Long Snake Moan

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Most of the italicized lyrics are from Flower by Liz Phair.

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It wasn't as though our marriage, or sex life, was stale. I just needed…more. And something different. I wanted to delve my hand into a different jar, experiment with another flavor of scrumptious man candy.

Edward had been my one and only, he was my first and forever true love and my one, profound, sexual experience. So how was I able to reconcile that with this? How did I come to this point of utterly unexpected, inhuman depravity?

It was stupid. Juvenile. Impetuous. He was juvenile and impetuous, and I felt like a giddy teenager waiting, wanton, to be touched for the first time every single time I was in his presence. Hell, even the slightest glimpse of him had my heart racing until it wanted to burst from my chest as if infused with liquid toxin, and I could feel a swelling, a molten tingling flood of fluid racing out of me, wetting my panties. This compulsion of mine, the basest impulse on earth, to simply mate with this other man, stopped my breath time and time again.

I want to fuck you like a dog; I'll take you home and make you like it.

I just wanted to shove him against his truck, spread my legs wide, and push his head between my thighs. He took top billing in all of my masturbation fantasies, he was lead actor in all of my wet dreams, and I spent hours internally orchestrating epic Masterpiece Smut Theatre fucklore. He was, quite simply, delicious.

Every time I see your face I get all wet between my legs, every time you pass me by I heave a sigh of pain.

I was impervious to him at first though, I couldn't believe he was really looking at me like that! Edward always lavished me with praise; he worshipped my body, told me so many times about how many men were thinking about me, staring at me. I didn't believe it. I had never really seen myself or appreciated my physical body. My sexiness was something I perceived through Edward's adoring, lustful, jade eyes, through his words and deeds and emotions. Not part of myself, but only the way I made him, specifically, react.

One afternoon, home alone and horny as hell, I discarded my clothes and scrutinized myself in the mirror in a fit of self-awareness (fucking Germaine Greer would be proud!). Turning around I inspected my ass, it was luscious, soft, heart-shaped and topped by two deep dimples. My back was long; I could see the dents my spine made as it climbed up to my shoulders, my hips swelling outward in a womanly curve I'd never noticed before. My waist was a high deep indent that swept effortlessly to my ribs. My shoulders soft and round, and lower, my thighs were creamy, pillowy, and crushable, like a sigh in the gentle air.

Turning around I hugged my arms around myself, lifting my slightly heavy breasts up so that my nibs, the color of pink roses tipped with a darker crimson, almost met. My skin, as I shushed my hands back down and along my arms, was smooth, pale, like rich cream. There was a small swell to my belly, Edward always nuzzled and nipped and nestled there. He adulated me in a bikini for the showcasing of that very part of me.

Stepping back, I took in my legs. Nude, they were longer than they usually appeared. And appetizing. Muscled but not obscene, certainly not like the horrifying female weight lifters whose tits had shrunk into pure planes of muscle, their legs like ionic columns! Mine twisted and turned, sensually wrought with sinew. Nothing hard, nothing jarring. This picture of me, as a whole, suddenly delighted me!

Unable to resist, I even lifted my legs up and spread them wide. I took in the whole first. Pink juicy lips enclosing all of my secrets (Camille Paglia, eat your heart out!). With the tip of my finger I lifted the little hood over my clit and watched as the tiny red heart shouldered forth. With one touch of my pinkie it swelled and a chill swept through me. I imagined Edward's cool lips sucking me, god he was so good at that! And then, betraying myself, I swore I felt Jake's full sized suck-me mouth biting and tearing away at me!

I hadn't planned to get myself off, but this was getting a bit steamy. I moaned and bit my bottom lip before taking my other lips in my hand and spreading them oh-so-slowly apart. Uhhhhn. I looked. Like a shell, a whelk, a prehistoric nautilus, I was opened and glistening and folds upon folds of flesh. A ripe piece of fruit, a plump fig, with the pit deep inside. A burgeoning flower with all of its freshly born petals opening to the warmth of sunlight.

I ran my finger up my own wetness and slid it slowly inside. I remembered Edward doing the same. I imagined Jake's fingers in his place. Oooooh! I snagged my neon pink Rabbit out of the drawer, warmed it up and replaced my fingers, Edward's fingers, Jake's fingers with this little piece of pussy engineering history.

Satisfied with my perusal of myself, sated by my other explorations, I felt stronger. Gone was the clumsiness, the gawkiness that had been my arch-enemy since puberty! My trademark blush (seriously, Bella-fucking-Swan-Cullen-Blush, Google it, it's copyrighted!), well, that remained…I found that I had no control over the tint of color across my skin.

All of this transformation, infinitesimal and interior as it was, did not go unnoticed. Not by Edward, who flattered me silly, fucked me until we were both nearly knocked out (even more so than usual and with a new demand) and lavished me with the scant amount of worldly goods that I allowed him to give: music, books, flowers and wine.

If Edward, who had known me for 20 years, had been my first lover, my only lover, and seen me almost every intervening day since then, found new ecstasy in me…I must be onto something!

My sexuality found new heights, I was empowered. I soared!

And, well, that's when the idea formed….I started experimenting, just peripherally, of course, with other men, randomly, working my legs, my breasts, and my smile. I made sure my eyes sparkled and held the hint of a promise.

And it worked! I'd always felt confident with Edward, sexy and completely womanly, I knew his attraction to me was boundless, erotic, immeasurable, but this assuredness was different. It came from within me! It made me powerful, in my body. I put the full force of my newly minted charms to work…on our neighbor, Jake.

It was much harder with him than the arbitrary strangers I happened across in public. Only he made me feel nervous. Anxious and tongue-tied. And shy--which I most definitely was not. I was just generally too wrapped up in my own inner thoughts to pay attention to the insipid bullshit that others felt the need to disperse at will, almost as if their minds were not fully linked to their tongues.

When Jake stopped and stared, and he always did, I glowed and trembled beneath his burning bold gaze. I could unleash my "I'm-getting-lots-of-good-sexin'" grin on all a-sundry, literally every single male in my path from the young to the old, the magnificent sexerpieces to the old gentry to the even older doddering men who were forced to carry their wives' handbags while they strolled, decrepitly, along the aisles of the supermarket on senior citizen day. Without fail I was met with penetrating stares, startled smiles, and even the occasional, "Wow!"

So what was it with Jake?

No doubt about it, he was a horny piece of work in his own right. Michelangelo's David be damned, Jake was Hercules on Earth; he was self-satisfied, swaggering, a walking, talking, cocking, sex god and he bloody well knew it! He put all the other toy boys on the block to shame. I wanted to give him a taste of my ambrosia. Open up the lotus between my legs for his bacchanalian delight.

If I had bothered to examine it further, I probably would have realized it was because with him, based on his disproportionately, unlikely, easily identifiable desire for me, that this thing with him could actually happen. In comparison, the rest was just play time, Romper Room for the cougar. With Jake I could just forget circle time, this was circle jerk time for the new vixen that was me!

I swore like a drunken sailor, always had, force of habit from growing up as the daughter of a hard-working man who was the chief of police of a small, it's-5-O-Fucking-Clock-Somewhere, but equally hard lovin' and brawling one horse town. Edward, ever the upper-class gentleman, came from a different world. He frowned on my turns of phrases, my torrent of 'cussing'. If I said "cunt" in his vicinity I could literally feel the lash of wind as his head-whipped to look at me in disapproval.

In comparison with Jake, dirty rotten fuck-god Jake, I began to think of Edward as a wuss. He couldn't even, would never ever dream of, talking dirty to me. I started to hate Edward just a little bit because he would never be that shiny new thing I wanted; an ornament, a bauble, a souvenir to remind me that I did exist outside of the intertwined lives of 'Bella and Edward'. I longed to be singular again, a person in my own right with my own filthy secrets. And now I knew I was becoming evil; that I was going to embrace my sinful tendencies and let loose the full fury that was Bella, Queen of SexSheba!

Like Nike advised, I resolved to play hard, life was too short.

And Jake was not immune. He leered, and never was a leer more welcome. Not even King Fucking Lear or Hamlet or Macbeth held a candle! He ogled. Christ, daily he made googly eyes at my house, with me in it of course, that's how badly he wanted me! Depthless, black, narrowed eyes full of nasty, deadly promise.

Every time you pass me by I heave a sigh of pain.

Who was I to deny this thing? Didn't I owe it to my mortality to experiment just a little bit? Could I really just leave my morality at the door?

Always out there tinkering with his truck or his motorcycle, that boy had more vehicles than he could drive. And I wanted him to drive me, straight through a wall. I wanted to fuck him six ways to Sunday and then shred the smirking calendar so I could have one more day of out-of-body-bending sex with him. I didn't doubt that he'd do me good, and hard, and long! I just wanted his fresh young jimmy jamming slamming in me!

Suddenly I realized that every time I was outside, gardening and puttering about, he appeared as if by magic, as if he had shape-shifted from the shimmering air itself to materialize in his front made sure to create make-believe tasks, yard work, tinkering with his autos, inspecting his porch, chatting on his cell, whenever I appeared outside. I could not be mistaken. He was putting himself in harm's way just as I was.

He smiled waved and seemed sweetly nervous yet intimidatingly bold when he addressed me those first few times. A puzzle, a paradox, unknown. He looked straight into me as if he could see the person I was trying to become.

During our brief conversations, I realized he was funny and wicked. Insolent and impervious as only a young pup could be. His trademark response of, "Sure, sure" next to Edward's impeccable diction only inflamed my addiction! Jake was exuberant and young and delightful.

You act like you're fourteen years old, everything you say is so obnoxious, funny, rude and mean; I want to be your blowjob queen.

He took his shirt off and I was lost in a sensual daydream at once. Bare chested, heaving, rough hewn, hirsute! His thighs were carved wood, his calves tensile, tempting, tasty treats that wanted to be devoured. Skin that looked soft to the touch and smooth but was scarcely withholding the strength of the double and triple-timing muscles that worked beneath his flesh. Flesh that was soft sienna, a rich reddish brown. His entire body was dense, packed, fully rippling and fucking massive! A brick shit house! He was easily 6' 5" plus a hefty few more inches for the shag sword I knew he had scabbarded in his pants.

And, good lord save me now, he was so dirty. Dirty mind, dirty body. A grease monkey who had no trouble wielding a monkey wrench and when would I get to do crazy monkey sex with him? He displayed a tribal tattoo, the head of a beautifully limned black wolf that dripped down his lowest abs, on show above his low-riders, before disappearing into the depths of those cut-offs. I wanted more than anything to see where that emblematic canine ended! And his left nipple was pierced, oh hell yeah! Should have known it would be no simple ring for this savage brute, it was some kind of pale sharp shard of bone thrust straight through the nub.

Wide brown face, strong square jaw, limitless obsidian eyes that gleamed with the thrill of all of my darkest fantasies. His cheekbones were high and tight, his nose straight and strong, his lips full and mmmm yeah I could just imagine them on my own bits and bobs. Fuck me! I knew he was native, but this tribal shit was foreign, exotic, and barbaric. Primal and fierce!

Every time I see your face I think of things unpure unchaste, I want to fuck you like a dog, I'll take you home and make you like it.

And oh my Mary Mother of God, the fuck-me dimples, and I was not even talking about ass dimples! Y-U-H-U-M! Not to mention the hair. Long hair on a man had never been such a turn-on for me. Until now. His was a straight jet black full mane that reached his shoulder blades and swept around his face.

Your hair's too long and in your eyes, your lips a perfect suck-me size.

Oooh, I wanted to bury my fingers into it, rip it back and wind it around my fist before shoving his majestic face into my full moons; I'd let him howl there if he wanted!

He taunted me with those shortest of short cutoffs as he mowed his lawn, mow my lawn, puh-lease!, what the fuck? Was he in a Christly Nair commercial or something? We wear short shorts! was forever dancing across my degenerate mind.

We toyed with each other, from afar, distant and safe.

I knew he lifted weights. He tantalizingly strutted about in, well…practically nothing, all of his ruddy randy hotness on full fuck-me display like he was the Christmas showcase in Macy's main window and left his garage door open wide while he was pumping iron. Gah! Pump me, pump me please! Daringly, I asked him to show me the ropes, secretly wishing he would tie me up to his bed with some kind of rough hemp and senselessly attack my body. "Sure sure," was Jake's succinct reply coupled with a full-on wolfish grin, no smirking from him.

Two sessions in and I wasn't even trying any more. Both times he had progressed from mouth-watering push-ups and pull-ups to equally mind blowing bench presses and other assorted difficult gymnastics that I hardly registered. Lifting weights that probably made my own frame feel like the lightest feather, his iron-clad muscles clenching and releasing, clenching and releasing. Meanwhile, I myself was clenching and releasing, thank FUCK for kegels, until the sweat made a sheen on his giant's body, roving in sexy tracks down his chest, his straining gorgeous Grecian abs, trailing through the wisps of black hair that mirrored the mop on his head and hinted to the lush crop that would surely border his burnt umber man handle. My kitty kat was saying Meeeeow!

I had my own snail track thing going on.

His words were hitting the outside of my ear and then bouncing back against the wall. And he talked a lot! A husky grumble, muttering, with brilliant white teeth gritting through exertion.

Understanding hit me like a brick to the face, like falling out of the ugly tree and hitting shit-central; I made him just as nervous as he made me! That little love nugget emboldened me, made me the fucking personification of Eve, nakedly tempting Adam with the crude apple of knowledge, and covetousness. How could I possibly think when he was all there, nearly fucking naked, hot as all goddamn Hades and Hell and Dante's Nine Circles of what-the-fuck ever all rolled into one?

The close air of his garage felt like a sauna as I tried to tear my eyes, all agog in awe, away from Jake and his whatever pack! I'd lost count, getting dizzy and wrapped up in my perusal of the weft and warp of his abs, trying to restrain myself from pulling my fingertips all along the lushness of him. Wait, why was I restraining myself from this body obviously created by God himself with a hefty dose of weight training? Get to it girl!

I was done with pussy-footing around. I was practically wetting myself waiting for him to break out his penis peace pipe…I so wanted to take a toke on that!

I approached him on shaky legs, blaming the shivers on the lunges I'd just been trying and failing to execute. Quelling my nerves and dampening any thought of Edward, in absorbed fascination, I watched these hands that could not possibly be mine, not quivering, not shaking, only sneaking out to snake up his most insanely sculpted tummy. He quivered. He shook; he trembled in spite of himself at my barest of intrepid caresses.

And his skin was blazingly hot! Now I realized why he ran about half-clothed! His flesh seared mine from the outside in.

Uninhibited, I let loose with everything I should never have thought let alone act upon! All my feelings were given free reign just as my hands were, and truth and lewd observations and absurd ideas assaulted me at will!

I allowed every traitorous act of my Benedict Arnold body.

Firm was not the right word. Sadistically rock hard, the indentations more like caverns of flesh that sucked in with every one of my touches. I alternately gripped and whispered down his body, ripped across his deep brown nipples, hooking and pulling and piercing my finger until it bled on the spiky splinter of bone that punctured him, outlined his tense sunset colored pecs with one lilting teasing finger before spreading my fingers wide to splay my hands across the unfathomable expanse of his abdomen. Outlining each and every muscle and trailing my fingertips into the whorled grotto of his tight, tight belly button. With the back of my index finger alone, I swirled down his beckoning happiness trail, ending with a vicious tug so that his beast of a body jerked.

A canine howl broke through his clenched square jaw and echoed around us. And still I did not stop. I'd almost reached the thick timber of his wood that was so shabbily housed in frayed denim sweet ass cut-offs before he trembled back into himself enough to grab my hands, fucking baby doll hands in his Wolfman Jack grip.

He pulled me straight against his straining body and the beads of his nips were almost as hard as mine, what a fucking turn on! Jake yanked on my ponytail with one hand, as though I was a wild Mustang, while plastering his other on the side of my neck, attempting to crash his mouth to mine.

Even more than halfway gone with the feel of his incinerating flesh wrapped all around mine, his chest crushing and flattening my breasts, making my nipples peak like Mount fucking Everest, I knew enough to halt his descent. A kiss was the only thing I would deny him; I could not let him near my lips with that mouth of his. I was certain the intimacy of it would bombard me and shake me from this disgusting desire that enthralled me.

His lips advanced and mine retreated. I whipped my face to the side and shook my head. "Don't fucking kiss me." I whispered.

Jake was pissed.

The evil bastard pulled me into the house, his lips curled harder than his biceps had around the weights that were left on the garage floor, abandoned. Once we reached the kitchen, he spun me around until my back was pressed against that ginormous chest of his and his goodies grazed and pulsed against my lower back. His ropey arms came around me and he tied me in place with only his rawhide hands on my wrists, tethering me to the countertop. I was slightly bent over, my ass now in full Houston We Have Contact mode with his taunting tomahawk.

His lush lips grilled my quivering neck and bit hard on my earlobe. In a clipped tone, with a thrust of diamond-hard dick against me, he clearly enunciated this time, "In that case, you cannot look at or touch this." And he pressed that wank magic pole into me again before finishing with his forked tongue tracing the outer shell of my ear then diving inside for an insidious lick, "Unless you let me kiss you. But I'll let you feel it."

He pulled himself out of his cut-offs just enough that I could feel the huge bare length and breadth of him pressed against the tight sweaty silky nylon of my black running shorts. He found the pleasure purchase in my cleft and just stayed there. His progenitors had obviously ordered Super-Sized at the great drive-thru window of conception, and it showed…right down to his jock! What the fuck kind of radioactive contaminated shit did they feed those kids at the reservation? Surely he was not human!

Gripping the ledge of the countertop, my twisted face was reflected in its sparkling granite surface, caught up in a harrowing landscape of intense delight and torture.

"C'mon Bella! Give a dog a bone!" Jake's resolve shook just as his schlong levitated against me, but his voice, so low and raspy and gravelly like an ancient dirt road weakened me even more. My nervous itching-to-be-fucked mind rejoined with 'More like a boner, dog!'

Fucking what? Dry humping in highschool had never been this hot or I'd have lost that big cherrytart V long before Edward! And screw the giant, without even touching or seeing Jake's snake, I could tell it was at least as big as that fairytale beanstalk stretching from fertile soil to the heavens, no mere pween for him. I wanted to hear his long snake moan.

I had earned this. I wanted control of this. But he was suddenly wiser and wilder and sexier and more domineering than I'd given him credit for. I felt I was losing this tug of war in an instant. I wanted to shout, "Heel mongrel!" But I had not even control over the air that was shakily drawing in and out of my lungs, let alone any verbal abilities.

My neck snapped back and into his lambent breath. My back arched, seeking connection. Jake held his mouth minute millimeters away from my skin and aside from his masterful meat Muppet he did not let me touch any other part of him.

My voice broke on a moan of sheer yearning and my sick quavering legs almost crashed me to the floor. Before I even realized that he had malevolently duped me into capitulation, I heard myself gasping, giving myself up, "Please, Jake!"

Whipping my duplicitous body around with a tough tug, only releasing my aching wrists enough to switch hands so that I faced him, still braced and buckled to the counter, he bent his thigh between my legs, sliding its muscled topography into and up and down the wetness that saturated me, slithering. All sense fled at that feeling. I brought my own knee up to prod the soft, hanging, huge sac of his balls, just barely nudging the lowest reaches of his potent appendage again completely hidden and protected from my desperate eyes. Bow fucking wow!

"That's a yes to a kiss then, is it?" His voice triumphant, his expression anything but gentlemanly. The man was so fucking sure of himself now; I knew there would be no stopping him.

I raised my head from the death dance that had been swaying me from side to side and lifted my eyelids, revealing the dilated depths of my craving. Hard and slate-like, Jake's own orbs razed up and down my suffering body before landing on mine. Grin back in place he didn't even bother to wait for my answer. He simply stooped down, cranked me back another notch, yoga is my friend, yoga is my friend, and with a swift incline latched onto my engorged lips.

Ferocious, wet, slathering, slavering and not one bit intimate! The heat of his skin was nothing like the intense fire inside of his mouth as I met and parried every single one of his thrusts. He was so fast and furious, licking and pulling and twining. Tasting and teasing and making me wetter than was humanly possible! He bit my lips, not a gentle teasing nibble, but a full-on bite that drew blood in the most erotic way possible! Then he sucked the tiny crimson droplets away. He mashed his mouth to mine, withholding his tongue teaser while my own searched and sought entrance. Finally I broke away, retreated. Not more than finger's breadth separating us, our mutual gasping breaths lashing across each other's faces.

Uncle. I won.

With a growl, Jake closed the distance and enveloped me once again in a searing snog. As I'd imagined earlier, I reached my hands up into his locks and fisted them until he bellowed, "FUCK Bella!"

I grinned.

That untamed grin set him off on an ambush because he let me go from my bondage to the granite surface only to caveman me! Gripping my thighs, swallowing them in his hands, my face resting against his shoulder blades where I continued to nip and nuzzle, Jake strode through the house to the staircase. He dropped me down. So slowly it was a movement palpably charged with tense sensuality. My soft, petite body sliding against his vigorous, enormous strength caused more moans and groans, such that the air around us was dripping with sex sounds and our bodies ground together, hands reaching and caressing, chests stroking and scraping, legs entwining and twisting and tangling. Heads lowered to each other taking kisses, finding new skin to lick, searching for fresh flesh to pant into.

My tattletale top was gone, shrieking Liar, liar, pants on fire! My shorts dropped as if by magic, my plain white workout thong disappeared. Completely naked, with Jake, on his stairwell, I rode against him. His thighs, his waist, his hips, his yummy scrummy scrot.

Jake yowled as my body distorted around his. He lifted me up again, unga-bunga style but this time with his huge hands gripping my bum, fingers glancing into the crease and riding it down to the pulsing lips below. With my breasts squelched against his back, the bits of my nipples jostling into his clavicle with each stride and his fingers beginning to sweep up and down the thick of my pussy, I was crying out with every breath!

Finally we reached his room. His boy-man abode. Through the schmex-haze that threatened to blind me, I noted his posters of cars and bikes blue-tacked to the walls, his single-sized bed that looked more suited to a college dorm, covers thrown to the side and sheets that had seen a washing who-knew-when all rumpled with sleep and tossing and turning.

And through the window, I could see my own house.

I wasn't able to follow that through to its logical conclusion because Jake the fucking Snake lowered me, bent me over his desk, and went to work on my dastardly derriere! His hands reached up and wrapped around me, easily engulfing both breasts, tweaking my tips and making me squeal like a goddamn cheerleader caught in a love embrace behind the bleachers!

God! He was too young, too fresh, too frisky, too dirty, too rotten, too…everything! I wasn't even positive he was of legal age, but fuck it. Just call me Mary Kay Letourneau!

His whole mouth enveloped one entire cheek before releasing and biting, I was sure he was going to leave the mark of his canines, but I didn't give a shit. The feel of his lips licking and paving wetness all up and down my ass was so worth prison time and permanent scars!

When my nipples had reached the ultimate dark red, rock hard, cut-through-glass state of arousal and my bottom was pink with his continued cruel caresses, ass man much?, I whimpered and whined and spread my legs a bit further, hoping to tempt his suck lips lower. My minge needed attending to, pronto Tonto!

Sick boy already!

Thank fuck he took the hint and traipsed like a mammoth Red Riding Hood right down to my tiny nub hooded in a caul of pink skin. And this was leagues better than the ass munching of seconds before! His shockingly acrobatic tongue dove in and out, up and down, slid and lapped before his impure lips enveloped the whole of me in a cunt-kiss the likes of which I had never experienced! I shuddered and cried and wailed and keened and bereaved for my clit that was certainly going to shrivel up and die if it didn't get just this type of attention several times a day!

Trying to regain some control, I sneered down to where his head was becoming a permanent fixture between my legs, tunneling away at my little birdie nest. I attempted to ignore, but pretty much failed, the sensation of his silky jet tendrils lashing my quaking thighs. He was hungry like the wolf! An insolent, indolent, minge maligner!

"Ease up baby; it's not a chew toy!" I squeaked at that last bit, remarkably sounding just like…a squeaky fucking doggie chew toy as one of his long, rough, callused, blue collar man's fingers coated with my potent potion pushed its way inexorably into my arse!

Mmmmm, what a vile Big Bad Wolf! Knock it off with the cock commentary already Bella! Focus! On Jake, who was gorging himself on my fancy feast. I purred. And he was huffing and puffing, licking and sucking, plunging and swilling in all the right places!

Swirling, roiling as if through the daze of five gin and tonics with a dash of angostino bitters drunken stupor, I reached back, grabbed hold of his hair and shoved him away.

Dickhead was still fully clothed, well, as fully clothed as he ever was which meant microscopic shorts and nothing else, and we couldn't have that while I was well on my way to the boffing-fucking-kingdom on high!

Before heading straight to the Promised Land, I needed to have that winking, taunting nipple complete with primordial piecing in my mouth. Pushing Jake away with one ivory hand on his never-ending torso, I stalked him. Playing along, Jake slunk backward until he hit the wall. My blatantly aroused breasts, topped by lusty love buttons, hit him first, on his chest. I slowly swamped him with my soft skin and willowy legs and arms.

A quick snicker up and down his strung-out neck, a bite and pull to his bobbing Adam's apple, and I was off to the races. A few more well-aimed, fluttering flicks brought me to my goal. By this time Jake's body had dissolved against the wall, he struck the back of his head against the plaster innumerous times and was physically incapable of filling his lungs with air. The agony of absolute ardor was like a wrecking ball across his magnificent visage!

His left nipple was calling to me. I opened my mouth whole, then oh-so-slowly pulled my lips inward until the sharp points of the bone hit my inner cheeks and my tongue tapped away with an unstoppable tom-tom beat against his nipple that sought to break away from the skin surrounding it. Moving along the smooth shaving, licking it at both ends and delving to the point where it entered his nib, I kissed him hard.

At the same time, with one hand I knuckled his lowest abs before searching lower. Jake's knees buckled.

Continuing to torture him with my bite and bile until every single solitary breath Jake took shuddered from his heart to his head to his dick, I finally unleashed him, thrilled that I had damaged his body.

Reaching his Nair shorts, my hands made quick work of the zip, and just shushing my fingertips along the panel of his cut-offs I shivered at the unimaginable gargantuan shape of his shaft.

Shedding those bitty vestments from his endless chieftain's legs, I shook yet again to find that he was commando, balls-out and barefaced!

I didn't drool, I had some control, but saliva did well up in my mouth to swill around my tongue before I forced it back with a hard swallow.

With Jake still caked against the wall, I backed up. I needed space and a better vantage point to take in all of that!

His cock stood straight out, proud and forceful, a deeper red brown than the rest of his body, from the silky straight thicket of pubes that were the exact texture as the hair on his splendid head, boldly declaring his virility. It was a warrior in its own right. I wondered if he called it Little Chief, or more aptly, Big Chief! And I could finally see the rest of his tattoo…the wolf's head delved to a taut arched neck before tapering off into a strong native yet contemporary, curling, hooking plinth of ink that only served to highlight Jake's goddamned, unearthly, razor-sharp strut of V man-muscle that beckoned my eyes lower...again. I could not get enough of the sight of him. I had to visually prepare myself for what was to come.

Fucking TIMBER!!! And shiver me timbers! I hoped I was limber enough to take all the fuck of that! I was pole-axed, good fucking GOD, I wanted to be pole-axed, split in two, rent asunder!

Ughing Hell, I was so wet and my mouth was gaping open like a fool who was begging for the restraint of a straightjacket and padded cell, grinning and slightly maniacal!

Everything you ever wanted, everything you ever thought of, is everything I'll do to you; I'll fuck you till your dick is blue.

I pow-wowed before him. My lips and tongue lingered on the lines of the wolf and followed that curvilinear design right down to the famished depths of him. Languidly, I wanted this sensation to last, the feel of him filling all of the gaping holes hidden within me; I took him in my mouth.

Even after I played him hard with my suck magic so he came with the force of Old Faithful, his sexy spunk filling me up, a spunk filled chipmunk, even half deflated he was still as big as a totem pole!

Down boy!

Yeah, he was not going down. Standing on shaky legs, Jake still splayed against the wall, I watched with rapture as his bounteous Billy club lengthened again before my very widened eyes.

Like a villain, having claimed his fill of air again after that impressive orgasm, Jake licked his lips, tasted me upon them, and started his own advance. On the warpath, fucking tomahawkin hand, he was aiming to claim this foreign soil.

Before I even made it three steps back, I hit the desk that was shoved against the far wall of his cell of a room. Jake caught up in one stride, grasped my hair in a death grip, threatening to scalp me. Primitive and uncivilized, his actions made me frenzied with lust!

With his leviathan hands, he pulled me to him and thrust, just once, just along the soaking slit of me, just fucking enough to tease me and cause feral sounds to erupt from my fiery throat. I bit his straining neck.

In retaliation, Jake lashed his tongue over my trembling lips and then plunged inside, his hands lifting me back onto his desk, knocking the piles of papers, collapsing pyramids of books and a jam jar of pens onto the floor. I scrambled back, spread my legs as wide as they would go, and ground my mouth like a she-cat into his.

And I won't lie, I squeed a little bit at the sight of him in all of his russet hued magnificence, in anticipation of it in me. More than a mere squee, I gushed when he started to split me open, standing in front of me, towering over me like a mighty Redwood, thrusting me back upon on his tiny toy-like desk. I couldn't wrap my head around how he could possibly contort his body to fit this diminutive piece of furniture;how the fuck did he manage to get any work done on this thing? It was barely wide enough to contain my luscious ass; elbows braced beneath me, back bowed, legs spread, tits moving with every long snake moan I uttered.

The conceited prick simply sneered at me. And when he started to coil his way into me, the smug fucker spoke harsh and low, "Just say when."

Fucking dirty ass bastard! As if I couldn't handle him! He'd thrown down the sausage-grinder gauntlet and I was surely going to take it up, and in, and sideways, and oh god I hoped backwards! For the record, Edward's love pencil, more like an extra-thick sized chubster, was no laughing matter either. But I had to admit that Jake took gold in girth.

As if I would give him quarter! Badass Bella loved nothing more than a challenge, or The Endeavor, or any other supersonic space shuttle man-rocket that could be shot into my throbbing core!

I bit back the howl that screamed up the back of my throat.

And still he advanced, shifting me, making up room that simply did not goddamn exist.

I choked on a sob of delight, a cry of complete corruption. I was literally choking…god! Had his monster dick sword reached my throat already?

I pushed down an aching breath, found my fleeing voice, edged as it was around the piercing, long, wide prick of him, staved to the walls of my body, and ground out, "Just fucking fuck me already!"

Jake obliged. And I about tore in two in enormous, decadent, degenerate, pleasure-pain!

"Mercy!", I managed to croak out when he was satchel deep into me and cleaving straight up through my body.

His previous arrogance turned to hardened lips, narrowed eyes and flaring nostrils when he completely inhabited me. No longer full of himself. I was full of him!

There was no worship here, no consecration of hallowed ground. Just pure desecrations, demoralization! He was going to fuck me, endlessly. And I welcomed it.

His long board of lurve lashed against me, into me, plumbing through the swells and breakers of my…what-the-fuck-ever! He barreled into me! Plundered me relentlessly, collecting all of my booty;no plucking, pulsing, sensual messterpiece here. Jake stole all of my worldly goods from beneath my nose that was raised high in the air as moan after groan after gasp after cry fled from my lips with the force of his thrusts that rearranged my insides. He plowed me and burrowed in me and scraped and rasped against all of the intimate furrows of my insides until I was on the verge of weeping; wanton, wicked and wild.

No doubt about it, he was a goddamn cockstar! Did he play Guitar Hero with his wanger or what? The things he could do with that succulent drool-worthy monstrosity were un-fucking-believable and should have been impossible.

It took only minutes for me to reach my second mind-blowing, body breaking orgasm. My entire being arched backwards and my arms were flung out as if in crucifixion posture! Prostrate in ecstasy.

I was still trying to breathe, and Jake was still trying to please…his movements never ceased, never wavered, and never waned. Not one fucking bit!

Instead, he managed to seat himself, with me still attached to him, screwed hard against him, on the straight backed wooden chair that looked so ridiculously tiny under his insanely immense naked body I suspected him of stealing it from the local highschool. Oh fucking GOD! I didn't have a chance to climb down from the ceiling of my last climax before new ripples started rolling out all along my body when I felt what he was doing now.

With me on his lap, his forearms beneath my thighs, hands reaching up behind me to seize my weaving waist, I was spread wide while Jake effortlessly did curls with my body! Lifting me up and down, slowly, arduously. Twisting, heaving, huffing, our faces crashed, lips tugged, teeth nicked.

Oh so hellatiously slowly, he worked me up and down that weapon of mass destruction with me in its detonation zone, until I could hear myself beginning to whimper.

His slow pace was beginning to piss me off! And like any self-possessed, successful woman, I started to whine and beg and plead…in between gasps and panting at the fucking huge width of him slowly spoiling me.

And the asshole just grinned, baring his sharpened teeth, clenching his jaw as if in denial of his own desires.

He was the Crazy Horse of Cock! A naked Kevin Costner in Dances with Wolves was entombed in a white man's shame next to this superb exhibition!

Sweat slicked between us, but still Jake persevered, releasing my mouth to meld his own to my pendulous swinging breasts that beat in an unstoppable rhythm to our slapping skin. Tits-a-fuckin-hoy! Great, now we were doing Pirates of the Caribbean! I needed to rein that shit in already! I was already walking-riding- the plank!

Finally, finally, when I was about to snap in two with the wildness of this fuckfest, Jake slid his arms from under me to hold my hips and simply plow straightforwardly into me. All pretenses were gone. Just tremendous fucking. His face echoed the torture in mine. Frantic, harried, half mad and all the way gone.

As soon as the shuddering turned to seizures and breakers of blinding bliss, tearing my limbs apart and throwing me backward against Jake's encircling arms, the wetness that spilled out from inside my body was so intense that even tears leaked from my eyes and rushed down my face before landing in the wide open gasping silent scream of my mouth!

And Jake, holy hell, Jake! His eruption this time was not even a geyser, more like a volcano! Vesuvius had nothing on the force of his orgasm and I could literally feel the melted hot lava of him surging into the condom that hardly contained that entire floe!

He was a legend.

Thoroughly blasted from the inside out, like he'd taken a jackhammer to my innards, I collapsed into him.

And when my mind was finally capable of thought again, I froze.

That jackhammer had not only wreaked erotic delight, it had inextricably brought disaster. And merciless misery.

Instantly, with stinging awareness, I felt like the lowest of low, a tiny pebble of frozen dog turd left on the neighbor's lawn. Worthless, puke-worthy, contaminated, cruddy. Cuntish.

The tears that had laced my cheeks in Dionysian delight were replaced by torrents of shame and pain and appalling transgression.

Staggering off of Jake's lounging form, I stumbled about gathering my discarded clothes. The sobs were breaking my chest, breaking my heart just as surely as I knew I was going to smash Edward's to smithereens. With this one futile act I already had.

Jake lifted from his lust-languor and tried to wrap his now boneless arms around my harrowed form. I could not stand that. I could not fuck one more person up over my own iniquity.

I only paused long enough to pull on my top and shorts, shoes and socks that littered the stairs and hallway. Jake had followed me, arms opened in supplication. I could not even look at him. All I could whisper, forlornly, stricken, was, "I'm so sorry."

Like a turtle, a slug, a snail, I wrenched my way through his domicile and out the door. Like a sick snake, unable to shed the skin of my immorality, I slunk across the road to mine and Edward's house, the house that had always been our haven but that was about to become our hell of my own creation.

He would see through this sham, my sniveling nose and tear-tracked face would give me away at once. Not to mention my hollow eyes and the bereft pressure that was tearing me up. Even though I had imagined this to be my big, grand, blockbuster secret, I now realized that could never happen.

Edward. Edward was my touchstone. If I could not be truthful with him then I was nothing more than an imposter. A poser.

The hara-kiri, the atrocity that Jake and I had just committed had been devoid of any deep feeling...and it left me hollow rather than filled.

Time to face the music. The malediction of my miscalculations.

Edward was home early. I was never late. The paradox of us was about to rip us apart.

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