Warnings: This drabble is YAOI [has boyxboy homosexual content]. PG13.

Disclaimer: Slam Dunk and related characters are the property of Inoue Takehiko et al.


It wasn't how well Rukawa played basketball...

Or the way Rukawa's lip curved up into something like a smile during their one-on-ones...

It wasn't even the way Rukawa looked with his shirt off...

Or all those hours he spent imagining what he could do to that beautiful expanse of pale skin...

In the end, all it took... was Rukawa's laugh.

It was something so foreign to the raven-haried boy, something so guarded and so precious, and so utterly transforming... that as soon as it happened Sendoh knew that if he couldn't kiss Rukawa breathless afterwards he would simply die inside.

And almost as soon as he realised this he had taken Rukawa by the waist, had pulled him up close, taken a deep breath as Rukawa abruptly stopped laughing and blinked at him wide-eyed, and had pressed his lips against Rukawa's own.

And where the sound of Rukawa's laughter and the sight of his smiling face in the sunlight seemed to break his heart into a million pieces, the feeling of Rukawa's lips beginning to respond against his own began to pick up those pieces and put them back together again.


May '08 ~ Jan 03 '09

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