AU story set after my interpretation of how Bleach could end. Probably not accurate, it's just an idea I had. Mostly it's an excuse to practice writing romantic scenes.

It had been a long, epic battle. One that had shaken the very fabric of reality. Sosuke Aizen, Kaname Tosen, Gin Ichimaru, and the army of Arrancar had very nearly overtaken Ichigo and his friends. If not for the timely reinforcements of their allies, Aizen's plans would have succeeded. Indeed, it would have been totally awesome, if any of that had happened on-screen.

Ichigo and Rukia stood side by side, panting heavily from the final confrontation with Aizen himself, of whom nothing was left. Nearby, a battered Orihime placed her hand over an equally battle-worn Tatsuki's, who had her arms protectively wrapped around the orange-haired girl. Uryu and Chad were also not far away, they were the ones that had taken down Tosen and Gin. Further away from the center of the battlefield, Urahara, Tessai, Jinta, Ururu, Nel Tu (who had regained permanent use of her adult form), all of the Visoreds, Yoruichi, and Soi Fon had held the majority of the Arrancar at bay along with the rest of Gotei 13's captains and liutenants. The battle was finally won, but going through the minds of each and every person there was the question: "What happens now?"

"Well that was fun. Lets all go get a drink!" said Shunsui, shattering the dramatic moment. Within seconds, his lieutenant Nanao was bashing him over the head with her ever-present book.


After Orihime, the Fourth Division members, and anyone else capable of it had healed the wounded, there was a relaxed air amongst the many varied fighters, and individuals that would have been at each other's throats in any other circumstances were suddenly congratulating each other, shaking hands and slapping each other on the back in comradery. Much to the delight of many (and Nanao's displeasure) there was even some sake (some suspected the Eighth Division's Captain had brought it himself).

However, the time eventually came for everyone to depart. Two groups had formed, one planning to return to Seireitei, and the other to go back home to Earth. In the middle, gazing longingly at Yoruichi, stood Soi Fon.

Yoruichi was talking to Urahara and Tessai about the return trip, when the shop owner coughed and subtly gestured for her to turn around. The shunpo master looked behind her to see Soi Fon, and her expression became serious. The dusky skinned woman made her way over to the younger woman. When Yoruichi was standing right in front of the Second Division Captain, her gaze softened. Soi Fon looked away, tears beginning to form in her eyes. "Yoruichi… I…"

The older woman smiled at her once-bodyguard and held out a hand for her.

"Do you want to come with me?"

Soi Fon gasped and blushed, she looked back up and her eyes met Yoruichi's. For several moments neither woman said a word. The silence was broken by a sob from Soi Fon, who ran to Yoruichi and threw her arms around the woman she had loved for so long. Weeping into the older woman's chest, she repeatedly mumbled the word 'Yes' as Yoruichi hugged her back.

Eventually Soi Fon sniffed and looked up at Yoruichi, who was still smiling at her. The younger girl moved her hands up to Yoruichi's shoulders, and pressed her lips against the other woman's own lips. Rather than move away in shock, the violet haired woman pulled Soi Fon closer and deepened the kiss.

"Woohoo! Go Soi Fon-Taichou!" shouted Marechiyo Omaeda, who along with several members of the Second Division and most of the Shinigami Women's Association were holding up a sign with the portmanteau "YoruSoi" written on it in magic marker.

The First Division Lieutenant Chojiro Sasakibe looked to his superior. "Um, sir? What should we do?"

Yamamoto regarded the two women who were still locking lips with his usual dispassionate expression for a while. Several shinigami standing nearby began to feel uneasy and started to sidle away from the eldest of them all. After several minutes, Yamamoto let out a grunt before replying "It could be useful to have the Second Division Captain on Earth in case of an emergency." He then turned and began walking away.

"Eh?! But sir, who'll be leading the Second Division and the Stealth Forces?" asked Chojiro, running after his captain. "I'm sure we'll manage." As if Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryusai would ever admit to being a closet yuri fan boy.