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The front door of the DiNozzo house slammed open as Lia DiNozzo stomped in. Today had been a bad day for the 16 year old. Her boyfriend had broken up with her, she had failed her algebra test and taken a volleyball to the face.

"Stupid Nick. Stupid math. Stupid ball." She threw her book bag down on the couch and made her way to the kitchen. She opened a drawer, pulled out a towel, went to the freezer and got some ice. She winced slightly as she put the ice filled towel to her bruised face. She sighed heavily as she grabbed her bag and went up to her room.

Lia's room was painted a bright green and there were various posters and pictures on the wall. Most of the pictures were of her and her friends and boyfriend, but some were of her and her family. Her curtains were white and had different sized pink, orange, green and blue circles on them. Her bed was a classic iron design with sheets matching the curtains. There was a desk with a computer, keyboard, a cup holding pencils and pens, framed pictures. Papers and notebooks, and books were lined up against the wall.

She walked over to her desk and looked at a framed picture. The picture was taken of her and Jake 2 years ago. He had left for college when she was 12. Jake had jokingly stated that he had had enough of the crazy NCIS family and wanted to explore the world. He decided to move to California to go to college and no one had dared to tell him that that wasn't exactly 'exploring' because at least he was still in the states.

Lia sighed again as she looked sadly at the picture. Except for the occasional webcam chats, hadn't seen her brother since he left.

"I miss you Jake. You wouldn't have let Nick dump me if you were here." She threw her bag down on her bed and plopped down next to it. She picked the remote to her stereo up and turned on some music, and started to pull out her homework.


Lia looked like a teenaged version of Ziva. She was medium height, thin and had long brown hair. Her eyes, however, were shaped like her fathers and were light green. Her personality varied from day to day, but she was most of the time she was like her mother. She was mature beyond her years. A trait that no doubted came from her mother.


The front door of the DiNozzo house shut quietly as Daniel Michael DiNozzo crept inside. He had heard today that Nick Fox had broken up with his sister. If this was true, she was sure to be in a bad mood. He silently made his way up the stairs and heard the muffled lyrics to, what he assumed, a break-up song. Nick and Lia had been going out officially for about 7 months. They had been going out longer, but Lia wasn't technically supposed to be dating.

The 12 year old timidly put his ear to the door.


Daniel was short for his age and incredibly smart. There was a running joke between the McGee and DiNozzo families that Daniel was actually McGee and Abby's baby and that their son was Tony and Ziva's because of their opposite personalities. Daniel was thin, had longish dark brown hair and bright green eyes. Like his sister, he was very mature and at more times than not, naïve.


"Don't don't, say it didn't happen that way, I won't won't, believe another word that you say. In a clear view there's a silhouette, and I watch you and I can't forget, knew we were done when you locked that door, yeah I figured it out now, breaking's what the heart is for. When I see you in a silhouette, and you hold close, do you feel regret, keeping me down when I hit that floor, and I figured it out girl, breakings what your heart is for. Yeah breaking's what your heart is for." Daniel made to turn and go to his room when his sister's voice made it's way over the music.

"Danny! Come in and help me rip any pictures of Nick off of my walls!"

Daniel grinned. Maybe Lia was in a better mood that he thought. He slowly opened the door to his sister's room.

"I failed my math test today." She said as she continued to write on a piece of paper.

"Mom's gonna kill you." He said back.

"I know. That's what makes this already sucky day even suckier." She looked up and Daniel's eyes widened.

"What happened?!" He rushed to his sister's side to examine her bruised face.

"Simple case of face meets volleyball." She winced as her little brother gently prodded her face.


"You can say that again."

"Say what again?" A voice from the doorway said.

Lia looked up and saw her cousin Christopher McGee leaning against her doorframe.

"Ouch." Daniel answered without turning to see his best friend.


Christopher McGee, preferably 'Chris', was the same age as Daniel, but was immature. He wasn't stupid, he just cared about other things more than his grades. No one really understood why Daniel and Chris were friends because they were polar opposites. Chris liked girls and cars, Daniel liked computers and books. Chris had light brown hair and hazel eyes, a great sense of humor and was charming with the girls. He was a few days older than Daniel, and he never let him forget it.


"Ouch?" Chris questioned. Daniel moved aside so that he could see Lia's face and Chris gasped dramatically.

"What happened Marcia Brady? Did Peter hit you with a football?" He quickly made his way across the room and bent down to examine the bruise.

"Very funny. Try Bridget Hansen with a volleyball.""In the gym Miss Scarlet?" He replied with a grin.

Daniel looked confused, but kept his mouth shut. Lia was sure she'd get asked questions about Chris's references later.

"Where else?" She replied sarcastically. "So are you going to keep looking at me like I have a second head, or are you going to help me tear down pictures of Nick?"

"So it is true." Chris said as he made his way over to a wall, looking for pictures containing the offending person. "Nora wouldn't tell me anything.""That's probably because it wasn't any of your business." Another voice from the doorway, stated.

They all turned to look and their eyes were met with the sight of Nora Anne McGee.

"Nora!" Lia whined as she stood up.

"My god!" She exclaimed. "I heard that you got hit, I just didn't think that it was so…" She trailed off as she examined her friends face. "You're going to need a lot of makeup to cover that."

"Is it that bad?"

Nora gave her a look.

"Maybe I'll keep it. That way I'll look as bad as I feel."

Nora grabbed her friend and pulled her into a hug. "It'll be fine. Nick was an idiot to let you go. He doesn't deserve you anyways." With one last squeeze, she released her friend. "So what are you two doing in here?"


Nora was tall and medium built with jet black hair and blue eyes. She was wearing black eyeliner and mascara and had her hair in low twin braids. She was a lot like her mother in both looks and personality. The color of her eyes was an enigma to her parents, and that was another running joke between the DiNozzo's and McGee's. She was two years older than Lia, but the age difference didn't matter. The girls were closer than sisters.


"Tearing down pictures of the jerk who broke Lee's heart." Chris replied as he ripped a picture in half.

This was a tradition between the four of them. When someone got hurt by a friend or boyfriend they'd destroy any evidence of the past. It helped them 'move on' faster.


"Taking a leaf out of my book are you?" Nora grinned at her friend as she ripped down a picture of Nick and Lia.

"Oh yes." She smiled as she shredded a picture and threw the pieces over her shoulder.


This year was Nora's last year at high school. She had been accepted into MIT like her father. Even though it was closer than California, it was still several hours away. Lia wasn't looking forward to next year, but she knew Nora was excited, so she had to at least pretend to be happy for her friend.


The four friends heard the door slam shut and knew that Tony and or Ziva were home.

"Lia? Dan?" Ziva called.

"Up here!" They both called back.

They heard feet quickly climbing stairs and in a moment both adults were in the doorway beaming.

"We have great news." Tony told them.

"Are you pregnant again?" Chris eyed them suspiciously.

Nora glared at her brother, while Lia grinned.

"Christopher Andrew McGee!" Ziva scolded lightly.

"Sorry Aunt Ziva." He grinned.

"What's the news?" Daniel asked, clearly not seeing the humor of the exchange.

Tony and Ziva looked at each other before replying at the same time.

"Jake's coming home!"


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