The room was beating heavily with the sound of bass; bodies swaying in time to the music. He could smell the wafting aroma of sexual arousal and alcohol soaked blood. Observing this all from his throne that was set above the dance floor on a dais, Eric was sifting through what the crowd had to offer for his evening meal. He was sick of the stale metallic taste of True Blood and he had already had two of those earlier in the evening - one when he woke up and one before he conducted business with a human. It's never good to try to see reason with a hungry vampire when he is staring at the pulse beneath your skin. Eric wasn't in the mood for the drunken blood of a human either.

His patience was wearing thin. With his fingers still steepled in front of his face, Eric barely flickered his eyes towards Pam, who was standing near the bar, and she was instantly at his side.

"Yes master?" She said with a slight bow to her head. Normally Pam wouldn't show such formality with Eric, but they were in public and she would play every inch her subservient role to him.

"Can you find me at least one decent meal amongst all of *this*" He gestured towards the crowd. All of the fang-bangers who had approached him that evening had been less than desirable and he was still having no luck with the crowd. It was only midnight though, perhaps his luck would change.

"Things are looking pretty grim in that department. The ones that would be decent are too drunk and the ones that are slightly sober I wouldn't touch with a newborn's fangs." Pam said dryly with an arched eyebrow. Eric simply nodded and gestured for her to leave him.

He sat there contemplating his situation. He could just leave the bar and glamour someone on the street. Eric didn't necessarily want to leave his post. He enjoyed the attention he received as he sat up on his throne watching human after human fawn over him. It made him happy to see them understanding and knowing their place in the hierarchy. Fang-bangers were tiresome after a while, even if they could always be counted on for a meal. Gods only knew who and what else they gave their bodies and blood too. It's a good thing vampires can't contract disease. Eric's broody and contemplative mood was shattered when he caught a whiff of a delightful scent that made all of his senses began to whirl.

Something part fae had just stepped into the bar.