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The last chapter I dedicate

A few words to the wise,

Read closely! Don't miss them

Sage quips in disguise.


They come from all members

Some who are now gone.

Losing them was hard

But life—it goes on.


While our hearts are still healing

I am willing to bet

Though we can no longer see them,

We will never forget.


The Proverbs, as I know them.


If while shooting at bad guys

A bullet hits your vest,

Stay down—you've been shot!

Take a moment to rest!

Jumping up quickly

Can lead to much strife

Spend a minute on the ground—

It could save your life!


Saying 'I'm sorry' can be quite lame,

(I don't agree with this always,

I've used without shame)

To some, it screams 'weakness'

The ultimate vice,

But –between friends—I am told

It is really quite nice.


In mystics and hauntings we should not believe,

Dwell in science and in facts--

They do not deceive.

Speculation we argue, insinuation we duck,

While we don't believe in coincidence,

We believe in bad luck!


Excessive verbiage is much overrated

Politicians and lawyers

Of this sin are berated,

Zip up those lips! Let action be heard!

A steely eyed stare

Is worth thousands of words!


I've discussed this at length

(It seemed worth consulting)

A slap to the face is very insulting!

A slap to the head

When someone goofs up

Is simply a way to tell them, 'Wake up'!


Power and politics don't sound like much fun,

To run a whole agency is not easily done!

Ass kissing, like castration, seems more of an art,

Please be true to yourself,

Direct your own heart.


When choosing a password to the tree house of life,

You want something strong,

That will not cause you strife!

If you're faithful and honest

(Some of the best traits I know)

'Semper Fi', should do nicely

Give it a go!


If protection from pain is the hearts grand design

If memories cause tears

(Not peace so sublime),

I'll mention no names (but you know who you are)

I've watched you hold back, keeping them far,

I checked with the Nuns--and per the Big Guy above,

While hiding from pain,

You're also hiding from love.


Why dazzle them with brilliance

When you can baffle with ease?

Need time before you've solved it?

Respond in 'tech nese'!

When the answer arrives

(Dodging the slap to the head)

Reveal all in plain English

And say, "That's what I said"!


This ends my ramblings,

Fulfilling a need.

Is there a purpose, do you ask?

Oh, yes! Yes, indeed!


This book is a mirror,

On which you can reflect

Am I speaking in general?

Or am I being direct?


Find the answer to that question--

In the words you have read

(I hope they're not jumbled

Inside of your head)


Take action! Be brave!

Don't doubt you'll succeed

You can do it!

(97 and ¾ percent guaranteed!)


And if my cunning pays off

(Into joy I will delve)

As the Boss man eliminates

Rule number twelve!


A happy ending: for all McAbby's, Tiva's and Jibbs lovers alike! THE END