWP story....that seems to have gotten away from me. (blame rOo)


She didn't understand how she got herself into these situations. No, she really didn't.

And where did this day find her? Kneeling on the floor, held in place by some type of collar that made her obey unquestionably the voice who'd attached it to her. And that voice had dictated that she was not to move from her current position. So Kagome found herself staying there, legs tightly drawn together and hands hanging uselessly at her side.

Her body might be unable to move, her head unable to turn away from the direction it was facing, but her eyes could still avert from the being in front of her, the master of her collar. And Kagome did move her eyes away from his smirking form. They swept what they could of her surroundings and found nothing hopeful. She wasn't even truly sure of where she was. The last she remembered was getting involved in something that she—probably in hindsight—shouldn't have.

It had been years since she'd seen the form before her and still he looked the same as he always had. Cold. Untouchable.

Her eyes drew back to him and her mind whispered his name even though her lips could not move. Sesshoumaru.

Yes, the great daiyoukai was lounging—if one could ever put such a word to him—before her in a low western style chair, his mokomoko laying casually across his shoulder. His armor was absent and the robe he wore was simpler than his usual attire, partially open and revealing a sculpted chest and abdomen to her eyes. He was watching her silently as she knelt on the floor only a few feet away from him. His golden eyes were unreadable, but there was an air of victory about him. Of course, when was there not an air of victory, of confidence, surrounding this particular youkai? Never, her mind supplied for her and Kagome wished she could move away from him. He had always unsettled her.

"Miko," came his deep baritone voice, drawing Kagome away from her thoughts. "You may answer my questions."

The collar about her neck pulsed for a moment and it felt as if the vice grip holding her vocal cords in check relinquished its hold. Kagome sucked in a breath of freedom and tried to speak, but found she still could not. Her eyes looked towards Sesshoumaru, whose smirk had grown. "I've not asked you a question yet, miko," he said, adjusting his position slightly. The robe he wore slipped open slightly more revealing a pale, naked thigh thick with muscle.

Silently, Kagome fumed to herself and wished she could say what exactly was on her mind right then.

Sesshoumaru leaned forward slightly, his molten eyes piercing her. "Where is Inuyasha?" he asked.

"Away," Kagome answered, almost automatically. It took all her will power to not blurt out exactly where Inuyasha was. No doubt the daiyoukai could smell her fear, anger, upset, and resistance to the collar about her throat.

"And why were you where you were, miko?"

"I was on my way home from helping a village with a bug youkai infestation," she answered as calmly as she could. Keeping one's head around Sesshoumaru literally meant keeping one's head. The daiyoukai was not known for his mercy.

He settled himself back once more. "Still trying to be ever helpful, are we, miko?"

"I do what I must," she answered, proud of the defiant touch that was in her voice.

"Do not we all, miko," Sesshoumaru intoned after a moment's pause

She tried to determine whether or not he was asking a question, but the collar apparently realized he was not as it clamped down on her vocal cords when she tried to reply. Sesshoumaru noticed her trying to retort and smirked at her once more. He raised one clawed hand, gesturing to the slender silver torture device around her throat. "A collar most fit for you, miko. It allows me to control you. To keep you from doing something you would later regret. And it keeps your ever fluctuating abilities from attempting something they cannot do."

I'm already regretting, she thought to herself as her eyes hardened. He noticed the change in her eyes, she could tell, but he did not remark upon her showing of temper. "Tell me," he said instead, "Why did you interfere?"

Why did she interfere?

Inuyasha and the others had left days before to take care of another youkai problem they'd been hired to handle when the headman from a nearby village came seeking assistance. It would have been several days still before Inuyasha and the others were even due to return and Kagome had thought herself more than capable enough to handle the simple infestation. Proving herself correct, she had handled the problem. Then, on her return journey, she'd come across a group of men fighting against youkai and had stepped in without thought as to what was going on. At some point, she'd been attacked from behind by an aura she hadn't been able to sense and, when she'd come to, she was where she was now. "I couldn't just stand by and watch," she said at last.

"No. You never could," he said, his gaze darkening slightly. "And now we are faced with this. Or rather I, Sesshoumaru, am faced with this."

Faced with what? she wanted to ask, but couldn't. Her hands at her side curled into fists as she demanded an answer in her mind.

Sesshoumaru stayed silent, regarding her quietly. A fire somewhere behind her popped as the logs within it burned. The thick carpeting underneath her knees gave as her body naturally adjusted itself to its prolonged positioning. How long had she been this way? She couldn't say. She didn't know. She'd come back to consciousness this way. "You wish to speak," he stated after a time. "For now, you have my permission to do so."

Kagome felt the collar relax about her. It still held her immobile, but her voice was her own again. Reigning in her temper, Kagome took a deep breath. "What are you planning to do to me, Sesshoumaru?"

"You will address me properly, miko."

The collar pulsed around her throat. "Sesshoumaru-sama," she gritted out between clenched teeth as the collar forced her to show respect.

"As to what I plan to do to you, miko," he answered as he picked up what appeared to be warmed sake and drank. "That is up to me. You interfered where you should not have. Now you have earned the punishment due for such a crime."

Punishment? "It looked as if a bunch of cowardly youkai were attacking a group of travelers to me, Sesshoumaru-sama. My duty, my obligations, dictate that I lend aid. There were women and children there."

"Only human," was his retort. "And they were guilty of crimes against the Western Lands. Therefore, they were guilty of crimes against this Sesshoumaru."

"And what, pray tell, were those crimes?"

His eyes darkened fractionally. "That is none of your concern, miko."

"If I am to be judged along side them, then it is my concern," Kagome insisted.

"They have already been dealt with. You should be more worried with your own welfare."

Kagome closed her eyes in defeat. She could well imagine what Sesshoumaru's idea of justice was even though her mind did not want to. Having Rin with him had softened the daiyoukai some, but it had been several years since Rin had decided to stay on with Kaede. Yes, Sesshoumaru came by and saw to her every once in a while, but their contact was brief and Kagome had never seen him while he was there. Somehow, the daiyoukai always managed to come by when she was away. "Then I ask again, Sesshoumaru-sama. What do you intend to do to me?"

He set the sake down on the table before him. His eyes stayed fastened to hers and Kagome felt as if he were trying to see into her very soul as he stared at her. After another long moment of heavy silence, he finally answered her. "It is customary, for those defeated in battle, to submit to their victors. Depending upon the defeat, the submission is of varying degrees. And you, my little miko, wandered into a very bad situation."

"I have a habit of doing that," Kagome said before she could stop herself.

The daiyoukai chuckled softly, but it wasn't a sound of merriment. "Yes. You do," he agreed.

"So I have to submit you to?" Kagome asked, wanting to move her mind past the sound of his laugh. It had sent chills of warning up her spine.

His only response was a slight nodding of his head. If her eyes hadn't been glued to his face, she would have missed it. "Then I submit."

"It is not so simply done, miko," Sesshoumaru replied as he stood.

The robe was not tied and when he stood Kagome received more than an eyeful of his body. She clamped her eyes shut and received another mocking laugh as Sesshoumaru strolled almost lazily towards her. She could hear his foot falls on the floor as he circled her. His voice came from behind her, but she couldn't move to face him. "Still so virginal, miko?" he asked, his voice husky.

"I never wanted to look upon you naked," she found herself responding, damning the collar around her throat for forcing her to answer him.

She felt more than heard as he lowered himself down to his knees and knew that he was close to her. The heat radiated by his body seemed to stroke her through the heavy material of her miko garments. "I have wanted to see you, miko."

His admission startled her and Kagome felt herself stiffen. Apparently, if she felt something strong enough, she could counteract the collar about her throat. Nothing is fool-proof, it seems, she thought to herself. Now if only she could find the will to escape.... "I am human, Sesshoumaru-sama," she stated plainly.

There was a feeling of claws on her scalp as he ran his hands, almost lazily, through her hair. Then he pushed the heavy mass aside, over her shoulder. "And I hate everything about you," he replied. "But only when I stop to think about it."

Then please think about it, Kagome found herself thinking—forgetting that she had permission to voice her own thoughts. Sesshoumaru's claws had moved from her hair to her back. They were tracing the bone and muscle structure there, almost kneading against it in a massaging way. If it had been anyone else and any place else, Kagome would have melted at the touch as his nimble fingers moved slowly down her spine. "What...what are you doing?" she asked, her voice sounding breathless. Kagome cursed herself for showing weakness.

"Acquainting myself with your body," he answered almost nonchalantly as his fingers continued their downward strokes. "Soon to be my latest conquest."

"I will never be your conquest," Kagome breathed hotly.

He seemed to move closer to her, the heat of his body growing. A low growl sounded, vibrating through her, and Kagome felt herself shudder. She'd always forgotten—or not thought of—what exactly a youkai was. They were not human even though most she had contact with looked to be so. Youkai were far, far from human. They were animals. Beastly spirits, as it were. Inuyasha was constantly getting on to her about her ideals and how she viewed and interacted with this world she now called home. He was always telling her how this wasn't the home she knew and that she needed to remember that before she spoke or acted. Apparently his warnings had been correct. She would never hear the end of it if she ever got out of this situation and saw him again. "You refuse to submit to me, miko?" Sesshoumaru asked, his voice barely a growl but the threat audible to her.

"I will never bend to another's will," she said back proudly, almost cringing as she did. The damn collar was speaking for her. Normally she would have tried to placate the daiyoukai or just held her tongue. The collar would not allow her to, though.

The sound of ripping fabric as his claws sliced through the thick material of her miko garments made Kagome flinch. Barely warmed air struck her tender flesh as the single swipe split her clothing open. Only because of her arms being held firmly at her side did the garment still cling to her body. "We shall see, miko," Sesshoumaru said darkly from behind her, his voice obviously tinged with anger.

Cursing herself for her stupidity and wondering what in the hell was going on, Kagome tried to lock her arms even more tightly to her body to keep her top from slipping down further than it had. Thankfully Sesshoumaru had not cut into her pants. "You will be silent now, miko," he said as his hands settled against her bared back.

The collar about her throat pulsed once more and Kagome felt as if her voice had been taken away. Not even the gasp she gave as his hands settled against her skin made it past her lips.

His hands moved slowly, caressingly, and explored every inch of her back that was bared to him. Every once in a while his claws scraped lightly against her flesh, raising goose bumps but never slicing into her skin. Kagome could do nothing but kneel there, open and vulnerable, shouting curses at him in her mind.

As his hands moved ever downward, Sesshoumaru gave a low chuckle, the anger from earlier absent from his voice. "You have given up on your previous undergarments, I see." His hands continued their downward descent, coming to rest finally on her hips. His thumbs slowly stroked her lower back, dipping underneath the loose waist band of her pants. "Well, almost everything," he said as his thumbs rubbed over the top of the silken underwear she wore.

Outrage was first in her mind and her body stiffened once more. How in the hell had Sesshoumaru known anything about her undergarments?!

His hands stilled as they felt her stiffen. "My little miko," he said, his voice a whispered caress. "So strong," he continued. "Strong enough even to resist the taming of my collar."

Kagome wished she could say something. She wished she could move away from his touch. His hands were hot upon her body and his fingers tightened about her, as if he could read her mind and her desire to flee. He leaned in to her, pressing his bare chest against her and spoke directly into her ear. "Warriors who find defeat at the hands of an enemy greater than they are often taken brutally. To show dominance and submission."

Kagome was no fool. She was educated within the twenty-first century and knew very well what Sesshoumaru was talking about.

His clawed hand snaked around to lay almost possessively across abdomen. Though his hand was on top of her garments, Kagome felt as if he were touching her bare flesh. Then his hand slowly wound its way up the front of her body, passing between the valley of her breasts, to come and rest upon her throat. His fingers tightened slightly there but with enough force that Kagome automatically leaned her head backwards, baring her throat to him. A rumbled growl of approval was her answer for her actions. "Speak, miko," he ordered.

"So you will rape me," Kagome said, the first thought on her mind that the collar allowed her to give.

"This Sesshoumaru has no need of rape."

"I will not willingly lay with you."

His answer was a low laugh that sent another chill racing up her spine. The hand about her throat pushed slightly to the right, his fingers adjusting their hold upon her, and caused her head to turn that way, baring even more the left side of her throat to him. He leaned in and Kagome could feel his breath sliding across her skin. She fought back rising feelings of both revulsion and erotica as she felt his tongue skate across her skin in one long stroke. "There is much to learn in taste, my little miko," he said, ignoring her denial of him.

"I am not your little miko," Kagome replied, trying to keep the waver from her voice.

"But you are not his either."

She did not have to ask to know of whom Sesshoumaru spoke of. Inuyasha. Was she destined to be fought over between the brothers as much as a sword had been? "I belong to no one but myself."

"Those ideas might have applied in your time, miko," he said slowly, as his tongue lathed once more across her throat. It was rougher than she had thought it would be. And longer, too. "But not here. Not here."

How did Sesshoumaru know anything about her time? Kagome found herself questioning before she remembered that he had been there at the final battle with Naraku and had learned of her true heritage. He had also been near on the day the well had allowed her to return and remain in this time. She hadn't thought much of it then, too happy to be back with her friends, but maybe it had been more than just coincidence that he was there.

His other hand, that had been settled possessively on her hip, moved around to splay across her lower abdomen. His fingers kneaded against her and she could feel the prick of his claws. "You are ripe."

Well, Kagome thought, that sure is romantic. WAIT! What in the hell was she thinking? "I would appreciate it if you would stay away from my ripeness, Sesshoumaru-sama," she replied, putting as much derision as she could into her tone. "Remember. I am human."

"And I have been far too fascinated with you for far too long to ignore a chance when given, miko."

His hands upon her body tightened, almost imperceptibly. He pushed himself against her once more and Kagome became aware of a sudden hardness that was making itself known against her backside. She'd never thought the daiyoukai capable of such physical reactions. He was always so cold, so unfeeling. Especially where she was concerned. "Sesshoumaru-sama?" she found herself asking, hating the collar for forcing her to show respect where she definitely thought none was due. "Do you desire me?"

There was a pause before he answered her. "Do I desire you, miko?" he repeated, his voice lending a carnal sense to her question that her own had not put there. He ground the hardness of his body against her backside with a satisfied hiss. "Long have I wondered what it would be like to have you."

"And long will you wonder, still, if I have any say," she shot back automatically.

He stilled for a moment and she could feel his youki flaring, pressing down upon her. Kagome felt as if the air were being driven from her lungs by the shear weight of it. The collar around her throat pulsed and glowed in response to his actions as he fed it more of his strength. Then his youki subsided and the air of satisfaction increased around the daiyoukai. "You have already long lost your precious control, miko."

"No," Kagome denied. "This is not happening. I'm only a mere human in your eyes. Not worthy of even being noticed by you."

A low growl sounding a mixture of amusement and anger rumbled forth from his chest. He was so tightly pressed against her that the growl seemed to resonate through her entire body and sent a tingling feeling racing through her limbs. The hand upon her throat tightened a bit more, near to cutting off her oxygen, and the hand upon her abdomen dared to sink lower. The fingers of that hand kept kneading against her flesh, their pressure increasing. "Yes," he agreed. "You are only human. But you are so much more than that. So much more than what you present to the world at large and that is what makes you intriguing, what makes you worthy of my notice."

"This is not the way to learn more about me," Kagome argued, forcing the vocal chords in her constricted throat to work. She knew, she just knew, that arguing with Sesshoumaru was pointless, but she had to try anyway.

His head leaned forward, his lips brushing across her exposed throat once more. "I beg to differ, miko. There is much I am learning about you right now."

"Can you taste how much I despise you, Sesshoumaru-sama?"

"If despise is a word from your time for yearning, yes, my little miko," he whispered against her. "Your body calls to me."


"I can hear your heartbeat. With every word I speak, it beats for me. When my hands linger upon you, it races with desire. You are panting with need. Your body leans into mine." The hand that had been incessantly kneading against her slid lower to cup her firmly between her legs. His hand about her throat slid down to settle against her breast. His clawed thumb flicked slowly across her nipple, hardening it instantly even through her clothing, and Kagome sucked in a gasped breath. "You want my touch, miko," he breathed next to her ear, adding shivers of desire to her awakening body.

The fingers cupping her so intimately began a slow game of rubbing against her most private parts. Each tender strike of his long fingers sent a shiver of excitement racing through Kagome's body and she knew he was aware of this. His lips locked against her neck, sucking and nibbling against her flesh. She could feel his fangs lightly scraping against her. His fingers, pressed against her nether region, distracted her to no ends. "You....," she said as she gasped for breath. "You do not want me. This is just some game for you. Some sick and twisted way to entertain yourself at my expense."

"I have wanted you since first I saw you."

He ground his erection against her again. In answer, Kagome felt her nipples harden to a nearly unbearable degree and she fought back the need to moan. All her body wanted was for one of his hands to seek out her longing nipples, skin to skin, and take them between his claws, rolling and pulling on them until the ache building within her ended.

As if he sensed her need, the hand that had been caressing her breast through her clothing moved underneath it and grasped her nipple with a sharp twist. He was rougher than she would have pictured her first lover, but he was also Sesshoumaru. There was nothing gentle about him.

Kagome let out a soundless gasp, but she knew Sesshoumaru had heard her. "You like that."

She tried to shake her head no, not wanting to give him the satisfaction. Then she felt something soft and silken curl around her throat. The white tip of his mokomoko stroked her cheek almost lovingly. Then he twisted her nipple harder just as his mokomoko squeezed her throat at the same time the fingers between her legs pressed upward. The dam of pressure within her broke and her orgasm washed over her body swiftly and completely. He did not lessen his touch as she came. Twisting and pulling and kneading her shaking body, his continued ministrations prolonged her orgasm to a nearly unbearable length. As she came back into her own mind, she could feel his smug satisfaction hanging heavily in the air. "Bastard," she hissed.

"I am not the bastard," Sesshoumaru corrected her. "You have spent too much time around him."

"Inuyasha," she said, knowing the sound of his half-brother's name would piss him off and hoping it would kill his growing arousal. "Inuyasha! Inuyasha! Inuyasha!"

The sharp tweaking of her nipple, this one meant to give her pain, and the slap against her ass startled her. Kagome sucked in a breath as his hand, which had previously been coaxing her nether region into fruition, slapped her ass again in punishment. The reprimands were unexpected by her body after such pleasure and Kagome found her eyes watering even though the pain had not been that great. "Do you want me to do that again?" he asked, his voice hard and his body tense against her.

"N..no," Kagome rasped breathlessly. "No, please."

She could feel his smile, his smug satisfaction, as she pleaded. "And what would you rather have me do?" he purred in response, his voice low and gravely. His thumb gently stroked over the previously abused nipple, soothing the ache that was left behind. His knee nudged at her legs and she parted them obediently.

Somewhere, deep inside herself, Kagome realized, she wanted this. She craved it, just as Sesshoumaru had said. And the thought, the realization, almost sickened her.

With her legs parted, his hand had greater access to her and it eagerly took up its previous place once more between her thighs. He pressed his growing erection against her again as his claws split the front of her clothing in two. Kagome didn't realize what had happened until the cool air hit her bared chest. "No....," she breathed as her clothing fell aside.

His claws cut the cord holding her pants up and they dropped to the ground around her bended knees. He then made quick work of her underwear, slicing the garment from her body and throwing it aside. "You have submitted to me, my little miko. Now you will give to me your purity."

The air seemed to thicken as his hand moved across her naked flesh, settling once more between her thighs. "Hold out your hands, miko," he ordered.

The collar pulsed and urged her to obey. Kagome felt mindless as she did as he commanded. The other end of his mokomoko ran down her the length of her arm and coiled around her hands like a rope, pulling them tightly together. He leaned into her then, his weight forcing her to bow down. When her face was pressed against the floor, his mokomoko forced her hands to lay out flat above her head.

He straightened himself, setting the hand that had been playing with her breasts heavily across her slender back, and Kagome could feel his eyes moving over her exposed body. The hand that had been between her legs moved to her hip, leaving a trail of her own moisture behind on her skin. His knee nudged her legs to open wider and her body willingly obeyed, a slave to his will.

Kagome was panting now with both fright and expectation. His touch had ignited her even though her mind rebelled. She knew he could hear the furious beating of her heart. He could see the tremors racing through her body whenever he touched her. He could smell the arousal that was blossoming in between her legs.

The hand on her hip moved to her ass, squeezing it once, twice. A long, slender finger moved slowly down between her cheeks before delving down to where her body craved his touch. One knuckle rubbed against her there, hitting a spot that sent shocks of pleasure coursing through her, and Kagome heard a moan escape from her lips. He repeated the action again and again before sliding one finger deep inside of her. She could feel him within her and how her body tightened around him, both trying to draw him in deeper and expel him from her. He withdrew his finger and replaced it with two, stretching her even more as he slowly pumped them in and out. When he spoke to her next, his voice was deep with lust. "I am going to fuck you now, my little miko. My cock is going to slide in and out of you until I reach my pleasure. I will not go easy. I will not be gentle. You belong to me now and as such I will do with you as I please. And you will enjoy every moment of my touch."

Instead of increasing her fear, his words only caused a fresh flow of wetness to seep from between her thighs. Kagome clenched her eyes shut as her body tightened in anticipation.

Sesshoumaru leaned back over her. The hand upon her back moved into her hair, gripping it tightly and holding it away from falling across her face. Something silky brushed against her back and she knew it was his hair. She could feel his breath upon her skin. And then she could feel something else pressing against her, demanding entrance into her. Her legs locked and her breath stalled in her lungs as his hips flexed forward slightly. She could feel her body opening, allowing him entrance. Then, when only the head of his member was inside of her, he paused, releasing a hiss of satisfaction.

Suddenly he was hauling her upright once more by her hair. Kagome let out a pained groan as the movement hurt both her head and sunk him deeper within her. She automatically opened her legs wider to accommodate him. He pulled her body flush against his own and she realized he had removed his robe at some point. His mokomoko released her hands and he took one into his own, bringing it back behind her and down to where his erection lay. "You are so tight, my little miko," he said as he forced her fingers to wrap around his girth. "Feel what you do to me."

Keeping his own hand wrapped above hers, he squeezed and moved the hand up and down his length that was not already buried within her. It felt like steel wrapped in velvet to her and she could feel the pulsing veins throbbing with his need. His hips flexed again, sinking him deeper within her, and Kagome let out another moan. His hand left hers, but Kagome found she was no longer in control of her own body as her own hand refused to move away from his shaft.

She felt him touching her once more, rubbing that spot that sent chills of pleasure racing through her. She was torn between the pleasure he brought her and the pain his actions caused. Then he was taking her hands into one of his own, holding them tight in his grip. "You will be silent now, miko. You will be silent and you will feel."

Without pause, his powerful hips surged forward, burying his entire length into her virginal body. Kagome opened her mouth to scream, feeling as if she were being torn in two by his massive girth, but no sound came out.

Sesshoumaru let out a growl of pleasure, stilling himself. "So hot. So tight. So wet for me," he whispered against her neck. "Can you feel this Sesshoumaru, miko? Can you feel this Sesshoumaru inside of you?"

When she made no move to answer, the grip on her hair tightened and Kagome hurriedly tried to nod her head yes. "Good," he continued when he noticed her response. "I want you to feel everything, miko." Slowly, he slid his length out of her until only the tip of him remained inside of her. Then he slammed his hips forward once more. "I want you to feel all of me as I take you."

He released her hands and Kagome automatically curled them into claws. Her fingers sunk backward, finding his body and digging in. While her nails were nothing compared to his claws, she felt the need to visit the pain she felt back upon him. His answer to her attack was to slowly withdraw once more and slide back in with a hiss of pleasure.

She opened her mouth to speak, forgetting she had no voice, but he thrust himself within her once more, stealing whatever thoughts had formed in her mind. Her hands couldn't move from where they were as he slowly picked up the depth and speed of his movements. His hand was back to playing with her clit as he stroked her and she could feel the pain of his invasion slowly turning into pleasure. There didn't seem to be enough air for her to breathe as the familiar tightening of her muscles surged within her, coiling tighter and tighter. "Yes," he growled behind her. "Give yourself to me, miko. Give yourself to me now."

The collar pulsed around her throat just as the tension within her exploded, leaving Kagome shaking and panting for want of more air than her body could take in.

"Again," he commanded, his speed increasing as he adjusted his position behind her for deeper penetration.

Kagome closed her eyes against the sensations bombarding her. All she could smell was him. All she could hear was the sound of his body striking against her own. All she could feel was his girth moving in and out of her, his fingers stroking her clit and pulling at her nipples. And the tension was mounting once more in her body; growing more and more painful as it increased. "Now," he demanded.

And, as if she were a finely tuned instrument for him to play, her orgasm came, sending shock waves coursing through her body. Unable to hold it in, breaking through the control of the collar, she moaned. Her hold upon him tightened and her nails tore bloody crescents into his skin.

The sound of her voice seemed to spur him on to his own release. His thrusts became almost brutal, jarring. His hands grabbed her hips, his claws biting into her skin much as her own had done to him. The pain was transformed by her mind into endless pleasure. "Mine," he growled, as he suddenly stilled within her. "You are now mine."

She could feel him cumming, the force of his release like a small explosion. His seed was molten hot, almost burning, but with the burn came an even fiercer pleasure than any orgasm she had had thus far and her body spiraled immediately into another. The feelings gripped her for what seemed like an eternity until the burning of the heat inside faded, along with all the strength Kagome had left within herself. "Yours," she whispered before falling into a faint, caught by his strong arms.

It's purpose served, the collar about her throat pulsed one last time before unlatching itself and falling harmlessly to the ground.


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