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The darkness was absolute, surrounding Sookie in an inky blanket. The absence of light was also heavy upon her skin, almost like a weight, but not quite solid. It all shifted as she moved slightly. Wherever she was smelled distinctly earthy. She was confused as to how she got where she was but she was not panicked. For some unknown reason, there was a feeling of safety surrounding her in much the same was as the darkness. Sookie shifted a little more and that was when she noticed another body in the blackness, tightly wrapped around her somewhat naked frame. The body felt familiar, and through the damp smell of the earth, the scent was even familiar, but she couldn't place it.

And then that body moved.

It at first gripped her tighter into its embrace, then it began to sit up, pushing through what Sookie now realized was dirt. She was buried underground. Why was she buried? It wasn't long before her and the body had broken through the surface. She wiped the dirt out of her eyes and looked at her surroundings. She was in her backyard. The hows and the whys were escaping her. Sookie got to her feet with a grace she couldn't have claimed previously and turned around to face the body that had held her; that had helped her reach the surface.

The sight that met her was nothing more than a shock and a feast to her senses. The man in front of her towered over her diminutive stature and had long, honey blonde hair with piercing blue eyes that appeared to be leaking blood down his strong jaw and onto his chiseled chest and stomach. He was shirtless and barefoot. She herself was in nothing more than the tatters and remnants of her bar uniform and was also barefoot. The man took a tentative step towards her.

"Sookie?" He breathed out on a shaky and broken sigh.

"What happened to me?" She responded, moving a little closer to him.

"Oh Sookie, do you not know?" Sookie shook her head. No recognition of this man was coming to her. "Do you also not know me?" She shook her head yet again. He leaned forward and reached for her hand. The moment their skin made contact Sookie received an overwhelming flash of pictures and emotions stream into her brain, almost as if she were a television receiving hundreds of satellite images. She dropped to her knees at his feet and began to cry. Her body was hunched over in as close to a fetal position as she could get as she wrapped her arms around his legs, clinging to the only thing that left like a lifeline to her at that present moment. After a few minutes she pulled away from him and wiped her face off on the back of her hand. Seeing the blood red tears that had smeared on her skin started another volley of sobs.

"Eric, Eric... I'm dead." She barely choked out in between sniffles.

Eric sank to his knees, pulled her chin up so that he could look into her eyes. "No lover, you are not dead, not really. You are just at an altered state of being now."

"And what exactly is that, undead?"

"You are now vampire, yes." Sookie stared at him, almost as if waiting for him to say 'just kidding' or at least to tell the punch line of this horrible joke. But deep down in her gut she knew that he was telling the truth.

"Let us get cleaned up and then we can talk more. Is that alright with you?" Eric's question sounded far and distant to her ears but she knew she must have numbly nodded her head because they were moving towards her house. They were almost to the staircase when Sookie dug her heels in and refused to go forward. She pushed up a lot of dirt and grass with her bare feet. Eric gave her a startled look. "What is wrong?"

Sookie looked from Eric, to the house, and back to Eric again. "I can't go in there." What if she attacked the woman she loved more than any other in this world because she had absolutely no control? She couldn't do that to her Gran. How was she even going to explain this whole situation to her when she didn't even have complete answers for herself?

"Sookie, your family is still in the protective custody we placed them in before the battle. It is practically a vacation for them. We were not sure of the political outcome of the event... and we still are not. You house is empty."

Sookie slowly moved up the staircase. When she got to the front door she noticed a note taped to the door. Her name was written on it in her Gran's bold, yet flowery, scropt. With shaky hands she pulled the envelop down and opened it. It read:

I, Adele Stackhouse, invite Sookie Stackhouse into my home. Won't you please come in dear?


Your Gran

It seemed Sookie's undead life would be full of emotions and tears because she burst out into another round of sobs as she pushed the door open. She looked around her once familiar living room with new eyes. Everything had a radiance and clarity she never noticed before. She was lost in her thoughts as Eric steered her towards the kitchen. Sookie was confused. "I thought we were getting cleaned up?"

Eric chuckled sadly. "I am afraid we have to feed you, a lot, before we do anything else this evening.
Eric sat her in a chair and opened the fridge, which was surprisingly stocked with a variety of True Blood. He pulled out several bottles and heated them all up in the microwave, shaking them to evenly distribute the warmth. He popped the top on one and handed it to Sookie, taking another one for himself. The spares he set on the kitchen countertop.

As soon as the smell of the synthetic blood hit her nose she felt two things simultaneously: her stomach tightly clenched and there was a pressure and sliding in her gums. Sookie brought her free hand up to her mouth to feel what were now her fangs. It was all so surreal. Eric raised an eyebrow at her over the top of his True Blood and motioned for her to drink up. Sookie hesitantly sipped. She knew what this slop tasted like. But as a vampire it didn't taste as bad. In no time she ha put away three bottles and was pleasantly full, maybe even a little pink in her newly pale cheeks.

"It is time to be clean now, I think." They walked side by side to the bathroom. Eric got the temperature just right, maybe a little hotter than she would have enjoyed alive. They began shucking their dirt ladden clothing off. Sookie had been looking at her body through the whole clothing removal process, trying to register any changes; other than being significantly paler than she used to be, all was in perfect working order. She glanced up at Eric. If she was breathing she would have stopped.

He definitely was more appealing to her now for some unknown reason. She, of course, had heard tales that vampires had increased libidos and sex drives... Sookie was thinking that was definitely the truth. She was staring at him as if he was her last meal on Earth. She must have been projecting her lust because Eric's 'not so little Eric' was soon standing at full attention and his eyes were smoldering down at her "And just what are you thinking, lover?" He practically purred.

"Oh nothing in particular." She played coy as she walked passed him and went to climb into the shower. She heard him before she felt him. He placed his hands on her waist and pulled Sookie tight against his body. She felt like she could melt right then and there. In fact, parts of her were already wet before ever getting into the shower.

"I do not think that it is nothing." Eric breathed into her ear at the exact moment he cupped her between the legs. Goosebumps rose on every inch of her flesh and she shivered against his body. He lifted her up and placed her underneath the spray of the showerhead. The hot water felt amazing on her cool flesh. So did the promise of what was to come between Eric and her.

Eric pushed her back gently by the chest so that her head was under the water. The sensation of it all was much more intense than anything she had felt previously. She could fell all the dirt and grime rinsing off of her skin and out of her hair. Eric grabbed her bottle of soap and lathered up her hair, massaging her scalp as well. It felt heavenly. He trailed those glorious hands down her body, rubbing soap everywhere. She let out a little moan and felt her fangs come down with a pop. It startled her so much that she jumped backwards, away from Eric. Eric looked at her with a pained expression.

"Let me wash up and let us lie down for a little while to talk? Yes?" This was a different... more hesitant Eric Northman than he had met previously. They finished up in the shower and toweled off. Soon they were curled up in Sookie's bed underneath the blankets. The sexual tension wasn't as palpable but was still in the air.

"I must begin with an apology Sookie, I am so very sorry."

"Why are you apologizing?"

"I did this to you Sookie. I am the reason you are no longer alive." Eric's voice broke.

"Eric you weren't the one that killed me... were you?" Sookie looked at him, hoping it to be false.

"I am the one that turned you. The Queen had shoved a stake into your chest when you were fighting and I did not know what to do. Should I lose you forever or should I take away your life and replace it with this half life? Sookie I am so sorry I made this decision for you."

"But you didn't kill me Eric, you saved me."

"You think that this is saved? I have cursed you. I had thought about turning you when I first met you; out of selfishness and pure boredom. That guilt is eating away at me. I ask for your forgiveness."

"Eric." Sookie turned his face towards hers because he would not meet her eyes. "What you did was not a selfish act. If you would've done it any other time, maybe. You did save me. I can learn to adapt. And since you are my maker, I'll get to enjoy spending time with you for however long. There's nothing to forgive. But if you need to hear it... I forgive you Eric."

Tears streamed down his face. "Thank you Sookie, thank you in more ways than words can express." Eric then captured her lips in his and slowly, delicately, began to kiss her. She melted quietly into his mouth as he rolled them over so that she was underneath him. Eric slid his tongue gently over her lips, silently seeking entrance. Their tongues tangled in a dance of promises unspoken. Eric moved away from her lips and placed small kisses all over her face, eyelids, forehead, and neck. He trailed his lips down to the erect tips of her breasts. She let out a gasp and gripped his head to her body.

"Eric... so good."

"I have missed you, lover." He said, in between kisses.

His mouth dipped lower, swirling circles on her stomach. He pushed her thighs apart so that she was spread open for him. Sookie waited with palpable anticipation and almost came undone when Eric slowly and agonizingly licked upwards, sucking gently on her bundle of nerves. Her hips had practically jumped off of the bed. He tried to hold her down but Sookie was now just as strong as Eric. He continued his slow licks and alternate sucks until she was right at the very edge. Right before she fell over the side, he inserted two of his very talented fingers, pumping upwards, hard... yet tortuously slow, as she screamed out her blinding orgasm. He continued to grip her and lick as she came down. Sookie thought that she could almost see stars forming behind her eyes.

Eric climbed back up her body, kissing every inch along the way. He placed himself at her entrance at the same moment he reached her lips. He gave Sookie a searing kiss as he began to slide into her. She began to pant as he sped up. Her legs were wrapped tightly around his waist and her arms were gripping his back. Eric peeled Sookie's arms off of his sides and interlocked their hands as he placed them on the bed beside her head. He continued to kiss her. They were as joined as two beings could possibly be without crawling inside one another. Eric continued to speed up, spurned on by Sookie's moans and thrashing hips that were meeting him thrust for thrust.

"Lover, look at me." Sookie's eyes snapped open and locked onto his. "I..... love..... you...." He panted out, punctuated by his pistoning hips.

She gave him a fang filled smile as one bloody tear slipped from her right eye. "I love you too." She breathed out. Eric returned the razor tipped smile as he continued to rock within her. They both came shortly after, clutching each other tightly and shaking over the physical exertion and the emotional toll at had taken on them both.

Nothing would ever be the same again; however, now the nights would only hold hope.

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