Amber eyes stared lazily up at the cerulean ones smiling down at her. The owner of the invading eyes was but a breath away. Everything about him was loud: his orange clothes, blonde hair, blue eyes. She would hazard a guess that his voice was obnoxious too. The brown-eyed girl blew in his face and after he pulled away she was going to scold him. After all this was no way to act in front of the person who hired you, yes? Someone beat her to the punch.

"Oi, dobe. Get out of the client's face and show some respect." The light brown eyes slid to the corner of her eyesight and spotted a raven-haired man perched in a tree, his deep eyes burrowing in hers. One leg dangled off the tree limb while the other bent at the knee to support his arm. It was such a cool pose. The young miss felt her cheeks heat up considerably but ignored it, watching the blonde man get angry instead.

A few rants from him ensued followed by cool insults from the other or little 'hn's. Finally a rosette ninja stepped in and slapped the loud man in the back of the head. She murmured a few hushed words to him before smiling at the client. A polite grin graced the beautiful features of the younger. Because who would be dumb enough to not act polite around such a violent woman? The client liked living, thank you very much.

The blonde male rubbed the back of his and glared at the other two companions. A wide, lopsided grin replaced the frown when he turned back to the client.

"I'm Uzumaki Naruto! This is Haruno Sakura-chan! And the bastard in the tree trying to look cool is Sasuke." His tongue poked out from his mouth at the other man.

Meanwhile the 'boss' smirked. The Uzumaki is quite amusing. But no last name for Sasuke? And a crude name? Is a certain someone jealous of another? She chuckled despite herself at the blonde's antics.

Recomposing herself, she curtsied slightly and pulled a straight face. "My name is Shikima Geri. Pleased to meet-" She stopped as Naruto clutched his sides and covered his face with his hand. His eyes watered and his tan face turned slightly red. He looked like he was straining to stay on his feet and not roll around laughing.

"Hold on a second," he said, rustling through his bag before pulling out an orange notebook and writing in it. Sasuke dropped gracefully from the tree and leaned over the book to see what he was doing. Naruto abruptly stood up and shoved the book into Geri's hands. She looked down in partial disgust.

"It is my name. Is there a point to this?" She handed it back and watched Uzumaki show it to the other two with an expecting look. After neither of them spoke but gave strange looks to the dobe instead, he sighed. The sigh said he thought everyone was an idiot around him.

"I thought an Uchiha would know his Japanese characters better, bastard," he sneered. "Shikima means 'masher' or 'horny'. And Geri," he snickered. "Geri means diarrhea."

Sasuke covered his face with one pale hand and shook his head, clearly ashamed. Sakura gave a nervous and pitying look at Shikima. Geri, well Geri was pissed. Strings of curses filled her head and she bit a pink lip to keep them from flowing out. But then Naruto kept laughing and her well-bred nature was forgotten.

"Why do you feel you can insult me? My name is the only thing vulgar about me unlike you! Look at yourself, would you!? What ninja wears orange?!" She slapped a hand over her mouth to cut off more words that kept begging to be said. Uzumaki stared shocked with the other two. An awkward silence commenced. Geri's mouth opened and shut in an undignified way as she searched for an apology fitting of it. Because what she said was true but she didn't want to have a person to hate her. She was saved from apologizing when a flash of color came between them.

"Maa, sorry guys. There was a delectable-looking dolphin wrapped in leather. So, I freed it and-"

Naruto, who had gone pale, started yelling something about staying away from his old sensei and did he want to be castrated? Geri sighed, relieved that the uncomfortable atmosphere was gone. She looked at the team of 'ninjas' in front of her and giggled. Sakura was covering her ears trying to block out what Kakashi was saying about a dolphin. Naruto was taking another approach and screaming his arguments over Kakashi's explanations. Sasuke had an amused smirk as he leaned against a tree trunk. The young miss walked over to him and leaned next to him.

"That's our sensei, Hatake Kakashi," Sasuke said, nodding his head in the gray-haired man's direction. Geri knew Kakashi from a few missions he had accepted from her father. They stood next to each other, arms brushing occasionally, dark hair from both tangling together in the wind. It was these quiet moments that made Geri feel something fluttering in her stomach. It was nervous, but relaxed; happy, but afraid. Unfamiliar territory.

"Well," Sasuke said, licking his pale lips. "We should get going. We do have to get you back to Mist Country." The Uchiha smiled, which Geri didn't know was rare and simply did the same.


For the past couple days, the ninja had been alternating who stayed in the carriage with Shikima and her bodyguard to rest. When she rode with Naruto it was really awkward so she was glad when he fell asleep a few moments after. Sakura had been alright since she was much more tired and fell asleep instantly. Murmurs of a certain 'Lee' and giggles emitted from her mouth in sleep. Kakashi didn't sleep because, and she quotes, 'I just got to a good part' followed by a pervy laugh. And some page turns of a suspicious book.

Sasuke had been her favorite carriage-mate. He had fallen asleep fast and left Shikima to watch him. His pale skin glowed in the moonlight and contrasted, like a beautiful painting, to the dark hair. It might've been hours of her watching him sleep because when his eyes cracked open, it was morning. She had grinned and whispered a good morning to him.

The two teenagers stared outside at the surroundings, listening to the ocean murmur things to the sand it crashed against. Geri watched Sasuke from time to time, but most important, she watched him watch Naruto. The latter male never looked when Sasuke did, but he did watch the other at times. The client mused to herself. Seems like the bastard comments might have been said affectionately. And…Sasuke seems to like him too… But, why does that make me feel so bad?

A sigh passed her pouted lips. Sasuke turned and smiled at the sight. Shikima had her face scrunched in determination, her eyes looked confused, and her lips were pouted childishly. It was like a cuter, female version of Naruto. Sasuke glanced back outside at the aforementioned boy. Blue eyes met black ones, resulting in red cheeks for both. Something in the young heiress snapped after they exchanged sheepish, sweet smiles.

"Stop the carriage!" She jerked as it stopped suddenly. Ignoring her bodyguard's concerned questions, she grabbed Sasuke's wrist and slammed open the side door. Her cheeks were burning furiously under everyone's inquisitive looks.

"M-miss Shikima? We only have another day before we get there…," the horse-driver stuttered out. She nodded and turned to the other two ninjas, hand still clutched around Sasuke's wrist.

"I'm going to," she started, staring hard into Naruto's eyes. "Most definitely going to steal him from you!" Sasuke's hand was lifted above his head like a champion while Geri's other hand pointed shakily at the gawking blonde. The other two ninjas were looking shocked from Naruto to her and Sasuke.

One thought passed through Naruto's mind. This is starting to sound like a bad fanfic.

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Personality: She tries to remain a civil (snobby) behavior but her temper…Tsk, tsk. She likes exploring but will go too far and get lost from her bad sense of direction. (Like the time she ended up in Stone Country, hungry and afraid.)

Abilities: She's really only good at defense and retreating even after 3 years of training. (But she tends to forget everything when presented her favorite candy.)

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