The sounds of music floating through the room barely registered with Tinsley as she and Julian sat on her dorm room bed. Boys weren't technically allowed to be anywhere in Dumbarton other than the designated visiting spot but Tinsley always acted like the rules didn't apply to her. Besides, it was late afternoon and most of the girls were still busy somewhere on campus, sharing gossip over lattes, taking part in team practices or flirting with cute senior boys. Normally Tinsley didn't like to miss out on any of the action - she liked to be the center of attention at all times but she was more than willing to give that up if it meant she could spend time with Julian. The old Tinsley would have slapped the new Tinsley across the face. How had she become little miss boring in a matter of weeks? Being in love with someone seemed to have calmed her, made her realize the important things in life and she now found herself spending less time in the Waverly limelight she previously craved so much and more time spending quality time with Julian. She still wanted to kick herself in the ass every time she realized how hard she'd fallen for the hot freshman. In love and Tinsley Carmichael were not words anyone expected to hear together and though she had spent a long time trying to deny it to herself, she was glad she had finally given in and accepted it. No one else had any idea, of course, except little Jenny Humphrey who only knew because Tinsley needed to tell someone - anyone, she had gotten to the point where she couldn't keep it a secret any longer and she figured Jenny would be smart enough not to tell anyone. Countless times she had been on the verge of blurting it out to Julian but so far she had managed to not be overcome by word vomit. They weren't even together yet and Tinsley had the sinking feeling that Julian wasn't anywhere near ready to say the L word to her yet and she knew if she told him and he didn't say it back her heart would take a really bad bruising.

Tinsley snapped back to reality when Julian reached over and brushed a piece of dark hair off of her face. "Earth to Tinsley." He joked, a lopsided grin playing on his lips. "Why so distracted?" He asked casually, though Tinsley could tell he was dying to know what she was thinking about.

Tinsley shifted her position slightly and could feel her pale yellow Jovovich-Hawk halter dress ride up her thigh. She glanced at Julian out of the corner of her eye and noticed him staring at the skin she had just inadvertently revealed. Smiling to herself, she pulled down her dress and turned to face him. "Oh, it's just a paper I have due this week," She made up quickly, "I was trying to remember if I included something that just came to mind." She sighed softly when he nodded, obviously buying her bogus excuse. That was one of the things Tinsley loved about Julian, he took everything she said at face value, never scrutinizing or thinking too hard about anything.

Putting on a mock pouting face, Julian pretended to be hurt. "I know I'm not the most interesting person," He sighed dramatically, "But am I really so boring you have to think about school work?" He accentuated the last words of his sentence for even more fake dramatic effect. It was clear he was having trouble keeping a straight face which made it hard for Tinsley to as well.

Tinsley had a witty comeback at the ready, as always, but before she had even let a word escape her lips the dorm room door burst open. Jumping from the sudden surprise, she pushed herself away from Julian, quickly trying to think of a proper excuse as to why he was in her room. Turning slowly to the door and preparing herself for the trouble she was going to be in, she sighed with relief when she saw Brett standing in the doorway. "I thought you were Pardee." Tinsley explained since Brett was staring at her with a "what the fuck?" look on her face.

"Oh." Brett responded, entering the room and throwing her books onto her bed. She'd just been tutoring Sebastian and as per usual hadn't gotten very far. Rubbing her temples, she sat on the edge of her bed and not long after noticed the glare Tinsley was shooting her way. "Is there a problem, Tinsley?" She asked innocently, knowing very well Tinsley wanted her to get the hell out.

Tinsley was about to shoot off some sarcastic bitchy remark when she noticed Julian examining her curiously, almost as if he wanted check how she would deal with this situation. She was trying to be as nice as possible whenever Julian was around, to continue proving to him that she really wasn't such a bad person. Unfortunately, it was starting to wear on her. Yes, she was a mega bitch sometimes, but what girl wasn't? The only difference between Tinsley and most other girls at Waverly was that Tinsley was upfront with her bitchy side, she didn't try to hide it like other girls did. Slapping on a fake friendly smile, Tinsley shook her head slowly. "Oh, no problem at all," She voiced, her words oozing with artificial sweetness, "I was just enjoying my alone time with Julian." She continued to smile, though it didn't reach her eyes like a real smile would have. Julian looked to the floor and Tinsley took this as her moment to give Brett the death stare. As in the fuck off or die glare.

Brett moved further back on her bed, stretching out and yawning loudly. "Sorry, just pretend I'm not here." She responded, yawning again. The truth was Brett had made plans with Jenny to get a coffee before dinner was served and should have been going to meet her already, but she couldn't pass up such a great opportunity to piss off Tinsley.

Furrowing her brow, Tinsley continued to glare at Brett. The other day when she had that greasy haired senior, whose car she had borrowed once to try and save Callie, in here for "tutoring" Tinsley had been courteous enough to leave them alone. Brett and her mostly just ignored each other, so why did she have to be such a bitch now? Before she could reply, Julian stood up.

He stretched and turned toward Tinsley. "I better go anyway, I need to wash up before dinner. Meet you in the dining hall in 30 Tins?" He asked, looking at her with a disappointed look on his face. Tinsley was sure he had wanted to be alone with her just as much as she wanted to be alone with him.

Trying her best not to let her own disappointment cloud her face or affect her voice, she nodded. "You got it." She said, her voice emotionless. She stood up and placed a quick peck on his cheek and then watched Julian take his leave before turning to confront Brett. Before she could even get a word out though, Brett was on her feet and heading toward the door. "I have to go meet Jenny. Bye roomie." She flashed a grin at Tinsley before exiting the room. Tinsley balled her hands into fists, trying her best not to scream. What was Brett's problem? Okay, so Tinsley could be a little more nice to her but it's not like she was making an effort to be nice to Tinsley either. Maybe she was on her period and wanted to take her PMSing out on Tinsley. For whatever reason, she sure hoped Brett wasn't planning on making a habit out of this or Tinsley would lose it.

After reapplying her makeup and putting her hair up, Tinsley checked the clock and saw that it was time to leave to go meet with Julian for dinner. She was still slightly pissed about what had happened earlier but Tinsley had decided to forgive Brett for it. So long as it didn't happen again. She walked slowly across campus, not wanting to be too early and also enjoying the feel of every eye on her as she passed fellow Owls. With the dining hall in her sight, she slowed her pace a little more until she noticed Julian standing in front. Usually they met inside for meals and she would have been confused but at that moment she noticed the red head girl he was talking to. And not just any red head, Brett. Walking more quickly, Tinsley stared on in horror as she saw Brett place her hand on Julian's bicep, clearly a flirty move. Julian was shaking slightly and Tinsley knew that meant he was laughing. At something Brett said? This didn't make sense. Brett wasn't funny at all, she acted like she had a stick up her ass most of the time and probably wouldn't know a joke if it danced naked in front of her. And Julian and Brett weren't friends. From Tinsley's knowledge they'd hardly spoken a word to each other. Yet, here they were, flirting and laughing like old friends. As Tinsley approached, Brett turned to look at her. The look on her face was so superior and Tinsley immediately understood what was going on. Brett was trying to piss her off again. And doing a mighty fine job of it. What better way to get to Tinsley than to flirt with the object of her desire in front of her? Not to mention in front of other students which would get the rumor mill going again. Realizing all of this was enough to send Tinsley over the edge. She wanted to rip her stupid red hair out for being such a mean manipulative bitch. Sure, Tinsley had stolen Dalton from Brett but that seemed like forever ago. Her blood felt like it was boiling as she finally reached the two standing together. This was it, Tinsley thought to herself, this was war. And Tinsley Carmichael was not going to lose to some tacky fake preppy Jersey girl. She placed her hand on the small of Julian's back. "Ready for dinner?" She asked him innocently, acting like she didn't want to rip Brett's head off.

"You got it." He grinned cheekily, repeating Tinsley's words from earlier.

She smiled her winning smile at him, the one that could get her pretty much anything she wanted. She urged him forward and after he was a few steps in front of her she turned to whisper in Brett's ear. "It's on." She breathed menacingly and without a glance back she followed after Julian.

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