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Epilogue: A Few Years Later

Lelouch POV

"…Father?" I heard a small voice beckon through the darkness. Turning, I blindly faced my son, who was tucked neatly under his bed sheets.

Just like his mother…

"Yes, Suzaku?" I replied, leaning beside his bed.

"Will you give Momma a hug for me? She didn't seem as happy tonight." He asked, and although I couldn't see them, I could feel his big amber eyes glinting with expectation.

I chuckled and nodded. "I sure will." And with that, kissed him atop his forehead. "Goodnight, son." I whispered in his ear.

"Goodnight, Daddy!" He reiterated and sunk further below his sheets.

I smiled and strode out of the room quietly, shutting his bedroom door only enough that it remained slightly ajar.

Walking as noiselessly as I could through the small hallway that led to mine and C.C's bedroom, a few thoughts lingered in my head.

Yes, C.C and I had managed to get away from our old life and moved to a small town far away enough that no one knew our true identites. Thus, we were able to create an new start for ourselves. Within the first few months of being here, I took C.C as my wife and have loved our life ever since. Even though it wasn't nearly as glamorous as a palace, it didn't matter as long as she was mine.

Since we moved, I haven't been able to hear much about what was happening back at our original whereabouts, but I did hear talk that Suzaku, The Count's advisor, had "found" the Count dead in his quarters. The story was that he shot himself because C.C had run away, and couldn't live with the heartbreak. Therefore, Suzaku had taken my murder and made it something completely different. Yet another way that he saved us.

People from all over have searched for the missing C.C, but would never have thought to look this far. And as for me, no one noticed that I was no longer there. I wasn't nearly as important, and therefore, disappeared altogether.

Also, it has been around 7 years now, and I have not seen my best friend Suzaku. I've been able to cope with the fact that I never will. However, there are other ways that Suzaku is with me. In my memories, of course, but I aslo asked C.C when our son was born if I could name him after Suzaku. She loved the idea. After all, he's one of the main reasons why C.C and I were still together.

Thank you so much, Suzaku. I miss you, and wish you could see your nephew…

Then, my thoughts switched to my beloved son. He was the light of my life, I loved him from the day that C.C had told me she was pregnant. He was now 5 years of age, as unbelievable as it was to me. I always smiled when I looked at him, he reminded me of everything good that there was in my life. It also made me laugh when I looked at him because it reminded me of a time when C.C had complained to me that even though she had to carry him for nine months, he was my spitting image. I had to agree, even though he inherited her beautiful eyes, he looked just like me with his jet black hair, his actions, and his plae skin that resembled mine.

Sorry C.C, maybe next time…

I rounded the corner to my bedroom, a smile present on my face. I noticed my beautiful wife lying in bed, staring blankly at the ceiling.

I sat down on the bed adjacent to her. She turned on her side and faced me. My son was right, she wasn't herself tonight.

"Your son thought something was wrong with mommy, so I promised I'd give you a hug and check on you." I announced and brought her into a hug.

C.C nodded and returned the embrace. "I'm alright, just…thinking." She said.

Somehow I guessed this. "About Mao?" I asked.

She at first didn't reply. "I suppose…" She finally spoke up. "There are just certain nights when I still feel guilty."

My eyes grew downcast slightly. "I know that Mao loved you, and certainly he wanted you for himself, but don't you think he'd be happy knowing that you are happy?" I rebuttled.

"That's true…" She agreed, touching the necklace around her neck with her delicate fingers.

I placed a gentle kiss on her satin lips. "I love you."

"I love you too." She smiled.

I laid myself down on the bed and hugged her form to mine, stroking her body up and down tenderly.

She rested her head upon my chest. "Goodnight." She whispered.

"Goodnight." I murmured.

"Tell Suzaku that Mommy loves him and she's just fine." She laughed, her voice drifting.

"I'll do that." I acepted.

Within minutes of silence, I felt her body rising and falling against mine in comforting slumber.

I felt so sorry for her on nights like this, because I knew that she still blamed herself for everything. In many ways, jealousy can drive a person to do crazy things, both hateful and spiteful, and even cause the person to lose sight of themselves. This much, I'd realized because I was living proof of it.

I was jealous not only because she wasn't my fiancee, but because I knew and still do know to this day that in many ways, C.C loved him. Romantically, perhaps not, but passionately or comfortably, yes. What Mao couldn't seem to learn from all of it was that even though a person may not love you in the sense you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you withall their heart. To this day, C.C keeps the engagement ring that Mao gave to her on a necklace, and she doesn't take it off.

C.C is everything to me, and I love her dearly. Also, I know that she loved me in a sense that she didn't love Mao, and maybe that's what kept me from going totally insane. But now, I don't growl upon hearing his name, I don't feel hatred for him, I have come to terms with the man I killed. It isn't a matter of winning, it's a matter of love and respect for C.C. And I will love her until the day I die.

I've heard it said that jealousy can drive a person mad, and I've found it to very much ring true. However, one must know where to stop it to keep sane. I found murder to be the final straw for me, and I'll never go back. C.C isn't property, she's my love. And one mustn't lose sight of that.

From now on, I have to work on being the best father and husband I can be and not let other emotions mix in with love. I'm starting from this moment on and not looking back.

And that's where our complicated story ends.


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