Chapter 4

"You're stepping on dangerous ground Veronica!" Logan could hear Keith Mars yelling at his daughter through the thick wooden door that led to his bedroom, "Now I want you to tell me what the hell these were doing in your bathroom!"

"Sounds nasty," Wallace commented stiffly from his position seated on the edge of the large bed, fingers tapping against each other rhythmically as he looked around the room, "would you quit pacing already, it's driving me insane."

Logan flashed him a look but slowed his pacing anyway, coming to a stop before the balcony and giving a sigh as he looked out onto the street below, hoping to the highest heavens that the walls in the place weren't thin enough to let any sound escape.

"They've been out there for twenty minutes and they only just started shouting, what the hell could they have been talking about," he asked Wallace with genuine confusion as the other member of Veronica's little Scooby Gang moved from the bed and began to pace back and forth, "I thought the pacing was driving you insane."

"It was… when you were doing it," Wallace grinned a little before continuing his march and Logan took up his previous position on the bed, watching the basketball player come to a halt and spin towards him with his hand out in front of him and finger pointing towards his chest, "you. That out there has something to do with you."

"Really," his tone was flat and his face was blank before he twisted them into an expression of pure wonder, "how did you figure it out, you great detective you?"

"That's not what I meant," Wallace said flatly as he moved a bit closer to Logan and acted out his words with his hands, "maybe Veronica told her dad what you're doing for her."

"I still don't really understand what you're getting at here," Logan said nonchalantly as he rose from the bed and moved around the room with his fingers pressed together at the tips resting on his mouth, mocking the age-old stereotype of a villain planning his next big strike, "what am I doing for Veronica?"

"She told me," Wallace said with a shrug of his shoulders, watching as Logan's face clouded with hurt for a minute and then took on a dark manner, "and before you say anything I'm not gonna tell anyone. If there's one thing I've learnt, it's not to betray our very own Miss Mars."

"Thanks," came his sincere reply as he took the position at the end of the bed again, running a hand through his hair and then over his eyes before looking up to notice that Wallace was staring at him.

"Not many people would do that for someone," Wallace continued to stare as he leant against the door and listened to the yelling from the other room, "you just better take care of them."

Logan almost let slip a questioning them? but recognized the meaning behind Wallace's carefully threatening but happy words, "yeah, I… I will."

Both boys looked towards the door as it was wrenched open and stared at the frazzled looking petite blonde in the doorway, "Logan, can we… talk to you for a second?" she smiled as she talked and tilted her head as a sure sign that this wasn't going to be a pretty, or short conversation, "you're free to go Superstar, Dad will give me a lift home."

"Don't need to tell me twice," Wallace grinned widely as he hugged Veronica and stepped out of the bedroom, holding his hand up in greeting to Logan and then hightailing it out through the living room and to the front door, "Mr Mars."

"Wallace," Keith nodded his head to him to say goodbye and tried to lose a bit of the angry and hell bent dad look that he was sure he had acquired, "say hi to Alicia for me."

As the door clicked shut and Veronica moved into the room, the look he had tried to banish had sprung back to life on his face and he found himself staring down Logan; again.

"Mr Mars," the kid spoke kind of nervously as Veronica rubbed his arm with her free hand as the other entwined around his, "Veronica and I…"

Keith cut him off with a long suffering sigh and reached forwards with his right hand, pulling Veronica gently towards him and then whispering an order for her to grab her coat.

"Logan, I'm tired and old, why don't we just pick this up tomorrow?" he offered the out and waited for the young man to take it, holding out his right hand again for him to shake, smiling slightly as he did, "drop by the office around three."

"Mr Mars," the kid started again, this time with a bit more strength to his voice as Veronica slipped out the door of the suite with a wave of her phone and signalled that she would call him later, her father following behind, "I won't screw up this time."

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