Warnings: This drabble is YAOI [has boyxboy homosexual content] PG13..

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Holding On To Nothing

He couldn't explain how he knew, but he certainly remembered when. He and Rukawa had been sitting beside the basketball court after a one-on-one, he'd been laughing about something and Rukawa had hn-ed and smirked along, when they were suddenly interupted.

"Yo!" came a deep voice from nearby by, and Sakuragi looked up to see Sendoh approaching them, a smile on his face as he waved. Sakuragi stopped laughing, and Rukawa's smirk was replaced with what Sakuragi thought was disappointment as the raven-haired boy checked his watch. But Rukawa left with the Ryonan player nonetheless. And there was something in the way Sendoh looked at Rukawa as they walked off talking quietly together, when Sakuragi suddenly understood the true nature of their relationship.

It wasn't long after that when he finally understood the true nature of his own relationship with Rukawa, that is to say, he finally understood what he really felt for the other boy... had been feeling all along. And now that he knew these things, he now also knew the pain of losing Rukawa to someone else.

There was a strange echoing sound in his ears as the wind rustled through the trees around the basketball court, and Sakuragi realised it was the sound of the laughter that had just died on his lips moments before.


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