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Opted for the Easy Way Out

Logan heard the knocking on his door and rolled over to look at the clock. The bright red numbers flashed an angry four twenty and he slapped the clock off the nightstand as he pulled himself out of bed, running his hand through his hair as he slipped on his jeans and headed for the penthouse door.

As he moved through the suite grabbing a shirt, Kendall wandered out of the bathroom and sat herself on the couch flicking on the television. Logan sighed and turned away from her – determined to ignore her – as he answered the door.

He opened his eyes in slight disbelief and then blinked a few times to make sure he was seeing right, "Veronica? It's not even four thirty in the morning what are you doing here? Is everything ok?" Logan pushed further around the door and pulled it shut a little more behind him. As he pressed aside all thoughts of Veronica coming to accuse him of another felony, he hoped Kendall wouldn't notice something was up and come disturb them.

"Logan, I thought about what you said earlier tonight at the prom, and I have nowhere else I can go. I'm so sorry I have to ask but can you help me?" Veronica was almost in tears as she talked and Logan could see she had been crying earlier. But what scared him the most was that the roles were reversing, he was the one that was needed for support and he'd never been in that position before.

"Yeah Veronica I'll help you but I need to know what happened, did someone do something to you? Was it Weevil or the PCHer's?" he moved all the way out into the hallway as he was talking and shrugged on the shirt he had grabbed as he had made his way to the door.

"No Logan, I'm in trouble okay, and it was entirely my fault," she started to cry as she choked out her sentences and Logan placed his hands on her shoulders indicating her to carry on, "I'm pregnant Logan, and I can't tell anyone else. Not Wallace or my dad, not even Mac. I don't know what to do, please, you have to help me."

He looked at her in stunned silence for a minute and then brought a hand up to his face so he could cover his mouth. Veronica took in his face and his posture and began to cry harder, he had to ask her before she left, and he had to know.

"Veronica, just calm down its ok I'm going to help you. But I need to know…am I the father," he wiped a tear away from her cheek and brushed some hair behind her ear, she had calmed slightly but his question made her turn back to tears. He pulled her to his chest and kissed her on the top of the head until she calmed again. He had his answer.

"I'm sorry Logan, I wanted it to be yours, but its not, its Duncan's and I can't get in touch with him. He ran away with his dead ex-girlfriends coma baby and I can't find him, I'm sorry but I couldn't go anywhere else."

Logan walked her to the elevator then got inside with her, he pushed the button for the parking garage and waited until the ride was over and veronica had stopped crying to say anything.

"I'm going to take you to the hospital and have you checked out ok? Don't worry it's a standard procedure I went with Trina when she had that pregnancy scare back when she was in high school, if they ask any questions you tell them I'm the father ok," he reached over in the darkness of the car and held Veronica's hand. She had calmed a lot since they had left the hotel and she was being completely cooperative, it unnerved Logan a little.

"You don't have to do this Logan," she whispered as they passed by the high school, "this isn't your problem I shouldn't have come to you…you don't have to say you're the father. People around here hate me already; a teenage pregnancy won't ruin my reputation either way."

"Being pregnant to your runaway, kidnapping ex-boyfriend is a lot more damaging than being pregnant to your current boyfriend," he said spitefully, "I'm really sorry Veronica that this has happened to you, and I'm going to help you."

He knew everything that he'd said was true. Not long ago he would've been one of the people laughing and sniping at her in the hallways; at least if she said that he was the father many of the 09er's would leave her alone.

"Does this make you my boyfriend then?" she laughed weakly, brushing her hair out from behind her eyes in the darkness. He could tell there was more behind the question than what appeared to be.

"Yes Veronica. Do you think I would agree to be named as the father of your child if I didn't love you? We don't have to actually date if you don't want to, but I do love you Veronica, its just like I said earlier…we're epic," he tightened his grip on her hand a little and felt her move beside him. He pulled into the nearest parking space to the hospital's front entrance and turned to face her.

"I'm really grateful Logan," she leaned forward and kissed him, and when she pulled away and got out of the car he followed her into the hospital. Just before they pushed through the doors Veronica hesitated, Logan grabbed her hand and walked her through the doors and to the front desk. He wasn't going to let her throw any part of her future away.