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Lelouch sighed as he awoke Tuesday morning. He had contacted the Black Knights about the new strategy yesterday. The plan to take down the Britannia army was about to be inmotion, beginning on Thursday. Lelouch was not worried about losing, though, because he had already predicted the army's next move.

The problem though, was the lack of schooling he'd been receiving. If Nunnally was here she would be worried about his amount of education. His heart clenched as he thought of his sister. She had been declared governor just a

few days ago. She was a pawn to them, and this made him extremely ticked off. Somehow, he was going to rescue her. He rolled off the couch and landed on the floor. "Ow." He stated. He looked up to find C.C sitting on his bed with a hint of a smirk on her face.

He scowled and got to his feet. " I'm going to school today, C.C. I better not see you there. Not only will it be bad for you if you are seen, but me as well. Someone might find out I've

regained my memories." After Lelouch threw on his school uniform walked out the door, C.C sighed.

" He hasn't looked well lately". She said to herself. She then proceeded to call Pizza Hut and order a large cheese pizza.

As Lelouch walked into his first class, he felt weak. He stopped for a second, because everything around him was starting to become blurry and his head felt dizzy. Afraid he might fall over, he kneeled onto the ground. What's going on? He asked himself. I feel so tired. Then, as quickly as the dizziness began, it stopped. He shook his head and stood up slowly.

Well that was weird. Maybe a side effect of my Geass? He stopped thinking about it, thought, when he noticed that Suzaku had made an appearance at school as well. He wondered if Suzaku

knew about his memories. Of course, Suzaku had become very suspicious. Like the incident with Nunnally on the phone. Lelouch mentally growled at the memory. It was ironic how his

best friend had become his worst enemy. But it's not my fault. I tried to get him to join me several times! He brought this between us on his own accord. I don't regret what I have done to

get where I am today. For Nunnally…

Lelouch snuck a glance at Suzaku, only to find that Suzaku was watching him as well. They gave each other a dark look. After a moment, Lelouch put his mask back on, and walked up to his "friend.""Hey Suzaku. How are things?"

Suzaku also put on a fake smile as he answered back. "Oh you know. The usual. The Knights of Rounds was a more difficult job than I had previously thought." Thanks to Zero, everything is difficult. This lie you are living is helping no one. Suzaku felt a deep sorrow. Why did It have to be like this?

Lelouch noticed that Suzaku was thinking, probably about Zero. Considering the guy's facial expression, Lelouch figured he was thinking about how to kill his alter-ego.

Lelouch discretely glared at the green eyed boy, who was still zoning out. But he felt sharp pain in his chest. I'm sorry Suzaku, but this is how it has to be. There's no other way for me. Lelouch heavily thought.

" Hey, Lelouch! Suzaku!" Milly shouted from the doorway, breaking the the two boys from their thoughts, " You're here today! How is it that you guys are always gone at the same time? I mean I know Suzaku has knight stuff to do, but what about you, Lelouch?" Lelouch felt the color drain from his face. Of course Milly would just state this out loud, in front of Suzaku. He angrily thought. Everyone, besides Milly, was now looking suspiciously at him.

" Yah," Lelouch answered casually. " I have been missing school a lot lately, huh? I've just feeling kind of sick lately.." He trailed off. That was the worst excuse ever. He mentally scolded himself, but I guess they'll just have to go with it.

Suzaku looked him dead in the eye. " Well Lelouch," Suzaku said smiling, " I hope you feel better this week." Lelouch thanked him, but they both were thinking the same thing:

You're a disgrace. I could never live like you.

All the council members then walked to their meeting room to discuss the next school event, which was to be on Thursday.

"Okay, everyone! We've got a lot of stuff to do before Christmas time, and little time to do it!" Milly excitedly yelled. Lelouch looked at her in shock. Is it really close to Christmas time? …These few months my memory has been returned really flew by.. He thought to himself.

" So, Lelouch, what do you think?" Rivalz questioned the spaced out boy.

"Lelouch looked up to Rivalz confused. " Think about what, exactly?" Shirley smiled at him and began to speak. " Well, we were just saying that it would be a good idea to have a Christmas dance at the school." Lelouch looked at them blankly. He didn't actually have an opinion on this, and he didn't really care. But, if it made them happy, he might as well go with it,

" Yah, sure. Sounds like fun." He almost added sarcasm into the statement, but decided against it. Milly, Shirley and Rivalz began to hop around with excitement.

"Oh! This is my chance!" Rivalz yelled aloud. " Maybe Milly will go to the dance with me!"

Milly stopped jumping and smiled. " Rivalz, we're not actually participating in the dance, we're going to be hosting it."

Suddenly Rivalz and Shirley's faces fell. Then Shirley looked at Milly with puppy eyes. "Please Milly? Can we please just dance a couple times at it?"

Milly pretended to act indifferent towards Shirley. " I don't know… maybe. Ask Lelouch, he's vice president, after all."

Unfortunately for Lelouch, Shirley then turned her big sparkling eyes towards him. He felt his knees go a little weak and it seemed like his lungs had stopped working.

" Lelouch, may the student council dance a tinsy bit at the Christmas dance?"

Lelouch tried his best not to blush. He didn't know why he was feeling like this. It was a bit odd. Maybe C.C was right. Could this have anything to do with overworking himself?

"Lelouch? Hello?"

Lelouch turned his eyes towards Shirley's. She still had the puppy dog eyes, and how in the world would he say no to her, even if he wanted to? He smiled warmly at the red head. "Why not." He said.

And then Shirley and Rivalz began to hold hands and dance around while Milly smiled and playfully shook her head. Lelouch turned to look at Nina, Kallen and Suzaku.

Nina was staring into space, with an odd look on her face. Suzaku was looking at Kallen, almost regretfully and Kallen was staring angrily at Lelouch. Lelouch could almost feel the anger coming off of her in waves. He mentally flinched. Man girls were scary when they were mad. She gave him a look that clearly said,' follow me if you want to live.' and walked out of the room.

Lelouch started to follow her when he noticed that Suzaku was looking straight at him. Lelouch smiled innocently at the green eyed boy. " I think I'll go see what's wrong with Kallen. She's been acting weird."

And really, he wasn't lying. He had never seen her so angry before. Suzaku slowly nodded, and hesitated before turning around and starting up a conversation with Rivalz.

Lelouch turned around and angrily walked out of class. He hated that Suzaku watched his every move. It was hard to believe they had used to be so close. Lelouch walked into the hallway he thought Kallen had gone down and saw her waiting for him.

"I cannot BELIEVE you!" Kallen whispered angrily. They were inside a school, so she was keeping her voice level down. "You cannot go to a Christmas dance, we don't have time for that!"

Lelouch looked at Kallen surprised. "I'm not going to go to it." He told her slowly, as if he was explaining something to a child. " I just said that they could have one if they wanted to."

Kallen glared at him. "Yah, but she's going to ask you."

Lelouch wondered if Kallen could see the question marks above his head. " What are you talking about?"

Kallen sighed. " Shirley is going to ask you to go, and knowing you, you will say yes. You really can't help it when it comes to her."

Lelouch felt dazed. She was going to ask him? Why would she do that? He had erased all of her memories about him. There was no way that she could like him now.

" If you are wondering why she like you, when you erased her memories.." Lelouch stared at Kallen incredulously. "Yes. I know about you erasing her memories. It's kind of hard not to, since she didn't even know who you were for the longest time. She doesn't even call you ' lulu' anymore".

Lelouch felt himself blush, so he lowered his head a little so Kallen wouldn't see. She was, after all, a member of the Black Knights, and to let her see him blush could easily ruin the image he'd worked so hard to create. He almost missed the embarrassing nickname that Shirley used to call him. He almost wished she would remember everything she forgot..

" Well, as I was saying, Lelouch.. Just because she fell in love with you once, and you erased that feeling from her, doesn't mean she won't again. You are you, and she is she. You are the same person she fell in love the first time with, what's going to stop her from falling for you all over again?"

Lelouch mentally sighed. She was right. But why did Shirley have to like someone like him? She could probably be with any guy she wanted…except him. It wasn't that he didn't well…Do I love her? He wondered to himself.

Kallen quickly interrupted his thoughts. "But you are NOT going to that dance, Lelouch. I don't care what you say."

Lelouch looked up a Kallen with a smirk. " Oh? Am I the one following orders now, Kallen?"

Kallen blushed and looked down. " Well, I'm just trying to help you out. If you don't focus your attention on the Black Knights then.." She trailed off. Hesitantly, she looked at Lelouch. He looked as if he was thinking deeply about something.

She's right. He thought to himself. They're all counting on me. Nunally needs my help.. I have to destroy everything. Destroy to create.

"Uh..Lelouch?" Kallen asked nervously.

Lelouch stared at her for a minute before replying. " I know what I have to do, Kallen. Don't worry about that. Focus on what I tell you to." Then, without a word, they walked back into the student council room. Everyone turned their heads toward Lelouch and Kallen.

He smiled and began to speak, " Sorry everyone. Kallen wasn't feeling well. We just went to the nurses office to see if she was Okay".

Everyone began to let out their sympathy towards Kallen, asking if she felt better. The girl merely nodded meekly.

As they all began to head home from the school, Shirley ran up to Lelouch. "Um, I know we don't know each other that well," She started out, " But I was wondering if you would like to go to the-"

Lelouch cut her off coldly. " I'm sorry, but I prefer prettier girls."

He felt his heart break as he said it, because it was one lie that he didn't want to tell. He wanted her to know that he thought she was beautiful, but he had to get her to stop liking him. Even if that meant being a cold hearted jerk. He heard Shirley take in a breath and give a soft sob. And even though it was the opposite of what he wanted to do, he continued to walk in the other direction of her, towards home.

As he was walking into his room, he felt dizzy again. Only this time he felt nauseated as well. He put his hand on the wall to steady himself, Like before, the feeling went away. He was extremely tired, now that he thought of it. He wanted to take a nap, but he had a meeting with the Black Knights soon, and there was no way he was going to miss that.

He grabbed his bag that held his Zero costume and walked towards the front door of the dining room, and saw C.C eating her weights worth in Pizza.

He turned slightly in her direction. " Are you coming?"

C.C looked down at her half finished pizza. She was about to say yes when she noticed that he had already left. She felt a worry in the back of her mind, but she didn't think about it because she was currently trying to eat a slice of the pizza in one whole bite.

Lelouch walked to the train-station, making it just in time to board the vehicle. He was on his way to the Black Knight's meeting place, and it would only take him 15 minutes to get there by train. This was good since he needed to be at the meeting in 30 minutes. This would give him time to change before meeting up with his accomplices.

As Lelouch boarded the subway, he felt dizzy again. Not again. He thought. What is this? He quickly put his head against the train's wall and waited for it to go away. I really need to see a doctor or something..

Suddenly a spasm of sharp pain went through his skull.

He grunted in pain and held his head. He didn't even notice when somebody tapped him on the shoulder.

"…Lelouch? Are you okay..?"