by chaos_eternus

I do not own nor do I claim ownership of characters and / or concepts which are not original

This story of part of the Dawn of Thunder / Thundersdawn series.

Chapter 1

"You can not be serious,"

With those words from my mouth a tight grin flickered across the face of the man in front of me and with a distinct cynical understanding of human nature I found myself asking for a moment if he had just won a bet.

Knowing this frakhead, he probably had.

"Actually I am quite serious,"

Frak. I don't believe this; I have to be frakking dreaming.

"These orders come direct from Commodore Peters at Thundersdawn station, and they have been countersigned both by President Roslin, rather reluctantly apparently and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, rather less reluctantly at that."


Or, to quote the Earthers, bollocks, damn, blast, fuck and shit.

"You're sending me as an emissary to the Cylons?!"

Maybe I overdid it a little there on the incredulity… nah, no such thing.

Okay, so actually I like the idea. I just don't believe they actually have the balls to do it and are actually willing to send me as their envoy.

Me, a bad frakking copy.

A Cylon who turned her back on her people for the love of a man, a human man. Damn, do I wish Helo was here now, then again, I get to tell him about this mess.

Let's see, I imagine his first words will be, "you're kidding me, right?"

He may even pull that damn lollypop out of his mouth for five seconds.

"I understand this exercise fills two roles, one, reducing the number of fronts the Tau'ri Star Service has to worry about in this war and two opening up the potential for trade and long term relations."

She shrugged, knowing her expression was still a little shocked; she turned back to the marine who was briefing her, "okay, the first part of that I get. The second, not so much."

She received a shrug in reply, the light glinting for a moment Lieutenant Colonel Billingsgate's rank tabs, "you are the logical choice, you do know the Cylons better then any of the other available personnel who would be willing to actually consider the proposal without having their arms twisted…"

Tone dry and mildly sarky, he had to be talking about the Colonials there, not that she could really blame them.

"The Cylons in question are more likely to be sympathetic to you then any of the other factions…"

"Wait," a cold horrified pit of awe and shock settled in her stomach but there was a distinct element of anticipation to it as well and she couldn't believe she was considering it seriously; "you're talking about the Unforgiven aren't you?"


She allowed herself to slump back into the sofa, hands clasped over her mug of coffee, its inscription declaring that 'toasters run on caffeine not electricity' marking it as a personalized gift from Helo.

She glanced once round the living room, "you know, we've made a life for ourselves here."

"I know," she sighed at the calm response, "but it will still be here when you get back. Right now, you're needed again."

"Once more into the breech my friends…" the Cylon known as Athena found herself muttering.


"Do I at least get a decent ride?" she found herself joking, anything to distract herself from the job ahead.

The Marine smiled, amused, but it was a weary smile, "we've recalled Indomitable from Alliance territory just for this mission. Given that she's a Dauntless and she isn't being slowed down by convoy rules she is likely to arrive only just after the 1 st Battlegroup so we're talking about a month. Then, she'll need to re-provisioned, minor repairs made; the crew will need leave… You'll have about two months to prepare."

"Two months, then I am Ambassador to the Unforgiven," she knew she sounded dazed, the most she had expected, if she was going to be honest with herself, was a chance to get back onto the flight deck as a Pilot. A position of such trust and power she had never considered.

She grimaced mentally, don't forget responsibility. Frak up and they could decide this Unforgiven routine is such felgercarb.

But there was a bead of curiosity in her, "I understand this kind of assignment is normally given by the diplomatic section, why are you briefing me?"

"This…" her response was a wry half grin, "This is for my sins. It was my idea.

Disbelief… but the beginnings of acceptance, "you're nuts."

"So I have been told,"

That she could believe.

"Try it with anyone else?"


Frak, he was serious.

He really was nuts.

"How did that work for you?"

"Don't know yet, that team is going by gate, couldn't spare another hull."

"Frak," she put all the feeling into that she could, knowing as usual, they were deep in snafu territory.

"Are you sure she can be trusted for this?"

Roslin grimaced, acknowledging and to a point, agreeing with Adama's question, "No Admiral, I'm not. But I don't really see we have much of a choice."

The aging warrior grimaced, rubbing his forehead as if to try an ease a building headache, but Roslin wasn't finished.

"One, we do need to reduce the number of enemies we have to fight. It wont stop us needing to worry about them but just deferring the threat until later is a worthwhile goal."

"So long as we remember that the Cylons are a real threat this time,"

She nodded, acknowledging the hit, "I really don't think we will be able to get a trading relationship with the cylons, I'm not even sure we should try. We could do with the resources but frankly, I think all the Tau'ri really have they can give the Unforgiven is ideas and technologies."

Roslin nodded agreement as Adama shuddered, "not such a good idea."

"No," his graveley voice filling the room, "its not."

"But there is one other reason for this mission…"


"Athena," Roslin shrugged, "for better or for worse…we need to know."

"And if she can be trusted?"

Roslin shook her head, her response unspoken.