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"I'm not sorry," she said weakly as stood in front of him, not taking her eyes of the chains she had used to bind him to his beloved ship. But she was lying, she was sorry, he had saved her time and time again when it counted and she had tied him to his death in the most literal way.

"Pirate," he said spitefully, she could hear the anger and the hatred in it and the very word was a slap in the face. She saw him pull uselessly on the chain as she turned to walk off the ship, and she took one last look at his face.

Captain Jack Sparrow would go down with his ship, and Elizabeth Swann would walk away with the image of one of the last good men, chained to a mast and bowing valiantly without loosing eye contact, as the female pirate walked out of his last few minutes of existence.

It was a cruel world, but she could handle it. Guilt shouldn't have been an issue; he had traded her life for his many times, betrayed nearly every person he had ever come into contact with and killed many more people than she could count. But as she took her final step down the wooden ladder to the boat below keeping her eyes trained on the captain the guilt came.

He had traded her life for his and yet saved her at least twice now. He had betrayed Will and Gibbs and many others, yet he always came back and saved them – helped them when they asked him. He had killed more people than she would ever know and yet always to save someone else.

"He fooled us all, right till the end, but I guess that honest streak finally won out," Gibbs said as he walked into Tia Dalma's shack later that evening. Everyone was quiet; Gibbs was right about the world seeming less bright, and it was all her fault. But she would find him and bring him back for everyone in the room, she was sorry and she would fix it.