Student Council

By Jasmin Kaiba

Part I

In a school full of people, younger, older, the same age, who are curious and some who simply stumble upon things, you have to be careful about the way you act and what you say. Especially in a school full of people who all know your face, name, class and age. The disadvantage of being the student council vice-president is when you're one who has a huge secret.

Mazaki Anzu straightened her back and held back a yawn as she looked up from the endless amount of paper-work on her desk. The new fresh-man had their own views on high school and the president had shown all their requests, demands and pleas into her hands. Lazy bastard. But she was grateful that it was finally their senior year and that no annoying upper-classman can come to yap about one thing or another, there weren't any upper-classmen for her. The only people who the right to show her around now were the president and the teachers. The president himself wasn't a problem, unless his fan-club got once again the wrong impression, but even then they're not daring or stupid enough to openly attack someone of her position, but the rumors were more then annoying. One day she'll put an end on all of it. The president could say all he wants.

A knock on the door drew her attention back to present and she gave a positive answer, wondering who could be looking for her when it was middle of the class and only her and the president had the right to wander the halls. The door opened and a frail girl timidly entered, a first year from the looks. Her voice shook as she addressed Anzu.

"Mazaki-san, I'm Furuhata Mikoto, year one class two, I'd like to ask if I could speak to the president."

Jeez, another one of his followers! Anzu sighed running a tired hand through her shoulder-length brown locks, looking at the girl, as if trying to determine what she could possibly offer one of the most arrogant guys in the universe.

"I'm sorry, but he's not in and I don't know when he'll be back. And for the last time, I'm not his secretary. If you want to speak to him go to him or his assistant, stop bothering me. One thing for protocol, the president doesn't keep contact to his fan-club. If you don't feel like being yelled at by him, stop coming, nothing good will come out of it."

The girl's eyes widened and her face got scarlet, Anzu felt bad for taking her frustrations out on the poor thing.

"I—I'm sorry, Mazaki-san. I'm not a fan-club member. M—My homeroom teacher told me to ask the president about maybe getting a place as a council member..."

Council member? Those first years, you always have to explain everything for the tenth time, till they get it.

"Listen Furuhata-san, I don't know who your homeroom teacher is, but ask them on getting better information on the council next time. The student council has a system, the president, the vice-president and all other members get chosen once every three years, from the best students of the first-years. The president is mostly the representative of the freshmen and the vice is an honor student as well. Those two then choose the rest of the staff among the other students, regardless of years. The president and I chose all our other members among first-year students to avoid suddenly lacking important staff due to graduation. That means that there is no place free on the council, we're not looking for new members. I'm sorry."

Just as Anzu finished talking, the door opened and the president came in, looking quite pissed. They were in the middle of preparations for the welcoming festival that is the cultural festival as well, the principal was hesitant about some booths and the president had his hands full.

"I need a coffee!"

He barked to Anzu without bothering to open his eyes.

"Get it yourself! I'm not your servant!"

"Anzu--" he started, but opened his eyes in time and saw the intruder looking timidly at him. So he just sighed and let the matter drop.

"We need an errand boy," was his muttered kind of apology as he looked around the office trying to locate the coffee machine.

"I could do that! Please, I'll do anything!"

Anzu looked at the girl and raised an eyebrow. "Why do you want to become a member so badly?"

The black-haired girl blushed again and lowered her glassy eyes before whispering an answer.

"I have no friends, not one. And because of that I can't just join clubs, but if I don't join any club, my mother is never going to stop screaming that I'm anti-social because I always come straight home from school. I'm not asking to be friends, please just let me join!"

Anzu's gaze became sympathetic and she looked from the girl to the president who'd leaned against a desk, having given up on trying to find the coffee machine. He sighed and run a hand through his hair, upon catching Anzu's eyes.

"I know what you're thinking, Mazaki. Do what you want. You always do it anyway."

Anzu smiled and looked at the quite confused looked newcomer.

"Welcome to the student council, Mikoto-chan, please work hard."

The girl's bright smile was worth the head-ache.

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