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this story is going to be a series of one-shots centered on my favorite pair: hitsugaya and matsumoto! there will be many different genres, from sad to sweet to downright crack, depending on my mood...

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Number: 1

Title: Karma Is A Bitch

Summary: Karma is a bitch, just ask Matsumoto

Word Count: 491

Dedication: Kiki, who introduced me to Bleach


"Good morning taicho!" Matsumoto sung, as she walked into the office.

"Nice to see that you finally showed up," grumbled Hitsugaya, though with no real menace as he was long used to the laziness of his second in command.

"It wasn't my fault this time!" Matsumoto protested. "Ukitake-taicho stopped me to give me these so that I could pass them on to you!" She pulled out a mountain of candy from behind her back.

Hitsugaya groaned. "Not again…honestly, where in the world does he get this stuff? I'm starting to think that he has a secret factory in the basement of his house or something, because there is no way that our salaries can cover the amount of money that he would spend buying all of this."

Matsumoto shrugged as she placed the candy in the corner of the office. "He also said that he was coming by later with more."

Hitsugaya smacked his head repeatedly on his desk. "What did I do to deserve this…?"

"You must have bad karma," Matsumoto cheerfully replied. "Maybe if you gave me more time off, then your sins will be forgiven!"

"Not a chance," said Hitsugaya, scowling at her.

"Awwwwwww taicho! You look so cute when you're grumpy—I just want to hug you!"

"Stop, Matsumoto! Get away from m—"


After a good several minutes of struggling, Hitsugaya finally managed to break away from one of his fukutaicho's infamous hugs, his face blue from lack of oxygen.

"Matsumoto?" he asked in a scarily calm voice.

"Um…yes taicho?"

"Am I correct in thinking that during your attempt to suffocate me, my cup of tea was knocked over?"

"Um…yes taicho."

"And am I also correct in that the contents of that cup have spilled onto the paperwork that I have just spent the past 2 hours completing?" Hitsugaya continued, his voice icy.

"Um…yes taicho." Matsumoto said in a small voice as she backed away.

"I see…" The temperature in the office began to drop.

"Don't do anything you might regret later taicho," squeaked Matsumoto as she edged towards the door. "It'll come back later to haunt you and you don't need more bad karma!"

As she said this, she leapt out the door and started running for her life.


"Ohcrapohcrapohcrap," puffed Matsumoto as she ran.

"What did I do to deserve this? I mean besides the fact that every day I invent a new reason not to work. And that I go out drinking most nights and come to work with a hangover the next day and have to sleep it off on the couch. And that I told Ukitake-taicho how much my taicho loves candy…Actually, I'm getting this feeling that maybe, just maybe, my karma isn't looking so great either."

She had another strong feeling that by the end of the day she was going to end up resembling a Popsicle.

"You know what? Karma is such a bitch."