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Lelouch POV

My eyes snapped open violently as the sun, shining much too bright, slanted in through the blind on the windows of my room. I groaned slightly, but not too loud, for fear that I would wake the sleeping girl beside me. As the vision became less blurry inside my violet eyes, I inclined my view to my right, where she lay still deep in slumber.

She was beautiful like no one I'd ever seen, with her ivory skin, long green locks, and big amber eyes.


I smiled as I watched her, her chest gently rising and falling. But she jerked suddenly and I watched as her eyes slowly cracked open.

"Morning." I greeted.

She smiled warmly and snuggled comfortably underneath the covers. "Morning."

I never took a moment like this for granted. After all, I knew that I didn't use to be so fortunate to wake up with her in my bed in the morning.

She sat up straight in bed, rubbing her eyes groggily, her slender body covered up by merely an old shirt of mine. She looked so lovely there, with the sun making her white skin glow. I placed a fluttery kiss upon the shell of her ear, making her giggle.

I wished that moment could go on forever, her with me, loving me, I didn't need anything else. Unfortunately, our time together was limited that morning as it was on any other.

The door to my bedroom creaked open to reveal Suzaku, a good friend of mine and a servant of Count Mao's. He smiled a casual smile at the two of us, his friendly green eyes alit.

"Morning you two." He addressed in his gentle tone.

C.C smiled back at him, "Hello." She said casually.

I, however, didn't smile. Not as though I wasn't happy to see my friend, but, I knew what it meant when he came to see us in the morning. It meant that C.C had to leave me and resume her daily studies and activities.

"It's almost time."Suzaku reminded her, his smile fading because he didn't want her to have to leave any more than I did.

C.C nodded in comply. She hopped off the bed and gathered up her clothes from last night that lay limp on my floor.

Suzaku placed a calm hand on her shoulder. "Ready?" He asked.

"Yes." She replied, and looked over in my direction where I still sat underneath the folds of my sheets.

I nodded, smiling. I would see her later, but still…

"Goodbye." She said, her voice cracking. And yet, she still smiled. She was talented at putting up a front, I'll give her that.

They turned from me and walked out before I could even force the words out of my throat.

"….Bye…" I said quietly to myself.

Then, all too soon, the room was silent. I was alone. No matter who I was with, I was alone without her. But every day, I was required to let her go so that she could go fulfill her daily requirements. And why?


I hated him. There was no way around it. He was the reason that she was secretly miserable on the inside, he was the reason she had to leave me all day until the sun went down, he was the reason she and I had to hide our love affair, and worst of all, he was the reason she could never truly be mine.

Our whole story started with him, actually. If it weren't for him, I actually wouldn't have met her.

And that's where our complicated story begins.

C.C was the daughter of a wealthy family, who, unfortunately, had died many years ago. And though she claimed she couldn't possibly miss people that she barely knew, I could see that she felt as lonely as I did.

C.C had found out after her parents' death that they had arranged a marriage for her so they knew that she would be well taken care of. She was promised to a good family friend of theirs, Count Mao was his name. He was extremely rich and arrogant, almost childish at times, but he had an unconditional love for C.C like no one ever had.

But, in order to ensure that C.C was perfect marriage material, her parents made sure that she studied and became very smart, like any countess, I cringe at the thought, should be. That's where I came in, I was hired to teach C.C about literature and the arts. I must admit, when I walked into that room where she sat waiting for me, waiting for her new teacher and new lessons to begin, I wanted her right then and there.

Before long, I'd actually gotten C.C to open up to me. She was and always has been a shy and detached person, because she had never truly been taught to be someone otherwise. And all her life, that's all she ever would be, whatever someone wanted her to be. But, I showed her that it's okay to be your own person, and not to let other people define you, that, sometimes, you have to do things for yourself as well.

One day, I'd had it. I'd had enough of looking at her, day by day, trying to mentally train myself not to grab her, hold her, look at her beautiful face and piercing eyes. One day, I confessed that I loved her and, if she was that uncomfortable with it, she could send me away and have me replaced, but she didn't. She liked my company, she needed me. She couldn't stand the feeling of being alone without me. She couldn't quite explain it, and she knew she was wrong for turning her back on her fiancée and her family's wishes, but she knew that somehow, as unfamiliar with love as she was, that she'd had feelings too. So, naturally, I went with my instinct. It first started with a few heated kisses that we would slip in-between sessions, and got to a point where I had to have her, even if it was a secret, I knew I had to. I needed her just as much.

And at times, I can't help but think it would have been much easier on the both of us if she had turned me away.

Thus, she and I began a secret affair. Sometimes I would end sessions early just to taste her warm flesh in my mouth. Sometimes she would even blow off plans that she'd had with the Count for dinner and such occasions, claiming she and I had to "practice literary devices" and things. And, stupidly, he fell for it every time.

Every night, she would come into my bedroom and sleep with me, only to wake the next morning, show up at her classes prompt and tidy as though she had done nothing wrong, and start the cycle over again. And Suzaku, my dear friend, watched out for C.C and I. Even though he was a loyal servant to the Count, he kept our affair a secret and even got up every morning to come and fetch C.C so that she had enough time to sneak back into her room before getting ready for her classes. Without Suzaku, much of this wouldn't be possible. And I couldn't thank him enough. Loyal as he was, he was willing to give more devotion to me than he ever could to the Count.

The Count liked me as well, I was one of his favorites, he claimed once. He had no clue that I was betraying him in every way possible. I was supposed to be helping his future bride in her studies, and I secretly caressed her and felt every curve and chamber of her body in the late hours of the night. However, I wasn't sorry. Not for one damned minute. And why?

Because no matter how much she and I loved each other, no matter how many times we secretly had sex, no matter how many times she told me not to be jealous, I couldn't stand his existence. Because I knew all too well that he could have her in a way that I couldn't. Though she seemed mine in every way possible, she was going to be his wife. The thought of their marriage still burns holes in my chest.

That is why, every morning, I am both happy and sad. Happy, because I know she loves me, and bitterly sad because I know that she isn't mine. She doesn't love him, but she won't allow herself to leave him.

I balled my hands into fists and bit my bottom lip to prevent an outburst.

I knew that I should get out of bed and start getting myself ready for her session with me today.

Still channeling my ire and looking for some clothes of my own to wear today, I try and remember the advice that my princess had given me:

"Please, please, Lelouch…don't be jealous…."


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