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To anyone passing by, he would've looked just like any other bored student, aimlessly pacing outside the school gates as he waited... though his height and spiked up hair might have drawn more attention than the rest. But if you looked even closer, you would've seen an inkling of an extremely goofy grin waiting to break out at any moment, the only hint to the nervous-excited anticipation fluttering around in his stomach...

Soon Shohoku practice would be over and his boyfriend would be coming out to meet him. Yes, boyfriend. The very thought of it made him tingly all over, like he had just drunk a jug of coffee in one go, or like someone had plugged him into an electric socket and electricity was buzzing through his entire body. Cliché? Yes. But there were good reasons why those clichés existed. And he was the epitome of those reasons at the moment.


His thousand megawatt smile finally broke free as he turned around, his heart doing the bunny hop in his chest as his gaze connected with penetrating blue orbs. God how he loved those eyes... how utterly relentless they were when they played against each other again at the inter-high eliminations, and how utterly captivating.

Captive. Heh. That's exactly what he was right now. Perhaps he'd always been, ever since they'd first met on the court years ago.

"Hey Mitsui-kun." he greeted, his voice strangely breathy with excitement.

"Hey, Hasegawa-kun." his boyfriend replied, and the way the blue-eyed boy lowered his voice with secret intimacy when he said his name... well, damn if those weren't bells he heard ringing.


completed Aug 20 '04

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