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WARNING: This story contains bestiality. Don't like it? Don't care.

"Diego?" Annabell whispered softly in the darkness. She opened her eyes sleepily, head turning from side to side. Where was Diego? They had fallen asleep together, but now the side of Annabell in which he usually lay against was cold; instead of warm with his presence.

"Diego!" She said louder. Sitting up on one hand, she brushed the hair from her face and looked around. The only light came from the distant glow of the stars in the midnight sky. Annabell squinted, trying to make out shapes in the darkness. She was sitting up fully now, head in constant movement as she searched for Diego's form.

"Diego!?" She was standing now, arms hugging her middle. Maybe he had gone on a hunt? No, he usually informed Annabell of these things before hand. And he never left her in the middle of the night when she was most vulnerable.

"I'm here, Annabell." A voice came from the darkness. The girl's face perked and she began walking towards the source of the noise. A shadowy form that was unmistakably Diego came into view. He was perched atop a smooth rock, staring off into the distance.

Annabell climbed atop the rock and sat next to the creature. Her face was upturned as she gazed at him. "Diego, is something wrong?" She asked, reaching out to stroke his fur. He flinched at her touch. Her hand recoiled. Diego had never done that before.

"I'm fine." He said simply, not taking his eyes off from the horizon as the sun began to rise. Annabell's jaw tightened. She let her hands fall to her lap. At first she gazed at the stone beneath her, but slowly her face rose to stare into the purples and oranges of the sunrise.

A gentle breeze swept passed the two. It smelled of fall and crisp water. Annabell inhaled deeply, closing her eyes as she attempted to savor the last bit of summer before the season of wind and falling leaves took it's reign.

Annabell wanted to say something, anything, as to why Diego was acting so strange. Had she done something wrong? Her eyes fell from the sunrise. She exhaled deeply, brushing a strand of hair from her face.

Annabell shivered. Diego's ears perked and his head turned to face her. "Here." He said, reaching out one large paw and drawing the shivering girl to him. She smiled, despite her worry, and buried herself in the beast's fur.

After a moment, Diego spoke. "I'm taking you back to the humans." He said, his tone deadpan.

Annabell had heard him, but her face remained passive as she stared at the profile of his form in the glow of the sunset.

Then, without warning, she calmly stood and ran.

This is going to be a three part series, each one being relatively short. I'm testing to see how readers respond to the story, and if anyone else out there is interested in this pairing. All I ask of you, is please do not respond with mean things, it's not welcome and it doesn't change anything about this story or me.

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