She had been waiting for me.

I had walked into the room and there the radiant creature had stood. She had been beautiful, gorgeous, and most surprisingly, like me. One of my kind. As if there were something about this nightmarish existence that could be good. And she had been waiting, there, for me. This woman whom I had never before met.

It never occurred to me to doubt her, or, the doubts that were forming at her words were silenced when I looked into her eyes. I had seen fondness, attraction, even love there. This person whom did not yet know me loved me deeply and entirely.

I was lost in her, in the emotions she felt for me already, and was suddenly, instantly, drawn to her. I had known her for less than a minute, but already could not imagine life, such as mine was, without her. I was already deeply in love with her, already afraid of losing her.

When she said we would be going to find our family, I was confused, surprised, and terrified. Our family? Did she already have a family that she was taking me to? Were they like us? Would it be like it had been before? Would I be around others who could not understand the depression I felt every time I had to feed? Would they even want to try to understand?

Or were they human? They could not be! I hoped desperately that they were not. I could scarcely control myself as it was; I would never be able to keep myself under control if in close proximity to humans. Not now, not as long as it had been since my last hunt.

Of course, it had been too long; I had been having difficulty keeping my thoughts focused, at least until I had seen her. The thought sent a spasm of burning pain into my throat, and I winced.

But I went with her. How could I not? Just the thought of being separated from this woman, such little time as I had known her aside, was more agonizing than the thirst I was fighting off as we walked through the crowd.

I did not even know her name, yet already she meant the universe to me. She was a ray of hope; perhaps not everything about this existence was dark and bleak.

She knew mine though. I was surprised as she prattled away cheerfully as if we had always known each other. I stopped and stared when she called me Jazz. She stopped too, and wrinkled her nose. I feel the confusion she was experiencing.

"Is something wrong, Jasper?" She asked at last, tentatively.

I shook my head, trying to clear it. "No, I suppose not." I replied. "It's simply…"

"What?" She asked, staring into my eyes. If I had needed to breathe, I would have been dizzy from lack of air when I finally managed to draw the breath necessary to form my reply.

"I don't even know who you are." I said softly. "You obviously know me, you claim to have been waiting for me. You are whisking me away to what you refer to as our family, and I would follow you there. I would follow you to the ends of the earth, for all that I've known you for less than a day, and I don't even know your name. I don't know anything more about you than that I never want to leave your side." I hesitated. "Is this right?"

She beamed at me, then giggled. "My name is Alice." She said almost shyly. "And it is right, Jazz. You've only just met me, but I've been waiting a long time for you."

I swallowed, a human trait I hadn't indulged in in possibly centuries, and tried to understand what had just happened. How had I managed to end up with her? Why would someone so perfect be waiting for me?

Alice. Such a beautiful name. She was perfect, really. Exquisite. She was small, and dainty, and somehow so fragile. I longed to follow her, to protect her from the evils of the world.

And even though I had only met this woman, and had no reason to trust her, I did. I trusted her implicitly. I would have walked into a crowded accident scene if she had asked me to, and never given a moment's thought to the dangers.

I would go with her, and stay with her. I would meet her family, and do whatever else she wanted, if it meant I would be with her and would get to feel her joy.

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