A/N: My first Dissidia fan fic featuring this crossovered with Super Smash Bros. I hope Dissidia comes to Europe cause I can't wait to play Cloud, Squall, Zidane and Tidus. Anyway, here is chapter 1 featuring most of the heroic Smashers and the warriors of Chaos. Enjoy.

Chapter 1: Smash Tournament invaded:

It has been a year since Tabuu's ultimate defeat and the end of the Subspace Emissary. An new tournament has just started to celebrate. There are 10 competitors entering and they shall be seen on the floating stadium soon.

On the stands were crowd cheering as they wait for their fighters to arrive. On the balcony were many lovers of the warriors. One of them is Princess Peach, heir of the Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Zelda, heir of Hyrule, Lucario, a female aura Pokémon, Krystal, member of Star Fox, Ribbon, a fairy, Marth, the prince, Paula, Ness' friend, Jody, a F-Zero racer, Titania, a warrior of Ike's team and Sally from Sonic's world.

At last, the warriors arrived on the scene as they walked on stage greeted by the crowd. First to come up was a short man who wears a red hat and shirt and blue overalls and has a huge black moustache. His name is Mario.

The other is a man who has dirty blonde hair and elf pointy ears. He wore a dark green tunic which goes just above his knees and has a belt around his waist and straps around his body, a white shirt underneath, which also has a chain mail. He has brown gloves and boots. On his back was a blue handle broadsword in its holder and a shield with a red bird and red triangles on it. His name is Link, champion of Super Smash Bros.

The other is an human-like fox who wears a green jumpsuit, a grey jacket and grey boots. His name is Fox McCloud.

Next is the mouse Pokémon who is brightly yellow with pointy ears with black tips on each end. He has a lighting bolt tail, red cheeks, cute black eyes and tiny paws. His name is Pikachu.

Next is a small pink balloon like creature. He has small hands and red feet. His name is Kirby.

Next is a woman who wore a huge suit but she had her helmet off to reveal her face. She has blonde ponytail hair. Her name is Samus Aran.

Next is a young boy who wears a red cap and a white and blue stripy shirt and blue shorts. His name is Ness.

Then another man appeared. He wore a red helmet which it shadow covered his eyes and a blue jumpsuit. His name is Captain Falcon.

Then the other man appeared. His hair is blue and has a green headband around it. He wore a red and white cape, a blue tunic and white pants. His name is Ike.

And lastly, is a blue hedgehog who wears white gloves and red and white sneakers. His name is Sonic the Hedgehog.

Watching above them was a huge glove hand as he watches the Smash World. It wad Master Hand, the peaceful god of the Smash World.

"Welcome everyone to the Smash Tournament 4" came the announcer's voice on the intercom "we are proud to have our finest warriors here today. We sure had a fright after the Subspace Emissary had appeared. But now they are gone, we can finally get the tournament underway!"

The crowd cheered loudly as the tournament was about to begin. Mario looked up at Link.

"Hey-a, Link!" he said causing Link to look at him "You beat-a me last time in Melee but this-a time it will be different."

"I know" Link smirked as he crossed his arm "but as long as I have fun and no villains are around, I don't care about the title."

"Same old Link" Fox smirked.

"And now we shall begin the match up. Everyone turned your attention to the screen."

As everyone turned to the screen, it begins the match up. Suddenly…

A huge gulf of flames came in front of it causing everyone to gasp in horror.

"Zelda? Peach?" Krystal asked nervously "Is this supposed to happen?"

"No" Zelda said "I should not."

Suddenly, 10 silhouettes appeared from it. The warriors looked at them in surprise as they emerge.

It was the Warriors of Chaos: Garland, Emperor Mateus, Cloud of Darkness, Golbez, Exdeath, Kefka, Sephiroth, Ultimecia, Kuja and Jecht. They were previously defeated by Cosmos' warriors and now had returned, more stronger than ever.

And to the Smasher's shock, an too familiar figure appeared behind them. He was a computer-date like human. Tabuu…

"TABUU?!" The Smashers gasped.

"Ahh…" Tabuu said as he looked at the stadium "It's so good to be back."

"Tabuu!" Master Hand called as he floated towards him "What is the meaning of this? I thought you were destroyed!"

"Yeah! We saw you killed by Link and Pikachu!" Ness called.

"Oh I was" Tabuu said "but I was brought back to life by the God of Discord, Chaos. Now I have control of this army, and mine. Chaos said he bring my ten villains to our base while I take this lot…" he glared at the Smashers "To deal with them!"

"Let's see you try it!" Ike said as he brought out his sword.

Kefka laughed "Well, it seem like the small rats are preparing to defend themselves!"

"Pathetic!" Kuja said "Tabuu had trouble with these clowns?!"

"You are the pathetic one, Tabuu!" Falcon said "Come down here and fight!"

"Oh, I won't be fighting. Let's see how well you do against these guys!"

Garland started charged forward and used his huge sword to slash Mario to the sky then followed after him and quickly knocked Mario out.

"MARIO!" Peach gasped.

Ness runs to help Mario but the Emperor got in front of him. Mateus then shot his magic at him causing Ness to crash him to the wall. Paula gasped at this.

"NESS! HOLD ON!" Samus ran to help him.

"Where are you're going, dear?!" Kefka laughed as he stopped Samus in her track and then send a huge blast which knocked Samus out.

"Pika Pika Pikachu?" Pikachu asked shocked.

"You really want to know?" Jecht said as he appeared behind the Pokémon and punched him in the stomach sending him tumbling on the ground until he laid still.

"PIKACHU!" Lucario cried as she was about to run to help him but Marth held her back.

Ike snarled and leaps up to attack Jecht but Exdeath appeared in front of him.

"Hey you. Can you fly?" Exdeath then slashed him hard causing Ike to fly into the air. Jecht followed after him and used his huge sword to hit him back to the ground. Ike is defeated.

Link saw Sephiroth flying towards him and held his shield and grabbed his Master Sword and being clashing swords with the villain back and forth.

"This one causes to be a problem" Ultimecia sneered as she used her power of time to defeat Kirby.

"Not for me" Sephiroth said as he stabbed Link in the stomach after he broke off his defence.

"LINK!" Zelda gasped.

Sephiroth then kicked Link off as Link tumbled to the ground and laid there clutching his stomach.

'There powers are unbelievable!' Link thought 'They are far too fast for us!'

Kuja then shot of energy balls at Falcon. Falcon dodges each one and before he could attack Kuja, Cloud of Darkness appeared behind him and with a flick of a finger, knocks Falcon out.

"How is it possible they could be faster than all of us?!" Sonic asked.

"Because we are more experienced than you!" Emperor said as he grabbed him making a target for Kuja who flew at him and knocks Sonic out with a punch to the gut.

Tabuu smirked evilly at the defeated Smashers.

"I think I underestimated Chaos' army" Tabuu said "They are stronger than I thought. Kidnap their lovers and let's get going!"

"Kidnapping huh? And why is that?" asked Garland.

"It's a gift for their enemies."

The Warrior of Chaos nodded and disappeared and reappeared behind Peach and the others and grabbed them.

"Hey! Let us go!" Paula screamed.

Link slowly opened his eyes and slowly tried to stand up. He saw Zelda screaming as she and her friends are taken away by Chaos' warriors as they disappeared.

"No… Zelda…" he gasped and then he fell down again.

"You'll pay for this!" Master Hand snarled at Tabuu.

"Too late for that. Now I'll finish them off!" Tabuu said as he was about to do his wing attack on the defeated Smashers. "Farewell!"


Someone had cut off Tabuu's wings. Tabuu looked shocked and then saw a woman with blonde hair and wore a white gown.

"YOU! You're Cosmos!"

Cosmos turned to Master Hand.

"Your allies will be fine but we need to get them out of here!" Cosmos said.

"I understand" Master Hand said as he used some magic to lift the Smashers into the air. "Where to?"

"I lead the way!" Cosmos put her hand on Master Hand's finger and they disappeared.

Tabuu snarled as his enemies had escaped.

To be continued…

A/N: Yeah, I choose Master Hand and Tabuu to be enemy gods like Cosmos and Chaos. Next week, the Heroic Smashers will meet the Warriors of Cosmos. So stayed tuned...