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Epilogue: Farewell:

It was quite a frightening battle he ever experienced which Mario had thought but it was finally over. Tabuu is dead and so is Chaos. When he opened his eyes he came to a familiar place. He is standing in front of the green lands of the Mushroom Kingdom. He saw Warp Pipes everywhere and blocks are seen as well. He then saw all his allies, Smashers and Cosmos', all together looking at the scenery. He was at lost for words as he had no idea what happened.

It was the Warrior of Light who spoke first. "The battle has come to an end."

"What-a do you mean?" Mario asked.

"Chaos and Tabuu were defeated. Everything's over" said the Warrior of Light.

Mario was relieved to hear that. But then something echoed in his head. "MOMMA-MIA! Peach and the others are back in the…"

"It's alright" Light said "I got a message from Cosmos. The damsels and our friends are back on their world. They returned safely. We'll meet them soon."

Mario took a sigh of relief. At least his friends are alright. Zelda, Krystal, Sally, Lucario and all the other Nintendo damsels are back on their own homeworld as well as Tifa, Rinoa, Yuna, Rosa and the others on theirs.

Then something saw something shocking. Tidus was holding his crystal but his body was glowing. But he has a smile on his head.

"Gotta go, huh?" he said and then he turned to everyone. "Don't worry, everyone. The crystal knows the rest of the way. And Yuna kind of want me home. And besides, I'm always right here." He gives a fist up and smiled and then ran to the edge of the lake and dived but disappeared before he could hit the water. He returned to Spira.

Sonic gazed at his crystals and smiled. "Well, gotta go, guys. But we'll meet again" Sonic said as he begin to speed up "Because I'm up… over… and gone." And he ran off and disappears. He returned back to Mobius.

"We're not vanishing" Zidane said as he sat in a tree. "We're returning, to where we suppose to be" and he leaps off the tree by his tail and leaps towards the sun and disappears back to Gaia.

"Pika, Pika, Pika, Pikachu" Pikachu called meaning "Don't worry guys. I hope we can all meet again" and then with his crystal, he leaps off another tree and disappears back to the Pokémon World.

Ike looked in the air and smiled. "Guess I better be going too. My friends awaits my arrival" and he disappears back to his world.

A white feather came floating down from the air and blew in the wind and Squall caught it with his hand and smiled. "Perhaps, we can go on a mission together again" he said before vanishing back to his world.

"Hmph. Not interested" Cloud replied smiling as he begin walking across the flower fields and disappeared back to his world.

Link's triforce glowed and he smiled and begins walking off saying "Gotta go. But never forget us, all of us" and he disappeared back to Hyrule.

Terra smiled as a white petal fell on her hand. "I think I know how to keep going. Thank you and take care." And she disappeared back to her world.

Samus smiled and said "Mission Accomplished. Now, I will hope to see you again" and she disappeared back to her homeworld.

Bartz threw a stick away and begins walking off smiling "When you're having the most fun, that's where time always flies" and he disappeared back to his world.

Kirby smiled as he held his crystal and waved with a last "Poyo!" cry he vanished back to Dreamland.

"It's my turn to shine with this strength I gained from everything" Cecil smiled and disappeared back to his world.

"Gotta get going but we'll meet again. Till then, chao" Fox said as he leaps into the air and disappeared back to the Lylat System.

"Dinner's ready for me. I better get going. Bye now" Ness said smiling and he vanished back to Onett.

Onion Knight held his crystal "Everyone… thank you" he said and he disappeared back to his world.

"I cannot wait for my next adventure to begin" Falcon said smiling as he vanished back to his world.

Firion looked at the wild roses blooming in the Mushroom Kingdom and said "This isn't the end. Another dream is ready to begin" and he vanished back to his world.

Mario watched as his friends went back and turned to see the Warrior of Light was about to leave too but he turned to Mario with one last smile.

"Remember, the light shall shine down upon us always" he said and disappeared back to Cornelia.

Mario smiled and looked onto his destination and said "We are… the heroes of light after-a all." He then begin to walk with the crystal to his hand back to Peach's Castle which was viewing on the horizon. There waiting for him is Princess Peach, his brother, Luigi, his loyal friend, Yoshi and all of his friends to celebrate his return.

And thus, everyone returned to their own world and was reunited with their families and friends and the worlds are peaceful once more.

The End.

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