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It was my 15th birthday. The party was huge! My friends and I were all wearing kimonos for my b-day because we decided to go to a festival in Okinawa!

My outfit was midnight blue with pink sakura flowers on the sleeves and a cat paw on the right side of my torso. I was also wearing my hair up in the usual sloppy pigtail on the side with some hair coming down to my shoulders and another sakura flower holding the pigtail up. (A/N Picture on my profile)

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While I was playing with Yaya and the rest my mom decided to drag me away 15 minutes from midnight!

"Shhh! Darling listen to me the Ikuto and the other kids are going to get picked up by someone so don't worry about them." My mom reassured me. Then my dad appeared behind her holding a midnight blue sapphire necklace cross on a pink ribbon.(Check pro)

"Daddy that's pretty!" I gasped as I stared at the cross pendant.

"Darling we are sorry…" my mother worriedly said

"Wha-" then I started to see red.

Normal POV

Amu started seeing red then fangs started poking out from her gums replacing the once dull teeth that she was fond of. A very silky blue tail with pink tips appeared on her rear and started swooshing back and forth. Two furry blue ears popped up from her head and started twitching trying to get used to the sound of people in the festival. Her once short nails turned to blades that seemed to be her claws.

"GRRR…mother…father…what's happening to me?!" Amu managed to growl out

The two looked at Amu then at one another.

"We will explain once we get home. We left you balcony door open please climb through their while we get home…make sure no one sees you." With that Amu jumped from building to building till Amu got home. Sure enough the balcony door was open and Amu scurried down the stairs as Amu saw her parents and Ami. Ami, Amu bet has already known what happened because once she saw Amu she ran to Amu and said sorry and ran upstairs to her room.

Amu stared at my parents as they told her everything.

Amu's mother POV

"When I was born my father had a power on an animal. So then he explained to me when the first child they have turns 16 they will have a power of an animal hidden inside them. Do you see the pendant your father has? That pendant is passed down from generation to generation. And it seems your animals are more that one." I explained to my daughter that was looking at her claws flexing them to see if they are suitable.

"Huh? More than one animal?" She growled but didn't mean to growl.

"Yes it seems you have a combination of wolf, fox, and slight cat and dog. Here take the pendant, it will let you control some of your powers easily" as I took the pendant out of my husbands hands and gave it to her.

Taking the pendant she slipped it around her neck. Soon her ears turned small and her tail disappeared making her red eyes turn back to honey gold leaving her claws and fangs.

"Whew! I thought I had to growl to speak the whole entire time!" she giggled out.

"Do you accept being like this? You wont… wont be able to see your friends again darling." I replied gently, but with her ears she can hear anything.

Her eyes snapped open and she looked at me.

"Well… yeah I guess because I can't stop this from happening, but why can't I see my friends again?" She sadly said.

"You have to pack your stuff tomorrow and we will be enrolling you to a new school. A school with people like you with different powers." I answered her.

" Hai." She jumped to the top of the stairs and I screamed:

"HEY!! NO JUMPING UP AND DOWN THE STAIRS AMU!!!!" I heard her yelp in my sudden scream then I giggled.

(End of flashback)

Amu Hinamori, I have shoulder lenght hair that is pink with large golden orbs and a perfent body. Now I'm in front of a very large golden gate that seemed to open when we got out of the car.

Then I heard a crash we hurriedly ran through the gates to see….

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