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Professor Zheng was taking to the class while they were taking notes. Lily Potter however was almost sleeping when she looked over at her cousin Hugo Weasley.

She whispered to him very quietly, "What's the point of this class?"

"What do you mean?" Hugo replied putting his quill down.

"It's a muggle class why do we have to take it!" Lily replied.

"It's not really a muggle class." Hugo said trying to get his cousin to enjoy Earth Science.

"What do you mean?" Lily asked.

"It's about the Earth and Science so..." Hugo tried to think of a way to describe it.

"Yeah, we're magic, science means nothing to us." Lily said.

"I know but we do have to take the class." Hugo said picking his quill back up.

"It's so boring and annoying though." Lily said putting her head back on the desk.

"I like it." Hugo said.

"I don't see how." Lily said keeping her head down.

"It's informational." Hugo said still writing.

"To muggles." Lily complained.

"And witches and wizards." Hugo argued.

"Mainly muggles." Lily replied.

"Okay sure, whatever you say." Hugo said trying to concentrate on his notes.

"It's stupid." Lily complained again.

Hugo looked up from his notes. "But-" he tried to say.

"And a waste of time." Lily continued to complain.

"Lil-" Hugo again tried to say.

"I could be out playing Quidditch or studying or something." Lily continued still with her head on the desk.

"Lily!" Hugo practically yelled.

"What!" Lily said picking her head up from the desk. Then she saw Professor McGonagal standing there.

"Miss Potter, if you can find some way to prove this class is a waste of time then you will no longer have to take it." Professor McGonagal said to Lily, who just got a great idea.

"I'll need study and research time." Lily said trying to hold back her smile.

"You can do that during this class." Professor McGongal said.

"Really!" Lily said the smile starting to show itself.

"Go!" Professor McGonagal said sternly.

"Okay! Bye! See ya at lunch Hugo!" Lily said grabbing her bag and book off the table and leaving as fast as she could.

AN: So did you guess which class it was in. Did ya, did ya, did ya! I bet you got it wrong! I bet you guessed it was... Art! Well you were wrong! I wrote this in Earth Science and to be honest I worte this thinking I was Lily... Except without the happy ending where she doesn't have to take the class anymore... Well I don't have to now because it's the NEW SEMESTER! And I now get NEW CLASSES! Our school is a semester class school. We take classes for the semester and then we are done with them! It's great!

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