My life - An adventure

Disclaimer: All Harry Potter works belong to J.K. Rowling.

AN: This story is an idea I got from "Harry Potter and the Memories of Old" by Snowy123. Some of spells are from the story "Harry Potter and the Unlocked Knowledge" by kmfrank.

Chapter 01

As I lay on the hospital bed, I think back to a time when life was simple. I had a room of my own, even if it was the cupboard under the stairs. I wore my cousin's overly large clothes. I did every chore my so-called relatives gave me. And I ate the scraps they left. As I said life was simple.

Now, I have friends to love. Professors to guide. Public to please. Stones to save. Dark lords to fight. And 60-foot basilisks to kill. My name is Harry James Potter and I am the boy-who-lived. Yet again. Life is not simple any more. I look to my left to see Ginny Weasley lying on the bed sleeping. I just saved her from being possessed by 16-year-old megalomaniac who wants to rule the world. But something I never expected happened. Hmmm… Yes, it was totally unexpected.

Just as I stabbed the diary with the basilisk fang, which was coated with my blood, Tom jumped right at me screaming bloody murder. Not literally of course. As the fang went through the diary like a hot knife through butter, Tom gave an anguished scream and his hand went through my head. Pain. Pain like I never felt before. And I screamed. Something inside my head was being ripped. I wanted to die in that moment. Through the hot tears pouring out of my eyes I see a black smoke pouring out of my head. I think through my scar. I can't be sure. The smoke surrounds Tom's hand and then both vanish with a bang as if blasted out of existence. I was conscious enough to see Fawkes, cry on the wound on my hand, neutralizing the Basilisk poison. And then I fainted. I know, not a very manly thing to do. But in my defense, I just got nearly 70 years worth of memories.

Yes, you heard me right. I got good old Volde's memories. All of them until the killing curse bounced back from my forehead. How do I know this? The first memory I dreamed of when I was unconscious was of the night he killed my parents. Yeah, sucks to be me. The first memory I have of my parents is them getting murdered by my hands. NO. Not my hands. Tom's hands. But you must understand, I saw them from his perspective. Not an easy thing to digest. It woke me up. As I opened my eyes with a groan, a vial of some foul liquid is dumped down my throat. Good thing too, my head was killing me. And then I conked out again. The next time I woke up, I looked around and found myself on a hospital bed. Fawkes must have brought me up here. Phoenixes are such wonderful creatures. I could hear people nearby. I didn't want to talk to anyone right then.

At that moment all I could think of is the memory of my parents and how they were murdered. I felt anger like I never felt before. I wanted to kill him for taking their lives. For every time I suffered at the Dursleys' hands. I hated him. And that got me thinking. I wondered what kind of childhood would make a man who would be willing to kill a baby. And then, I saw another memory. It was of a child being whipped with a stick, by a man who put Vernpig to shame. I was confused. Who is this kid I thought. And then came another memory of the same kid even younger, maybe around 6, being bullied by kids twice his age. I saw him talking to a tiny snake and hiding it in his sleeve as he saw the other kids approach him. They pushed him and punched him. And when they left him, the boy pulled the snake from his sleeve only to see it dead. It was crushed under his weight when he fell down. At that moment, I felt the hate he had for everyone around him. And that's when I realized who the kid was. Seeing those early memories of Voldemort, was an experience in humility. I thought I had a bad childhood, but nothing compared to what he had. I was never physically abused by my relatives for which I am thankful. Who knows how I would have turned out?

I lost some of my hate for him. Not enough to not kill him when the time comes. But enough to pity the child who only knew hate and nothing more. I sighed. The next few months will be very interesting. My head feels so full, so fuzzy with all those memories, which are not mine. I need a way to sort them out. That's when I got a memory of occlumency, the art of protecting one's mind from external influences like leglimency. But it has many other uses. Like being able to recollect at a much faster rate. Being able to control one's emotions. The process involves going through one's memories and sorting them out, securing them so that no one other than you can get to them. And just like that I gained the knowledge on how to practice the nearly forgotten art. For the first time since the Basilisk incident, I smiled. Then the smile changed to a scowl. Even though I have the knowledge, it doesn't mean I have the ability yet. I need to develop it from scratch. It's like you read about a spell, know the wand movements, but yet to practice. And it's not an easy task. It will take time and planning. I have to make a plan. Yes! I need a plan to move forward. There are still three weeks left before the term ends and I go back to my 'Family'.

I walk in the nearly empty hallway, deep in thought. The few students who see me, stop to stare at me. Nothing new there. Surprisingly it doesn't bother me anymore. It's been three days since I woke up on the hospital bed. Mrs. Weasley hugged me and thanked me profusely. That was the first hug I ever got and I enjoyed it. It again reminded me of my mother and the memory. I wanted to see it again and again. It's the only memory I have of them and I cherish it.

I reach the gargoyle, which protects the headmaster's office and give it the password. "Blood Lollies". As the gargoyle opens I smile at the headmaster's eccentricities. I climb up the revolving staircase. In the last two days I started organizing my memories. I started with my own since I knew them. Each aspect of my life has its own "folder". There is not much to sort out in my own personal life folder. It was easy. My friends and the people I know got their own folders. That includes candy loving headmasters and bent on world domination dark lords. In the same way each art, such as Transfiguration, has its own folder. In the last two days I finished sorting through my own memories. There is not much one can do when you are magically exhausted and restricted to the hospital bed. I reach the door to the office and am about to knock, when –

"Come in Harry".

Hmmm… I need to know how he does that. I open the door and step inside. I see Dumbledore, McGonagall and Lucius Malfoy in the room. Malfoy seems to be agitated as he is pacing. I'm sure I'll know why very soon. Dumbledore smiles at me congenially. I shuffle nervously while avoiding his eyes. The smile doesn't fool me anymore. Don't get me wrong. I know he's a good man who tries to do the best he can. But he's also a manipulative bastard who thinks that the good of many out weighs the good of few. When I was sorting my memories I analyzed his behavior during my first year and I came to a startling conclusion. He wanted me to face the challenges. He gave me the tools to do so, like the Invisibility cloak and the experience before the mirror of erised. The million gaellon question is, why? Why am I so important, other than the obvious boy-who-lived crap. And it all comes down to the question I asked him at the end of my first year. Why did Voldemort try to kill me? I need to find the answer to this and maybe it lies within one of Voldemort's many memories. But nothing popped up like with the previous few memories.

"Have a seat, Harry", says Dumbledore.

As I sit down, I spy a moment in the corner and see Dobby twisting his ears. Dumbledore follows my sight.

"That's Mr. Malfoy's house elf."

I nod to him, while my thoughts race around. It seems that Mr. Malfoy is not so innocent.

He sneers at me and then back at Dumbledore. "This is not over, Dumbledore. The board of governors will not stand for your arrogance". I always wondered where Draco got his sneer. Must be a family trait. I sense an underlying fear in his voice. Interesting.

Dumbledore answers with his ever-calm voice. "You must do as you see fit, Lucius. You have my answer in the report. The problem has been taken care of." Here he glances at me and smiles.

Lucius sneers again. "Very well. You shall hear from us." He throws one hateful glance at me and strides out kicking Dobby on the way.

"Sir, can I speak to Mr. Malfoy for a few minutes?" Dumbledore smiles and nods. I run outside and spy Mr. Malfoy at the end of the corridor. It's time to take the bull by the horns.

"Mr. Malfoy" I shout. He stops and looks back at me.

I reach him with puffing breaths. I need to get in shape.

He sneers again. It's getting old. He needs a different expression. "What do you want boy?"

It ticks me off. I never liked the word "boy". Too many bad memories of Vernpig. I put on my best poker face. "I'm looking for a house elf and was wondering if you would like to sell me yours".

He gets a calculating look in his eyes. "1000 gaellons and not a knut less."

I shrug. I can afford it. "That's fine with me."

He looks surprised, but nods. He conjures two parchments and writes up a simple contract which states that Lucius Draconis Malfoy is selling his house elf to one Harry James Potter for 1,000 gaellons which will be withdrawn from the 'Potter family vault' at Gringotts on presentation of this agreement. Hmmm… A family vault. Why was I never told of this before? I need to check this out over summer.

We both sign it which makes the parchments glow. As the glow fades I can feel a new bond within me. I glance at Dobby to see him staring at me in adoration.

"I'll owl Gringotts and let them know".

He nods imperiously at me and scowls at Dobby. He gets a nasty smile on his face. "Well Mr. Potter, it was nice doing business with you. Enjoy your new house elf."

I smile back at him. "I will".

He turns around and walks away haughtily.

He walks around the corner just in time for me to be knocked of my feet. I look down to see Dobby hugging me. "Master Harry Potter is the greatest wizard in the world. He freed poor Dobby".

I pat Dobby on his back and pull him up so that I can get back on my feet. At last he waited until the ponce was away.

"Now Dobby, I helped you because you deserve it. There are two options for you. One is I set you free." Dobby looks crestfallen as big fat tears wound up in his eyes. "Or you can work for me." And he smiles.

"Dobby wants to work for Master Harry Potter".

"Then my first command to you is, don't call me Master." Reminds me too much of Volde. Dobby nods his head slowly.

"My second command is never punish yourself". Here he looks up at me with that adoration again and nods. I roll my eyes.

"Good, now until the end of the term, can you stay in the school with me?"

"Yes, Harry Potter sir, Dobby will work in the kitchen with the other house elves." That was news to me. I didn't realize there were house elves here in Hogwarts. But then I guess Filch can't be cooking for us now, can he?

I nod to him and he vanishes with a snap of his fingers.

I walk back to Dumbledor's office to see him talking to McGonagall. As I enter the office, the transfiguration professor gets up to leave. She stops at the door in front of me. "Mr. Potter, please come by my office in the next 3 days to finalize your course list of next year."

I smile at her and nod my acceptance.

As she closes the door leaving Dumbledore and me alone I spy Fawkes staring at me. I smile at him remembering his service. "Thanks for saving me, Fawkes". He trills something like 'you are welcome' and starts preening himself.

As I take a seat, Dumbledore smiles at me. "Well Harry, here we are again at the end of another year."

I answer with a smile. "At the end of another adventure and another hospital trip."

"Yes, it does seem that you are becoming familiar with Madame Pomfrey. Now Harry, can you tell me what happened to cause this trip? Fawkes wouldn't take me to where ever you were before he brought you and Ms. Weasley to the Hospital ward. It seems the sorting hat was involved some how?"

And so I told him the story of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. It was a fascinating tale and I had a good audience. I did leave some important things out like the memories I got from Tom. I don't want to risk his reaction, as I am sure he will be weary of me having such memories. At the end he asked me if I could get the diary and the sword back to him.

As I nodded and got up to get them, Fawkes flew over to shoulder. I look up at Dumbledore.

"It seems that Fawkes wants to see the chamber again". I shrug and the next moment I was covered with fire. It was not hot, but pleasant like a mother's touch.

As I open my eyes, I find myself in the Chamber of Secrets looking at the Basilisk again. Even in death it looks fearsome. I look around the chamber for the first time without fear. It is quite dark. I take out my wand to provide myself with some light. "Lumos". Something is wrong. So very wrong. I only get light with half the intensity I generally get. I try it out a few times including some cleaning charms. I get the same result. It seems my wand is not that compatible with me anymore. I stare at my wand in confusion. Is this because of what happened with the memories or with the basilisk bite? I hear Fawkes trill and nearly jump out of my skin. I forgot he was on my shoulder. He flies over to where the basilisk fang and the diary are and stares at me. I follow him to the spot and pick up the diary. He trills again and points to the fang. I stare at the fang and back at him. "You want me to take the fang?" He nods and then stares at my wand. Ahh… I think I know what he means. I stare at the phoenix in wonder. How much does this bird know? It seems that I have an appointment with Ollivander. I pick up the fang carefully and place it inside my pocket. Next I pick up the sword and see for the first time the name on it "Gryffindor". Wow, I wielded the sword of Gryffindor. Cool.

I pick up the diary as Fawkes gets back on my shoulder. As I get myself to be 'fire ported' Fawkes trills, which sounds more like a laugh. I stare at him with a raised eyebrow. He points to the sword I'm holding. "You can't port the sword?" He shakes his head. What do you know, even a Phoenix has its limitations. Or maybe he doesn't want to destroy the sword… So I walk to the entrance and hiss it to open and I go up the pipe holding on to Fawkes tail feathers. I hide the sword within my robes and walk up to the headmaster's office. He asks me what I think about the sword as he appreciates it. I ask him if I'm related to Gryffindor and he answers with his own cryptic answer that "Only a true Gryffindor can wield this sword". Another question to be answered. Maybe at Gringotts?

I sit in my train compartment looking out the window at the rolling hills. We already had the customary trip from Draco. I told him to go stuff his limp dick down a toilet. Not literally of course. We have ladies in here. I look inside to see Ron and Hermione arguing about something or the other as they always do. Ron is a little angry with me for not choosing divination. I decided to go for Arthimacy, Runes and Care for Magical creatures. With Voldemort's memories, the classes will be a walk in the park. I look to the girl sitting beside me, Ginny, who seems to have lost some of her shyness around me. She's not the same girl who put her elbow in a bowl of butter when I'm near her. We were both touched by an evil so intimately that it draws people together. I also notice for the first time that she is quite beautiful. She still has a little baby fat on her. But nothing which she wouldn't loose in a year or so. She opens her eyes and meets my stare. As we look into each other's eyes, something happens which I didn't expect. Not yet anyway. But then again, the coming year seems to be a year full surprises.

As we stare at each other I felt my mind connecting with hers. It was not something I could control and happened in blink of an eye. I just used leglimency on her without knowing it. But the biggest surprise was her reaction to it. I felt like I hit a wall. Her eyes widened in surprise to match mine and she pushed me out slowly. Well, what do you know, little Ginny Weasley is a Occlumens. It's quite an accomplishment for someone who just finished her first year. Did Tom Riddle's soul fragment leave something behind like Voldemort did to me?

That's right, folks, it was a soul fragment. Also called a Horcrux. A nasty piece of magic that one. To split a soul. But Volde went further than anyone in this field. He split his soul 6 times. In the past 3 weeks as I sorted his memories, I was surprised to find the reason for his supposed immortality. And was I surprised or what. But the best part is I know where they are and how they are protected. There are some nasty enchantments in there, some even Voldemort can't get through without a sacrifice. I don't think he would mind sacrificing one of his minions to get the horcrux if needed. Or put someone under the imperius for that matter. And that's the true power of Voldemort. The curses he uses are nothing special. Don't get me wrong. He is a very powerful wizard. Extremely so, only matched by a handful of others like Dumbledore. But most of the curses he uses only take a bit of power. With enough practice they can be used by anyone, except maybe parselmagic. But his true power comes from having no limitations. Where many hesitate he doesn't. He will torture a 1 year old with cruciatus if it means he gets something out of it. To fight him even with all his knowledge, will be an unenviable task. But it's a challenge and I think I will like this challenge. When the horcrux inside me was destroyed, I think I might have gotten some of his personality traits as well. Or it might be my Slytherin side waking up. The hat did say Slytherin would be a better choice. I feel more confident. I feel a bit mischievous and more than all have a craving for knowledge and adventure. To find something no one ever has. To see places no one has seen thousands of years. I want my life to be more interesting dammit.

I want to learn Magic and explore the world. Find the hidden places and learn the forgotten arts. Magic itself is neutral and depends on how it was used. Intention is the key. I need every advantage I can get. And if on the way, I find myself enjoying it, hey I won't complain. There is still much to know. I only had time to go through half of his memories.

As I immerse myself in these thoughts, Ginny gets up and steps out of the compartment. I give her half a minute and follow her out. As I step out I see her walk into a compartment. As she closes the door behind her, she sees me and pauses. She shuts the door softly. I walk to the compartment and knock on the door. Getting no response, I open it and look inside to see Ginny alone.

"Hello Ginny"

She responds with a slight smile. "Hello Harry".

I sit across from her. "So, Ginny… Occlumency for a first year is quite rare?" I ask her with mild curiosity.

She smirks at me. "Not as rare as a leglimency for a second year". I raise my eyebrow. I never saw this side of her before. Interesting.

"Indeed. Afraid people will know your secrets?"

"Just those who can't keep their curiosity to themselves." She cocks her head to the side with a soft smile playing on her lips. "You know Harry, curiosity killed the cat or so the saying goes".

My, was that a threat. "But I'm no cat, darling". I'm a bit surprised at my own daring.

She smirks at me. "You most certainly are not, Harry".

I reach to her, for the first time consciously, with a soft mental probe. Lets test how good she is, not that I'm an expert leglimens. But she still feels it and blocks it. She looses her smile weary of me. "Keep out of my mind, Harry. I don't appreciate the intrusion. This is the last time I'll tell you".

"And what If I don't listen?"

She scowls darkly at me and send a silent stunner. We are too close to raise a shield. I duck under the stunner and twist around to stand further away from her. She sends in a second stunner and I block it this time with a silent absolvo. A shield, which absorbs the magic and not reflect it like a protego. One of the few spells I practiced from Volde's memories. I stare at her through the shield. Seeing no other stunner on the way, I drop it. It was not good anyway. I really need to get my wand modified.

"Non verbal magic, Ginny?"

She raises her head and responds with the same intensity. "I can say the same for you, Harry".

"It seems we both have our secrets".

She doesn't respond, but gets up to walk out of the compartment. As she walks by me, I catch her hand and pull her to me. She is a few inches shorter than me. We have both grown a few inches this year.

I put a hand around her waist and draw her closer to me. She resists at first but then gives in. As our bodies hug each other I bring my lips close to hers. The tension is tingling all through our bodies. As I stare into her eyes, I tell her "I'm going to find your secrets" in a whisper. And in the same voice she responds back saying "Maybe Harry… But not before I know yours." I lean forward a bit and our lips are practically touching. The moment passes between us and she pulls back from my hold and I let go. She steps out of the compartment closing the door behind her. I collapse on the seat with a smile on my lips. That was interesting indeed.

I sit in back seat with Double chin D, as Vernpig drives the car back home to good old Privet drive. Oh! Have I got a surprise waiting for them. I laugh inside my head like a maniac. Not like the megalomaniac we all love to kill. But like an ordinary twelve going on thirteen-wizard maniac. This summer will be very entertaining. But as I look out the window, my thoughts go back to the few minutes I spent with Ginny alone in the compartment. I'm positive she got something from Tom. Did she get the same memories I did? Or were they limited to the first 16 years of Tom's life? I bet on the second. She didn't have a horcrux in the shape of lightning bolt in her forehead after all.

We reach the house and my three relatives get out without sparing a glance at me. I'm a freak to them.

I smile.

Oh! I can't wait for the next few minutes. I enter the house and go up my stairs. As I reach the landing Dudley tries to elbow me right on my ribs as he quite often did. I step out of the way and he loses his balance and falls down. I smile at him.

"Did little diddy dumpkins get hurt?" I put down my trunk and owl cage just as he gets up with his face twisted into a snarl. He throws a punch, which I sidestep again. I wound up my arm and conk him right on his nose. Blood spurts out and he falls down on his butt in shock. I calmly take my trunk and owl cage into my room. Oh this is getting funnier and funnier. I close the door and put down my stuff.


And he pops in. "Harry Potter sir called".

I smile down at my new henchman. Hee hee hee. I'm an evil brat when I want to be.

"Stay here Dobby. You might need to protect me."

He stands up straight and crosses his hands. "Dobby will not let any harm come to Harry Potter Sir".

"I know Dobby". And just as I said that, I hear Dudley fatass wailing and footsteps coming up the stairs.

I wait with a baited breath. "BOY". And there it is. Vernpig bursts through the door… well like a pig out for its meal. As he enters the room he sees me relaxing on my bed. He steps toward me only to see Dobby standing in the way. Hmmm… I never knew he can do pale. I saw red and I swear I even saw violet. But never white. I think I like it better.

He stutters. "Wha… What is that thing?"

I get up from my bed and place a hand on Dobby's shoulder. "This uncle is my friend and employee, Dobby the house elf". Dobby's ears flutter in giddy happiness as I call him my friend. "He will be here to take care of me. I'll not do your chores and I don't need your food. I'll get my own. If you try to do anything to me, Dobby here will come after you with everything he's got. Is that clear?"

He kept staring at Dobby afraid to speak. I ask him again. "Is that clear?"

"You… You can't do your freak stuff here. Get him out."

I smirk at him. "Of course I won't, but he will. And Dobby will stay here. He will stay out of your way if you stay out of mine. Dobby please levitate my uncle out of my room." And my little henchman does the same. Vernon stumbles in the landing, probably due to lack of blood to his brain.

I put on my angry face and stare down at him. "Tell your wife and son to leave me alone as well." I slam the door on his face. I ask Dobby to put up a silencing charm around the room and then burst out laughing. I give Dobby a pat on the back and tell him he did great. I can hear Vernpig stumbling down the staircase like a drunkard and burst out laughing again. It's far less a punishment than they deserve. But I'm in a generous mood.

Dobby pops out to get me Dinner from the leaky cauldron. I gave him a bag a galleons for both our basic needs. I sober up, as I need to make plans for the next 10 weeks before term begins again. 10 weeks to start learning my way through the knowledge I possess but yet to earn.

In the next two weeks I need to sort out the rest of Volde's memories as I strengthen my rudimentary mental shields. Once that task is done, I'll have his knowledge, but not the skills. Next step is to get my wand modified so it will suit me better. Then, I need to practice my knowledge. But before that I need to modify the ministry's tracking wards. That won't be a simple task. I know for a fact, through Volde's memories of course, that they can't track magic through a wand. They track it by the location. They monitor each location where an underage wizard lives through wards. Similar wards exist in all muggle populated areas. I can't disable them, as that will notify the ministry. The trick is I need to classify myself as a magical creature rather than a wizard. The ministry doesn't care for house elf magic or any other creature magic, as they solely exist in the magical world. Or so they presume. I smirk remembering last summer. Dobby modified his magic to feel like wizard magic. Since I'm the only wizard living in privet drive, if not Surrey, I got the underage notice. That hyper little elf has more brains than my entire family. I laugh again thinking how cool this summer will be.