Lia took a deep breath before pushing open the front door of Anacostia Senior High School. It had taken quite a bit of begging and pleading before her parents had even considered letting her go back to school, and a considerable amount of more pleading to convince them to let her return. There had been a rumor going around the community that Lia had led Nick on, had sex with him and then cried rape. She had no doubt in her mind who started that scuttlebutt.

She slowly made her way down the hall and towards her locker, ignoring the whispering and pointing, sniggering and laughing.

"Hey Lia!" Came Katie Nielson's voice from behind her. She turned, preparing herself for the worst.

"What period do you have chemistry?" The smiling face asked her.

Lia looked down at her schedule. "Um, sixth."

Katie beamed. "Me too!" She pulled her friend into a hug, and started jumping up and down. "I'll see you there! Maybe we can be partners!" Another girl walked past them and Katie quickly released Lia. "Hey Maddie! What hour do you have geometry?"Lia chuckled at her friend before turning to her locker and entering her combination. She arranged her books and other supplies when she felt and saw hands go over her eyes.

"Guess who." She smiled.

"Sam! I've got to get to class!" The hands came off and she turned to see her boyfriend.

"Classes don't start for another 15 minutes." He grinned at her.


The two's relationship had grown immensely since the wedding. They'd started having the little 'inside jokes' that couples had. They had movie nights, picnics, walks under the stars. Ziva had joked that it had taken Tony and her years to get to that point and that Lia and Sam's relationship was maturing faster than she liked. Sam had given her a ring last week. It was a simple band with a little heart mounted on it. He'd scratched their initials on the back of the heart making it more 'unique and romantic' Nora had said. Lia was completely in love with it.


"Hey Lee? You coming? We're gonna go meet up with some other kids." Chris called from down the hall.

"Yeah, I'll be there in a minute." She slowly closed her locker and made her way over to her friends. Sam, Elizabeth, Jimmy, Chris, Amy, Daniel and Natalie were there talking amongst themselves when she finally arrived. Even though her family was split up again and her best friend was off at college, she knew that she'd be alright with the family that she had right here.


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