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"Did I hurt you?"

Rukawa reached out uncertainly towards the back bared in front of him, but at the last second he pulled his hand away, suddenly afraid to touch the silent redhead lying next to him. He bit his lip as his eyes wandered down the length of the redhead's naked form, but as his gaze moved downwards his attention was caught by the sight of darkened stains on the bedheets.

Rukawa cursed to himself.

He hadn't meant to hurt the redhead. But after seeing Hanamichi out with that... girl... on what had looked like a date... Rukawa had lost control. And as soon as he had gotten the redhead alone he had shoved him against the door, ravaging his mouth until the redhead was gasping desparately for air and so weak in the knees that Rukawa's fists clenched in his collar were the only things keeping him upright.

He was angry, hurt, and desparate as he practically threw Hanamichi down on the bed and plunged himself into the redhead's body.

It just wasn't fair.

It wasn't fair that no matter how many times Rukawa had Hanamichi's body, he couldn't even touch his heart.

And he may have said these things out loud, as he took the redhead, losing control in so many ways.

But towards the end, the only thing he said, over and over again, was one word:



"Sakuragi?" Rukawa called out softly.

The redhead still did not respond.

Rukawa sighed. He had really hurt Hanamichi this time. He'd given everything he had to the other boy: his rage, his hurt, his heart, his soul. And all he got in return was sweat, tears, and blood.

"I'm sorry... I'll just go." Rukawa said, turning around to get out of the bed.

But he was halted in mid-movement, a strange choking sob barely heard over the rustle of sheets as he was grabbed from behind, Hanamichi's arms around him, holding him tight.

"Rukawa..." the redhead whispered hoarsely into his back. "I didn't know!"

Rukawa sighed resignedly, caressing the redhead's arm as he slumped into the embrace, completely exposed and defeated.

"Don't go Kaede." the redhead whispered softly. And as Rukawa turned in surprise his lips were captured, and he was being kissed in a way that Hanamichi had never kissed him before...

"Yours." the redhead sighed against his lips. But Rukawa knew that now.


May '08 ~ Jan 8 '09

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