I do plan to get Sasuke and Naruto together in this story. I really love the pairing but the genres this story would fit in (hurt, comfort, angst) really annoy me. Like I want to read about somebody crying to themselves, no happy ending in sight. THERE WILL BE A HAPPY ENDING FOR THIS THOUGH~!

The raven in front of him was blushing. He seemed like a different person from his rival. Sasuke looked down at his feet for a few seconds, before looking up at the deep blue eyes.

"You know, dobe, when someone confesses, you're supposed to reply." Naruto rubbed the back of his head nervously, with a lopsided grin. So it wasn't a dream! Sasuke had really just confessed to liking him, the dobe, the rival, the one person Sasuke could love and hate at the same time.

"Give me a second, would you, teme? It's a lot to take in," Naruto said. Sasuke nodded and looked at the ground. This wasn't what he had hoped for. He had hoped Naruto would automatically tell him that he loved Sasuke as well and then maybe… kiss him? The raven blushed harder. He knew that he should be just grateful that the blonde wasn't disgusted, like he always had been in his dream.

Naruto crossed his arms over his chest and walked over to a tree to the side of the clearing. He leaned against it and closed his eyes. As soon as he was deep in thought, his tongue poked out a little, though he didn't notice and Sasuke didn't mind because it was so cute.

I really don't know what to do, Naruto thought. He's been my best friend and rival for so long; I've never even imagined him as gay. Am I attracted to him? He glanced up at Sasuke who was currently fiddling with some kunai's. He sighed. No, I'm not. He may have a cute face and great complexion but… I can't see him that way. He's always been my friend and I would hope that we'll always be. But I have to say 'no' and let him move on.

The blonde went over this argument inside his head again, before planning how to break it to his friend. He would just be gentle and promise that they would always be friends. He'd grab the older teen into a hug if it seemed proper or let him hit him some if he needed to.

Naruto stood up and made his way back to Sasuke's side. Sasuke gave a start and turned to him, immediately feeling drawn in by the deep blue eyes of his crush, which seemed a little sad right now. He started to panic.

Why does he look sad? He won't look me in the eye! He keeps turning away! Is it too late to say this was all a joke? Yes, far too late. But… what will I do if he turns me down?

Sasuke, overwhelmed by his own negative thoughts, started to fidget as the other looked for where to start at. He was looking him in the eye now, opening his mouth, and pausing as he stared hard at the darker haired boy. Tears lined the rims of his obsidian eyes and a pale hand was gripping his shirt where his heart would be. Sasuke brushed his arm across his eyes to get rid of the water.

He couldn't control the tears from continually leaking out and felt crushed as Uchiha's were supposed to have better control then this. Sasuke bit his lip and willed himself to stop the tears, putting on his usual bored, tough look after. When he saw Naruto's worried look, he smirked a bit despite himself.

"Well, dobe? You plan to stare at me like a mother hen or give me an answer?"

Suddenly, everything planned while leaning against the tree flew out of his head. He couldn't turn Sasuke down. Sasuke was crying at just the possibility that he would be denied. And Sasuke never showed any emotions besides bored, amused, and angry. Besides, it hadn't been set in stone that his rival would even want to be friends after being turned down. A world with no Sasuke flashed in his and he felt a cringe. Sakura would probably hurt him for hurting her crush.

Sighing, he ran his hands through his blonde hair, making it stand up even more.

"Hey, teme? I accept your feelings. Now buy me some ramen," the boy's mouth formed a fox's smile as he stared at the other boy.

Black eyes searched the blue for any deception. There seemed to be something held back but the smile made him want to forget it for now.

He smirked. "Come along, then, baka. I'll buy you some just as long as I don't have to eat it." He was already walking back towards the village.

The blonde fox stared at his friend's (boyfriend's?) back as it walked away. He wasn't in love with him. Maybe somewhere near a brotherly love, but not the romantic one the other held for him.

He's my rival, my best friend, my biggest nuisance, the one who loves and hates me. He's the person I look up to while being looked down upon. I don't love him but maybe I could learn. Especially if he buys me ramen in exchange for a few dates here and there!

Naruto ran to catch up to the other boy, already telling him how much (5 bowls worth) he should have on him. Because, boy, getting confessed to sure works up an appetite.

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