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Lelouch awoke groggily in the bathroom the next morning, his head acheing horribly. Never had he remembered ever being this sick. It didn't feel like the normal flu to say the least. Lelouch rubbed his temples and stood up slowly, trying to ignore the bright colors spinning in front of his eyes. He stumbled and grasped onto the bathroom counter for support. He would definitly not be going anywhere today. Lelouch stumbled into his bedroom and slumped down on the bed. For some reason he couldn't feel his foot..was miserable the right word for his current state? Perhaps…

Lelouch scoffed at his self pity. I have more important things to worry about than a brief illness. Not only did I miss the last meeting, but we were planned to 'strike Brittania' tonight..Truthfully, Lelouch's plan was to secure Nunally. The Black Knights were clueless to the fact that tonight was all about protecting Zero's little sister. But why should it matter what he had them do? They were still completely devoted to Zero. They'd follow him to the ends of the earth. But it was about Zero, wasn't it? If they found out his true identity as a Britannian noble, they'd think everything he'd done was but a cruel game mocking their search for freedom. That would be more painful for them then if Zero were to fail a second time...He couldn't fail now. He had to use every one of his wits to win this war. The Emperor certainly wouldn't keep him from fullfilling this goal. Nor would this retched flu.

Lelouch staggered off his bed and brushed his teeth, getting rid of the aweful taste that had lingered in his mouth. He changed into a black shirt, his brown jacket and some jeans, and walked out of the door to go outside. Lelouch breathed in the cold, fresh air. The sun still hadn't really risen yet. Lelouch looked down at his wristwatch to check the time. It was 8 o'clock. He walked around the school campus for a bit. Ashford didn't start until 9. Most likely, no one would be here. Lelouch spotted a bench near a large tree. It looked very inviting, considering he still felt that aweful headache and dizziness. He sat down, sighing as he did. Rolo had most likely gone back to Brittania HQ last night. That was fine with Lelouch. Every time he looked at Rolo, it was like a reminder of how easily they had just 'replaced' his sister. It's sickening. Lelouch sighed and closed his eyes, the pain in his head still beating like a drum. Besides that, though, he felt mostly at peace. Until he heard a certain voice..


He froze. He knew that voice. It was Shirley. Why was she here so early? School didn't start for an hour!

"Hello? Lelouch?"

He reluctantly opened his tired eyes and peered at the red head. "Do you need something?" He said coldly.

Shirley frowned and looked away. Lelouch thought she would walk away, but she just stayed rooted to the spot.

"Well?" Lelouch asked, putting impatience into his voice.

Shirley turned back to him, with what appeared to be a look of sympathy.

Lelouch peered back, what was she looking at him like that for?

"Lelouch. Just..stop."

"Stop what?"

"Stop pretending you don't want us around. You're such a bad liar."

Lelouch's hand twitched. So, she knew what he was really thinking, huh? Or maybe she was just hoping. Just hoping that she was right. If he said what he felt right now, then the consequences would undoubtably be worse then if he just kept up his façade..both would result in different futures. One future, would probably consist of him and Shirley.. the student council being back together again. Them being kept in possible danger once again. The other, he continued his path and they stayed happily oblivious, he just being a distant memory in their course he knew which one he should choose. But before he did it, he had to say goodbye..officially..of course, that would just be selfish of him. But at the moment, he only felt that it would be right.

Lelouch propped himself off the bench and walked to Shirley. "You know. You're pretty smart." And with that he pulled her into an embrace. Of course she wouldn't know what it meant, because after this..he wouldn't allow himself to speak to her again. But this would be ok. This hug meant nothing anyways..it was just a common way of saying goodbye..what about a kiss, though? Would that be a way of saying goodbye too? Maybe one kiss would be fine too..

Lelouch let go of the stunned Shirley and looked into her eyes, smirking. With that, he leaned in to kiss her, but as he neared her lips, he felt his consciousness slip, and he fell into a world of endless black..

Shirley felt paralyzed, Lelouch was hugging her! Why?! Didn't he just tell her the other day that he didn't like her?! WHAT WAS HAPPENING?! He pulled away, and stared at her..almost curiously. She tried to speak, but she couldn't find the right words to say…

Although if she had, they would've been something like, "WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!"

Then before she knew it, he was leaning towards her again..but now it seemed like he was about to…

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" She shouted in his face. He stopped and slumped against her, Shirley smirked, glad she had made him quit it. That said, until his weight pulled them both to the ground.

"Jeeze! Get off me!What do you think you're doing?!" She pushed him off and stared at him angrily. He was still face down on the ground..Shirley suddenly felt her blood run cold. He wasn't moving. She gaped and crawled over to him, turning him face up. His eyes were closed and he looked to be unconscious.

"Oh….! What do I do?!" Shirley felt like crying. Why did this have to happen? Of all things! All she wanted to do was come over here and talk to him..to be friends again…maybe something more even.."Ahhh! Noooo!" She shook her head, she shouldn't be thinking about something like that now! Not while Lelouch was laying unconscious on the ground! "What do I do.. What do I do??" The only thing she could think of was to lay him back on the bench and wait for him to wake up.

She frowned. This would be slightly difficult..It wasn't like he was heavy or anything..he was just a bit taller then her..and well.. "Oh I should at least try!" She mumbled to herself and slowly but surely began to move him onto the bench. After a few minutes of hard work she sat down on the grass next to the bench and stared at him. There was definitly something going on with him. If the tense facial features and ill looking disposition didn't give it away, the fact that he had just fainted on her did..

Speaking of which..what was he about to do when he fainted?! Could he have been trying to-?!

Shirley suddenly heard a grumbling noise to her left, He was waking up..that was good.

He sat up and rubbed his head, looking to be truly confused. "What…" he looked at her very perplexed like.

Shirley blushed at his gaze. "You fainted..I don't know why though. Care to share that with me?"

Lelouch frowned. "Not really…I fainted?"

Shirley nodded. "And I wonder why. Why don't you tell me Lelouch? Tell me whats really going on!"

She was almost desperate to know.

Lelouch stared at her for a minute before looking away. "Why are you here so early?"

Shirley gaped. "Don't you try and change the subject like that! What's wrong with you?!"

Lelouch scoffed. "Nothing. I just havent been feeling well lately. Don't worry about it." With that, he stood up, trying to hide the fact his legs were shaking as he did so. But Shirley wasn't so unobservant.

"Look at you! You're barely even able to stand up! Jeeze Lelouch, that's it. I'm taking you to a doctor!"

Lelouch chuckled. "No, you're not."

Shirley stood up angrily, hands on her hips. "Yes. I. AM! Now get over here, we're going to the doctor."

Lelouch rolled his eyes. "Goodbye Shirley."

Shirley rolled up her sleeves. She was not going to let him get away. This was for his own sake.

"Shirley. Let go of my ear."

"Not a chance. You're coming to the doctor and that's that." She pushed him into her car with her and pulled out of the Ashford Academy parking lot.

"You know..you're going to miss school if you take me to the doctors."

Shirley shook her head. "You're going to have to do better then that if you're trying to get out of this."

Lelouch grumbled to himself and stared out the passangers window. He had never been in Shirley's car before..apparently she had gotten in from her dad on her last birthday. Before he had died..

Lelouch sighed. Why were things so messed up? But of course, he knew the answer. Still..

"We're here!" Shirley said happily as she pulled into a parking lot beside a very large white building.

Lelouch looked over to her, "Why are you so happy about taking me to the doctor?"

Shirley smiled. "Well, I just like helping out my friends."

Because I like to spend time with you, you idiot boy.

Lelouch wouldve protested, but she looked very happy. He didn't want to ruin it..even though it seemed as if she was happy about him being sick…

He walked into the lobby after Shirley, observing the architexture as he seemed to be more of a high tech hospital then a doctors office...obviously meant for Britannians.

Sure enough, Lelouch soon spotted a Japanese man carrying a smaller boy through the front doors of the office.

"Help! Help! I need help!" They shouted desperately at the woman behind the front desk. "I found my son just now at home, unconscious!He's barely breathing and has a high fever! I don't know how long he's been like this but please-"

"I'm sorry sir. We can't help unless you've schedualed an appointment."

The man seemed delirious in desperation, but was soon pushed out the door by what looked to be a very large man acting as a bouncer.

Lelouch glared. This wasn't right..but he couldn't make a big scene. But he could do something.

"Excuse me, miss." He said to the Woman at the counter.

"Yes? What can I help you two with?" She smiled happily back at him and Shirley.

Lelouch turned to Shirley, "Shirley, can you go get me a bottle of water?" He handed her some money and turned back to the woman at the counter, smoothly extracting a purple contact lense from his eye.

"I'd like you to schedual that man and his son an appointment as soon as possible."

"Yes, sir. I'll have them in right away." With that, she called the 'bouncer' to let them back in, and then gave them a full pass to go to the emergancy room.

The Geass left her soon after, and Shirley returned with a water.

"Thank you Shirley."

She nodded and turned to the lady at the counter.
"Hello, we'd like to schedual an appointment with Dr. Webber."

The lady nodded and wrote down something on a sheet of paper. "Ok, thank you. Please fill out this form."

After Lelouch had filled out the paper with his information, he walked with Shirley to the second floor where Dr. Webber was said to be.

"Shirley. Is this your family hospital or something?"

Shirley nodded as they reached the top of the stairs and turned a corner. "Yes, part of my family even own's it. So, your visit will be free."
Lelouch nodded. That was a relief. He had been a bit worried about paying for it.

As they reached the doctors office, she smiled. "Thanks for coming. I just want to make sure you're ok."

Lelouch smirked. "You practically forced me. I didn't have much choice."

Shirley blushed, opening the door.

"Well, thanks anyways."

And with that, they both walked into Dr. Webber's office…

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