Voldemort and Hermione appeared outside Voldemort's house again.

"Losing your imagination?" Hermione asked as Lucius and Severus appeared next to them.

"Your little stunt actually provided a bloody marvelous distraction," Voldemort said as Hermione jerked her hand out of his.

"So is the baby alright?" Voldemort asked, rubbing her belly. Hermione pushed him away.

"Don't touch me!" Hermione growled.

"You've no right to speak to him like that, mudblood!" Lucius said, reaching forward and grabbing a handful of her hair. She elbowed him hard.

"Let go of my husband!" She shouted. Lucius released her and doubled over. In the process he dropped Severus on the ground. Hermione sat on the ground and pulled him close to her. He had a swollen bump across his forehead. She felt tears begin to sting her eyes, she didn't know why but she was getting very emotional at seeing him like this. It reminded her of when he came to bed drenched in blood.

"Get up you wretched thing!" Lucius growled, grabbing her shoulder. He jerked her to her feet and Voldemort grabbed her by the arm. Lucius picked Severus up again.

"Don't cry, you'll be spending a lot of time with him," Voldemort said to her and continued to drag her into the house.

Voldemort drug her to the basement and released her. Lucius dropped Severus on the ground.

"Now get someone competent to watch them!" Voldemort growled. Hermione got down on the ground and pulled Severus to her, his head ended up resting against her belly. 'I have three more months to go, what the hell are they going to do with us?' Hermione thought to herself. She felt her baby move within in her and put a hand on her belly.

"It's ok, shhhhh. Everything's going to be ok," She said, not sure which of them she was actually trying to calm down.

That was when Severus stirred. He groaned and a hand reached to his forehead. Hermione caught him by the wrist before he could touch the wound.

"It will hurt worst if you go poking it," Hermione said. He opened his eyes.

"Where are we?" Severus asked.

"Voldemort's house. He brought us back here because the Order is probably all in New Orleans turning that cemetery upside down," Hermione replied. Severus cursed as he sat up. Hermione steadied him when he swayed from dizziness.

"Are you alright?" Severus asked. Hermione nodded and brushed the hair away from the bump on his head.

"Are you alright?" Hermione asked. Severus grabbed her hand and pulled it down.

"I'm fine, we need to get out of here," Severus said and got to his feet. Hermione held her stomach and felt something in her pocket. She still had that Dagger.

"Severus," She whispered as she removed the weapon. He turned to her and saw the blade. He smirked at her and took it. He hid it on himself and began to pace the room.

Hermione watched him pace and test the walls. She looked him up and down, staring at the wound on his forehead. She cared about him, she actually called him her husband to Lucius. It just popped out, she didn't think about it. She looked down at her ring and over to his.

"I want to get married," Hermione said. Severus paused and looked back at her.

"Pardon?" He asked.

"If we get out of here I want a wedding ceremony," Hermione said.

"The laws been revoked, you are free to be childless and single," He said to her. Hermione looked down at her ring again.

"I don't want to...I want to stay with you," Hermione said. He gave a small laugh.

"And why on Earth do you want that?" Severus asked.

"Because I love you," Hermione answered. He stopped and looked at her.

"You love me?" Severus asked.

"Yes," Hermione answered. She could see he felt awkward and she wondered who the last person to say that to him was.

"You don't have to say anything," Hermione said. Severus nodded and turned back to the wall. He wanted to concentrate on getting them out of there but at the same time he could tell the conversation was keeping her at ease.

"Uhm...What...what would you have me vow to you?" Severus asked.

"...Love our children," Hermione said.

"Children? You want more than one?" Severus asked. Hermione smiled and shrugged.

"Why not?" Hermione asked. Severus nodded.

"I will love my children and their mother, I vow it," Severus said as he continued to pace the perimeter of the room.

"Loyalty? Fidelity?" Hermione asked. Severus actually smiled at her.

Severus walked back over to her and got down on the ground. He crawled up to her.

"I vow it, I vow everything that I am to you and our children. To take care of you, love you, I'll even obey you but let's keep that between us," Severus answered. Hermione laughed and Severus kissed her.

"I vow it, no one will ever know how wonderful you really are but us," Hermione said, rubbing her belly.

"Will you vow me loyalty and fidelity?" Severus asked.

"I vow it, I told you I love you," Hermione said.

"Would you like your wedding before or after graduation?" Severus asked and got back to his feet.

"After, I have finals you know!" Hermione replied. Severus gave a small laugh and shook his head.

"Of course how can I forget," Severus said.

They heard someone coming to the door and Severus got up against the wall next to it. The door opened and a death eater stepped through the threshold. Severus reached forward to grab him but a second death eater he hadn't seen cursed him before he could.

Severus was sent flying into the wall and Hermione got to her feet. She ran to his side and glared at the death eaters.

"Get the knife from him quickly!" The first spoke. The second ran to Hermione and grabbed the knife from the ground. Severus tried to sit up but the death eater struck him with the hilt and rendered him unconscious once again.

"That wasn't necessary! He could die from a concussion, you twit!" Hermione snarled at him. The death eater grabbed her by the hair and held her.

"The dark lord said you had to stay alive because of the brat growing inside you. He didn't say anything about a little torture," He said and drug the tip of the blade across her face. Hermione didn't break eye contact with him as the blade cut her cheek.

"That's enough! You be sure to eat all of this, you hear? You, not him! We'll be bringing his food around when we get to it!" The first death eater said and brought a plate to her.

"Fine!" Hermione said and took the plate.

"You behave! A mediwitch will be by to check on the both of you!" The first death eater said as they both left. Hermione pulled Severus's head into her lap and held him. She ate her food and stayed at Severus' side undisturbed for the remainder of the night.

Harry paced past the mausoleums and tombstones. They had spent the entire day combing through the Lafayette cemetery and found nothing.

"As soon as the sun sets we're going to get people in the air on brooms. Can't risk the norms seeing us," Mr. Lebou said to Harry.

"Norms?" Harry asked.

"Oh what do you call them? Muggles?" Lebou replied. Harry nodded.

"I can't stand this," Harry said and started walking into the graveyards. Lebou grabbed his arm.

"I know you're worried and you're Harry Potter, but you don't know these cemeteries. You'll get lost and then we'll have to send out a search party for you. I promise you can go up with us at sunset and look from the skies," He said. Harry ran his hands through his hair in frustration and sat down on a nearby bench.

"How much longer until Dumbledore gets here?" Harry asked. The principle shrugged.

"He said he had things to do before heading over here," Lebou answered.

"And what the bloody hell could be so important?" Harry asked. They both jumped when they heard a pop. Harry looked over his shoulder.

Tonks was standing a few feet behind Harry.

"Wotcher Tonks!" Harry said. Tonks turned to him and walked to his side.

"Anything? I apparated here the second I heard," Tonks replied.

"They've been searching this cemetery all day, nothing," Harry replied.

"He's not stupid Harry, he's probably moved everything by now. Are there any other cities close by with cemeteries like this?" Tonks asked. Lebou laughed.

"Cities of the Dead," Lebou replied.

"Pardon?" Tonk asked.

"There are 42 cemeteries in New Orleans alone. This is one of the smaller ones," Lebou answered.

"It's a needle in a hay stack," Lebou added. Harry took back to pacing.

"I'd say this was a distraction technique but I don't know the guy you're up against," Lebour said.

"Voldemort," Harry said. Lebou gaped.

"Voldemort, in America?" Lebou asked.

"Apparently," Harry snapped.

"Harry we should get back to Hogwarts," Tonks said. Harry shook his head.

"What if that's what he wants?" Harry asked.

"Harry thinking like that will only run you in circles and you'll drive yourself mad," Tonk replied. Harry shook his head.

"Fine, Thank you Mr. Lebou. You floo Howgarts if you find anything," Harry said. Lebou nodded and held out his hand.

"Will do, Mr. Potter. An honor to meet you, wish it were under better circumstances," He said.

"Likewise," Harry said and apparated with Tonks.

Hermione awoke the next morning to find the basement had been transformed into a much nicer cell. She and Severus were now laying in a bed, there were chairs, a desk, and the lavatory was much cleaner than it had been before. She sat up in the bed and found Severus next to her. She reached over and shook him. He didn't move at all.

"Severus!" Hermione said. She shook him harder and he didn't respond.

"SEVERUS!" Hermione called louder. She felt his neck and a wave of relief overcame her when she felt a pulse beneath her fingers. She cupped his face and looked him over. His forehead had become a nasty bruise. She ran her fingers through his hair and found a sticky spot. It was where he had been hit with the dagger. Her hand came back bloody.

"No, Severus you have to wake up!" Hermione said. She didn't want to admit it but she knew that may never wake up. Too many hard hits to the head, he had a concussion and was slipping.

"Severus..." She whispered.

Hermione jumped when the door flung open and death eaters came in. Hermione was pulled from the bed and one of the death eaters sat next to Severus. He began casting and incanting. Hermiones arms where held firmly as she watched.

"All I can do is put a coma spell on him to keep him breathing. The Dark Lord is going curse the both of you! He wanted Snape conscious for this," The man said and cast the spell.

"Bring her over," He said. Hermione was brought over to the bed and the mediwitch checked her over.

"She's fine, get her breakfast," He said and got to his feet. The other death eaters set a plate on the desk for her.

"A pregnancy healthy meal, enjoy," He said as they all left. Hermione grabbed the plate and got on the bed. She held Severus' hand and his hand laid limp in hers. She looked down at his rigid fingers and swiftly found herself crying into her egg whites.

Harry stared at his food. The thought of eating while Hermione was out there in danger made him sick but as the same time he was starving. He sighed as he took up his fork and made quick work out of cleaning his plate. He shoved the last bite into his mouth and got to his feet. He nearly hit Ginny, whom was about to sit down.

"Harry," Ginny said.

"Not now Gin," Harry said and went to walk around her.

"They're still talking," Ginny told him.

"What do you mean they're still talking? What's there to talk about? Send someone to Voldem-" Harry started to yell. Ginny reached up and put a hand over his mouth.

"Come on, I have an idea," Ginny said and led him out into the hallway. Harry's mouth dropped when he found a large number of Dumbledore's Army in the hall.

"What's going on?" Harry asked.

"We want to help Hermione too, without her I would have never made it through Hogwarts alive," Neville Longbottom spoke up. Harry smiled at him.

"Thanks, guys really. This is Voldemort himself and real death eaters," Harry said.

"We've been keeping up with our practicing," Luna chimed in.

"They were real death eaters in London, were going to help you save Hermione and her baby," Neville said firmly. Harry then nodded as he looked at Ginny.

"Too right, let's go," Harry said.

"How are we getting where ever it is we are getting?" Luna asked. Harry turned to Ginny.

"You said you had an idea," Harry said. Ginny nodded and grabbed his hand again.

She led them to the room of requirement. Harry just looked at her and laughed at himself.

"Alright," Harry said and passed by the blank wall three times and thought about what he needed. The door appeared and they all went inside. The room was empty with a pedestal in the middle. Atop that pedestal was the triwizard cup.

"The Portkey," Harry said to himself.

"Ok, everyone gather around, wands ready. This will take us right to You-know-who's back yard. Be ready the instant we land," Harry said.

"What if she's not there?" Ginny asked.

"One way to find out," Harry said. Ginny nodded and everyone got ready to touch the portkey.

"3...2...1" Harry said and they all touched it in unison.

They appeared in the graveyard outside Voldemorts house. They all ducked down behind tombstones, to block the view of the death eaters standing by the front door of the house.

Harry looked over to the others.

"Ready?" He asked. They all nodded and Harry led the charge.

"My Lord the Order, they're here!" A death eater said, coming into Voldemort's study. Voldemort looked to Bellatrix and Lucius.

"Lucius, keep them at bay. Bellatrix start the spell. They will not stop this," Voldemort said.

"My Lord, Snape is not conscious and the infant is not full term," The mediwitch protested.

"You know the spell to wake him up, USE IT! As for the infant, cut it out of her. It just has to be alive long enough for me to kill it!" Voldemort growled. The Mediwitch nodded and went the basement with Bellatrix.

Hermione jumped when the door burst open. Bellatrix came in with the mediwitch. Bella grabbed her and yanked her from the bed. Hermione slung her fists at the crazy woman and fought her.

"Don't touch me!" Hermione snarled and Bella grabbed a handful of Hermione hair.

"You will hold still or I will kill that brat inside you right now," Bella growled and pushed her wand into Hermione's stomach. Hermione glared at her and let herself get pulled from the bed.

Hermione looked over to the bed and saw the mediwitch working on Severus.

"Hurry it up!" Bella yelled.

"I have to be sure all the bleeding in his brain is stopped before I can revive him or he's just a mindless doll," The Mediwitch defended himself and said a few incantations. He forced Severus awake and Severus opened his eyes. He cried out at the pain throbbing in his head. The pain from his broken skull and the related headache was near paralyzing.

"Severus," Hermione called out to him.

"Shut it!" Bella growled as the mediwitch pulled Severus to his feet.

"Let's go," Bella growled.

They were dragged through the house and to the kitchen. There was a large marble island in the middle and Severus was put on it. Voldemort came in and waved his wand at Severus. Ropes appeared and tied him down. Another wave of the wand removed his shirt.

"Get me the baby, while I get the spell started," Voldemort growled and the mediwitch led Bella and Hermione from the room.

Voldemort stepped up to the table and Severus could barely look at him, his headache was blinding.

"Oh I am going to enjoy this very much, just embrace the pain," Voldemort said and pulled the hair from Severus' face. He used his wand to cut Severus' skin apart. Severus bit his tongue and fought the urge to scream out.

Voldemort paused when they heard a scream from upstairs.

"Hermione," Severus said and began to fight against the restraints.

"HERMIONE!" Severus yelled.

"Now, now, now, hold still or I could mess up," Voldemort replied and sliced across Severus' chest making the pattern. Severus continued to struggle as the blood dripped onto the table. Voldemort made more cuts and looked towards the door when the building shook.

"Great, they are getting closer, THE BABY!" Voldemort bellowed and finished the pattern.

Voldemort left the room and Severus yanked against the ropes but he was getting weak. The blood was pouring from his wounds and his head was still in pain.

"Hermione!" Severus yelled as another explosion went off. He tried to sit up but the last bits of his strength began to fade and he laid back down across the slab. Though it was the last thing he wanted to happen, his eyes drifted shut beyond his control.

Harry busted in the door and paused as he entered the kitchen. Ginny and Luna came in behind him. Harry froze when he saw Severus. He wasn't moving, blood everywhere.

"We're too late," Harry said and walked to the table. Ginny covered her mouth and turned away. It didn't matter who it was she had never seen something like that.

Harry reached to the ropes and untied Severus. He laid Severus arms at his sides.

"What about Hermione?" Luna asked. Harry glared up at the other door in the room.

"One of you go get the Order, one way or another, this ends tonight," Harry growled and went forward leaving Ginny and Luna to decide.

"Do go on, he's your true love after all. It's much less romantic if I fight by his side. Good luck," Luna said and gingerly turned around and left the house in the way they came. Ginny watched her go, glanced at Severus, and then ran to catch up with Harry.

Voldemort stood in the entrance of a guest room as the mediwitch tried inducing labor in Hermione. A full on battle had started outside.

"Hurry up!" Voldemort bellowed.

"Gladly" Harry growled from behind Voldemort. Voldemort wheeled around in time to duck the curse Harry had shot down the hall way at him.

"Cut the damn thing out if you have to!" Voldemort growled into the room before turning back to Harry.

"So good of you visit, Harry," Voldemort smirked at his rival.

"And who's the pretty trinket he has with him? Your girlfriend? Can I play with her?" Bellatrix asked, cocking her head as she came to stand next to her master in the hallway. Ginny glared at the woman and raised her wand higher.

"Doesn't look like she wants to play," Harry replied, glancing back at Ginny.

"Can we take this outside, Harry? Awful cramped in here," Voldemort said. Harry nodded.

"I was thinking the same thing, lead the way," Harry answered. Voldemort smiled at him and walked down the hall. Harry and Ginny followed them. Bellatrix skipped and taunted them as they found themselves outside.

Back in the kitchen, Severus began to stir. He slowly got the grip back on himself. Slipping in and out of consciousness left him disoriented. He reached a hand up to his head and hissed as a few of the cuts spread open with the movement of his muscles. Severus groaned and looked around.

"He...Hermione..." He whispered and sat up.

"Ahhh!" He yelled out at the pain and curled up on his side.

"Hermione," He gulped for air and forced himself to focus. He saw an old knife on the counter and got up. He got to his feet and stumbled forward. He grabbed the knife and looked to the door he saw Voldemort disappear through.

Severus got down the hall, using the wall to steady him.

"Got the damn thing," he heard someone growl. Then he heard it, a sound that made his heart leapt and gave him new energy to rage forward. He heard the sound of a baby, his baby, crying and he ran forward through the open door.

Before him stood the Mediwitch, the bastard was holding a very small infant in his hand as he cast spells over it to keep it alive. Severus looked to the bed and saw Hermione laying on the bed, just as big of a bloody mess as he was. She was unconscious, her stomach was cut open, and blood was soaking into the sheets and her clothes. Severus gripped the knife in his hand and came up behind the meditwitch. With a quick move he had the man by the throat.

"Put the baby down," Severus growled. The Mediwitch did as he was told and put the baby on the bed.

"Heal her," He snarled.

"She's dead!" The Mediwitch answered. Severus dug the knife into his throat.

"No, she's not," Severus seethed in his ear. The Mediwitch raised his wand and cast several spells over her.

"It is the best I can do," He said. Severus shoved him aside and sat next to Hermione. The Mediwitch adjusted his robes and growled as Severus leaned forward and kissed Hermione's forehead.

"You want me to heal you too while I'm at it traitor? So the dark lord can have the pleasure of cutting you open again?" He asked. Severus again gripped the knife handle and stood up suddenly. He swung his arm out and cut the man's face. The Mediwitch, stunned, dropped his wand and held his face. Severus advanced on him and cut him again and again.

"Ahh! Snape! Wait!" The Mediwitch yelled out and Severus flung his arm out, finally cutting the man's throat. Blood sprayed from the wound across Severus' face and the man dropped to the ground.

Severus used his hands to wipe the blood off his face and move his hair back out of his eyes. He reached down and looked at the wand.

"Can't work with Ash," He said to himself before he turned back to Hermione and the baby. He gathered the baby in one hand, he was so small. Severus grabbed the blankets and wrapped him up.

"It's going to be alright," He whispered as the baby fussed. Once his son was bundled, Severus turned his attention to Hermione. He saw blood had spotted across her forehead and he quickly wiped it off with the sheet.

Severus scooped her up in his arm. She was freezing. He rubbed her skin, trying to warm her.

"Hermione," He said and got no answer.

"Hermione!" He yelled and gently shook her. He held her close to him and felt something else come over him.

"Please Hermione, wake up. You don't have to do anything, just open your eyes. That's all you have to do. Just open your eyes," He pleaded. He didn't know what had come over him. His eyes began to sting at the thought of never seeing those gorgeous cinnamon eyes open again. It was much more than that, never seeing her smile. The thought of her not watching her son grown up, the thought of her being dead brought words from his lips.

"I love you," He could finally admit, tears fell down his cheeks. He loved her so much. He loved the woman lying coldly in his arms. What a woman she was, the mother of his child. The first one to show him true kindness especially in spite of their situation, in spite of how he treated her. The first person that ever cared about him, that loved him.

"...Severus?" Hermione said weakly. Severus gasped and smiled down to her.

"I'm here," He said. She opened her eyes and looked up at him.

"I love you too," She said. Severus grinned and kissed her.

"I don't feel so good," Hermione said.

"I'm sorry, I don't have the strength to apparate," Severus told her. Another explosion shook the house.

"What's going on?" Hermione asked and tried to sit up on her own.

"A battle, we have to get you and the baby out of here," Severus told her.

"Baby?" Hermione asked. Severus reached forward and moved the blankets. Hermione gasped and picked the infant up. Yet another explosion echoed through the air.

"Before the house comes down, we have to get you out of here," Severus urged her on. Hermione put a hand on his shoulder and it slid in the blood.

"Wh-Severus!" She gaped at the sight of him.

"I'm fine, we must go," Severus said and helped her to her feet.

"I don't believe you," Hermione said as she stood up. She held him for support for a moment.

"Doesn't change the fact we have to leave," Severus told her. Hermione handed him the baby and took off her shirt. Severus looked at her quizzically. She stripped the sheet from the bed and tried to rip it. Severus held the knife out to her. Hermione took it and ripped the sheet into several thick strips. She wrapped one around her torso a few times before taking the baby back. She laid him against her stomach, ignoring the tenderness, and wrapped the strip around a few more times. She used the other strips to make sure he was secure and wouldn't move. Severus helped her get her shirt back on.

"Looks like I'm pregnant again, I just don't want anyone to be able to grab him," Hermione said. Severus nodded.

"I understand," He said and pulled her towards the door.

Severus walked out before her and led her back to the kitchen. Hermione watched him leave bloody foot prints in his wake. She wrapped her arm under her 'belly' and held the wall. Severus looked back to her.

"I'm coming," She told him and continued. They came to the kitchen and like a magnet Hermione's eyes found the marble island.

"Severus, is all that yours?" Hermione asked.

"Ignore it," Severus told her and pulled her closer.

"Yes, you have more pressing problems," Lucius Malfoy stepped through the door that led outside. Severus stepped in front of Hermione, blade at the ready. Lucius smiled.

"What is it muggles say? 'Don't bring a knife to a gun fight'...seems accurate," Lucius smirked, holding up his wand. Severus didn't want to give him the chance to taunt or torture them and so he flung the knife at Lucius.

The blade imbedded in Lucius' chest and Severus moved quickly to remove it. He killed Lucius and took his wand. Severus reached back and grabbed Hermione's hand.

They got outside and it was oddly quiet. There were several bodies on the ground, death eaters and Order members alike.

"Kingsley," Hermione gasped when she recognized the Auror. Severus kept her moving. They came around the house and everyone was gathered around two wizards fighting.

Hermione looked through the people and saw it was Harry and Voldemort. Severus tried to pull her along but Hermione yanked her arm from his hand and ran to the fight. She shoved her way past the few people left standing. The sight before her was worrisome at best. Most of the spectators were death eaters, Bellatrix had Ginny with a wand at her throat, and Harry was on his knees before Voldemort.

"Admit defeat Potter and I'll kill you quickly," Voldemort taunted as he stepped forward.

Voldemort walked to Harry and looked down upon him.

"The boy who lived, lived to die today!" He growled, taking aim with his wand. Hermione had to do something and all she had was the blade against her breast. She didn't know the first thing about throwing a knife but she had to try.

Hermione threw it and the hilt hit Voldemort broadside in the shoulder. Voldemort looked down to the knife and then up to her. He began to laugh and his death eaters followed suit.

"You're still alive are you?" Voldemort asked.

Harry looked down to the knife. He was exhausted, magically depleted. He was now regretting not taking the opportunity to rest back at the castle. He felt he had enough for one more spell before passing out completely. He couldn't chance Voldemort fighting it. There was no question what spell to use and he would gladly go to Azkaban for using it should the wizarding world not forgive an unforgiveable curse. Harry picked up the knife, got his wand ready, and stabbed Voldemort's arm, getting more cloth than flesh.

"Ah! You're getting desperate Potter!" Voldemort said. Harry looked him in the eyes.

"Whatever it takes, Avada Kedavra!" Harry growled and with everything he had he meant for Voldemort to die. Memories of his parents, the pain of living with the Dursley's, Cedric's Deaths, Ron's death, Hermione's pain, his own pain. Voldemort didn't stand a chance against all the sorrow he caused and so the terror of the wizarding world fell to the ground.

"No!" Bellatrix yelled and threw Ginny to the ground. She took aim at Harry.

"Ava-" Bellatrix was cut off by the girl she had released.

"CRUCIO!" Ginny yelled. Bellatrix fell to the ground in agony and Ginny stepped forward and held the spell until she lost consciousness. Ginny then ran to Harry's side.

"Harry!" Ginny called and held him.

"I'm alright," Harry told him and they stood up.

"Hermione!" Harry called out to her. Hermione ran to his side and hugged the both of them.

"I don't mean to be the bearer or bad news but we still have a problem," Severus spoke, walking up to them.

"Which is?" Harry asked with a smile. It was then he noticed that the death eaters were moving around them. Luna, Neville, and Tonks were forced amongst them as Bellatrix got to her feet.

"How many Order members did you get?" Harry asked towards Luna.

"Just the ones in the hallway," Luna said.

"Hallway?" Harry asked as he pulled Hermione to the center of them, so she was protected.

"Yes, Me, Kingsley and a handful of other members. Moody wouldn't open the damn door for us to tell Albus," Tonks said.

"Oh wonderful," Harry replied. At that moment he was thinking Voldemort had a good idea with his mark. A way to contact the Order seemed a luxury right then.

Bellatrix knelt next to Voldemort and caressed his face.

"I will avenge you my dark lord," Bellatrix leaned down and kissed him. Bellatrix got up and raised her wand at Harry and Ginny. Ginny and Tonks raised their wands ready to fight again.

The fight never came though, as a large of amount of pops rang through the air. The rest of the Order of the Phoenix appeared and the death eaters were then outnumbered. They all felt a wave of relief as the remaining death eaters raised their hands in the air.

"We did it!" Harry grinned and hugged Ginny. He then turned to hug Hermione.

"Not too hard," Hermione said and held him at a distance. Harry looked her over and saw the blood.

"Hermione, are you alright?" He asked.

"I'll be ok, I want to get Severus to St. Mungos" Hermione smiled at him. Luna looked Severus up and down.

"Do those hurt at all?" She asked. Severus raised an eyebrow down to her.

"I can't feel very much of my body at present," Severus answered her. Luna nodded.

"Seems quite fortunate," Luna replied. Hermione reached to Severus and held his hand.

Albus came over to them as Aurors were taking the death eaters away.

"I think we can discuss all of this when we get back to the castle, but first," Albus raised his wand in the air and summoned the Knight Bus.

"Let's get everyone taken care of," Albus said.

They waited for everyone else to get on before Hermione helped Severus on to the bus. Severus sat down and Hermione sat next to him. Severus leaned against the window as Hermione lifted up her shirt.

"Hermione what the hell are you doing?" Harry asked tiredly from across the bus.

"You'll see," Hermione smirked at him and unwrapped the fabric.

"Is that what I think it is?" Harry asked. Hermione pulled her son from the folds and laid him on her chest.

"Hermione!" Harry gasped and came over to her.

"Look at him," Harry said and Hermione grinned at him.

"Is he supposed to be that small?" Harry asked as Hermione bundled him back up.

"He's three months early," Hermione said. Harry smiled and looked over to Severus to see his reactions but Severus was out of it.

"Professor?" Harry asked. Hermione looked over.

"Here," Hermione handed the baby to Harry and turned around to face Severus.

"Severus!" Hermione called, holding his face.

"Severus!" Hermione said and gently smacked his face. Severus didn't respond in the least.

The bus jerked to a stop and Hermione grabbed the seat to stay on her feet. Harry did the same. A moment later, mediwitches came onto the bus.

"Anyone need help getting in?" One asked.

"Right here," Hermione called them over and got out of their way.

"I want to wait for him," Hermione said and Harry walked inside with her.

Once inside Harry, still holding the baby, looked at the directory as Hermione paced.

"C'mon," Harry grabbed her arm.

"Pardon?" Hermione asked.

"Hermione, you had a baby three months early by force. You need to see a doctor, so does your son," Harry told her.

"What about you?" Hermione asked.

"I'm just a little tired, is all so don't make me carry you," Harry replied. Hermione nodded and Harry led her to the elevator.

"Wait up!" Ginny called from the door. They waited for her and they all went up to the maternity ward. It wasn't long before Hermione found herself in a hospital bed and the baby in a crib with fresh incubation spells. There was nothing more to do than follow the doctors' orders and wait.

Hermione smiled as she picked her son up out of the crib. She was fully dressed and ready to go home. The doctor had released her and the baby after three days. She could feel the magic they were using to keep him alive, his lungs weren't ready for this yet. She could also feel the magic inside him. After he recovers she knew he would be strong. She could understand how Voldemort would want to harness that for himself.

"Let's go see if Daddy's awake yet," Hermione said and turned for the door.

Hermione carried the baby out into the hall. Harry had said he was going to visit and help her but she wanted to walk by herself, he wasn't due for another hour. Hermione went downstairs and to Severus' room.

Severus hadn't woken up once since they got there. He had slipped into a coma once his adrenaline wore off. Hermione looked down at Severus after stepping up to his bedside. They had healed all the knife wounds without difficulty. It was the head injuries that resulted in his current condition.

The baby fussed and squirmed.

Hermione walked around the bed and sat down in the chair by the window. She wiped the tears from her eyes and looked over to Severus again.

Hermione got up and laid the baby on Severus' chest and lifted one of his hands to hold him. She held his other hand.

"Come on you greasy git wake up. It was only a few days again you were begging me to open my eyes. We have a ceremony to plan, so you better wake up soon," Hermione said, intertwining her fingers with his. Hermione looked towards the door when she heard someone. It was Harry.

"Wotcher," Harry said and stepped inside.

"Wotcher Harry," Hermione replied.

"You feeling okay?" Harry asked. Hermione nodded.

"I'm fine, is everyone still celebrating at the castle?" Hermione asked.

"Pretty much but the official celebration isn't until everyone is out of here," Harry said and walked to the bed.

"Right," Hermione said and looked back to Severus. She tried to fight back tears when her mind jumped to the fact that Severua may never leave there.

"How about I buy you some lunch in Diagon alley?" Harry asked.

"No, I don't want to leave him," Hermione told him. Harry nodded.

"Alright how about I bring you something?" Harry asked. Hermione nodded.

"Thanks Harry," Hermione said and Harry left the room.

Hours passed, Hermione didn't leave his side. Harry stayed until the nurses made him leave at the end of visiting hours. The nurses had brought in a small crib for the baby and Hermione had fallen asleep with her head on the bed.

The room was dark when Severus's eyes opened. He felt a weight on his arm and something holding his hand. He looked down and saw Hermione. He smiled and reached his other hand to her and felt her hair. She jumped and lifted her head.

"Oh! You're awake" Hermione smiled sleepily.

"I guess," He said and looked around. Hermione stood up and walked to the crib. She gently picked up the baby and brought him over. She handed him to Severus, the baby fussed but drifted back to sleep once he was still again.

"He's been sleeping almost as much as you lately," Hermione said and sat on the bed. Severus looked down to his son and the up to her.

"What are we going to call him?" Severus asked.

"I've been thinking about that for three days, the nurses keep bugging me about it. They want me to fill out the birth certificate," Hermione told him. Severus was looking down at the baby and gently rubbing his back.

"I think I may have a middle name," Severus told her.

"That's good, because I can't get past the first name. I like the double S, like Severus Snape and there's one name I keep coming back to," Hermione told him.

"Which is?" Severus asked.

"Silas, it's Latin like yours and I like the sound of it," Hermione answered him. Severus nodded.

"Silas Ronald Snape," Severus said. Hermione looked at him and smiled.

"Ronald?" She asked.

"He was your friend and died protecting you. He should be remembered," Severus said. Hermione smiled.

"Thank you," She said through tears. She reached up to wipe them away. Severus reached up and cupped her face. He pulled her to him and kissed them.

"Thank you," He whispered into her ear and kissed her again.

"For what?" Hermione asked with a smile.

"For seeing all that I am and still smiling," Severus said. Hermione smiled and moved his hair from his face.

"Sleep, maybe the doctor will discharge you tomorrow," Hermione told him. Severus held Silas and scooted over on the bed.

"Sleep with me?" He asked. Hermione got up, kicked off her shoes, and lifted the sheets before curling up next to him. Severus wrapped one arm around his wife and kept his other hand on his son and drifted to back to sleep with his family

Severus was released from St. Mungos and they returned to Hogwarts where they found McGonagal and several other teachers were decorating the castle for the celebration.

"Was I the last to leave the hospital?" Severus asked as they walked towards the dungeons

"Auror Tanner, one of the ones who came in with Tonks and Kingsley, died this morning. So technically you were the last to leave," Hermione told him, adjusting Silas in her arms.

"Where are all the students?" Severus asked.

"All students were granted passage to Hogsmeade for the weekend to celebrate and give the teachers a chance to decorate. I feel sorry for Hogsmeade and the chaperones," Hermione laughed as they got to Severus' office.

"You think anyone will notice if we don't show up?" Severus asked, opening the door.

"Don't feel like celebrating?" Hermione asked. Severus actually smirked at her.

"Sure, let's go with that," Severus answered her. Hermione laughed as they got to their room. She froze when she looked at the room. Not only did it feel like forever since she had been there but she noticed something was seriously missing.

"We don't have a crib, we don't have anything!" Hermione said.

"Well I don't know about you, I thought we had three more months. Transfigure a dresser drawer into a crib for now," Severus told her. Hermione nodded and handed Silas off to him.

They relaxed in the dungeons for the next several hours until time for the celebration came. They got dressed, Hermione transfigured a towel into an outfit for Silas. They went back upstairs and found the party already started.

"Hermione!" Harry came through the crowd of people congratulating him and trying to talk to him.

"Harry!" Hermione hugged him.

"We have a surprise for you," Harry told her and pulled her through the people. Severus didn't make a move and Harry stopped.

"You too professor," Harry told him. Hermione smiled and reached out to him. Severus shook his head to her. Hermione let her hand fall but Severus did follow her.

Harry took them to the head table and turned to talk to the crowd. It only took a moment for everyone to go silent and wait for his words.

"Alright, Everyone We have a lot to celebrate! Voldemort is dead!" Harry said and the hall cheered.

"Tonight we not only remember the death of a villain, we must remember the ones that were lost in fight to take him down. A moment of silence to remember," Harry said and everyone went quiet for a few moments.

"What's his name?" Harry whispered to Hermione.

"Silas Ronald Snape," Hermione told him. Harry smiled at her and spoke again.

"With death comes life and a new life has joined us, Silas Ronald Snape. Hermione you never got your baby shower," Harry said and reached to a pile of gifts that Hermione just then took notice of on the head table.

"Harry!" Hermione said as Harry grabbed one and handed it to her.

"Let me hold my nephew and you open presents," Harry said and took Silas.

"Silas!" Harry said and held him up. A cheer and a wave of congratulations came forward and they seemed to forget that most of them in attendance had sent her hate mail not long ago.

During the gifts, drinking, a feast, and music Severus kept his usual distance. Hermione felt like she had talked to everyone in the room. When Molly came to her and offered to watch Silas for the night she jumped at the chance. Silas wasn't at the point where he was crying at night, he was still too weak and the incubation spell would remain on him for the next three months, but Hermione wanted to find Severus.

The clock read past midnight and the Weird Sisters seemed to just be getting started. Hermione made eye contact with Severus, whom was across the room. He looked towards the door that led to the teachers' lounge and she nodded. He walked to it and went through it. Hermione had to make her way through the crowd to follow him.

Hermione went through the door and Severus took her outside to the gardens.

"Who has the boy?" Severus asked her.

"Molly and Arthur, they went home about an hour ago and wanted to babysit. Practice for grandchildren to come or something," Hermione told him.

"So what now?" Severus asked as she came to his side.

"Clean up?" Hermione asked.

"A job best left to house elves," Severus said and put an arm around her.

"Plan a wedding...tell my parents- oh tell my parents I had the baby, go see them, graduation, finals-Oh I have to study!" Hermione groaned. Severus laughed.

"Insufferable little know-it-all," Severus replied.

"Greasy Git,' Hermione said and kissed him. They had so much to look forward to now and Hermione couldn't wait.