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This is a story I wrote after watching Lost in Austen. It was so terrible I had to write my own story about someone going into the book but I've also incorporated a bit of Pleasantville and the chaos theory into it (sort of). Here goes! (Bear with me! I haven't written for over 3 years. A bit rusty)

Chapter 1:

Anne checked her answering machine as she walked into her small London apartment in Bromley. There were no messages just like the previous day and the day before that and every day before that from the day she bought the answering machine. She did not even know why she had one in the first place except that by chance, the man of her dreams could see her and track her down and try to call her. He would be able to leave a message. She knew this was nearly impossible as she hardly even conversed with any men and she hadn't been on a date since she was 15 years old. The only man she had a relationship with was...

"Mr Darcy" she said to herself out loud, "if you could even call that a relationship". She put her things down neatly in their place, went to her bedroom and put on her regency style tailor made nightgown. The silence of her apartment was a striking contrast to the busyness of the office she worked in in the heart of London. At work and on the tube to and from work she was constantly bumping into people. Even though she hardly spoke to anyone, she was always grateful for that human contact, especially when she came home at night to the emptiness of her tiny apartment. She had had a few admirers in her life but none where ever 'the one'. Of course 'the one' mean someone exactly like Mr Darcy.

Anne knew what it meant to be alone. She was an old child and her mother had spent thousands of pounds on fertility treatment to have her. She was conceived when her mother was 45 so it was no wonder that at the young age of 24 years, she had lost both her parents.

But she did have one consolation in her life. She was completely and utterly obsessed with Pride and Prejudice. So much so, that she secretly wished she was part of that world. She would come home every night after work, dress in her nightgown, make some dinner and sit in front of the TV to watching the 1995 BBC series and wish she could be there with all those wonderful characters. In a world with respectable, modest ladies and chivalrous gentlemen, where people cared about manners and etiquette, right and wrong. A world where there were rules that people followed and people were honest not for fear of punishment but for wanting to do the right thing. That was the world she wanted to be part of. She had often thought that she lived about 200 years too late.

That evening, as she sat down to eat her dinner, she had a strange urge to burst out crying. She had accidently broken the remote control for the DVD player which meant she couldn't watch P&P. She had to content herself with reading the book instead.

The next morning, Anne decided to take the remote to the closest repair shop on her way to work. There was only one repair shop she knew of. The owner was an old Persian man that was very strange and almost sinister looking. She had to stress on him to have it ready by 7pm so she could go home and watched P&P.

On her way home, she went to the Persian man again but he didn't have it ready.

"I did ask you several times to have it ready by 7, Mr." She said calmly.

"I am sorry miss but I wasn't able to. I'll have it ready by tomorrow"

"I need it tonight" she said forcing a smile.

"What is the hurry, miss? A pretty girl like you shouldn't be sitting at home in front of the TV on a Friday night"

"I need to watch something that's all" she said defensively


She gave him a confused look. She hesitated, deciding against telling him to mind his own business.

He somehow seemed to understand.

" I have just the thing for you" he said in his sinister voice. He handed her a bulky remote that only had one button.

"No it's ok, I'll wait for you to fix my one"

"Trust me, this one is better, miss. Try it. If it doesn't work come back, but I can guarantee it will make you very happy. Very, very happy". He gave her the smile again. She shivered but took the remote and power walked home.

As soon as she got in, before putting her things down, she ran to the TV, turned it on and pressed the button. The DVD player turned on instantly.

"Perfect!" she said to herself. She pressed the button again to turn it off so she could start her routine when all of a sudden she found herself in another room. The remote was still in her hand. She looked around. The walls were dressed with very old looking green and bronze wall paper. There was a bed in the middle of the room and an antique dressing table close to it. Anne moved toward the window and was shocked to see the a luscious green garden outside and a carriage complete with horses and footmen waiting under her window.

Where the hell am I? She thought. What's going on?

A second ago she was in her living room watching P&P. At the exact moment she realised where she might be, she heard a knock on the door. It opened instantly and in came Mariah Lucas.

"Charlotte, what are you wearing? Father said we will depart in an hour"

"Charlotte?" she said,

"What is the matter with you Charlotte? Where did you get those clothes from?"

Anne realised with overwhelming delight that the remote had transported her into the world of P&P. How many times had she daydreamt that this would happen? How long had she felt that the P&P world was her true home?

"Please leave me Mariah; I will be ready within the hour. Just send in the girl to do my hair"

As Mariah was leaving, Anne asked "where are we going again?"

"To the assembly room for the ball"

"Oh yes. I had almost forgotten. Please tell father I will be down directly"

Mariah gave her another curious look and left the room.

Anne could hardly contain herself. She was beyond thrilled. She was in ecstasy. She was living her dream. Actually it was not exactly her dream, because she always fantasised that she was Elizabeth. It seems she had replaced Charlotte Lucas somehow.

"I'm probably dreaming anyway but I might as well make the most of it" she said to herself. She took off her clothes, carefully put the remote in her handbag and squashed them all in the back of the closet. Then quickly put on one of Charlotte's gown. Soon after, the maid came in to style her hair. Anne's hair was naturally straight so she asked the girl to curl it from the back to make it wavy. As she looked in the mirror, Anne realised that her character was seen as plain and unattractive.

We'll see about that, she thought.

When the girl finished her hair and left the room, Anne rummaged around in her handbag and found her makeup. She put on her eyeliner, mascara, blush and some lip-gloss to shine her lips.

What an advantage! She thought, no matter what I look like, ill definitely look better than any woman there with this stuff on.

It was surprisingly easy to be Charlotte. She recognised everyone around her and she knew exactly what was to be said and what was going to happen.

On arriving at the assembly room, she could tell that everyone was staring at her. She even heard a few people say "who is that delightful creature?"

I wonder if this will alter the story, she thought, it doesn't really matter anyway; as long as Elizabeth and Mr Darcy get married in the end.

Smiling to herself, she waited with Mariah for the Bennets to come. When they arrived, she recognised them and waved them over. Elizabeth and Jane came and greeted her instantly.

"It is so good to see you Charlotte" Elizabeth said

"You look so pretty Charlotte", Jane remarked

Anne blushed and said "Thank you". It would take some getting used to for her to answer to 'Charlotte' but she would do anything to be in this world!

When enough people had arrived, the dancing started.

Anne was approached by three gentlemen who asked to dance with her the first two dances but she said no. She had only ever practiced the dancing at home in her living room. She would have to watch it live a few times before she had the confidence to do it. So she stood against the wall next to Jane and Mary and watched Elizabeth dance.

As soon as the dance ended, everyone fell into silence. Anne looked around the room and saw Mr. Bingley and his party entered the room including MR. Darcy!

"Oh MY God!" she squealed. A few people turned to look at her. She instinctively put her hand over her mouth. She watched as Sir Lucas greeted him

Anne was so excited. It took all her courage not to go and talk to Mr. Darcy. She couldn't believe that she was in the vicinity of him. She was deeply engrossed in staring at him when Elizabeth came to stand with them

"Only two ladies there after all. Do you know how they are Charlotte?"

"Yes, they're Mr. Bingley's sister. The shorter one is Mrs Hurst. Mr Hurst is there next to her" She paused. Those were not exactly Charlotte's words from the series. Did it matter as long as the meaning is there? Anne would just have to find out the hard way.

"Who is that other man with them?" Jane asked.

"Oh that's Mr. Darcy," Anne said smiling,"he's rich and handsome and..." Anne paused again to reflect. "Actually, your mother knows all about him. I think she wants to talk to you". She gestured for Elizabeth and Jane to go to their mother.

Anne had no idea what she was going to do. It was her ultimate fantasy to be here in the story with all the characters surrounding her and her being about to talk to them but she wasn't sure what damage she could do to the story by simply changing words or actions. She kept thinking about that movie, the butterfly effect and how if one thing changed it could cause a lot of things to change. If she was too engrossed in these thoughts, then how would be she able to make the most of this? She decided to ignore the thoughts and concentrate instead on enjoying herself.

She turned to Mary and said, "Mary, what is the latest book you've read?"

"I've been indulging myself in the bible of late. It is a great pick up in hard times"

"Hard times?" Anne was surprised by the comment.

"Indeed, I... I "she did not finish her sentence but Anne could tell what she meant

"Mary, do you not think you will be married?"

Mary gave Anne a stern look. "Whatever makes you say that?" she said coldly

"Mary, I am your friend. You can tell me anything you know"

Her eyes inspected Anne for a while. Anne was watching the exchange between Mrs. Bennet and Mr. Bingley as she listened.

Mary relaxed and sighed.

"I'm afraid you are right. I am losing hope that I will find a suitor"

"Mary, your only 18. You have plenty of time to find someone"

Mary smiled enthusiastically, her furry brows high, her moustache visible in the light, her pale face and unattractive expressions making her look scary.

If only I could give her a makeover, Anne thought. Then she remembered her handbag and her makeup! It was the perfect crime!

Anne looked around the room and watched for a minute as Mr. Darcy slighted Mrs. Bennet when she was trying to convince him to dance.

"Mary, what if I tell you that I might be able to help you?" Anne whispered, "I could come to your house tomorrow when I visit Elizabeth to tell her about..."

"Tell her about what?"

She was about to say to tell her about the party at Lucas lodge but decided against it. She can't tell any of the characters what will happen in the future in case something happened.

"Never mind. I will be there tomorrow though"

Anne stayed standing next to Mary deep in thought when suddenly Mr Bingley came and asked her to dance with him.

This must be the dance that vexes Mrs. Bennet greatly, she thought. She was shaking while she danced, always a couple of seconds behind everyone else so that she had time to see what the next move was. Shortly after, Mariah called her over to go home.

What an eventful day! She thought, if I go to sleep and wake up here again, then it must be real!

The writing is... let's say juvenile. But what do you think of the plot people? Should I keep going?