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Naruto wakes up to see his red eye angel still sleeping soundly next to him. He slowly gets up and heads for the kitchen where he is going make her a good breakfast. He takes out eggs and ham but he hopes that she likes ham and eggs for breakfast but there was only one way to find out.

Kurenai wakes up but she was scared because when she opened her eyes Naruto was gone and he promised to be there. She starts to smell something good and realizes that he was making food for them; she slowly gets up out of the bed and heads to her kitchen where she sees Naruto putting food down on the table.

"Hello beautiful how was your sleep?" Kurenai moves over to him and wraps her arms around his neck that's when she pulls him closer to her. Naruto kisses her lips and she returned in with more force.

"If I get this kind of good morning kiss then I'll be happy to do this again." Kurenai just playfully slaps him on the head before sitting down at the table fallowed by Naruto. Naruto is hoping that she likes his cooking because she will be the 2th person to try his cooking.

The first person to try his cooking was Mikoto and she loved it but then again because of how good he was she always tried to get him to cook all the time. He just hopes that Kurenai doesn't try to force him to do that as well.

Kurenai takes a bit of the eggs and couldn't believe that the food tasted so great but she moves her eyes over to Naruto. "You are better cook than me and that's not a good thing." Naruto just gives her a sly smile before starting to eat his own food.

"What are your plans for today Naru-kun?" She asked him in a friendly tone of voice but he just looks at her. "I guess go home to take a shower and get clothes, head to the Hokage to see what I have do today then meet up with you and our team." Kurenai nods her head to him. "I wonder who you end up dating today."

When the both of them get done eating he kisses her goodbye then heads to his home to get a shower and clothes, but as he closing the door he sees her naked body one last time before walking away from her house.

Once he gets to his home he takes a quick shower then puts on new clothes but before he heads out to see the old man he quickly gets his gear. He is now in anbu pants again but he has a black shirt under his orange jacket with a hood. On his back is now a katana and on his leg is a pouch where his tags are.

He closes his door and walks to the Hokage Tower to find out who his new date is but he just hopes everything works out in the end. He doesn't want something to happen to make one of his girlfriends mad or sad.

When he gets inside the office he sees the old man talking to someone. She has long red hair to her rear but also she has green eyes but when he looks at her more he can see that she had the robes of the Mizukage.

"Naruto just the person I wanted to see." Hokage told him as he looks at the boy in front of him. When Naruto gets closer to them he sees that the Mizukage has two bodyguards with her. "I wonder why she's here of all places."

"I bet you are wondering why the 5th Mizukage is here? The reason is that I told her that you were still alive a week ago." Naruto raises an eyebrow at that because what does he mean that he is still alive.

"You make it sound like I was died or something old man." The Mizukage and her bodyguards were shocked that he was talking to his leader like this. "Let me tell him what is going on will you Hokage-sama?" He nods his head to the beautiful woman.

"I'm your fiancée and it's nice to finally meet you." Naruto just looks at her then he looks at the old man because he really wants to know what in hell is going on right now. He wasn't told he had a fiancée and now she just showed up like this.

"Why are you talking about? I don't remember asking anyone to marry me or at least not yet." The old man just lets out a little laugh as he looks at Naruto. He was going say something but Mei beat him to the point. "You two leave us and go to the hotel or something." They look at their Mizukage was going to say something but she gave them look that said listen to me or die.

Once the two of them leave she turns and looks at Naruto who is now kind of scared of her right now. "Your kaa and tou made a deal with my family before you were born and that is how you have me as your fiancée."

"My family was planning marry me off before I was born? Did my kaa want grandkids that bad?" The Hokage just lets out a long laugh this time. "She always did talk about having grandkids that is true."

"Before I go into all this I want know something first, what happened to my kaa?" Hiruzen just looks at Naruto because truth is no one knows what happened to Kushina as the Kyuubi attacked the village.

"No one knows what happened to her Naruto, when kyuubi was stopped your mom was gone and no one knows where she went to or if she was still alive." Naruto looks down because he didn't like to hear something like that. He didn't know if his kaa died or just plain on left him to die because of the demon inside of him.

"So now I don't know if my kaa had died or just left me because of demon sealed inside of me? But on top of all this I now have a beautiful fiancée but do you know what going on with me and my bloodline?" She looks at him then lets out a little smile because she was glad he called her that but also that he's not staring at her very well sized chest like all men she has met before.

"Yes, I know that you have many wives because of your bloodline but also being last of your clan. I really don't understand why this village is so bend on making you into a breeding thing." Hiruzen just looks at her because even he doesn't know why the village does it because it wasn't something he likes to force on people.

"So I guess I should tell you that I have two girlfriends so you don't get mad when you see them sometimes." Mei gives a sweet smile because she didn't mind sharing someone with women if that someone was kind and not a pervert. So far she can tell that Naruto wasn't a pervert but also a sweet person.

"I need go back to my team now and who is my date for today?" He looks at the old man but he just looks and shakes his head. "Your next date is going be in about three to four weeks so just use your time with ones you have." Naruto nods but Mei grabs his arm. 'Can I come with you?" He nods to her as she lets out a sexy smirk and fallows him to his training grounds,

Hiruzen was wondering if things will work out for Naruto because he can tell that he wasn't his happy self when he found out about his kaa. He wants to help Naruto but he doesn't know what it feels like to know your kaa may have left you because of having a demon inside of you.

When Naruto and Mei get to his training grounds he sees his team already there and they look at him but Kurenai is one that really looking alongside Mikoto who has an even more stare on her face. "Hello Mikoto-hime and Kurenai-hime I have news for you." They look at him then at the woman with glares who Mei just looks back at them.

"Who is this you're new date today?" Mikoto is the first to ask him but Naruto just shakes his head because this was going be hard to tell them. He loves Mikoto the most out of the three of them so how could he say that he has a fiancée.

'I'm his fiancée that his kaa and tou made deal with my family before he was born, I just found out that he is still alive a week again." Both of them are now shocked as their Naru-kun had a fiancée but that he didn't' know till now.

"I see so my Naru-kun has a fiancée now?" Mikoto walks over to him as she kisses his lips which Mei just looks at her. "He did tell you he had two girlfriends didn't he?" She nods her head to Mikoto.

"It's time for training Naruto-kun." Naruto smirks at that as he walks over to his team as Mei and Mikoto stand there looking at each other. "You better not try any hurt him." Mei just looks at her because she didn't plan on hurting Naruto but she didn't like being told what to do.

"We are going start learning tree climbing." Kurenai then shows them as they look at her but Naruto already knows how to do this.

"Kurenai-sensei I already know this so how about I do something else as you help rest of the team?" She nods her head to him as she smiles because she was glad that her Naru-kun knows so much.

Naruto walks little bit away from his team as they keep trying to get used to tree climbing but Naruto starts to do hand signs as ten shadow clones come around him but Naruto just smirks because this was going be fun.

Once he gets done training everyone couldn't believe that he could train like that without killing himself but he just smirks to them as he walks up to his three lovers. He wonders if they will get along with each other but he does hope they will.

He watches his two teammates leave but his eyes go back to the women in his life now. "I really hope you three can get along with each other, I would hate to see you fighting with each other." Mikoto just smiles because she always knows that Naruto was a caring and kind hearted person.

"Don't worry Naruto-kun I know you not be happy with us fighting each other because your way to kind for that." Mikoto kisses his lips as he looks at Mei. "But today you have spent with Miss Mei but don't forget to come by and visit me.' She gives him a wink before pulling Kurenai away from them as Naruto blushes.

"Where would you like to go Mei-chan?" Mei blushes little from being called chan and that was because every man just called her sexy or hot but never chan. "How about you show me around and to your favorite places?" Naruto nods his head as he takes her hand and starts to show her around the village.

He took her to the Hokage monition as he sits on the 4rd Hokage head but Mei couldn't believe what she was seeing. "Right here is so beautiful and Naruto thank you for taking me here." Mei gives him a kiss as he just moves his arm around her body.

"I'm glad you like it because if I'm going marry you, I really want you be happy and not stuck in some kind of loveless married because of families." Mei jut smirks because she knows that she will have love in this married because she can see how much of kind heart Naruto has and is glad she found out that he is still alive.

"Trust me I already know I'm going to enjoy this married with you." She looks at him as she smirks to him as she comes up with an evil idea. "Or maybe I'll like this too much and need to remove some clothes?" Her tone of voice is filed with a teasing and seduction tone as Naruto blushes and looks away causing her to giggle.

"How do you know you're going enjoy being with me already? You just met me." Mei just moves her lips to his ear as she teases him with her tongue. "Because your first person I met that caring and not just looking at my body."

"I'm glad you're happy then, but I hope that I can truly be a great person for you to date." Mei just stares and smiles because she has never met someone in her life that so forced on making her happy like this. She really is starting to like the idea now that she's getting married because before coming here she hated it.

She doesn't love Naruto far from it but she does think he's great person for being a kind hearted person with a life of a shinobi. Shinobi life was something that would stop many people from being this much of a kindred heart man, she truly hopes that he keeps being this way forever but she knows that little selfish of her.

"I have to tell you something before you think about being with me; I'm the jailer of the nine tail demon kyuubi." That when Mei just smirks because she was already told by the Hokage and that is one of reasons everyone though Minato's son was died.

"Thanks for telling me that but the thing is Naruto I already know and don't worry that not going to stop me from being with you, how about you tell me about your past Naruto-kun?" Naruto nods his head but wonders where he should start talking.

"How we going to do this, I really never talked about my past before." Mei puts a finger to her lips as she thinks of a good way for both of them to talk about their own past. "How about you tell me some than I'll take you some about my?" He nods his head because that was a fair trade. "I wonder what kind of past that Mei-chan has inside of her, I hope it's nothing too bad because I don't want see her hurt for talking about it."

"Most of my life was being hated by this village but also being sold things three to four more than it cost. So buying things wasn't easy but that when I met my first sensei and few good people, they helped me and were nice to me and they're the only reason I haven't gone crazy from this village treating me like a demon." Mei gives him a smile and rubs his head because she knows that he's hurting when he's saying all of this to her.

"I guess it's my turn, reason I fought against the Mizukage to stop the bloodline war was because my kaa and tou were killed in front of me because my family has a bloodline. The war was started in order to kill everyone that had a bloodline and because what happened to me. I grow up wanting to pay that asshole pain and in the end I did." Naruto can see tears coming down her eyes as she thinks of that day she seen her family killed in front of her eyes.

Naruto pulls her into a hug as she lets out her tears on his chest but she's doesn't know why she letting herself breakdown of all things in front of him. Someone she just met and from another village but she can't think right now as she can feel him holding her and trying calm her down.

Two of them talked for hour or two about their past and bloodlines but they didn't care if village get mad if they did. They going be married so they know they can't hide things like that from each other, it weren't be right to do so they just figure tell each other now.

"How about we get something to eat?" Mei liked that idea because it was around lunch and she didn't eat breakfast today. She nods her head to him and he takes her hand then heads to his favorite place to eat, when they get there Mei just smiles because he did talk about this place as he was saying his past.

"This place has the best ramen in the world; you can try it for yourself now." Mei just giggles and sits down as the old man was shocked to see an older woman with Naruto but also he knows that robes she's wearing is for.

"Naruto-kun how do you know the Mizukage-sama?" Mei just smiles as Naruto rubs the back of his head because she can tell that he was shy. "I'm his fiancée." Ayame and the old man were shocked at what they were hearing and Naruto looks around.

Mei and Naruto tell them the story and old man was proud that he had not one but three women but his daughter hits him on the head with a pan. He sees her and smiles because she has always been there for him as well.

Once the two of them eat Naruto pays and the both of them leave but Mei stop and looks at him. "How about you take me to dinner tonight?" Naruto nods his head. "Meet me at the hotel by the Hokage Tower and the room is 150." He nods his head as she starts to walk away and he stares at her and her ass.

He slowly walks to Kurenai's house as he wonders what he will do for tonight, he doesn't know where he should take her. He hopes that Kurenai can help him with this but he knows it maybe little weird asking your girlfriend for help on dating other woman.

When he gets there he knocks on the door once it opens he sees both Kurenai and Mikoto causing him to be shocked, he didn't know why both of them were here and what for. He looks at them but Mikoto just lets out a giggle as she sees his lost face.

"How come you're both here?" Kurenai just smirks and pulls him in and then pulls him down on the couch in the living room. Mikoto closes the door and goes to the two of them but Naruto's eyes are still on her, Mikoto sits down beside him as Kurenai sits down on other side of him.

"Tell us how your time with Mei was?" Naruto was now scared but he looks at the two of them and tells him as they just smile. He didn't know why they are smiling but he feels Mikoto kiss him then looks at him.

"I guess we have to help Naruto with his date don't we Kurenai-chan?" Kurenai nods her head as she looks then kisses Naruto, he just stares at them like there are nuts. "What's in the world is going on with these two girls, I don't know if I should be happy or scared right now."

"Can someone tell me what in the world going on, first you two are both here which is not normal to see you hanging out with Kurenai-chan?" Kurenai lets out a little giggle then walks away leaving Mikoto with Naruto.

"I'm just here to talk to Kurenai-chan and before you even think something like that, we don't like girls we only like men." Naruto stares at her as she just giggle at his denseness but that was something she came to like about him. She knows it going take time for Naruto to understand why women do things or don't do things.

"I see and I wasn't thinking like that because after how you were in bed I don't think you would like women." Mikoto blushes and just hits him on the arm lightly as she was looking at him. She didn't want him to say things like that when others could hear but she was glad Kurenai wasn't in the room this time.

"How come you want to help me with my date? I really don't understand women at all; don't know why you would want to help me with it." Mikoto just smirks to him then moves her lips to his ear and whispers. "I just want you to be happy Naruto-kun, but you can thank me later for helping you out." Naruto just wraps his arm around her and kisses her neck as he sees Kurenai walking back inside the room.

"Tell me Kurenai-chan how do we go about helping with this because Naruto-kun needs help with his date?" Kurenai just looks at him with a smirk because it was going be fun teasing him as they help him out.

"Maybe they can go to a bathhouse and get naked together?" Naruto looks at her like she was nuts with a deep blush on his face. "I'm only joking; maybe you can take to that new place." Mikoto like that idea but not the first part because if anyone going do that with Naruto it is going to be her.

"How am I going get inside a place like that?" Mikoto just smirks at him because he forget that she was a clan head and could easy get a table for two for something like that. "You forget my dear Naru-kun I'm a clan head, I'll get you it but tonight you better not have plans." Naruto looks at her as she smirks but Kurenai was shocked she said that like that.

"Mikoto-hime how come you're acting like this?" Mikoto just smirk than whispers into his ear. "I want try out my new body but also, I just really want you again." Naruto nods his head before kissing her neck but Kurenai pulls him to her and claims his lips with her own.

"You can't hog him all to yourself now Mikoto-chan, you have to share remember?" Kurenai smirks as Mikoto does the same but Naruto was just lost in all of this, he truly had no idea how women work. Both women laugh at his clueless because it something that made them fallen for him in the first place.

"Are you two going be ok?" They just look at him and both kiss his lips one after the other. They truly are worried that his kind heart may get in the way of his life one of these days, but till then they going to enjoy life with him.

"We are doing fine so don't you worry your head on it, we just have to get used to knowing that we will be sharing you." Kurenai nods her head but Naruto juts stares at the two of them and pulls both into a hug at the same time.

"I'm sorry for putting you through all of this; I really am Mikoto-chan and Kurenai-chan." They both just look at him and kiss his lips again because he had nothing to be sorry for, he didn't ask for this to happen to him.

"You never have to say sorry to us about this, we know this was forced on you so we going help you with it. We want you to at least enjoy this even if it's being forced on your head by the fools of this village." He stares at Mikoto and smiles to her because he was glad they truly don't mind but want him to be happy.

He doesn't know how he found two understand women like this to be his girlfriends; he truly doesn't know how the hell he did it. All he knows it that he's not going to let them get away from him because he going keep them and always make the two of them happy.

"I'll be back in a little bit, why don't you two enjoy your time." Mikoto smirks as she goes to the door to leave but Naruto's eyes start to go to her ass, Mikoto shakes her ass causing Naruto to be turned on but gets sad that she leaves the house after that.

"You like staring at a woman's ass don't you Naru-kun?"He stares at her before she just moves into his lap giving him a kiss on the lips. He moves his hands to her before moving her on the couch so she was lying down and him on top of her.

"I guess you just have to find out." He kisses her neck before he feels a pair of hands stopping him going lower. "We can't go all the way Naruto-kun; today isn't a safe day to do that." He nods his head before kissing her neck earning a moan from his lover.

He kisses her chest but she could feel that he was hard, she feels his harden member poll out from his pants against her legs. "I guess I could help you, think of it as me making up for the fact we can't have fun today." He nods his head before sitting down and seeing her move to her knees in front of him.

She unzips his pants and moves her hand under his boxers in order to pull his dick out, once it was out Kurenai starts to lick the tip of it. She slowly licks down his shaft down to the base; she gives each ball a lick and few good sucks before going back to the tip again.

His hands goes to her breasts and rubs them causing her to realize what he wants, she stands up and starts taking her bandage dress off but once it was off she unhooks her bra and lets it fall to the ground freeing her great breasts.

She knees back down but she unlike me she now has each of her breasts on each side of his member, Naruto just was in heaven when he feel her soft breasts rubbing against his dick like that but he can feel her lips around his tip.

"My Naru-kun likes this does he?" He nods but he feels her lips sucking again but he just stares at her doing that to him, he lets out a little moan when she picks up the speed with her breasts. "Damn, Kurenai-kun about to cum." She hears Naruto but she just keeps doing it faster to him but once she feels him cuming she moves her face away.

She lets him shoot his cum on her breasts and some on her face, she licks the spots on her face before taking her finger back to get the cum on her breast and licks her fingers clean. Naruto was wondering what the hell he got someone like her as his lover.

Once it was all clean she puts her bra and dress back on before Naruto zips his pants back up, she sits on his lap again before looking at his eyes. "Did you enjoy your little treat Naru-kun?" She asked him in a flirting way.

"Yes I did but I don't know how I get such a great woman like you." She just moves her lips to his ear before whispering. "You're the only one I have ever done that to, so you better be glad." He smiles when he finds out that but his hands go to her back and rubs it.

"I'm very much glad that you did do it." He kisses her neck before holding her in a warm embrace. Kurenai just nuzzles against his chest before closing her eyes, she didn't know why or how she ended up like this but she knows one thing and that's she's glad that this did become like this.

"Can you show me around?" Kurenai nods her head before slipping off his lap and using her hand to get him to fallow her. Naruto walks with her but he stops when he sees photos on the wall.

"These are photos of my closest friends." He smiles because he sees two purple hair women standing next to her in this photo. "That Anko on the right side of me with short purple hair and one with long hair is Yuugao." He smiles because the three of them seem so happy in this photo he looks at the other ones.

"You look like you're enjoying yourself looking at these photos." Naruto nods his head before she shows him the rest of the house before they hear a knock on the door; she opens it to show Mikoto is now back.

"Did you enjoy your alone time with Kurenai-chan?" She sees Naruto smiling and nodding to her but Kurenai blushes before looking away.

"We have to get you something better to wear tonight with your date with Mei; I already got you your table but also told Mei about what she has to wear tonight." Naruto didn't know what to say because he didn't know how she could work so fast like that.

"What's wrong with how I dress?" Mikoto smiles before she lets out a giggle. "Nothing is wrong with it but you're going somewhere that you need to wear dress clothes." He just shakes his head because he hates wearing that kind of clothes.

"I have no say in this so fine." Mikoto just smirks but both of them start drag him out of the house. Kurenai stops and whispers something into Mikoto ear causing her smirk and nod her head back to Kurenai.

When they find him few dress clothes they drag him to lingerie place casing him to blush and two women to smirk to him. "Why are we here? This isn't really place a dude should come let alone with two beautiful women." Both of them just keep smirking before Kurenai moves her lips to his ear.

"We just want you to see us try on few things, is that ok with you Naru-kun?" She asked seducing tone causing him to blush and look at them. "Or is it that you don't like our bodies and think we aren't good?" Naruto looks at her before shaking his head showing her that isn't it but Kurenai smirks to him.

Naruto just lets them pull him near the changing rooms and sits him down before moving off to find clothes to try on. Naruto just looks at the wall and hopes this doesn't last long because seeing them in clothes like this may just want him to take them there and now.

Hour later he sees the walking back with clothes in their hands but this is the 2rd time they put clothes in the changing rooms that they are using. "Come Naruto-kun and tell me are you ready to see and watch us try things on for you?" Mikoto pops her head out of the room which he just nods his head in defend.

Mikoto is the first to come on wearing stretch knit chiffon with rose sublimation print underwire cup bustier, rosette trim neckline, adjustable straps with hook and eye back closure and ruffled hem line. Matching thong, adjustable garter straps, rosette trim leg garter and stockings.

Naruto's jaw just drop to the ground when he sees Mikoto wearing this because she loved great in red mixed with black. He looks at her thong that is red causing her to smirk before walking up to him and kissing his lips before looking at him. "Do you like this one Naruto-kun?" Naruto nods his head before watching her spin around few times and walking around him before knocking on Kurenai door and going back in her changing room.

Naruto still can't get the image of Mikoto wearing that out of his mind but he's hoping that Kurenai's going wear something that good; he can't believe he didn't want to do this before seeing that. "Who in the right mind wouldn't' want to see them doing this for them?"

Kurenai walks out wearing mini stripe tapestry corset with deep plunge neckline trimmed with rhinestone mock buckle closure. Corset offers Hook & eye Side opening, rhinestone Buckle Adornments on the Adjustable Straps, lace-up back, removable garters and g-string with lace top sheer stockings and elegant gloves.

Naruto couldn't believe his eyes because seeing Kurenai all in black like this just makes him want to have her now. "Please tell me Naru-kun do you like this? We only going show you one each and others you may get lucky to see if you behave till next time we get a chance to use them." Naruto just stares before moving over to her and kisses her neck.

Mikoto walks out in her normal clothes and smirks at when she's seeing. "I guess we are turning him into a pervert aren't we?" Kurenai looks back and nods her head before moving back to changing room but swinging her hips causing her ass to really show in that g-string making Naruto stare but stops when he feels pair of lips against his.

"Naru-kun did you enjoy your little show?" Naruto just nods his head dumbly before Mikoto just smirks and kisses him again. "I think this is first time I ever did that in front of someone and I bet same goes for Kurenai."

"Then why did you?" Mikoto just moves her finger to her lips and moves her lips to his ear. "Because I love you but I don't know why Kurenai did it." Both of them waited for Kurenai to get done and walk out with her clothes but Mikoto goes get her clothes out of changing room so she can buy them.

Kurenai ties clothes around his eyes. "Sorry you can't' get to see the other clothes we picked out so that's staying on till we get done buying them." Naruto nods his head before moving his hand on her arm. "Tell me Kurenai-chan how come you did that? Mikoto-chan told me her reasons but what is yours?"

"Well I didn't want feel left out but also I wanted to do this to thank you for being so good to me for just short time and I think you will be only person I'll ever do this with even if we do some end break up. I have a feeling that we would ever break up." He kisses her lips before holding her whispering smoothing words into her ear.

When Mikoto walks up to him they pull him to the counter to pay for the clothes and once they have their bags they untie the clothes allowing him to see again. "Time to go, you have plans tonight and you have clothes that you have to wear and if you don't' wear them. Then we just have given you no treat for two years." That's when Naruto just pale because that's one long time without any fun.

Once they get back to the house he unseals the scroll that has his clothes in them and changes to a normal black suit but once he leaves the room they just stare at him with smirking faces. "You better have fun and come visit me tonight at my place and you don't have to worry Sasuke isn't going be there he's going be staying with his team. Kakashi is trying to build up teamwork it seems."

Naruto nods his head before kissing them one time each before leaving the house to meet Mei for their date but Kurenai and Mikoto just look at each time. "Sometimes he really is dense isn't he?" Kurenai nods before she sees Mikoto going to the open and leaving but waves her goodbye to Kurenai.