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Till' SasukeDo You Part

"They both die." This was not happening. There was no way. I was just having one of my freakish nightmares that I would soon wake up from. There would be no audience, no spotlight, and no Sasuke ruining my life. I stared up at the guy who now held me to him, staring out at the audience and seeming…bored?! Oh that friggen prick.

When I heard the soft murmuring of the crowd in front of me, I had to fight off the complete embarrassment I felt. I glanced to Ino, who now sat upright on the stage and stared at me in both confusion and anger. This was not how it was supposed to go…this was not how it was supposed to go!! I struggled against his hold a bit, desperately trying to think of something that could possibly make this all okay. But I was never the thinker of the group, that wasn't my job! That was Shikamaru's or this idiot's job. But he was too busy destroying the entire play to think.

How did this happen?! Oh wait. I knew exactly why my play was dissolving into complete chaos. It was all over a teddy bear.

Well, since I don't want to watch this train wreck in front of me, I guess I can tell you what happened. It started five days ago.


"Hah…a-ah…." Why was he so good at this? I tried to arch my hips into his mouth, struggling to remember the science lab paper I knew was due in an hour. But honestly, how could anyone concentrate when Sasuke had his mouth wrapped around their dick? I shuddered when his stupid tongue licked the slit of my head. This wasn't fair at all; he must have had experience that I didn't even know about! So when I felt a smirk form around my extremely hard member, I tried to hit him. The stupid bastard was playing with me! "Te-Teme…"

He didn't answer verbally, but easily dipped lower onto my cock to take me completely into his mouth. The pleasure that ran through my spine was undeniably strong. I panted heavily, trying to remember that one year ago, I wouldn't have wanted this. But I had changed when I saw my name on his list last week. I didn't bother trying to pretend he was a girl, because it just dulled the sensations. It wasn't what I wanted anymore. His hands gripped my thighs to keep them open, though I doubted I could have closed them now. This was just too much to walk away from. My face was flushed, and my member was dripping in the most undignified way possible. I really didn't give a flying fuck as long as he sucked my head again.

I weakly parted my gaze to look at the clock. Now I had fifty eight minutes. I groaned, from the time or his fingers gripping the lower half of my shaft I wasn't sure, and glared down at him. But with the way my body was trembling beneath him, the bastard would enjoy it. God I hated him.

"H-Hurry up…you-" I bit my lip hard to keep back my shouting when his pace shot up. His lips stroked me in such a way that even if I wanted to, my hips wouldn't stop moving. I blushed when he sent me an arrogant look and slid his arm over my hips to keep them in place. Damnit! Despite what an ass he was, I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. He was everything I hated. Cocky, annoying, freakishly handsome, smart, and a pervert. Okay, so most of those applied to me, but I could pull them off.

"Didn't write your paper again?" His hand was threatening to finish me off by his controlled caresses. And yet, despite the fact he just had me lodged in his mouth, Sasuke was still functioning perfectly fine. I threw my head back to hide how close I was to finishing.

"S-Shut up…" I snapped out. I heard him snort and his breath breezed over my tip. There was no way I was going to cum; it'd only been three minutes! He was not that good.

"Typical." But he played dirty, sliding his tongue slowly along my tip. My stomach muscles cramped up and I couldn't stop his name from bubbling through my clenched teeth. The sharp contrast of his lick and rough hand jerks were too much for my body, and I was sent careening over the edge. I felt nothing but the sweet sensation of my orgasm, something I had unwillingly gotten used to these past couple days. But god, it felt amazing.

Okay, so I lied. He was that good. I fell back hard onto the bed once every part of my orgasm slid through my body, leaving me with a warm numbness. I sighed and closed my eyes, feeling completely ready to call it a day and go to bed. Unfortunately, it was only ten in the morning, and I had class in…

Fifty five minutes.

"You suck," I grumbled out weakly, covering my eyes with my arm. I felt him move off of me, sitting somewhere close on the bed.

"Stop complaining." I weakly shivered at the deep tone in his voice. How did that get to me, even after what he just did? I pushed my arm away to look at him, grinning despite my anger. The one benefit to this who messed up 'relationship' was how disorganized Sasuke looked when he was aroused. His hair wasn't combed or neat and his pale skin did nothing to hide how flustered he was. Sure, he could control his voice fine. But trying to stop physical reactions, like the one that was filling his pants, was a completely different issue. Glancing to said area, I rolled my eyes and grabbed my boxers that had been on me before a certain black-haired idiot decided to 'wake' me up. Even if he was a hard ass, he seemed to find interest in making me cum. Like it was a game for him and I was just some consul for his convenience.

"You couldn't wait until tonight? I have three classes today," I said, glaring over at him. If he cared he didn't show it, shrugging his shoulders. I knew he wasn't going to ask me to help, since his stupid pride got into his way. Sure I didn't either, but then again I wasn't the one who always ended up with the hard on at the end of the game. He stared at the wall in front of us, his legs crossed while one of his hands supported his head. I squirmed a bit, glancing between his impassive face and raging arousal. It had been a four days since the first and only time I got Sasuke off. So mustering up as much courage to extinguish my embarrassment, I spoke. "Hey…uh, jerk….the paper ain't that big of a deal…if you want…I'll…"

"You sound even dumber than normal." God he is such an ass. I growled and crawled over to him, slamming my hand down onto the other side of him. I kept my eyes locked with a black gaze, trying to ignore how close we were. Even after our kitchen...uh…encounter, Sasuke still was the same cold prick. He didn't ask me out. He never called me his boyfriend. He hadn't even admitted he liked me. I'm guessing he didn't feel it necessary. His actions spoke for him.

"You're a real jerk. I'm trying to lend a hand and you're just being stupid. Tell me you want me to help or something!" I shouted. He arched his brow slowly before scoffing.


"Why not? We're like..." I stopped myself, glancing to my lap and gritting my teeth. He just didn't get it. His entire life, he had been showered with adoration. First from his parents, since he was the youngest child. Then the girls at school wouldn't leave him alone. His birthday was practically a holiday in the town, and all of the stores got a surplus of profit. After his dad died, he got even more affection because of how 'strong' he had been. And despite everything he was shown, this idiot couldn't comprehend how to deal with people. How to deal with intimacy that didn't involve an orgasm.

"Dobe." I scrunched my nose at how superior he sounded, like he owned the world. That was the Uchiha in him. It gave him some type of superiority complex. One I wanted to smack right out of him.

"Whatever, it wasn't like I wanted to." I spat the sentence out like bad food. Shoving away from him, I moved through my clothes in an attempt to find something suitable to wear for my last two classes. I was no longer in the mood to write a paper of any sorts, which meant no class for me. I slammed the draw shut and turned to move to the shower when Sasuke's body pinned me to the dresser. Still feeling miffed at his blunt denial of help, I crossed my arms and looked away from him. If he wanted to play the hard ass, I wasn't going to waste any of my precious times with him. Maybe I wasn't straight, but I could still get any chick or dude I wanted to! And since only females followed him around, he was S.O.L.

"You're acting like a girl." Oh! I'm acting like a girl?! He's the one whose stuck pmsing every second of his life! But nooooo, I'm the girl.

"I'm acting like a human. You should try it." I didn't bother to look at him because I knew he could out glare me any day of the year. Another part of his constant PMS.

"You have a paper you need to do, idiot." He pressed two fingers to my forehead, dragging them so I was looking up at him again. Even if I was angry, I could admit that Sasuke looked even hotter up close. And when he wasn't glaring or trying to dissect someone with his gaze, his eyes were very seductive. I stared into them for a few seconds, trying to understand his reason of pointing out the obvious. Maybe I really am too easy to read, because he sighed and spoke again. "The last thing you need is to miss another lab paper. And if you fail, I have to find another roommate. So no, I don't need your help right now."

"So you care about me?" I asked, blinking. Since the teme doesn't have a heart, he sneered and pulled away from me.

"I care about your grades."

"Which is basically saying you care about me."


"Teme! Just say it!" He sent me one more glare before leaning down, placing a hard kiss to my lips. It wasn't the type that people see fireworks for, and my foot sure as hell didn't go up. It was more like aggravation, like Sasuke needed but couldn't say what he meant. He had been taught too much self-restraint. I guess he thought the whole idea of telling me anything was just a little too uncomfortable for him, so he just kissed the hell out of me instead. Not that I minded most of the time, since he was pretty good with his tongue. But this time was different.

"I work tonight. Grab something for dinner on the way home." And with that, he had left the room. I licked my lower lip slowly, catching the last taste of him on my lip while I looked to the clothes I had dropped on the ground. Damn, I let him win again. It kind of made the nice taste in my mouth turn bitter. Next time, there was no way I was letting him get away with that! Whether he wanted to or not, he was going to talk to me. I was Uzumaki Naruto, and I wouldn't lose to him.

Oh yea, the Uchiha needed to be brought down. So for three days straight, I did everything I could to get him to open his mouth and tell, not show, me what we were. It was the most embarrassing three days I had ever been through. Anytime I would show any type of interest in talking to him, he would kiss me (or sometimes, do a little more than that) and then leave to work or study. It was mentally and physically exhausting.

"Naruto! You're on!" I jumped when our stage manager Tenten pushed me onto the stage. Quickly I recovered from the stumble with my lines, completely forgetting I was in the middle of the second performance of our play. I had been too wrapped up in ways to get Sasuke to say something; I almost was late for the first performance. Yea, Ino ripped me a new one after that. You know, if you people saw how she treated her 'Romeo', you'd be reconsidering the idea of love at first sight. I had to put on twice as much stage make-up to cover the bruise on my face.

This time, I had made sure to get there extremely early. But I just couldn't focus. I hadn't seen the idiot all day, and I knew it wasn't on accident. I should of beat him up when I had the chance, making me miss cues in the biggest performance yet of my college career. Luckily I was able to mentally brood on my own after a little while, because I had to lay 'dead' on the floor for a good five minutes before the play ended. Sure I had Ino laying over me, but she hardly weighed enough to even be noticed. I finally sighed when I heard the curtain shut in front of us, looking up and grinning to Ino.

"No wonder Shika wants you to himself, you're a good kisser." I laughed as she blushed and helped me up, the two of us walking toward the rest of the cast for final bows.

"If he wanted me so much, he would have asked me out when we played that boring Shogi game! He was so focused doing his stupid hand signs, he didn't even notice me!" She glared when I laughed, but I honestly couldn't help it. Especially when she tried to do the hand sign, failing miserably. Shikamaru had always said it was to keep him focused and help him think. But apparently, it made him miss the obvious. Like Ino wearing a low cut shirt for a game she knew she'd have to lean over for.

"Did he get you flowers yet for your performance?" I grabbed her hand along with Lee's as we walked to the stage, smiling and bowing several times. I felt pretty damn special when I heard the crowd, and I swore a heard some girls call my name. Even when I was gay girls wanted me! Of course, they didn't know me or Sasuke were gay…neither did the fangirls that were still camping outside of our dorm room…

Ino sighed when we were finally able to move off of the stage, thanking the cast members congratulating us before she spoke.

"Not yet, and we only have one more performance! This completely sucks. What's the point of being Juliet if my Romeo is gay, my Paris is dating my idiotic best friend, and the tech guy doesn't 'feel' like asking me out? What a drag."

"You know you just said wh—"

"I know what I said!!" I jumped back quickly when the blonde girl snapped. Alright, so this was starting to get serious. Shaking my head quickly, I smiled and wrapped my arm around her shoulder.

"Don't worry about it! Your buddy Naruto has got this all figured out!"

"How? You going to throw him on the stage in your costume and play Romeo?"

"No way! That lazy ass wouldn't die of poison; he wouldn't even bother to go to the ball!" We walked into the dressing room together, moving to our respected areas to get changed. I looked over to the divider and smirked, throwing my shirt over my head. "It'd go from Romeo and Juliet to Sleeping Ugly." Then again, Gai was the type to love anything different. We were even lucky that the final death scene was still there. How he managed to get away with it without copyright laws coming to bit him in the ass was a mystery to me.

"So then what's your 'great plan'?" She appeared from her changing area, wearing a pair of black slacks and a white shirt that matched my black one. As a joke, we thought it'd be funny to wear 'I'm with stupid' shirts to the meet and greet, since we both had agreed that our character's deaths were pretty lame. Plus, Shikamaru hated the shirts, whether he admitted it or not.

"Well, I've still got one night to get Sasuke to date someone, right? The last performance is tomorrow, and if I can get him to ask me out, then there's no problem! I'll win the bet, and make Shikamaru ask you out like he should have done months ago." Thought I hadn't really gone public with my change in sexuality, I told my friends. It was strange, but the only one who truly seemed awkward about the situation was Kiba, since we had seen each other half naked tons of times throughout our years of friendship. But once I told him that he was about as cute as the backside of his dog Akamaru, he quickly got over that fear. Shika seemed to already know, and Ino and Sakura instantly saw it as an opportunity to have a gay guy's perspective on life. I don't really think they were happy when they realized I was still as awesomely manly as I was before. And Lee? Just started to exclaim something about the blossoming of a beautiful flower. I wasn't exactly sure if I was the flower he was talking about, but it scared me nonetheless.

"Do you really thing Sasuke will go for that? I mean, no offence Naruto, but he hasn't seemed too happy with you lately." Oh yea. I forgot he had been pretty irritated with my failed attempts to talk. Pretty soon, I was sure he was going to kill me…nah, I'm not worth the jail time.

"Well I'll think of something."

"Oh that's real assuring." I glared at her before I heard the loud crowd awaiting our cast in the meet and greet room. My smile returned when I saw some of my friends from current classes waving to me. I grabbed Ino's wrist and pulled her toward them. "Where are you pulling me?!"

"I want you to meet my friends, duh." And people said I didn't think when I spoke? I shook my head and stopped in front of the group of three. There were two guys and a girl, who seemed to blush whenever guys came in contact with her. It was a little strange, but she was a very sweet girl that never seemed to speak bad about anyone. "Ino, meet my friends from my science class. You know Hyuga Neji and Hyuga Hinata, and this is their friend Abruame Shino. Oh and don't ask him about his glasses, he wears them everywhere."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Yamanaka Ino." She said, smiling cheerfully. Sure, smile for them all nice and sweet. But as soon as we're alone, I just get hit!

"You were very good with your rendition of Juliet." Neji was a theatre kid, even if he didn't participate in the plays. He took tons of theatre classes, and was the school's personal critic. He was completely ruthless and took pride in making fools out of people who couldn't act. Shikamaru made sure to stay far away from him.


"Hey, hey! What about me?" I whined. He stared at me for a moment before he shook his head.

"What about you?"

"You're so mean to me," I said, crossing my arms and scowling. Glancing to Shino and Hinata, I traded the look for a grin. "Well you liked it, right?"

"I didn't know the play had a dance scene. Or sequins. " Shino's quiet statements made me laugh, rubbing the back of my head.

"Well you know how Gai sensei is. He thought it would make it seem less tragic." Even though the play was considered a tragedy, the director still wanted youth to blossom or something strange. Apparently, you do that by adding a random ballet scene, and throwing in flashy costumes.

"Uhm…N-Naruto, I think you did well!" Hinata was a freshman this year, so I doubted she had fully gotten used to the school and how extremely crazy it was. She had, after all, come from an all girls' high school. So the sudden surplus of men around her must have been intimidating. It was probably better that she had found Kiba when she did, because he was very protective of anyone who tried to mess with her kindness, or take her for granted. Neji always said that Hinata was too weak and dependent, and shouldn't have been going to college in the first place. Even though he said that, I could tell that he did want her to do well. It was why he pushed her so much to speak her mind or join some type of club. He knew she could do it with a little push. Really he's a softie behind all that evil critiquing.

"Thanks Hinata, I'm glad you liked it." I blinked when I saw something stuffed in her arm, tilting my head in confusion. "Hey, what cha got there?"

"O-Oh!" Wow she really could get dark when she was embarrassed. I wonder if I looked like that when Sasuke…ah, okay, not a good time. So I focused on her hands when they grabbed the fuzzy item and pulled it in front of her, practically into my chest. I had to step back to get a full view of the fluffy teddy bear that now stared up at me with brown eyes. Around its neck was an orange scarf, and the bear was holding a small bouquet of flowers. "It's for you…for your performance! Kiba wanted me to get you something, since he couldn't come until tomorrow."

"Oh thanks Hinata! Nobody has bought me anything yet! I thought you were going with him to the final performance?" I asked, Hinata nodding quickly while I played with the bear. What can I say; I'm a kid at heart.

"Oh yes, I'll be there tomorrow as well. I just volunteered to he-help with the concession stand tonight."

"Well you better get here early because it's going to be packed with our best performance yet!" Ino poked my side and I yelped, quickly glaring over at her.

"You're going to jinx us Naruto. Now you know something bad is going to happen," Ino said, rolling her eyes and sighing.

"Nah, you're way to into superstitions. We'll be fine. How can you mess up dying?" I waved her off before I looked back to Neji, starting to bug him again about my performance. In the end he told me I was 'proficient', but I knew he just didn't want to tell me the truth. We hung out until Ino made me go home, saying that I needed to get my energy back. Like I ever ran out of that. So around midnight I popped open my dorm door, slightly surprised to find Sasuke lying on the couch. He was reading again, some book for his English lit class. All that stuff bored me, but he sure seemed to enjoy it.

"You bomb?" Wasn't he just so sweet? I sighed and dropped my stuff onto the desk next to the door, shrugging off my hoodie and tossing it at him while I moved into the kitchen.

"No way, I was awesome! You're going to regret waiting till the last show to come see me. Cause afterwards, you're going to want to see it 100 more times." I heard his snort from the kitchen. Jerk.

"Any play that you and Ino are in, I can only handle seeing once."

"One of these days, you're going to regret keeping that stick in your ass. You've got to have splinters by now."

"Hn." I moved back into the living room with a tray of assorted chips, candies, and a steaming bowl of my favorite ramen. I could tell how disgusted he was by the grimace he sent my arrangement before pulling the book to cover his face again. "Do you ever eat normal food?"

"This is normal for me! I call it the 'Uzumaki Naruto diet to success'!" I slurped some of the ramen into my mouth, moaning at the exquisite taste I hadn't had in almost seven hours. Luckily they let me bring a microwave into the dressing room so I could make some while I got ready for the performance. Hey, everyone deals with nervousness in their own ways. I just mow down on lots and lots of ramen.

"You idiot. You're going to die by the time your thirty."

"Shut up! At least I don't eat like a rabbit!"

"Was that an insult or compliment?" He looked up from his book again, and I stuck my tongue out in rebuttal. Ha, take that you asshole. Just to piss him off, I spoke through the noodles in my mouth.

"I bet I'll live longer than you."

"Whatever you say dobe." I swallowed the noodles before looking back down to bowl. Remembering the conversation I had with Ino, I looked back up to him to speak, only to find him gone. I blinked, crawling over his spot to peer past the arm rest, seeing if he had someone fell over it. Nope, no teme there."What's this?"

"Huh?" I looked up from hi spot to see Sasuke was at the desk, holding the teddy bear in his hand. "It's a teddy bear, stupid."

"From who?"

"Well someone's nosy today," I said. He just frowned before turning his attention back to Hinata's present, holding it as if it were toxic. "What the heck is wrong with you? You've gotten tons of teddy bears throughout the years. Hell, you could sell your collection of eBay."

"It smells."

"It what?" He sighed, as if the burden of repeating himself was too much for his prissy body.

"I said, it reeks. Get rid of it." Alright, Sasuke had officially lost his mind if he thought I was going to listen to anything he said. So in retaliation, I jumped off the couch before snatching the bear away from him, hugging it tightly. Even though I had only had it for a little while, the thing was cute and I really liked it. Plus, I could make fun of Kiba later for getting me such a girly gift.

"No way! It doesn't smell, you're just imagining things. And even if it did, I'd just throw it in the wash." Was it just me, or could Sasuke really be scary when he narrowed his eyes like that? Not that I would ever tell him! The last thing I needed was for the idiot to think I was a wuss.

"I don't like it."

"Yea, well I don't like half the shit you got from your rabid fans, but you don't see me complaining! You're just jealous this one's for me and not you! Well not everyone loves you." I lifted my chin a bit, knowing I sounded way more confident than he liked. Sure, he still had 1000 more fans than I did, but at least I actually cared about Hinata.

"That's different."

"Tell me why? Why is it different when you get your stupid presents? Because it's you? Well I've got news for you asshole; you're not the only one who likes me!" I hadn't meant it in the way I said it. I knew that Hinata and Kiba were being friendly, and liked me in the same way I liked them. I truly wasn't trying to pick a fight. But this stupid Uchiha was so wrapped up in his fantasies that everyone had to like him and not me that I was going to strangle him. So what if I got one present? He made it seem like all of his fans just jumped ship! Well actually he would have been happy if that happened. Then he wouldn't have to deal with them.

There was a short silence between us, filled with nothing but glares. And after a few minutes of this, when I wouldn't back down or release my present, something flared in Sasuke's features. Before I had time to speak, Sasuke had me and the bear pressed into the wall, kissing me. My eyes widened a bit in shock, and he easily gained access to my mouth because of my slacked jaw. He didn't waste time asserting himself into my mouth, sliding a leg between mine and forcing them open. The brushing of his thigh against my body was what finally got me to snap back to my sense and kiss him back. I gripped his shoulders with my fingers while I pressed back into the kiss, making sure I had a tight hold on his shirt before I let my head become hazy with pleasure. Even though my body was beyond tired, feeling Sasuke around me while his tongue battled with mine made it less of a problem and more of an inconvenience.

It was the longest kissing session we had ever shared. Most of the time we barely kissed before he was doing something else to my body to make me lose concentration. But this kiss was completely different. Like he was making sure my lips stayed bruised for the rest of my life. He didn't lessen his pressure or participation, and only pulled back for a second to catch air before kissing me again. I felt overwhelmed because while his mouth fought mine, his leg was rubbing into my arousal in a way that was very pleasing. But I didn't move my hips, because if I did I knew he would take it as an invitation to forget about our talk and do whatever he wanted. Finally the fists I had made in his shirt earlier came to use when I pulled him back, panting. He looked so unaffected by what we did, as if he hadn't just swapped spit with me for the past three minutes.


"You can't keep doing that," I growled out, making sure my arms were between us to keep him from kissing me again. The last thing I needed was for Sasuke to make me forget about our argument with a hand job. Yea I know, I sound crazy right? That I wanted to talk instead of have an orgasm was even ridiculous to me. But something had to be done. "I keep telling you to talk, and you're just being thick-headed!"

"Some people know when to shut their mouths."

"You're lucky I don't wanna get kicked out of the school for kicking your ass, or you'd be on the ground crying." He rolled his eyes at me, because we both knew that when it came to fighting, we were equally matched. If he was crying, I didn't want to know what I'd be doing.

"Don't waste air by speaking."

"Teme!" He tried to turn away, but I flipped our positions and slammed him hard against the wall. A small part of me was concerned by the force I used, but my anger overrode that quickly. It was his fault if he got hurt! "I'm still talking!"

"Then speak and let me leave." I could feel myself panting from how fiercely my emotions got a hold of me. But Sasuke looked like nothing was wrong. I glanced down at the bear that was between us on the ground, completely oblivious to what it had caused. I felt some of the anger leave my body as I continued to stare down at it, my fingers slowly dislodging themselves from his shirt. I crouched down to pick it up, staying in the position as I brushed it off. Then gradually, I felt myself laugh.

"You're a fucking prick, you know that? You're so…so wrapped up in yourself, and your ego, it makes me sick." My fingers clenched into the teddy bear, keeping my gaze away from him. It seemed somehow I had gained something from Sasuke, because I could now tell when he watched me too. We were connected by an unbreakable thread from the very beginning, I just never noticed it. "Everybody knows you. Uchiha Sasuke, total heartthrob of the school or whatever title they give you. All I wanted to do was get you a girlfriend so they would just shut up. And this is how it turned out.

"Yea, maybe I'm not as smart or cool as you. Maybe I don't have every girl trained to jump when I arch and eyebrow or walk down the hall. I don't care. You can have that. At least I can tell people what I feel, and not…not hide behind some stupid front!" I swallowed after I raised my voice, not knowing why I was rambling. But even if it didn't make sense in my head, my mouth wouldn't stop. But I guess that's normal for me, or so Sasuke always says. "I…I like…you…and I don't know why. But I do. And this whole thing is new to me. I didn't know I was fucking gay three weeks ago. Hell, I don't even know if I am now. But I like a stupid, pricky, ice cold, teme. At least I know that."

Silence. The thing that Sasuke was best at. It was soon followed by footsteps, and the closing of Sasuke's bedroom door. I didn't move from my spot for what seemed like hours, although the clocks accused me of stretching ten minutes. But when I did get my body working, it felt like lead. Slow, lethargic, completely useless. I almost wanted to laugh at what was going on.

But I'm pretty sure I cried instead.


"Is something wrong, Naruto?" I blinked and looked up at Ino, smiling at the realization that I could still see concern in her face despite all of the make-up. I laughed and nodded, getting a scolding look from the make-up applier for moving so much. So I kept my head still again, trying to not get on her bad side.

"Just sad it's our last performance. I've really liked working with this cast." And it was true. It was probably one the best cast I had ever been with, and even though the play itself was a little skewed, being Romeo wasn't half bad.

"Well don't worry, I already peeked out at the crow and it's massive! I'm glad Sakura got her tickets earlier or else she would have never gotten in. I saw her and Sasuke; they're already in their seats." I almost moved again in shock. Sasuke still had come? It was strange, because neither one of us had said a word to the other since last night. I had actually left the door room early because I didn't like the awkward silence that kept rearing its ugly head. That thing needed to get beaten down with a baseball bat.

"She'd never miss watching you poison yourself. She'll probably cheer when you die, so you better not 'revive' and jump into the crowd," I said, closing my eye for the weird crap the girl was putting on it. I didn't really mind stage make-up, but it sure was a pain to get on. Luckily I didn't have to do it myself, because they paid people to do it for the guys. Well, all except Lee who somehow seemed to know every piece of make-up there was. And here I thought I was supposed to know this stuff. Just goes to show that stereo-types really don't mean shit.

"Maybe I'll convince Gai to change it so I can randomly poison an audience member." It was so nice knowing that they were best friends. Then again, the idea of following her lead didn't seem so bad. Especially thinking about one silent teme. Before I could let those sobering thoughts get to me, the call for places was announced. I thanked the make-up girl before letting Ino drag me to my spot, despite the fact I wasn't even in the opening part until later. Still, it was amusing to hear the insults that the scene had, despite the fact that most people didn't understand them. I say hear because my eyes were constantly moving back to Sasuke, sitting two rows from the front. Even though I was the one who had forced him to go, now I wasn't sure if that was such a great idea.

But I didn't have a choice in the matter. Leaving any thoughts that 'Naruto' would have, I gracefully stepped into character and moved through the play with ease. I didn't look at the crowd once while I was on stage, but hidden behind the curtain I watched Sasuke for any type of reaction or movement. All throughout the first four scenes, Sasuke seemed impassive to whatever Sakura would whisper, or any of the comedic scenes. So in the end, my words didn't get through to him.

Well, at least until the fifth scene. I had been so wrapped up in the whispered compliments from my other cast mates that I didn't have time to sneak back to look at Sasuke. And on the stage, it was impossible. Between me and Lee's dramatic fight, and the two huge chunks of lines I had before I died, I had my hands full. So kneeling down next to Ino, or Juliet, I took the cup of 'poison' and drank it. Really it was tasty fruit punch, but who needed to know that but me and Ino anyways?

"O true apothecary!

Thy drugs are quick. Thus with a kiss I die." And as I bent down to kiss my 'true love', I closed my eyes…no,wait. I didn't close my eyes at all; there was just something over them. I blinked once against the object on my face, growing worried when I heard the whole crowd gasp. Well, most did. But faintly, I could hear giggles and whispers from the girl population of the crowd. Just what the hell was going on?!

"Hn. Yea right, dobe."

"Sa-Sasuke?!" I felt myself being lifted from my knees, the hand gone to reveal that it was, in fact, the one idiot that would dare ruin my last scene as Romeo. Realizing that he had easily picked me up from behind my thighs, I growled and quickly tried to get out of his arms. "Let me go you idiot! You're ruining everything!"

"It's not like it matters." As if to prove his point, he glanced out at the crowd and sighed. "They both die."

And hello again! You've caught up to the here and now. Congrats! You can freak out with me.

"Uchiha Sasuke, what are you doing up there?!" I glanced down at the audience to see Sakura standing up, her hands placed on her hips and glaring at him. "I got to the bathroom for one minute and look what you do!

"Yea!" I shouted, nodding my head quickly at her scolding.

"You ruined a perfectly good chance for Ino to get killed! I ask for one moment in this play, and you have to go and ruin it."

"What?!" Oh great. Now Juliet was back from the dead, standing up and glaring at the audience. Throwing her finger toward Sakura, Ino started to stomp her foot on the stage. "You big forehead!"

"Stupid Ino-pig!"

"Oh! Well why don't you come up here and say that?!" Laughter exploded in the audience as Sakura stumbled her way toward the stage, Ino starting to toss off the jewelry that she was wearing for the play. Watching the entire scene evaporate in front of me while Paris also resurrected himself to stop the girls from killing each other, I glared back at the boy who started the whole thing.

"You did this!"


"That's all you have to say?! You stupid idiot! I'm so kicking your ass once I get down."

"Shut up." And suddenly, the entire auditorium fell quiet. Both girls had stopped trying to get past Lee. The only thing in the entire room that moved was Sasuke's mouth when it licked my lips to open them. My body completely froze up. I sat in Sasuke's arms, in front of hundreds of people, cameras recording us, while he kissed me. It was horrible. It was terrifying. And when he nipped at my lower lip, it was hot. I closed my eyes and kissed him back, knowing somehow that this was better than any admission I could have gotten from him. I barely had time to wrap my arms around his neck before he dropped me back to my feet, pulling apart from the kiss and looking down at me. Even thought it took a few seconds to re-open my gaze, I could tell he was watching me. So once I finally did get control of my body, he nodded and looked out the crowd with that same bored stare.

"Nobody give him presents." …THAT was why he did it?! I was about to strangle him before he continued. "He's mine."

"Sasuke, you were supposed to wait until dinner to tell him!" Sakura snapped from behind me. For once, I wanted to tell her to shut up. Two words. How did he make two words equal what two paragraphs took me to tell him? Those two words answered everything I wanted him to. Did he like me? Yea. Did he want to go out with me? Apparently, since he was under the impression that I was his (even though there was NO way Uzumaki Naruto would ever be owned by him). Did he ask me out? Not really, but I guess that'd have to wait for later. Either way, I had a feeling he assumed I was his boyfriend.

"What a drag." I jumped when I looked to see Shikamaru move onto the stage, and could only stare in shock at the renaissance clothes he had been fit into. Somehow, they really made him look good. He sent a bored glance to Sasuke before sighing loudly, showing how badly he didn't want to be there. "I've just got to kiss her, right? And then I can sleep on the stage?"

"Wha—hey!" I struggled when Sasuke dragged me toward the backstage, glancing back to call for help. But even I became speechless when I saw the less than motivated boy kissing Ino on stage before lazily falling onto his back and closing his eyes. I didn't get to see what happened after that, because the curtain fell in my way. I hardly had time to get my bearings when I realized that Sasuke was pulling me toward the gymnasium. "Sasuke!"

"What?" Even when he spoke, he was busy unlocking the gym door to push it open. How he got the keys I'd never—oh wait, one of the janitors was a girl. That made sense now.

"W-What the hell do you think y-you're doing?!" There was a moment of silence as the door behind us clicked shut, leaving us in complete darkness. I could barely make out his face, and the smirk that curled his lips.

"Claiming what's mine." I felt his hands pull me towards him, and our lips were connected again. I barely bit back a moan while his hands pulled my belt away from my body. I felt around for a moment, grasping onto his neck and kissing him harder while his fingers continued to slowly peel the costume off. His lips found my pulse and sucked, making my eyes close. I could feel the coldness of the room brush against my bare chest, the clothes dropping behind us. I huffed out a hot breath while his fingers skimmed against my nipples.

"W-what…fu-fuck….idiot we ca-cant just…" What was I trying to argue again? What little brain I had left was easily fogged up when his mouth encased my nipple and sucked. I forced my knees not to drop me, using Sasuke's shoulders as anchorage to keep me up. He smirked, something that felt strange against the rougher skin, before he darted his tongue along the bud. Damnit there went my knees.

"Too easy." Now was that comment really needed? I only grunted in response, finding some revenge in biting the side of his neck and sucking. I yelped when two cold hands cupped my bare ass, hoisting me up in a way that had my legs immediately wrapping around his torso. Now where the hell was he walking to?

"Je-Jesus your hands are cold," I muttered along his skin, delighted in the small shivering I had created from my work. I intended to pull his shirt off, but he suddenly dropped me a couple inches down. I blinked a bit as I looked around, the material underneath us not feeling like the gym floor. It was moveable, for one, and it was some flimsy type of material tha—"Gah!"

"Stop thinking, you'll cause brain damage." Despite the need to fight back, my body was completely ignoring my head when his fingers dipped down to catch my semi-aroused member in his palm. The coldness against my skin was torture, and I gripped whatever was underneath me. I leaned my head back, breathing through my nose to keep the noises from coming out while skilled fingers stroked my sensitive arousal. His thumb dabbled in the pre-cum, rubbing the slit in a circle and driving me insane with the pleasure. Already the air around us was becoming much hotter than before, and my hips were starting to buck to meet his hand.

The arm around my waist was much easier to deal with when I couldn't see his daunting smirk. I growled at bit at the thought, but it morphed into a heavy moan once a hot wetness slicked my cock from the base up to the tip. It was enough to make my back arch straight off whatever I was on. The hand had disappeared to somewhere I couldn't feel. Don't worry; his mouth was a fantastic substitution. I could start to feel the sweat dripping along my forehead, probably making a line in the make-up I wore. The room was too hot now, and my body felt ready to burst at the knowledge of how public this was. So I bit my arm quickly when I knew a groan was coming, his mouth tightening suddenly before sucking my entire member into his mouth. The cum was rushing through me, and I was ready to let go when he pulled back quickly. So close to the edge, my entire body jerked in protest.

"F-Fuck! What the he-hell Sasu—" I froze when his eyes appeared in front of mine. But it wasn't that causing my body to tense. It was the slick digit that had just brushed the one area Sasuke hadn't gone near yet. I felt my body twitch, the feeling more pleasurable than I expected. Course, it wasn't actually inside yet.

"Dobe." I knew I looked away when he spoke. Because I knew what he was really saying was 'get ready, because I'm going to fuck you right here'. I wasn't sure how I felt about that yet, especially when the tip of his finger invited itself into my entrance.

"W-Wait!" I snapped, closing my eyes tightly. This was extremely new. No, I wasn't a virgin. But that didn't mean I was okay with the idea of this. I knew my swallow was loud enough for Sasuke to hear, because he leaned down slowly and pulled my ear into his mouth. My eyes shot open and I felt my body jerk back in pleasure, slightly pressing the finger deeper inside of me. Well, that didn't hurt. Somehow he knew what I was thinking, because his finger didn't stay idle. Despite how uncomfortable this entire situation was, my legs spread for him. The appreciation was shown by a second finger, which burned all the way up my spine. I needed to distract myself, or else I was going to stop this right away. So when the fingers slightly parted to stretch my entrance, I quickly grabbed his hair and pulled him down to kiss me.

Our teeth hit for a second from the speed I started the kiss with, but I didn't care. He didn't seem to either, because the fingers never slowed and his lips kept answering mine. It wasn't the best solution for distracting me, which I soon found out after the third digit slid in with his other lubricated friends. But before I could get away, Sasuke's other hand grabbed onto my member, stroking it in time with the thrusts of his fingers. The feeling was painful and erotic at the same time, and I found myself staring above us with half open eyes, my body jerking with each smooth hand motion. So it was no surprise I shouted at the shock of pleasure shooting through my body. It was intense, so intense that after the second jolt of pleasure, I quickly grabbed his wrist and tried to catch my breath from the feeling. He seemed to take that as a sign of approval, because the three fingers slid out of my body and left me feeling an awkward emptiness. It didn't last long, because something else now slid into me. I didn't have time to tense, which I would find out later was exactly why he did it. I sure did scream a lot of incoherent swears though. Because it still stung, and it still felt strange, and he still didn't ask if he could even do it!


"Hn." I felt his fingers slide to my hips, pressing them back a bit before starting to move. The few minutes of my swearing did make the pain dull, and now I could stand to have him inside of me. I closed my eyes tightly, amazing myself at how quickly my body switched from pleasure to pain. It was two angled thrusts that suddenly changed my grunts to moans, and made my toes curl around the edge of whatever we laid on. My arms moved on their own, one grabbing above my head while the other grabbed his cheek. Maybe it was to remind myself that this was Sasuke's body that was thrusting into me, and that I was willingly rocking my hips back into his hands. The pace was too slow and too fast. I wanted to cum right then, and keep that feeling of bliss going forever.

Fucked and being fucked are two completely different feelings. And the prideful part of myself didn't want to admit that I was enjoying sex much more this time around.

"A-ah!" I knew I was the screamer of the two of us, but I still tried not to do it a lot. It was kind of hard to avoid when he lifted my hips with his hands, hitting the spot from before that completely shocked me. The constant pounding against my prostate (I say that now even though I had no idea before) was too much for my body. It convulsed before my orgasm seized hold of me, completely blocking out all of my senses. Except, oddly, my ears, which heard how perfectly lame I moaned his name, while he mumbled mine into my ear. It was thrilling none the less, knowing the jerky motions that were being shoved inside of me were from the normally composed Uchiha Sasuke. I rode my orgasm as long as I could, no longer caring who or what heard us.

Finally, the heavy breathing of exercise filled the air as it normally did in the gym. But this work-out was much more interesting. He kept his arms braced around me, making sure his body didn't squish mine. Or maybe he just didn't want to seem weak. Either way, it gave me time to gain control of my body. And my questions.

"H-How'd you…get Shika…to do that?" Yup, probably not the best idea to bring another guy up after having sex. But my mind was still foggy from our play, and it was the first thing that popped into my head.

"Shut up." Ha! He sounded just as tired as I did! Feeling the pride of wearing him out, I reached up and pushed his side, watching him eventually fall over to lie next to me. My eyes were adjusting better to the area around us, and I could finally tell what we were laying on. Sasuke had somehow gotten one of the wrestling mats from the closet, and thrown one of our sheets onto it. It didn't cover it completely, but it was enough for us two. And it made sure that none of our mess ended up staining the mat. Looking to the side, I realized he had also brought a change of clothes for each of us, along with towels and a bottle of lube. Just throw in some food and we'd be camping instead of fucking.

"You planned all of this?" Well that was a dumb question. He made it clear he agreed by sending me a look that clearly said 'why are you wasting my time speaking'? Oh yea, I was getting so good at the Uchiha language, that I could decipher sentences. "You pervert."

"Hn." He rolled away from me, grabbing the clothes that were his before tossing me my stack along with a towel. I looked at his body when he stood, and frowned when I came to realization that Sasuke had kept all of his clothes on. He had just moved his pants and boxers when needed.

"Hey! Why the hell did I have to get naked if you didn't even bother?!"

"Because I was not fucking someone in tights." And with that, he walked over toward the showers. I blinked for a second, before falling back onto the mat in pure laughter. Sasuke would have sex on a mat where sweaty guys in spandex had groped each other for hours, and yet he couldn't bear the thought of tights? What the hell was wrong with him?!

"You're so messed up in the head teme!" I finally got control of my laugher and grabbed my clothes. Pushing to stand up, I winced and stumbled at the ache in my ass. Great, now I was gonna look funny when I walked. I limped my way over to Sasuke, who was holding the door to the shower room open. And of course, he couldn't control the smirk and little slip of a comment while he followed me toward a shower.

"Least I'm not limping." Oh sure, now he talks.


There had been one good thing about the entire month from hell. I had finally beat Shikamaru in something. Since Sasuke had claimed me as his, he officially became a boyfriend, and therefore was dating. That meant that my plan to get Ino together with Shikamaru was in the bag. And yes, it did happen. Just…not the way I wanted it to.

"What do you mean I lost!? Do you think I like limping like this!" I shouted as I slammed my hands down onto the table in front of us. It was the day after the play, and my ass was currently sitting on an ice pack to try and sooth the pain. Because Sasuke just had to do it again in the shower before I could go see my cast. By the end of the night, you would have thought someone had just beaten the shit out of me by the way I was walking.

"Don't yell," Shikamaru mumbled, leaning on the table and sighing softly. We were sitting in one of the college's restaurants, waiting for Ino and Sasuke to get out of their seminar.

"How on earth could I have lost? I got Sasuke a date! He's my boyfriend."


"Huh?" Slowly Shikamaru opened one of his eyes, looking up at me and sighing.

"I said girlfriend. You're not a girl. Therefore, you're not his girlfriend." Oh what the hell. That wasn't even fair! Sasuke didn't like girls.

"He's gay. How can I get him to go with a girl if he's gay?"

"Hence why I said it was impossible." I clenched my fists together in an effort not to break the table in half. This was all Sasuke's fault. If he had just been straight, I could have won so easily. But a stupid technicality ruined everything.

"This is dumb! All I wanted you to do was ask Ino out! She really likes you, and you're just sitting here like she's not going anywhere. Well I got news for ya Nara, she's pretty well known around the school and she could get any guy she wanted to. You're lucky she even wants you after the stunts you've been pulling!"

"Duh. I know that."

"Then why won't you do something about it?!"

"Because Ino shouldn't be with a guy like me." Well that wasn't his normal response. It was always something dumb like, 'it's too troublesome to ask' when all he had to do was open his mouth. "Ino's not average. She's troublesome. She's loud. She's beautiful. She's fun and exciting. And I'm just average. That's all I've ever wanted to be, and I don't like how she's making me change that. Like acting. I hate acting. But once Sasuke said I'd get to kiss her, I did it. And it was a drag, but worth it. She's someone that brings out the best in people, even if they don't want to. So she needs to be with a guy who won't weigh her down."

"S-Shikamaru…" I could tell how shocked he was when Ino's voice entered the conversation. For once he sat up at normal speed, which was impressive for him. The two looked at each other for a moment, Ino's tears welling in her eyes from the excitement of knowing the truth.

"Aw man, don't cry." Shikamaru hit his forehead before standing up to stop her tears. Ino didn't wait for him, quickly diving into his body and hugging him tightly. The two stumbled back into the side of the booth, Ino not letting go of him.

"You really think I'm pretty?" She muffled into his shirt.

"I guess." He said, shrugging a bit afterwards. She continued to cry against him, her tears being absorbed by his shirt. He seemed to fight with himself for a moment before his body completely relaxed, placing his chin on top of her head. "Jeeze. Troublesome girl."

"Lazy boy," She muttered back, her hold on his body tightening. I could still hear the tears in her voice, but I had a good feeling about this. Now that Ino knew exactly why Shikamaru didn't want to ask her out, that it was faults of his own and not her, there was no way she'd let him go.

I glanced over when I saw Sasuke drop down next to me, staring at Shikamaru and Ino before arching an eyebrow.

"Shikamaru told her the truth…unintentionally," I said, shrugging. He seemed to accept that idea before he glanced to the food in front of me, scoffing.

"Ramen again?"

"You leave me alone! I can hardly walk straight because of you, and I'll eat as much ramen as I damn well please!" As if to prove my point, I poured the rest into my mouth. Instantly the warmth of the soup eased the pain in my body. "Ramen should become a medicine, because it sure relaxes the body."

"And clogs the arteries."

"No wonder you're going to be an archeologist. You're obsessed with death."

"Makes good money."

"Pain in the ass…and I mean both ways." He shrugged and glanced back to Shikamaru and Ino, Ino somehow managing to coax a kiss from her soon-to-be boyfriend.

"Should have known she would eventually break him." I blinked at his odd statement. Falling for the bait, I took one last sip of my ramen before turning to him.

"Why do you say that?" He smirked and leaned forward, licking a line of broth that had dribbled down my chin. Placing a possessive kiss to my lips, he pulled back and waited for me to focus again to answer.

"You can only run away from your 'soul mate' for so long, dobe."

The end! Well? What did you think? I'm not going to lie, I'm nervous. I hope that I tied up all of the loose strings. Extra credit if you can guess what line I stole from the previous chapter. Oh! I do just wanna say this before I get 100000 angry messages. Some of you may be thinking that I made Naruto OOC because of the part where he admits he likes Sasuke and has that long speech. BUT in my honest opinion, Naruto's the biggest talker in the entire show, and he really does preach a lot to the other characters. And then when that doesn't work, he beats the crap out of them. There's actually a funny picture that goes with my idea, here's the link:


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